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Short FF Destiny EPILOGUE page 15 (Page 3)

prncz IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
hey  bushy ,, lovely FF.. oh TongueTongue  so  waiting to  hear / err read ,, wht hapened  then and how they will now reunite..  ,waiting for the next update pl  update soon,  raj  Big smile

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Reserved.. Hailaa im so late lol...
I will edit this after editin my Yeh mohabbat one lol..
I will edit YM later.. this is damn interesting!! My eyes were glued on my screenLOL
OMG so DSP has his own companyWink.. Nakku is interior designer.. so he saw her at the club but didnt recognise her.. OMG they went college together and datedShocked OMG Dutta was stupid back then.. he told her to go to wherever to pursue her dreams and they separatedCry
NahiiiiiiiiinOuch.. One wrong decision can destroy ur life.. looks like he still loves herCry but shes being formal.. awww she remembered he wanted a house with seaviewEmbarrassed pehla pehla pyar hai.. pehli pehli bar haiLOL
Awesomeee update Bushy.... I hope they get back together.. I know 4 years is a lot! but stillBig smile

Edited by Sophia21 - 20 March 2011 at 5:01am

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NainaSengal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 January 2009
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Amazing start Bushydi...loved it....
The way dutta is feeling for Nakku ...awwwwww...*sigh*
pls upload asap

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nileshni679 Senior Member

Joined: 03 September 2009
Posts: 665

Posted: 20 March 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Wow what an FF a really good start very much interested to know what will happen next.

Do update soon.

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Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 August 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Edited :
Lovely story BushySmile
This story reminded me of LOVE AAJ KAL movie,where they both think they are not suitable & that their ambition is more important.
So when they met again,looks like Dutta realised his love ,but what about Nakku,does she feel the same or she has got someone special in her life?Whose phone call was that?
Let's see how their destiny paly the role.
Thanks for such a beautiful story,but are u sure u want to finish it in 3 partsWink.
Can u PM me ,when u update next part(if it is not too much of a trouble)
OMG Pooja....the bit in bold....u seriously think its a burden.....Shocked
I will definitely PM u......dont worry...and ya i am gonna finish it in 3 parts only....hope u are satisfied with it....Embarrassed
Next update coming soon...Smile

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Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 August 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Thank U everyone for liking this story and commenting as well....thank u so much....Embarrassed

Chapter 2

Nakku took a taxi to the airport...she gave few bucks and asked the driver to keep the change and got out of the taxi...

She was waiting outside the airport when she heard a voice call out her name. She looked up at the man standing few steps away from her....he dropped his bag on the floor and stretched his arms...Nakku smiled and ran into his arms....

"You said 45minutes...but your 15 minutes early" he said looking at his watch...

"Hmm...i asked the taxi driver to drive faster...." they both giggled...

Nakku pursued her interior decorating course in Sydney and that's where she met entrepreneur...though his business was spread abroad too...but his base was in India...after they dated for 2 years she decided to come back to India to live with Abhay...

"Hey do u know what Abhay....i met someone from my college...i met Dutta...i told you about him no?"..

"Oh ya I remember....Dutta....good to see u smiling.....When am I going meet him then?"

Nakku looked at him holding his hand...' I think we can meet him today?"

"Ask him if he is free today...ok sweet heart. But first I need to go tired after a long journey.."

Yeah lets go home then....they took a taxi and went to his house...Abhay went up to his room to take some rest...while Nakku was sitting in the living room...she looked at her phone and remembered his number....she thought of calling him...she dialled his number...but disconnected it...'What if he thinks I am being desperate to meet him again? But I told him I will call him later...?' She again looked at her phone...'Let him think whatever he feels like'....and she dialled his number...

Dutta answered the call at one ring just as he saw her name flashing his phone screen.....

' are u?' His voice asked excitedly...

' I disturbing you?' she asked curiously...

'Don't be weren't disturbing me...'

She sighed " I want you to meet are you free tonight?"

'Someone?' He said to himself "yes I am going to the discotheque u can join me...there...i mean join us there..."

Nakku frowned "Us?"

'Err yeah am going with a friend of mine.."

"Oh ok..."..she sighed as she didn't bother to ask if the friend of his is male or female..she thought she can see it by herself.... "Ok then..see you tonight... Bye tc" she hung up the phone...

