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BTLOO II ArSh FF link to next thread page 150 :) (Page 75) IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by chocolatefreak

OMGGG see whos th emotional blackmailer?
shoulld i continue wd vivek's part or is it urgent???
does tht mean yur gona update?! Big smileBig smileBig smile i knew emotional blackmail will work Tongue
its very urgent!!! plus i need to go to sleep got school tomoz :(
if u continue wiv viveks part how much longer will it tke?

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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um 10 to 15 minutes!
should i continue?

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Originally posted by chocolatefreak

um 10 to 15 minutes!
should i continue?
only if its no longer thn 15 mins Tongue if u will be longer then post wot u made either way we get an update LOL

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soniaraheja Goldie

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Yes plzz still waiting IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
okay =D

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG thankyuu everyone for such a loving response, I luv you all so so so much.
Nikuuu heere youuu go, stop hitting ur jootas nd chappals on meee! im alredy dead
Zarqaaa here this part for yu madam as i promised my deal done! LOL nd pooo stop teaming up wd herrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this part as niki wanted is uhm lo read it urself!
Please dont read this if youre not comfortable, or dislike such things. please stay away and dont read. i dont want to destroy the innocence of the young readers here neither do i intend to hurt, disturb or offend someone. please read at ur own risk

His body pressed her down into the softness of the couch. His chest pressed her bossoms. Her mind was working slowly and it took time to register things while armaan's pace was too fast. She tried to free herself from his hold and placed her energies into her hand trying to push him away, but his male power was too much to overcome. His fingers wrapped around her wrist tighter, and his nails dug into her skin. He pushed her hands above her head, and pressed them down making her shoulder, twist a bit. His legs pressed onto hers. She looked into his eyes scared, thousands of emotions were whirling up inside her. Her heartbeat got erratic, seeing his gaze which was filled with anger, sharpness and a killer-some intensity. His eyes had always portrayed strong emotions. His eyes had always been filled with intense feelings for her. She started to shiver, feeling his hold getting tighter over her. She tried to wriggle out of his hold, but her shoulders ached, and his firm hold became tighter and tighter. He pressed his chest into her bosoms, pressing them in deliberately making her wince and moan. His body on its own turned violent. His heart fluttered with thousands of feelings, but his anger overpowered all feelings, his heart ached as her words again and again rung in his ears. That was it! He lost whatever control he had in himself. His anger was dangerous, and everyone knew this. He was hurt and furious, now nothing seemed to make sense. His mind had gone blank, and all he could think was Shilpa had been physical with someone else. He wanted her! He had wanted her from the very start. The day he had seen her, he had gone crazy for her. He had fell heads over heels in love with her, but the way he was, the person he was, the ego inside him never let this word even come near him. He named his love his lust, his need, something that was limited to his physical needs only. He was a stubborn and adamant man. Just her touch affected him so badly that he couldn't snap out of it. Everything about her, her smile, her fragrance, her eyes, and her nature attracted him to her. But being the man he was, a man with no heart, he named it as his physical need, heck not even in his dreams was he ready to accept his love for her, because he hated this feeling from the bottom of his heart. But now he knew that he wanted this girl. He wanted her badly, he needed her to live, to survive, and he was adamant to get her. His anger completely overpowered his senses, touching, feeling her body his sexual needs grew rapidly. His heart thumped fast and his body began to sweat. He felt hardened up from inside, and his little bit control that he had difficultly imposed over himself vanished. He knew she didn't love Sid, and neither had she been physical with him, his heart wasn't ready to accept this fact. He lowered down when his gaze grew stronger. He pulled his head down to her level and spoke in a hoarse, stern angry voice, 'one thing you get cleared about, i won't rest until you're mine. You had been physical with him, fine then prove it to me, i wanna see how i don't affect you and he does, i wanna know today. Enough testing my patience Shilpa, you're going to know the real me now. Now I will show you what I am capable of' with that he crushed her lips with his. She instantly shut her eyes filled with fear tightly and tried to release herself from his hold. But his body became harsh and wild over her soft one. There was no mercy from his side today. His lips pressed hard, hungry and demanding onto hers, his head tilted and dug down into her face. He pushed his face down, his nose caressed her skin. His mouth turned urgent with a sudden speed over hers.  Her body began to subside with its protests.  Her heartbeat grew faster, and her senses were set ablaze. Her softness stiffened under his hold, and her mind started to get overpowered by him.  