Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

The Do's, the Don'ts & the Maybe's

edabella Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 3:34am | IP Logged
The Do's

1.  Guddu & Runjhun's daughter~ I noticed that pretty much every married Zee tv couple has at least 1 kid.  I really, really wanna see Guddu & Runjhun as parents.  The writers can at least show their daughter as a baby and toddler.  I really want them to have at least 1 daughter.

2.  Make Mahadevi have a bigger role on the show~  I like Mahadevi more now than before on the show, I especially liked her during the wedding preparations (during the haldi ceremony & when she sees Runjhun in her wedding dress.  She knows that her mom really wanted her to get married & maybe still wants that but she herself might not really care for getting married.  I think the show would be even more interesting and romantic if there was a Mahadevi love story.  Usually imagine a love story between her & JabboDay Dreaming.  One of the scenes that I imagine is when he is falling for her, Runjhun gives her a make over.  I guess it's not too much of a make over though.  Anyways, Mahadevi comes out on the balcony w/her long hair all down, in even waves and a nice salvar. and Jabbo spots her on the terrace & thinks to himself "what a beauty?" but then recalls that Runjhun is not the only young lady in the house and remembers that she has a cousin around her age and realizes that's it's this cousin of hers. As he admires her from afar (well he is really just right across the street), the song from the film "1942 Love Story"- "Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To" starts playing and Jabbo ends up singing this song to Kukkan and GudduLOL who are quite surprised and curious about this crush of his (I imagine Kumar Sanu's voice comin' out his mouth, not him singin' it himself- like in Indian films).     

3.  Abhigyaan's return~ I think it would be nice to see Abhi againSmile.  He had a pretty big role on the show and he was Runjhun's fiance.  Usually when I imagine him comin' back into the picture, he's pretty rich but is still unmarried.  By the time he comes back, Guddu & Runjhun's daughter, is a baby.  He is quite shocked when he visits the Pandey family because he can't believe she ended marrying and having a kid w/Guddu of all peopleShocked.  Although there was a time when I used to imagine him w/Mahadevi, I usually I magine him being w/an older Babli (I'm thinkin' a Babli in her late teens or early twenties).  I know he is a lot older than her but anyways... Babli asks him when he visits the Pandey house when Gunjika (Gunjhun's daughter) is a baby that if he can kiss her before she dies & he agrees to this- I got this from the film, "Little Women" and the dialogue was exchanged between a girl and a man & they might of had around the same age difference as Abhi and Babli.  This show might not end up goin' this into the future w/her being a teenager or adult but I wouldn't mind at least a short epilogue showing them as a couple.      

4.  Concerning Runjhun's hair and clothes~ Although I don't really mind her hair up, I would like to see her hair down (what I mean by down is all down & maybe a half pony tail or the hairstyle Archana has quite a bit on "Pavitra Rishta" as well).  I don't mind the sari blouses she has been wearing on the show but I'd prefer that at least sometimes, the sleeves on her blouse to be shorter.      

5.  Make all the mamis & mamas eventually become good~ ok, I know quite a bit of people will look at this & will feel this sounds too good to be true but I am so used to seeing all 6 of them and the show wouldn't really be the same without even 1 of them.  It might take quite a bit for the mamis to see the light when it comes to Runjhun & the situations that lead to them seeing this light might end up being pretty dire but I've made up tracks in which they actually do warm up to Runjhun.  Billo warms up to her first and Kalsonwali & Mitho warm up to her later.  I'm not gonna get into how all this happens but all 3 of these aunts end up having big problems in their life and through these issues they warm up to her.  

6. Show Vishnu interact w/Babli- I feel it would be nice to see Vishnu interact at least a little bit more w/Babli since I pretty much don't see them interact w/eachother at all.  I feel like he would maybe be more nice to her than how her mom is towards her.  Whenever Babli talks to Kalsonwali, she shouts at Babli even though Babli didn't even do anything wrong.  I really don't like the way she talks to Babli!Angry.  I feel like Vishnu might less emotionally attached to Babli than how Rajju is w/his kids but still... it would be nice to see him interact w/Babli.  This girl needs more affection from her parentsCry

The Maybe's

1.  Kukkan having a love story~ When it comes to romance on this show, I usually don't imagine a Kukkan love story.  I have imagined him getting jealous of how much time Jabbo spends w/Mahadevi.  Anyways, I wouldn't mind if the writers make him a love interest and make at least more of a side plotline w/him & whoever the girl is.  The weirdest thing that I have imagined regarding Kukkan was him crushing on BilloLOL

2.  More Gunjhun offspring~ I remember I said I'd if the writers do decide to give them more than 1 kid, it would be nice to see w/a daughter & 2 sons.   Right now I wouldn't mind this combo as well as 2 daughters & a son (like my family) or a daughter & a son.  

3.  Shashi coming back~ I don't care much for this guy but I don't mind him comin' back into the picture.  I would add more to this explanation but I usually don't imagine Shashi scenes.  Anyways, he had such a tiny role on the show and didn't talk that much in the little time he was there.

4.  Billo's affair~ Usually, the only person who I imagine cheating on their spouse is Vishnu (he cheats on Kalsonwali w/his paralegal who is quite younger than him) but I can totally see Billo cheating on Bantu.  Besides, she doesn't seem to love him so maybe she'll end up falling for a rich, handsome NRILOL.  If Billo were to cheat on Bantu & he found about the affair- this could lead to him freeing himself from her & being less submissive towards her.  

5.  Guddu's parents having a bigger role~ I remember someone mentioning that a possible track would be Guddu's parents protecting Runjhun from him.  I wouldn't mind them doing more on the show.  I really like the scenes w/him and his parents. 