Dutta smiled looking at the phone...he didn't knew why he was behaving like this...when they got separated...they never crossed each other's paths in the past 4 years...then why suddenly was he feeling so happy and complete after seeing her.....when he had someone else in his life...someone he moved on with...someone he was dating for the past 2 years... he cleared all the thoughts of Nakusha from his mind....I have someone else in my life and I love her....i have moved on....he said to himself....trying to convince himself maybe...

Dutta was already at the discotheque with his girl...Neha....they met each other by common friends....she fell for him instantly while he took 2 years to fall in love with her....although they dated but Dutta never really proposed her....while she waited...and she still waits for that day when she gets proposed by him....he didn't knew why he couldn't commit himself to Neha...she was a nice girl...she loved him..cared for him...but he still couldn't commit to her fully....She knew about Nakusha as Dutta had told her about his past... she was excited as well to meet Nakusha...

'Where is she? She hasn't come yet?' asked Neha impatiently...

Dutta was about to call her when he saw her coming in....wearing a black dress....looking beautiful as ever....bringing back the memories when she first time wore the same kind of dress which Dutta gifted her....on their first date....

She walked up to Dutta..." sorry we are late....actually the traffic was a spoil sport...." she looked at Neha who was smiling at her...she smiled back and then looked at Dutta questioningly....

Dutta looked at her....' Ah....that's ok....and meet girlfriend..." and Neha this is...

'Nakusha' said Neha...i know...she is exactly the way you described...

Nakusha looked at Dutta then at Neha... 'Hi....Neha....nice name...' Neha hugged her...'Hi so happy to meet you'... Nakku broke the hug 'Same here...' she gave her a warm smile...

Dutta looked around " You said u wanted me to meet someone...?"

Nakku realised she had left Abhay out...She turned to go but found Abhay coming towards them..she ran up to him held his arm and brought him to Dutta

'Hey guys...Meet fiance'..She beamed...

Dutta's smile faded.he felt somehting has stuck in his throat..he swallowed "Fiance?...he looked at the hand which came forward...

He shook his hand with Abhay's.. "Hi..i am Dutta..."

'I Know....Nakku always talked about you....I am Abhay Malhotra'

He couldn't digest the fact that someone else called her Nakku apart from him....he clenched his fist....'well if she doesn't have any problem then why should I care?" he thought to himself...

Nakku could see the uneasiness on Dutta's face...but she didn't knew the reason.....

Neha excused herself to go to the wash room...and Abhay's phone rang....he went out as it was too loud inside....

Dutta looked at Abhay while he walked out....he turned to walk a few steps away from her.....He stood at a corner with his head down...'If she has moved on then its good for her....why am I caring so much....why am I feeling bad....You have moved on too...then why shouldn't she move on....What's wrong with you Dutta...?' he asked to himself...

He could feel her presence beside him...she stood very close to him...he could smell her fragrance...

He closed his eyes....released a sigh " When did u get engaged to him?" he asked with a stern voice...

She looked at him....his face was stern..."1 year back" she answered honestly...

'When did u started dating him...?' his tone remained the same...

'We dated each other for 2 years and then got engaged last year' she said looking down...

'Does he love you?' keeping the same tone...

'Yes he does' she said not understanding why he was asking her these questions.. 'And do u love him?' This time he changed his tone...he was not angry or shocked...but he was scared to hear the answer.... Nakku took a deep breath...she paused and let a soft " Yes"

He felt as if that single word have tore his heart apart....'she loves love someone else too....why worry....its her life..and she can live the way she wants...'

Nakku frowned " What's wrong with you....why are you asking me such kind of questions?"

Dutta turned "Nothing" and he walked away from Neha...he held her arm...and started talking to her.....trying to erase every thought of Nakku...Nakusha...'

Nakku stood there thinking about Dutta's behaviour....when she felt Abhay's hand on her waist...

'Hey sweet heart...what's wrong...'

She smiled at him "Nothing...whose call was it?"

"Oh, it was a colleagues'..." She looked at him " And what did he say?"

"I have to go out of town for a a couple of days..."...he said sadly...

"Abhay? U have just come...and you are leaving.. You said you would take me out..." she said angrily...