He moved his mouth wildly and fast over hers. His want came out perfectly in that kiss. With each passing second he made his lips more merciless and fierce over hers. He bit her lower lip demanding entrance into her mouth. She gasped and he entered her mouth. His lips rubbed over her lips hardly, caressing her lushness. She tried her best to control herself, her senses. Her body was shivering under him hard. Her mind had soon lost this battle. Her body started to witness thousand of emotions, erupting like a volcano inside. Her hands had lost all their energies. His manly firm hands were much stronger, and they pinned her hands hard in the softness of the couch. She moaned when he bit her upper lip demanding her to fully open her mouth. She opened up for him, when he turned harsher over her. He pressed himself harder on her. Her belly ached with his weight over her. His mouth was hot like fire over hers. He kissed her hard with each passing second. His lips raped her sweetness. Her mouth began to ache with the roughness, and the passion became too high to handle. Her soft body became his slave. She turned her hands into fist, to stop the ecstasy reaching heights inside her. Was it her need, her lust or her obsession for him? She had no clue. But she knew that she was no more like those ordinary girls. She needed him badly; her body was shouting it right now. Her heart needed his warmth. Her control was vanishing. She wanted to forget everything right now and feel pleasured by his love. She wanted to forget all the boundaries of this world and give into her heart desires, and no matter how much she tried to stop herself, he was driving her crazy to the edge. He explored her mouth like he had never before. His manliness imprinted himself on her lips, like this had been only his right. He broke the kiss abruptly leaving her lips shuddering. She breathed faster, her hot breathes landed on his face in heavy showers. Her moist lips parted, and shivered. Her chest grew up and pushed into his hard chest. She tilted her head back to calm her senses down. He looked down at her lips which were still under the affect of the violence his lips created over hers. Her eyes were shut, as in still feeling the moment, her breathes shouted the story of her inner soul. That was it! She had never been Sid's. She was his! She wanted only him! He held her leg from beneath her knee and positioning it he parted her legs and placed it over his hip. He moved down, seeing her panick with his rough moves, and placed his lips over hers once again. His one hand made a swift move and held her both hands tightly again. He pinned them high up above her head stretching them. She moaned feeling his urgency taking over her lips. He made his moves like a warrior in a battle who fights and claims a land. He fought with her claims, her control, and her senses. He captured her senses once again, as she lost herself into the pool of desire, and the heat which transformed from his body into hers. His spare hand travelled at her back and roamed up and down. He felt the silky clothe being a barrier and stopping him from feeling her. He pressed his fingers into her back as his hand travelled into the front and covered her soft stomach. He caressed her side waists and dug his nails into the softness of her belly making her moan louder. Her protests completely died, and she began to respond to him. She opened her mouth to him. Her lips grew fiery like his when she pushed in her tongue into his mouth. Her lips turned as urgent as his. She kissed him feverishly now. He smiled inwardly and snatched his lips back. She looked at him, with weary and needy eyes. The girl, the naive innocent shilpa was now nowhere to be seen. Beneath him was a woman who needed him badly. Her eyes grew dark with desire, as she breathed harder. He locked his gaze with hers, and lowered down to her level. His eyes studied the need in her ones but he wanted to play hard with his prey now. He lowered his head and his gaze turned devilish. He rubbed his nose on her cheeks , and breathed heavily over her lips. She turned her face towards him to kiss him when he moved back. She tried to wriggle out of his hold and touch him, and feel his body when he just tightened his hold as if teasing her and stopping her from touching him. He entwined his fingers with hers, and his big palm pushed her delicate ones down making her more restless. His lips reached her earlobe and teethed on it hard, making her wince. She softly mouthed his name, begging him to stop. 'Armaan please' her voice did came out but turned into a small whisper. Her throat choked and burned from inside. He licked her outer soft part of ear with his tongue. She closed her eyes trying to calm herself.  She tried to move her hands but his big palms mercilessly played with her soft fragility. He kissed her forhead, letting his lips print them over her forehead. He came down to her nose and pecked it sensually. He then moved down and pecked her lips making her more restless. She lifted her head up to kiss him when he moved down to her chin and teething it carefully between his teeth he arched her head back. He looked into her eyes who begged him to stop it but he was merciless today. He tilted his head and moved down and placed his lips below her neck. He kissed her intensely, and his lips made sensual movements over her delicate milky skin moistening it. She closed her eyes, as they started to produce tears of the uncontrollable pleasure and want that was flowing so fast in her body. He kissed her strongly, and then she hissed when he took her skin in his mouth and bit her with sharpness. She groaned with the pain. His fingers dug harder into her knuckles when she tried to get out of his hold but miserably failed. He kissed her throat sexily and violently moving down; his hunger just seemed to reach new heights every second. Her lips grew moister. She felt in need!

