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~Its my fault~ AR Mini FF => IMP- pg 16 (Page 9)

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Originally posted by AMMY12

Very nice part.
Do pm me whn u update.

thank u!
sure will....Smile

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hey vry well written ......... nyc part ........ do continue soon .......

n do pm me 2oo ........


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Originally posted by anu_isha

both parts were awesome.You have portrayed their emotions very nicely.
wondering what happened.
update soon and plz pm me

thank u so much!Smile
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Originally posted by _Prithi_

nice part

armaan_tina Groupbie

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Originally posted by ksg_ritika

hey vry well written ......... nyc part ........ do continue soon .......

n do pm me 2oo ........


thanks ritika..Smile

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Hii guys..Smile
Just wanted to inform u all that it might take some time to update the next part....and u know why?Because of my idiotic bro...i'd almost completed Part 3 but he deleted it so i have to re-type the whole thing again!! and guess what?!?He deleted it irritate me.Urgghh!!!he's such a loser on earth!I'm really sorry guys..Disapprove

And i once again want to remind the readers to plz send me a buddy request if u want me to pm..coz my 'send buddy request' option is not working and i keep getting an error every time i try to send a buddy request....

~~ TiNa ~~

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This didn't turn out to be the way i wanted it.I just hope u guys like it! Please do comment/criticize...though i'm sure most of u are gonna criticize.Ouch

Previous part : pg 5

PART 3(a)


Padma and Rishika were in the living room,when Riddhima enters.

"hii mumma...kaise ho?papa kaise hai?"she asked and hugged Padma.

"main theek hoon beta...aur tere papa bhi bilkul theek hai."Padma smiled.They went on with their talks for some time.

"shona please go check if papa's ready"Riddhima told Rishika.

"ok mumma"and ran away to her parent's room.

"...woh...mumma..i just wanted to tell you ki please don't tell Armaan and Rishika anything."Riddhima said.

"par beta they'll anyways get to know about it...and what if Armaan gets suspicious???he's gonna be with us the whole day so how can you expect he won't get to know about it??"

"I don't want him to get disappointed if its the other way round...and don't worry...I'll just make some excuse and then we can quickly go and get the reports."


Just then Armaan came down looking hot and stunning as usual, carrying Rishika in his arms,chatting with her non-stop and nuzzling into her neck in between while she kept on giggling." tummy's hurting because of papa's tickling."she complained finally and Armaan was having fun teasing her.

"aawww...papa's very bad! how dare he teases my shona!...Come to mumma baby..and later,we'll team up against papa and tickle till he begs us to stop!"Riddhima said...Armaan put Rishika down on her feet and she went running to her mumma.

Armaan went towards Padma and bent down to take her blessings and then hugged her.

"mumma..u know what?"Armaan asked.

Padma looked at him and raised her eyebrows.She knew what was coming - a typical Armaan dialogue! She was used to it by now.Nevertheless,she asked with a small grin,"what??"

"i'm so lucky to have a mother-in-law who gets younger day-by-day...Shashank papa is sooo lucky to have such a beautiful wife like you!! par meri aisi kismat kahan."he sighed and looked at Riddhima from the corner of his eyes.

"u saw that mumma?????...he never leaves any chance to bug my life!!! Its like his main aim in life!!"she complained to Padma and immediately turned towards Armaan pointing her index finger at him "And you!Go go...go fast!why are you wasting your time?!Go look for your 'oh so beautiful wife' hmpphh!"she said with sarcasm and irritation clearly evident in her voice.

Padma and Armaan laughed at her antics.She was a total kid at times.Armaan sometimes used to go crazy handling his 2 kids all alone.

"Acha baba!!you're the most beautiful, gorgeous, prettiest, cutest, hottest wife on Earth."he kissed her forehead.

She was going to reply but then his phone started buzzing.He excused himself and went to answer the call.In the meantime, Riddhima noticed his tensed face and wondered what happened.

"mumma i''ll be back in five minutes."Riddhima followed Armaan and stood next to him.While Padma got busy with Rishika.

"kya hua, Armaan?she asked

"Sanjeevani se phone tha...Remember i told you about my patient Mr.Khanna??He's not responding all of a sudden ,therefore,i'll have to rush to sanjeevani right now...i'm sorry Riddhima,i hope you understand" Armaan was upset.He so desperately wanted to spend time with his family.But being a doctor, his first priority was his patients.