Abhay palmed her face 'I am sorry...but you know how my work is...i have to go...but I promise I will give you time when I come back....i will put the work at the back burner and will only spend my time with you...' he pouted...

' can go...but you have to keep your promise' she showed him her index finger...

'Ok boss...i promise...' they both smiled and hugged....he placed a kiss on her head...

All this happenings made Dutta go red in his face...he was boiling with anger....but he didn't knew why....He just went out....while Neha followed...'Are you alright?' Neha asked him....

'No I am not....i feel suffocated inside...i need to go home....'

'Ok...lets go then'....they both went away from there....

Nakku looked for Dutta around....she couldn't find him....

She called him...'Hello?' Neha picked the phone...'Hi....we are sorry Nakusha...but Dutta wasn't feeling well so we had to leave without notice...we are really sorry...'

Nakku was worried 'Is he alright now? Can I speak to him?'

Neha gave the phone to Dutta....'Hey..'

'Hey...what happened....are you ok?'

Dutta stopped his tears which were about to spill 'Yeah..i am feeling a bit uneasy...i will talk to you later bye he disconnected the phone...

Nakku felt that something was wrong with him....and he was hiding it from her...

He dropped Neha at her house and went away to his house...he came in to his room....and dropped himself on the bed....

He was having Flashbacks of Nakku and she introduced him to them as her fianc

How she answered his questions...and how she said a Yes when he asked her whether she loved they both were having they hugged..the kiss he placed on her head....reminded of the days when he kissed her on her forehead and felt at he used to hug her and feel complete...He clenched his fist in anger thinking of how he held her by her waist...

'Dutta leave him....he will die Dutta..leave him...Leave him for my sake Dutta'...and his hand stopped, the guy was drenched in blood...he threw him on the ground...held her hand and walked off from the scene....

'Why did you have to beat him so badly...?" she asked him worried

'Because he tried to touch you...' he said in an angry tone....'You know I CANNOT see anyone touch you....or tease you.. and that ba***** tried to lay his hand on your waist..I swear if you didn't stopped me then I would have killed him'

Nakku palmed his face 'Calm taught him a lesson..he won't do it again...'

Dutta looked at her eyes which had fright in them he pulled her into a tight hug 'I am sorry....I am sorry I wasn't there at that time...I wasn't there to protect you...i am sorry' He kissed her on her forehead...

Nakku broke the hug 'Its ok' she smiled...

And here he was sitting on his bed... this was the same guy who could even go to the extent of killing someone who even tried to touch Nakku....but today he could see her happy with some other guy....there was no uneasiness in her...she was comfortable with him...she allowed him to touch kiss laugh with her...

He hit the wall with his fist..."whats wrong with you dude...It was your decision to go separate was you who asked her to move was you who ignored her was you who asked her to think practically..." And now when she has moved on...when she is happy with someone else...when she started thinking practically....why are you feeling so bad?" You have moved on have fallen in love with someone else too...And you have no right on her life and on her decisions..." he said to himself....


This is the second chapter.....Hope you guys like it..

Please read it and press the 'like' button and leave your comments....Embarrassed

And sorry those who reserved their spots..i am posting the next part without waiting for u guys to edit ur spots.....Embarrassed

Note: Abhay is not a cheater...he genuinely loves Nakusha....Smile

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 September 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
am deeply affronted posting without waiting for my feedback ChulbulTongue
Btw I read the second part but will comment after I finish the first part..
and hencee....

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Wow,that was super fast BushyThumbs Up
Thanks for the PM & i will comment after reading this update,so reservedWink
Edited :
I knew there is someone in Nakku's life.But,i didn't expect her to be engagedOuch
Even Dutta has a GF but then he is not commited to her,becaz he still loves Nakku.
He got all J seeing proximity between Nakku & AbhayLOL,serves him right,he was the one to take practical decision of moving on in theie lives naa.
Ab he wants her back,i felt bad for him,poor guy was almost in tears.
I am wondering do Nakku really love Abhay & is she truly happy with him or she is just pretending to be happy.
I don't care about Neha,well she can move on.But,what about this AbhayConfused,how will destiny help in uniteing Nakku & Dutta?
Mera brain soch soch ke crazy ho raha hai,u better update soon.

Edited by preety_219 - 20 March 2011 at 9:08am

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