'Armaan armaan please' her soft whisper came out in a teary voice, when she couldn't take it anymore. The ecstasy rose inside her making her stiff and hungry. The new feelings that evoked in her body were too strong and overpowering. He came up to her level and stared into her e eyes deeply. His face was just an inch away, and his breathes rested on her lips. He touched his nose with hers, and breathed heavily over her lips. His body pressed down onto hers harder. His each part rubbed hard against hers. She looked into his eyes completely surrendering herself to him. Her strength had long given up, and all she needed now was him, and she needed him badly. He touched his lips with hers and his hands came down and sensually snaked at her back and pulled her body up in the air. Her lips pressed up, while he just touched his lips with hers letting his touch create a havoc inside her body.  He sensually and huskily whispered, but his voice was still demanding, and stern, 'Come on Shilpa say it! Tell me you want me and only me, tell me you want me to touch you, tell me you need my lips to kiss you, tell me you only want to feel me, and my touch. Say it shilpa' she looked into his eyes totally helpless, while his gaze dug into her soul searching its answers. Her eyes begged him to have pity over her, but he just turned stern in response. Her voice became broken. She whispered in syllables, 'God damit i i need you armaan, i i want you' and the world seemed to stop there for him. For the first time she confessed her feelings. His heart fluttered with immense happiness.  His ears had been dying to hear this from her lips. From the first second he met her he wanted to hear this from her and now he felt blissful, like he needed nothing more. He smiled and placing his hands tightly on her back and pulling her up he whispered over her lips, 'I told you the day youre eyes would shout that you want me, the day youre gonna say you want me, im gonna tear ur clothes apart and make you mine.' His eyes blazed with dark passion, but before her mind could register his words, he throbbed down his mouth onto hers hard and fierce. His hands moved up and down her back in urgency, as they found the zip and he quickly pulled the zipper down. She gasped at his sudden action. Her hand went up into his hair ruffling them smoothly and a slower pace while her other hand reached his back and held his shirt tightly. His hand reached inside her shirt and came in contact with her skin. He rubbed his hand up and down her silky skin. His demons grew wilder as his mouth started to become more rough.  She cupped his face into her hands and kissed him passionately. She was no more in her senses, she was all ready to give herself to this one man whom she needed and she knew that she can only surrender herself to him and no one else. His other hand travelled up and harshly pulled her sleeve down. He broke the kiss letting their breathes touch height, when their bodies reached the pinnacle of passion. He came down and kissed her hungrily while his hand moved up and down her back and unhooked her innerwear. She moved her hands inside his shirt, and scratched his back with her nails. She moved her hands up and down his body making him go wild. He bit her collarbone aggressively in response making her moan. Her hands came forward and started to unbutton his shirt when he moved back and wit a quick move he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it away. His hands moved up to touch her bosoms when he pressed them between his fingers making her arch her head up with the restlessness growing inside her. He looked at her milky skin and her upper chest and his mouth slowly took control ov her skin. He hungrily kissed her delicate curve at her neck, and teethed at it. He bit her all over her upper chest making it go blue with the aggressiveness his mouth showed over her.  She felt his hands travelling down the sides of her bosoms to the end of her shirt and pushing it up fully, exposing her milky skin to him. His hands went into her front shirt and sensually explored her body. She moved forward and took his ear into her mouth biting it making him hiss. He moved down and kissed her navel, and bit it hard, making her wince. But then he licked it and caressed it to soothe her down. He came up to her level, when she softly placed her palm over his cheek and locked their eyes. He bent down to capture her lips when his cell phone started to ring loudly breaking their intense moment and pulling them back to reality. Her senses took time to register everything but as soon as they did a big jolt of reality hit her and she pushed him away very hard. He stumbled down to the floor while she quickly stood up and move into a backward direction. Her eyes turned bloodily red. She couldn't overcome the shock and what she was about to do. Armaan stood up and looked at her confused, while tears flew down very fast from her eyes. She looked adown on the floor as she hiccupped bad. She felt her top falling down when she held it and quickly zipped it back and picked her dupatta up. Armaan ra towards her and held her shoulder tighty turning her towards him. She cried uncontrollably hard, and his heart pierced into pieces seeing her cry. He jerked her body closer to him and cupped her face into his palms when she jerked his hands away and spoke, 'ye ye nahi hona chaahiye th, ar armaan we we shouldn't have done this. We.' She cried louder and ran away leaving him flabbergasted and angry behind. He picked his shirt up and quickly wore it running after her. He looked everywhere but she was nowhere to be seen. He grew hell angry and hit his fist over the windscreen of his car.


