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BTLOO II ArSh FF link to next thread page 150 :) (Page 41)

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updating one minute
and stop trying to make plans ov killing me! lol

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yayyy we wont if u update :P
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ridu how can u think we can kill u then wat will happen to updateLOL

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lol tru instead of killing bout torturing her just like she has been doin wiv us =D

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Originally posted by chocolatefreak

updating one minute
and stop trying to make plans ov killing me! lol

Very very long update please.. we waited very long enough with generosity for your exams Smile pretty pls

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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YES! update is here finally im fully back on IF and no more gayabing hopefully. eeehh thankyouu for so much love i luv you all so much much! and i was trying to write more but i guess if i wd have written more and not update me everyone might have slaughtered me now!
AISHHH seee im updating and ur dropping the biggest comment coz uve been scaring and killing me from so long.
this part is specially for you all nd for poo i luv u and Welcome back on IF never leave us ever again
nikuuu stop preparing to kill meee
i didnot check my spelling mistakes (Like alwaysLOLLOL) but i know you allr gonna ignore them im too lazy to check them, and i couldnt reply is janam me if im able too reply properly than it wil be a miracle really so srry and heres the part

She walked inside the kitchen lost in her own thoughts. She moved her finger up and delicately moved her strand behind her ear. She could not stop but think how armaan had become such an important part of her life. Was this right or wrong? Was it allowed or not? Did she have this right to think about him like this, did she have the right to get so close to him? She did not know the answers, and now she knew she could not stop herself from going closer. She had no control over her senses when he was close rather she did not knew how to keep them in control. With just his soft touch against her skin made her knees go week. Was she obsessed about him? But how would she know?! She was too nave and innocent, completely unaware of things and feelings like these. She had tried to comprehend everything from the first day. To control herself, to understand the drastic change in herself, what was that feeling that made her forget the whole world and remember only one man, HIM! She distracted herself from his thought and started to look for the ingredients for breakfast. She was trying to cut the vegetables, when a hand crawled over her waist, and encircled around her soft belly firmly. His lips reached the sensitive part of her ear and he slowly pulled the soft skin in his mouth, bringing it between his teeth he bit her strongly, making her hiss and surprised. " junglee janwaron se panga lena achhi baat nahi, tumne abhi mera jungleepana dekha hi nai hai." His husky voice flew in her ears, and she pressed her lips together, and her eyes wandered at the sides as she tried to turn her face towards him. His hands slowly slipped down her silky shoulders, his hands made their way down to her elbows, and in the same sensual way caressing her skin they entangled in the front, entwining his fingers with hers. He moved her hands back with his as she left the knife at once. She closed her eyes as she tried to spell his name out, "Armaan, chodo please" the nervousness and shivers grew at a rapid speed and her body felt thousands of tornados erupting inside. He smiled and his head dipped down into the crook of her neck, his nose slowly touched and caressed her side neck. She instantly closed her eyes, her heart began to sink in the moment it had always craved to felt and her mind was again back in the battle field, but her heart always overpowered her mind, her senses. It began to stiffen with his hotness boring down into her hands and fingers. His lips dug down, and kissed the curve of her neck. She pressed her lids down and her lip pressed in between her teeth, as she tried to control her breathes. He trailed his lips down the length of her neck as they dropped down and sensually kissed her collar bone. She tried to move, but his fingers pressed her fingers completely down. He bit her collar bone slightly bringing her back to her senses. She opened her eyes and immediately turned around. Her hair caressed his face, and he instantly closed his eyes feeling her soft silky hair. He opened his eyes to drown in her emerald crystal big green almond eyes. They were so full of emotions and so mesmerizing that he always lost himself in them. What did he feel for he? Why was he so insane about her. Her essence, her touch, her gestures, heck there was nothing about this girl that did not made his heart skip beats. Her effect was heavenly, only he knew how he resisted himself and did not cross each and every limit of madness. He tilted his head down to capture her lips, when she pushed him back, and quickly stepped forward to go away. He turned back and held her wrist tightly. She gasped feeling his fingers digging into her soft wrist. She spoke slowly, "Armaan please" he swiftly pulled her back in his strong arms. Her front collided with his strong chest. He moved the strand disturbing her eyes behind her ears ever so softly. She stared in his blue hypnotic eyes lost in their magic. Whenever she looked in those strong intense eyes she always tended to forget the meaning of her existence except that she wanted to be all his. he looked down at her beautiful face, as he whispered softly yet in a devilish way, "I told you that no matter how much you try to keep me away from you, you yourself will lose your senses to me. I know you crave for my touch." He dropped his head downer, his breathes kissed her lips, his eyes bored into hers.  "You crave to feel my lips." His voice became lighter and huskier. "I know you want me to" but before he could complete his sentence she pushed him back. "No I don't want you near me, I don't feel anything for you, I don't want you to touch me, I am an engaged woman. I only want Sid to come near me,  only he has this right over me. You have no right to come near me, you just can't force yourself over me, I only belong to Sid." Her voice grew watery. Not now, enough had been enough, she should not forget that who she is, no matter how badly armaan effects her senses. This was wrong and it was time she actually keeps a stone on her heart and let her brain take the control. Whenever she said this he felt a sudden pain engulf in his ches. A pain really unbearable, damnit! He thought why did this always happen to him. Why couldn't he bare listening Sid's name along hers? He came forward and jammed her to the wall hard. She winced in pain, and gasped feeling him putting his weight over hers. "and theres how many times ive told you that you re only mine, but this time im going to prove you. Just wait and watch ms shilpa malhotra, il make your every inch crave for only me. Baby maybe youre forgetting our bet, I will win this bet at any cost, armaan malik gets what he wants and for that I can go to any extent. Sid would never be able to get you, you will only belong to mr, just wait and watch." With that he moved backwards and turned to go when she said, "and what about Riddhima Armaan? Is she not your girlfriend? Does not she mean anything to you? Or are you just playing with her feelings like youre playing with mine?" she spoke with questioning and teary eyes.

