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Short FF Destiny EPILOGUE page 15

Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Hello everyone....i wrote a short story on has only 3 chapters...i wrote it down today itself....i thought of posting it after my exams but i am posting it now itself as i myself can't wait for so long....Hope you people like it...Smile

Chapter 1

He was lying on his bed lazily with his eyes closed. He had a vision of those green eyes which didn't let him sleep the whole night....he was trying to figure out whose eyes were they? He asked this question to himself since last night...but he was clueless about the answer..He got up shaking his head trying to remove all those thoughts from his mind...he took a shower...came out of the wash room, wearing a grey pant and a vest wiping the water from his hair...he took a white shirt from his wardrobe...wore it and kept the tie hanging around his collar...buttoning his shirt, he then combed his hair...walked downstairs tying a knot to his tie, he pour some coffee in a mug and sipped it while taking a bite of toast he rushed to his car and drove off....he waited at the traffic signal...those thoughts came rushing forth in his mind...he could only see those eyes...he came out of his trance as he heard horns blowing..he shook his head and stopped the car in front of his office...

Dutta Sriram Patil....he had his own business, he dealt with the textiles in india and abroad he was one of the best businessman at present...

He walked in adjusting his tie he stopped near his secretary "Hello Rose..." smiling at her when the lady turned to him "Good morning sir" Dutta nodded and started playing with the paper weight on the desk "Did u find any good interior decorator for my new house yet?"

"Yes sir..I have found one...she is the best interior decorator at the moment. I have fixed an appointment today sir. Hope its okay with u?"

Dutta stopped playing with that thing and looked at Rose "That's fine" He walked into his cabin.

He didn't had any work for today.. he started checking his mails instead of sitting lazily without doing anything...He heard a knock on his door... "Sir! The interior decorator is here. I asked her to sit in the meeting room" ur room is in a mess she spoke to herself

Dutta looked at his watch "Hmm so early? Ok am coming'...closed his laptop and got up to leave.

The girl was standing in the meeting room near the window looking outside at the traffic She was a girl of 24 wearing a peach colour frock top and skinny jeans complementing those high stilettos. She let her curly brown hair loose.. Dutta entered the room without knocking as he was habituated to it and nobody could change that habit of his...bringing the girl back from her trance.

She turned to look at him and put her hand forward "Hello Mr. Patil..I am Nakusha...Nakusha Mahale.." She smiled but soon her smile faded as shock overtook her smile

Dutta looked at her from top to bottom but his eyes stuck to her green eyes as soon he saw them

He had the flashback of him looking at a pair of green eyes which made him insane for the past 24 hours...he saw these eyes last night when he was it was dark he couldn't see her face but those green eyes were clearly visible to him..before he could reach her she was gone..

He looked at Nakusha and thought to himself that only one woman had those pair of beautiful eyes and it was her..

"Nakusha? What are you doing here?"

Nakusha frowned as she didn't knew she would be meeting him.. "Mr. Patil?she recalled, "Dutta SriRam Patil? "

Dutta came forward and hugged her "where the hell did you disappear? 4 long years!! It had been 4 years since I saw you.."

Nakusha broke the hug.." You look handsome...i mean a handsome young man..." she chuckled.

Dutta smiled "Thank u...You out did look even more beautiful...and those green eyes...they always drive me crazy...."

Nakku felt a bit uneasy at this comment of his....

She composed herself..."Shall we start the meeting...?"

Dutta was confused as he had to speak to her in a formal way now...things have changed he thought " Ya sure...what should I talk?"

Nakku was confused as she heard those words coming from Dutta Sri ram Patil...The Dutta Sriram Patil... 'Err....i would like to see the place before I take this job...'

'Ya free at the moment so we can go and check out the place...'

'How far is it? She asked looking around 'hmm 20 minutes from here...' he said confidently.

She stood up taking her handbag 'lets go then..'

Dutta accompanied her to his car..there was an uncomfortable silence all the way....

Dutta stole glances at her through the rare view mirror while Nakku chose to look out of the window...


Dutta and Nakku were holding hands and sitting in their college ground...Nakku's head was resting on his shoulder...

They both studied in the same college..they were dating each other..thought it was not a love at first sight scenario...they had their initial fights before they came close to each other....they didn't knew they would date each other...considering their first meeting where they had a big fight and decided that they would never cross each other's path....but destiny had some other plans which brought them together....they were the best couple of their college...

Dutta always showered his love on her....he always protected her from the bullies...he always respected her and her decisions...but he had one bad habit...sometimes he would impose his decisions on others, including her

And Nakku in return loved him too...but she was more of a reserved kind...she never opened herself in front of everyone....she would complete his assignments...she cared for him....she stopped him from fighting the bad guys if ever they bullied her. as she was scared for him..but Duta would beat them up in the absence on Nakku...and she knew it..but she chose to ignore it as she knew Dutta's anger can't be controlled....

They always lived in the present....never thought about their future which led to their separation...