She ran aimlessly on the road, trying to clear her tears which were flowing hard and constantly and blurring her vision. She stopped when her feet gave up and stumbled down onto the floor, crying harder. As her mind reminisced their moments her own words started to echo in her mind when she placed her palms over her ears and cried hysterically. 'tch tchh' she heard a voice followed by an evil laugh when she looked up to find Vivek standing there. She looked at him confused and horrified. While he held her shoulder and pulled her up to his level. She stared at him scared for she couldn't decipher his actions. He placed his knuckles over her face when she jerked his hand back, and moved back fearfully. He came forward and pulled her closer to him making her body jam into his, when she tried to push him away. He slapped her hard and cupping her face into his hand he spoke, 'Oh come on now don't avt all pure Indian woman babe! I promise you im gonna pleasure you tonight.' She stood shocked and cried to him, 'vi vivek how can you say that? Chodo chodo mujhe.' She protested to come out of his hold. 'huh i wont leave you so easily and wase bhi now it seems like everyone is going mad after you, especially that Armaan  Malik.' Her head snapped up listening his name while she looked at him with questioning eyes when he spoke laughing, 'Huh just because i said you look hot he punched me and insulted me infront of everyone and threw me out of the office, im not gonna leave him and you so easily.' She got shocked to listen that, but inside her heart gre happy and proud. He jerked her closer when he moved down to kiss her. She tried to protest and push him away, as she begged him to leave her and cried. But before he could kiss her a hand came in between and punched him hard making him fall down hard. She looked back with blurry eyes to see a furious, hell angry Armaan standing there with bloody red eyes. His jaw tightened as he saw her swollen bruised cheek. Vivek tried to stand up when armaan moved forward and holding him from his collar he spoke  dangerously and hell angrily, 'I told you never even think of coming near to her' he punched him with all the force he had and vivek stumbled down on the floor with blood oozing out of his lips badly .armaan picked him up and hit him very hard into his rib making him fall back. Shilpa stood their shocked seeing this side of armaan, something she had never seen before. The way he was hiting vivek scared her to hell. Vivek's whole body was mercilessly being pieced by Armaan when he punched him harder and vivek fell down onto the floor. "Shilpa tumhaari kya lagti hai, tum kis haq se hummare beech me aarahe ho?" a badly injured and wounded vivek asked, as armaan had not left a single bone of his body proper. Armaan picked him up from his collars, as his eyes were bloodshot red, as the rage inside them overflowed, as he punched his face harder than ever. "Shilpa mera sab kuch hai, who mera junoon hai, meri zindagi hai, usko kabhi chhoone ki koshish bhi mat karna warna main tumhe aisi dardnaak, buri zindagi doonga ke tum maut ke liye tarsoge. Aainda uske kareeb aane ka sochna bhi mat" A outrageous Armaan shouted his lungs out as he left him, and Vivek fell on the floor, with his body half covered with blood. Armaan was about to pick him up and kill him when shilpa shouted, 'Armaan please woh woh marjaayega, he will die.' she cried badly and ran away, while armaan followed her. 'Shilpa, Shilpa wait SHILPA!' he shouted and turned her towards him. She looked into his eyes and pushed him away. He grew angrier and cornered her with the wall of a factory. He held her shoulders and pulled her closer, 'what the hell is you god damn problem.' He shouted. She tried to wriggle out of his hold but his hold just grew stronger, 'why are you doing this to me armaan? Why? Why did you come in my life why are you playing with me? ' she cried harder, 'he looked at her when out of nowhere jerking her closer to him, looking deep into her eyes he spoke, Marry me' She could not believe her ears, as she said stammering say it again. he held her shoulders, pulling her closer he spoke with a confidence and yearning in his voice, 'Marry me! i want to make you mine forever, i want to Marry you, i want to make you Shilpa Armaan Malik'