"Don't be silly Armaan!Of course I understand..afterall ,even i'm a doctor!You carry on.."Riddhima replied.Though, she was upset too, she didn't show it.

But, afterall, whom was she trying to fool !Duhh!!!Of course, Armaan could easily make out that she was disappointed..he knew her in and out!

"you know you're gonna fail miserably, then why do even Try to lie in front of me!!!"He saw her drop her gaze down.How much ever she tried, she was never able to lie.It was a fact!

Armaan cupped her face ,"Riddhima, there's no harm in admitting you true feelings to me,baby! You don't always have to be good.You have all the rights..right to yell at me,slap me,kick me,irritate me,claim me..I'm all yours!" He tried his best to make her understand.Even though they've been together for so many years now, yet Riddhima always failed to speak out her inner feelings easily to him.

She lifted her gaze to look at him."i'm a little upset!"she admitted.


"okay fine..i'm really upset!But,at the same time,I also very well know how important a patient is to a doctor..a doctor will be responsible if something happens to his/her patient."

"that's true but from now onwards, you don't have to keep everything inside you.."he whispered and lowered his head so that she's not able to see his face.



"I don't like tears in my macho man's eyes!"she said with tears filled in her eyes.

Armaan looked up.It always hurt him a lot when she hid stuff from him or never shared her fears,insecurities,pain...she was storing it all inside herself.And Armaan was afraid that she might ultimately face a terrible breakdown when it would reach its peak.

Armaan again cupped her face and said,"Riddhima..promise me...promise me that you'll always share your feelings and thoughts with me...let it be happiness or fear!Please..."

Riddhima simply nodded her head and hugged him tightly.

Getting out of the hug she said,"Armaan, u should go now."

"Hmmm...I love you!"he said and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too go!"she smiled.

He was about to turn and leave when he remembered something,"But Riddhima, the driver is on leave today..."Armaan said.

"Don't worry...i'll drive the car today."Riddhima said.

"You sure???"

"Yes, Armaan...stop worrying so much!"

"Kk..take care.."
,then pecked her lips lightly.

They were back in the living area.Armaan informed Padma that he had to go to the hospital due to some emergency.

"Bye mumma..take care..,bye you!!"Armaan said.

"Bye papa...I love you too"she said it very cutely.

He was about to leave when but then turne around to Rishika and said "Princess, aren't you forgetting something??"

"What papa?"Rishika asked ,with a confused look on her face.

Armaan bent down and forwarded his cheeks.Rishika understood quickly and gave him a big wet kiss on his cheek.For some odd reason, he was feeling very weird today..especially for Rishika,but he brushed away his thoughts thinking that he was feeling that way just because he has not been able to spend time with her from past few days.

After Armaan left, Riddhima thought that now she would easily be able to get the reports.


Padma and Riddhima decided to visit the mall first and then collect the reports.

They reached the mall.They were confused where to go first.Riddhima and Padma were arguing whether to go to the footwear section first or the accessories section.

"lets go to the footwear section first,mumma"Riddhima said.

"nahin Riddhima, first lets go to the accessories section..then later we'll check out the footwear section."Padma said.

"But mumma, what if all the good pairs get sold before we check it out?"Riddhima argued.

"and the same goes to accessories beta..what if all the best sets get sold?"Padma snapped back.

They went on for what seemed like ages.Rishika was surprised to her mumma and nani behaving in such a manner.She was standing between the two and eyes moved from Padma to Riddhima then back to Padma and so on.She was really bugged now.They weren't here for arguing over such petty issues!!!They were here for "Shopping" for God's sake she thought.

Rishika interrupted their funny argument when she thought it would go on for ever "Nani,mumma Stop!!"she whispered loudly.

It was now Riddhima and Padma realized the curious glares they were getting from the people around them.They smiled cheekily at Rishika who was now giggling.

"Ok where do we go now??"Rishika asked.

"Footwear/Accessories section!"both of them replied at the same time.

"mumma,nani don't you think we should first visit the clothes section and then get the matching footwear and accessories depending on the colour of the attire??"Rishika suggested.

Riddhima and Padma were stunned!!!Why didn't they think of it before.They burst out laughing at their stupidity.

"my shona has become so smart!!aawww baby...come here...give mumma a tight hug!"Riddhima smiled.

Rishika blushed slightly(afterall,she's Riddhima's daughter) and ran towards her mumma and hugged her tightly.She then hugged Padma too.