It was on the annual day of their college when they were graduating...everyone were happy that they became graduates except Nakku and Dutta....they had to separate as their ambitions were different..their paths were different....Nakku wanted to go to Sydney and pursue her interior decoration course but it was not as important as Dutta was for her...she was ready to drop her ambition and stay with Dutta.. but he wasn't sure about their relationship as he wanted to start a business in his country..and that was his priority. He chose his ambition over love and even asked her to think practically. He asked her to go to Sydney and pursue her interior designing.....It was a shocking decision for themselves and for their friends, but they convinced themselves that they were not made for each other.

He could still here words of their friends saying that their decision was not right.

'Dutta what's wrong? How far is ur place?' Her voice brought him back to present...

' we are.'...he parked his car in front of a huge was an apartment..he went inside smiling at the security guard as he saluted him...

Nakku walked in looking at the place.....

They both got into the lift...standing quietly till the lift stopped on the 10th floor.

Dutta led her to his flat which he bought recently...."Here we are"

Nakku looked at him and then at the was beautiful even thought it was not designed fully...she walked towards the window and her eyes were wide open when she saw the was the blue sea with a bridge over it...the sun was shining on the water making it glow...

' always wanted a house with this view, no?'

Dutta was surprised to know that she still remembered..."Huh? Yeah...i finally got one...You like it?"

"Ya I do....its beautiful..."she beamed "I think I will be done with my job in 30 days..."

"Are you sure 30 days are enough?" he said looking at the house...

'Well if u allow me to work peacefully then I can get my work done more earlier...' she winked and they both chuckled...

He thought to himself she still didn't change...the same Nakku he knew 4 years back...whom he loved 4 years back....she was still the same..the only thing which changed was, she grew even more beautiful...

He came out of his thoughts when her phone rang...."Hello..? Yeah am coming....i'll be there in 45 minutes..." she looked at him 'Am so sorry Dutta..i need to rush...its urgent..."

"Should I drop u" he asked with concern in his voice...

Nakku smiled at him " That's ok....i'll take a taxi....don't worry...and take care..." She stopped in her midway "Oh by the way....can I get ur number so that I can call u later?"

Dutta thought she would never ask.."Yeah sure..." they exchanged their numbers "Ok i'll call u..bye take care"

Dutta smiled as he saw her rush banging the door behind her...

"Dutta is the best....Dutta is the best" His college mates were cheering for him when he won the elections of the college president...

He only looked at Nakku who was smiling proudly....
His friends said "Now time for a speech..."

Dutta took the mike and cleared his throat " I thank all of you for voting for me....and my girlfriend who supported me....I Love Her" He winked at her who was standing in front of him and she was blushing...

He came to her and they both went from there holding hand in hand...they were standing on their college terrace looking at the sea....Dutta took her hands and kept it close to his face "You know what Nakku....? I always look at this sea and dream of owning a house in front of that I can keep looking at it at any given hour..."

Nakku looked at the sea and then at Dutta " You will own a house soon..." she shook her head in assurance...

And today he stood here owning a house exactly like he wanted...with the sea right in front of his house...only because she assured him that he would own his dream house...


That's it for now....hope you guys like it....i am not very good at writing so forgive me if i sound kiddish...Embarrassed

Please leave your comments and press the 'like' button....Smile




                                                               Chapter 1 - Page 1

                                                               Chapter 2 - Page 3

                                                               Chapter 3 - Page 7


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--khushi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
Yeeeppppiiiiiii   me first *dhinchak dhinchak* Dancing Dancing
oye hoye one new FF di.............. purana to update kar diya kar LOL
will back with my comments 

Edited :- 
nice update dear.......................... So TaSha were datting 4 yrs back but they broke apart as they have diff aims in lyf..........................  So distiny again take them together..................
and hope forever this time.............................
Does Nakku have anybody in lyf????  she rushed to meet whom?????
update soon.................. 

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Yuvika_15 Moderator

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged
hey bushy...nice ff....hmm ur sayin its short bt considering u gt sophie 2 extend hers dnt b surprised if she black mails u in2 extending urs 2...u knw hw she
very nice update btw... hmmm so they wer dating bt dutta broke it off becos they both wntd dif things in life... oh wel mayb destiny wntd thm 2geva so ere dey r meeting after 4 yrs... n naku wil b designing his house...wich in the long run wil becum der house m hpin..lolLOL
btw naku's nt moved on has she? i mean she's supposingly lived in sydney , does she hav a bf der or summut?

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Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged
@Khushi and Yuvi: Thanx for liking it and answers to ur questions will be given in my next update..Smile
.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged
oh really nice FF and awesome update
I really liked how you started it....

hmm soo they were dating and the split ...
Hopefully the get together again but this time stay together :)
so why did Naku end up back in india? and who did she run off to see so urgently? Shocked does she have a bf?

btw I love Dutta's house....the view sounds great...
I would love to have a house with a view like that Big smile

Only 3 chapters eh .... hmmm....
great FF  ...update soon please :-)

Take Care,

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged

hey bushy  congo on ur new ff sweetie!!

plz add me to ur pm list 
wil read dis n get bak 2 ya asap  

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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
very nice start

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged

wow!!! a new short FF........... so dutta  was haunted by nakkus green eyes.........they knew each other frm colege but seperated fr their career........... now back 2gether........... a phone cums and she rushes...... does she hav anybody else in her life.......hope not..........

A beautiful one , bushy......... loved it...........updt soooooooooooon.......
Thanx fr PM..

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