6.  Billo and Bantu finding out that Diamond is actually their sonShocked~ Mitho and Rajju are pretty selfish people & I can totally see a flashback w/Mitho telling Rajju since she is not able to have children (Mahadevi is either a toddler or a kid at this time) and that she really wanted to provide the family w/a male heir, Rajju melts and pays the doctor to give Billo's baby to them.  Billo ends up goin' unconscience while giving birth to Diamond & after she gives birth to him, the doctor sneaks baby Diamond into Mitho's room.  The doctor lies to Bantu and Billo, after Billo wakes up from her unconscience state, saying she gave birth to a stillborn.  I think it would be nice if Bantu & Billo got a kid but I imagine them w/their mentally challenged daughter, Bindiya much more than this Diamond thing that I just mentioned.  I prefer the Bindiya situation.

The Don'ts

 1. Deaths~ I don't want pretty much any of the characters on this show to be killed off!

 2.  I know I'm talkin' about Gunjhun  offspring againLOL~  If the writers decide to give Gunjhun more than one kid well I don't want Guddu and Runjhun to have only sons & I'm not too onto them having only daughters as well.
3.  Don't make Guddu become a completely different person~  Guddu is my favorite Zee tv hero even though he pisses me off sometimes.  In the cast section of this forum, it says that he becomes a changed man and changes his outlook on life and I don't mind him changing but the writers shouldn't go to much to the extreme when it comes him changing.

~ Feel free to pour out as much as u want about any of the things I've mentioned & feel free to add at least 1 do, don't or maybe to my listBig smile    






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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged
hey di.....
Awwwwwwwwwwesum topic....luvd it....
Bout d do's
Yes they should show gunjunhaving kis or @least 1 baby ...n show how guddu takes care of runjhun during her preganancy ....not lettin her work ..... N runjhun wakin him up @ mid night bcuz of her cravin n guddu taking her out ...being wid her during d birth of d baby ...n takin care of d baby....

Return of abhi : here i want guddu to b a litte jealous ...n show his luv for runjhun more publicly or infrront of abhi... its nice thought bout abhi wid bubli .....

It would b nice to c mahadevi n jabbos luv story....
N our gunjun helpin them through it....
Bacsicalyyy i just think about gunjun all time ..i imagine much bout their luv story ..
i realyyyy like ur take on other characters ......
Now mayb's :
i dont know bout kukkans luv story ...there n other gal than runjhun , mahadevi n bubli...but would b nice his luv story also...
kukkan cruchin on billo was anice one di.... LOL
It would b nice to c guddus reaction wen he finds out kukkan havin a crush on his ''mamisaas''....

Regardin billo n bantu: i want billo to luv bantu frm her hart n respect him ...treat hin d rightway...
Even i want billon bantu to have kids ...i reallyyyyyyyyyy lied d prt of ur FF that u told that they will b havind a baby n runjhun helpin her during that its a great thought ...

Gudds parrents: they should b more interaction b/w gunjun n guddus parents ...

Now Donts :
No death: i soooooooooooooooooooo agree wid u here plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no deaths in d show cuz d show will b incomplete wid any chractermissin....

Change guddu : i agree wid u that he should not change completelyyyyyy .....even if h changes his attitude should b there ,his style should b d same ...

N one thing i forgot to mention iws mamas n mamis being good : they showd show them being good n nice speciallyyyyy kalsanwali n mitto n vishnu ..they r more evil then d other three....

Di i luv ur take on all d characters n d way u imagined their story....   Clap
Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz say wat u feel bout wat i wrote ...

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sur001 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 March 2011
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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
nice thoughts..............
I also want them to have two daughters and one boy as my parents have but as recession and population is increasing they should have one or two only
I liked the idea of kukkan or jhabbus lovestory but I want a little spice like both of them kukkan and jhabbu are in love with mahadevi  but kukkan thinks jhabbu is in love with billo coz  whenever jhabbu looks at mahadevi accidently kukkan would see billo  and miss interprets that jhabbu likes billo,to confirm his doubt he will ask indirectly from jhabbu about billo .and kukkans these many question would make jhabbbu doubt that he has a crush on billo
They will decide to help each other and in their way to help each other people will think they are gay
and I want master dinanath to meet amma and amma requesting him to forgive guddu
I dont want any death,plastic surgery or memory loss
I want some romantic scenes of gunjun

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Neyr Newbie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
I agree with the changing part. Guddu is interesting because he is different from the normative hero of a show. I'm sure he'll eventually become good but I do not think that he should change completely. because he is quite humourous -- his retorts and expressions.

Yes to a child or two but not to all sons.

I do think that Guddu should influence Runjhun to become more outspoken and handle herself around the Aunts and Uncles.

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edabella Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
@ tehzeeb25~ I really hope Billo does end up lovin' Bantu if she doesn't love him at all at present.  It would be so sad if she doesn't really love him & she never end up lovin' him for the rest of the show.  A Gunjhun baby will make the show more cute and I think it would be interesting to see Guddu raise a girl.  Plus, a Gunjhun baby will be one of the best treats ever for Gunjhun fans.  I'm glad u commented on the bit about Abhi and Babli.  I was kinda worried that some people are not gonna take what I said too well because of their age difference.   

@sur001~ I really liked what u said about Kukkan & Jabbo- it would be so funny if this actually happened on the show.  These two guys would have bigger roles on the show if they fell for Pandey womenLOL.  I agree w/u on the death matter & the plastic surgery- it's good if the writers should stay away from both of these things.  I don't mind memory loss but the memory loss should just be temporary & it depends on who loses it.  Although I've imagined Runjhun having temporary memory loss after Guddu shoots her, I prefer her not losin' her memory at all on the show.  I totally don't mind if one of the mamis loses their memory.  Maybe after they lose their memory, they'll be good.  

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