They did loads and loads of shopping.Most of the shopping was done for Rishika as her birthday was just around the corner.Riddhima and Padma were very happy to see Rishika so excited and enthusiastic.Her eyes had a different twinkle in them.

After finishing their shopping,they had their lunch and left the mall.

In the car

"mumma how much time will it take in the clinic?"Riddhima asked Padma.

"i think 10-15 minutes beta"Padma replied.She looked at Riddhima's worried face and said "don't worry Riddhima!!!!i'm sure everything will be alright."

"I hope so.."Riddhima sighed.

"mumma..why are we going to the clinic?what happened to you????"Rishika asked with concern.

"nothing baby...mumma is fine.. just have some work."Riddhima said with a smile.

It took them a quite some time to reach the clinic due to the unexpected rain and traffic jams.The weather was getting worse by every minute.

They somehow reach the clinic after some time.Riddhima parked the car in a small lane near the clinic.Riddhima couldn't go without Padma coz Padma knew the doctor who was handling her case very well as she was Padma's friend.And Riddhima knew that if Rishika came along with them then she would go tell Armaan everything and he would end up scolding her about not informing him.Therefore,she asked Rishika to stay in the car for some time.Rishika at first was reluctant about it but later on agreed when Riddhima told her that its just a matter of 15 minutes.

"Shona agar aapko bahut darr lage tou aap andar aajana...mumma car ko lock nahi kar rahi hai...ok?Riddhima assured her.She left her and hurried towards the clinic along with Padma.

In the car, Rishika was busy admiring her new clothes and toys.She noticed that Riddhima had left the heater on because it was cold outside.She was getting bored so she took out a doll which she's just bought from the mall and started talking to her.

"Hi...main Rishika hoon...what's your name???"she asked the doll.

"awww..u don't have a name??its okay..i'll give u name..uummm let me think...yesh..dora"she was just too obsessed with Dora,the Explorer.

"Let's do one thing...i'll tell you everything about myself and then you tell me about yourself."Rishika said.

"My name is Rishika..i am 4 years old and very soon i'm going to become 5.My papa's name is Almaan Mallik and my mumma's name is Riddima Mallik.I love them sshhhooo much..."she said and spread her tiny arms."You know my mumma says that papa and i are the best gifts that God has given her in life.And papa says that his heart belongs to two people - me and mumma.You know what dora?They are the bessstttest parents.Whenever i get hurt, mumma starts getting tension and though even papa gets tensed he does'nt show it.You know once i got hurt on my knee and mumma was running all around the house to get the first aid,milk with haldi,making my favourite food,yelling at the maid for being so slow in thier work etc etc...while papa was sitting next to me and hugging me sideways and asking me whether it hurts a lot from time to time.We do a lot of masti.Sometimes i pair up with mumma and tease papa and sometimes its me and papa irritating mumma.And nana,nani...oofff they make me eat sooo much but i love them a lot.And the 'Gang' ,like papa calls awesome.I have 3 maasis/chaachis and 3 mausa/chachas...i get confused many times not knowing what to call them.They all take care of me like mumma and papa but the only difference is that they don't stay with me..."Rishika went on and on telling her doll about herself.She was too engrossed in talking to her new doll.She failed to notice and feel the heat and a little smoke getting accumulated in the car.Suddenly she heard a dog barking outside the car's door.She was very scared of dogs and she now looked up and noticed the smoke in the car.She was shocked.She didn't know what to do.She had to get out of the car but the dog's outside were scaring her.She tried banging the windows but the lane where the car was parked seemed isolated.

On the other hand, Riddhima and Padma were waiting for the reports.They would have got it by now if only doctor would'nt have misplaced it somewhere.Finally after 20 minutes the nurse found the report and handed it Dr.Savita(Riddhima's doc,Padma's friend).She was reading the file while Riddhima and Padma were trying to make out from her expressions.

"Savita sab theek toh hai na???"Padma asked her friend.Riddhima was sweating due to tension.

"Arre haan Padma sab kuch bilkul theek hai...In fact, tumhe to mithai baathni chahiye...aur pehle mithai mujhe dogi tum!"the doctor smiled.

"matlab...Riddhima...sach????"Padma had guessed it and her happiness knew no bounds.

"haan...Riddhima pregnant hai...Congratulations beta!"the doctor announced.Riddhima was surprised at first because she had not expected this but as reality sunk in ,her eyes were filled with tears..happy tears!