PRECAP: and why should i marry you, so you can sleep with me, use me and throw me away!' he became frustated and pulling her closer he shouted, angrily and cravingly, 'NO dammit becoz i love you!'

oh and please please do comment and gimme ur views hey mean alot to me
luv ya all

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res first to comment =D
yayyy all my spaaming n blackmailing realli paid offTongue btw rida u promisd yur deals but dont forget my bday one yur cursing me n my sharp memory ROFL poo's on my side now rida get used to it coz gt the same motive: make rida update everyday by throwing chappal at her LOL okay now to the part!
woahhh girl calm down! i thought yur other parts were hotenough but this!!!! gosh to HAAWT to describe! i wonder how my bday update is gona be like since thts gona be extra hot n shockingWink
this part had everything passion..romance..hotness..shocker..action just like yur life on IFROFL 
seriously wen i was reading i was like how hot is this?! n how can i 14 year old write this!
the way u described was ARSH feelings was perfect ..armaans fury n desire n shilpas weakness...their desire for each other ...wen shilpa startd responding bak i was in shock! i was gud girl gone bad!ROFL  literaaly but im glad she finally gave i knew she wudnt last tht long wivout letting out her true feelings..lovd how armaan teased her to make her ask for him she let her real feelings n truth ..tht she doesnt want sid but armaan but shes weak n helpless
it was just HAWWTTT how u described their *ahem* moment
i lovd her wen she sed she wants armaan! i was like she showing her true colours :P
now i get by wot u meant they ALMOST did it! ridaa yaar y does the stupid phone need to interuptWink wen she ran away i was not the begining again she keeps runnning away frm him Angry
vivek is a disgusting bas*ard!Dead how dare he touch shilpa if armaan wont let sid touch her wot makes vivek think he will let him?! i lovd armaan hitting him Big smilei was like u go my armaan..his lines were soo sweet i fell in love wiv him all over again Smile
HE PROPOSED!!!!! eeeppp OMG LOVE U RIDA BABY!!! so much in one part!
but the precap is even betta HE CONFESSES!!!!! u hav to update nowww!!! like fast if u dont i will spam again :PEvil Smile
update super soon :)
yur baby zarqaa x
wooahh finally dun wiv the lonngg comment LOL gona go to sleep now! nightie night LOVE YA X

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soniaraheja Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
omgg RIDA...HugHug thank u thank u thank u so mucchhh ...
for updating...
omggg the part was so ARSHOLICCC Blushing Heart Heart eee SOFA ROMANCE Embarrassed Embarrassed Wink IT WAS TOOO HAWTT
loved the part sooo was beyond beyond beyond hot... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed the way she said "yes i want u..." in her daze was just out of the world...but that kabab mein haddi her mobile *argh* Angry Angry ...broke thier passionate romance... 
and after that she pused away ARMAAN...Dead 
that to so hard...Ouch 
and she ran away...
OMGGGvivek was trying to touch shona..Angry
thank god ARMAAN was there...
aaahhh the way HE punched vivek wow *whistle* yayy dhishum dhishum.. Party
awww kya dialouges marre hain humare HERO ne... Embarrassed Embarrassedekdum jhakaaasss LOL LOL LOL 
and yayyy he proposed her..."MARRY ME"  Big smile Big smile
BUT BUT BUT...  WHAT IS THIS tumne aadhe mein hi chod diya...
plzz jaldi update karo naaa next part...
when will u update next part...eagerly waiting for nxt part Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
eee when they will become one...  Day Dreaming 
update soon yaaa cant wait...

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