In the car, Rishika was crying like hell.She was shivering out of fear and tried screaming for help but her voice would just not come out.The dogs had moved a little away from the car.Seeing this Rishika tried to open the door but it was jammed.She was already very weak by now due to lack of oxygen.The poor soul was suffering like hell.She didn't have the least idea of what was happening around her.And she finally lost all hope and fainted.Call it co-incidence or God's trick,Rishika had fainted in the car the moment Riddhima got to know that another life was growing inside her womb.

Riddhima and Padma were so happy about the arrival of a new member in their family without knowing the fact that they were losing another precious member.

"Mamma i'm sooo happy.I can't wait to see the expression on Armaan and Rishika's face.I can atleast imagine Armaan's reaction because i've experienced it before during Rishika's time.But i'm very eager to see how Rishika will react to this.She's been asking for a sibling because almost all her friends in kindergarten have brothers or sisters.I want to give her all the happiness mamma..she's my life!"Riddhima said with moist eyes.

"I know Riddhima...i'm sure she'll be very happy"Padma said.They had already left the clinic and were moving towards the car.

"haan'll be a perfect gift for her birthd-"she stopped...too shocked to utter anything.She looked at the car which was a few steps away where she could see nothing but smoke.She ran immediately and tried to open the door but it was jammed.

"mamma th...the door not opening!!!!!!!!!!"Riddhima said with tears welling up in her eyes.Padma tried to help her open the door.Thry put all their force but in vain.

Padma ran to the clinic to get some help because the roads were empty due to the rain.

Riddhima was shocked at the turn of events.She tried her best to open the door, all the while cursing herself for letting the same thing happen with her daughter what had happened to her before.

"h..ho how did i..i let this.happen!!!!!Ri..Rish Rishikaaa!!!!"she screamed and banged the window.She wasn't able to see anything through the glass windows of the car.Meanwhile,Padma was back with two wardboys.They first tried to open the door but it seemed impossible so they had no other choice but to break the window.All the memories came rushing back in Riddhima's mind.She remembered being in the same kind of a situation a few years ago[DMG Episode - 8th,9th June,2010].The only difference being that ,that time it was an accident but this it was her mistake, that's what she thought.The window was broken by the wardboys and the sight inside stunned them all.Rishika was lying unconcious on the seat..her new doll,dora,on the car floor mat.

Riddhima quickly took her her arms and was sobbing at her daughter's condition "Sh..shona..shona get up baby!!!s..see mamma's here ple please Ris rishu!!!"

"Riddhima..lets take her to the clinic...come fast!"Padma suggested.

They ran to the clinic as fast as they could...Riddhima was shaking like hell!They reached the clinic and took her to Dr.Savita.The doctor checked her and said,"She must be taken to a hospital immediately...i don't have the equipments and overall, i'm a Gynaecologist...".Without wasting another second, they ran back to the car.Riddhima borrowed the Doctor's car and decided to go the Sanjeevani.

She wasn't able to insert the key into the keyhole as she was shivering terribly.Padma was seated behind with Rishika in her arms..she herself was too shocked.Riddhima zoomed away towards Sanjeevani.God alone knows from where she got the strength to drive.Reaching Sanjeevani, they immediately ran towards the nurse station while the wardboys and nurses got the stretcher.Riddhima didn't know how to face Armaan.Everyone,including Armaan, was paged about Rishika.Armaan was shocked out of his wits and ran to the Operation Theatre.His eyes were already filled with tears and he was sweating in the air-conditioned hospital.As soon as they gathered outside the Operation Theatre, Riddhima sneaked out of the place and ran away to a small store room and prayed to God for her daughter's life.

On the other hand, Padma told Armaan everything that happened which led to all this, though she cut out the clinic part.She wasn't sure if this was the right time to inform Armaan about Riddhima's pregnancy.Armaan was too tensed and thought of meeting Riddhima.He was about to go meet her when Padma stopped him,"Armaan..beta leave her alone for some time..give her some time..."Armaan thought about it and nodded.He had put up a confident face all this while, though he was scared from inside..very scared.He was scared of losing his princess..the thought itself was painful.But all his confidence went down the drain and he finaly brokedown when the doctor announced that Rishika was dead.Their princess was no more.


to be continued...

Sorry for the errors...

~~ TiNa ~~

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That was so sad
Continue soon

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