He turned back and smirked widely, steeping towards her he jammed his body upon hers. She gasped and tried to push him back, she didn't look into his eyes, and tried to go away. He placed his hands over hers and taking her one hand he placed it over his heart, lowering his head down he slowly whispered in her ears, "Listen to my neartbeat shilpa, listen what it says?! And youl get your every answer. It only takes your name since the day ive seen you, playing in the rain like a beautiful angel. Listen to the havoc your touch creates in me, listen to the rhythm which only sings your name.listen to the violent beats, and feel your effect over me shilpa." She breathed heavily, nervous and highly affected with their proximity. She clutched his shirt in her palms and looked up into his eyes and was stunned with the truth, intensity in them. She moved up to join their lips when she heard something fall.



Rahul, Muskaan and Rahul peeped in the kitchen and stood their noticing the scene with wide eyes and mouths open. They rubbed their eyes and pinched themselves, were they dreaming? Muskaan couldnot believe what she was seeing, thouh she knew there was something between armaan and shilpa but she was unaware of the fact that those feelings were so strong. She couldn't believe she was the same shilpa. When she saw shilpa almost kissing armaan she unwontedly knocked down a vase, and atul and rahul quickly pulling her out of the kitchen and taking her out.


Shilpa moved back shocked at herself and ran away! He sighed and pulling his hands down into the pockets of his jeans smiled widely. "God what is happening to me?" and stood with the wall cherishing their moment.



"OMGGG HAWWW shilpa aur armaan aur who bhi istarah OMG hayee! Shilpa ne mujhe bataya kyun nahi?" muskaan spoke surprised.

"Haha jaise tumhe patanahi tha? OMGG butt rahull did you actually see that. Omg it was so evident bhai loves her, bhai finally is in love rahul." Atul spoke his heart jumping in joy.

"I know! Bhai loves her, and she loves bhai." Rahul spoke but was cut by muskaan,

"But didn't you both see, how shilpa was stopping herself though she couldn't, and how she told him that she wants to marry Sid, I know her she would never accept her love for armaan." Muskaan spoke disappointed.

"If she wont then we will change the circumstances to such an extent that both of them will have to accept their love. If bhai and shilpa are adamant then so are we." Rahul winked at muskaan as the trio smiled evily.




Shilpa quickly picked her things, looking herself once in the mirror she hurried downstairs. "isse pehle ke armaan mile main khudhi chali jaati hoon, sid toh already office mein hoga."  She came out and sat in her car when armaan took the keys away from her and kept them in his pocket.

She looked at him flabbergasted nd stepped out of the car, "Armaan, meri chaabi waapis karo."

"Huh!  Waapis karni hoti toh leta hi nai." He smirked. And came closer to her, she stepped back and lower her head. "There is no way you can actually run away from me, sweetheart! Tumhi ne kaha tha that you were ready to fight me, to kya hua shilpa malhotra darrgayi?" he asked challengingly. She looked up and said confidently "Nahi nahi man darin hoon neither am I gonna loose from you armaan malik! Not at all!."  He moved back taking out a pin from his hand he bent down and deliberately punctured her car. She looked at him shocked while he just smiled evilly, "Tchh tchh, now how will you go Shilpa, OMG your car shuh it got puctured!" he looked at her victory clear reflecting on his face.

"I hate you tum tum how can you do this?"  he pushed her back with the car, and tracing her arm he sensually spoke, "I can go to any extent to have you with me, this is just the start baby."  He moved back and dialed Sid's number, "Um hey Sid armaan, im so sorry dude I and shilpa would get late because shilpa's car gpt punctured somehow, and now it will take time though I offered her to come with me but she isn't listening, oh wait." He smiled widely at a confused and stunned shilpa and handled her the cell. She looked at him sharply and unsurely took the phone away from his hands, "Sid um haan who gaari I I don't know the car got punctured. " she spoke glaring at him "But Sid, Sid par, umm fine bye." She looked at him defeated while he took the cell back from her. Moving back to his car he opened the front door for her and stood there grinning. She had no option but to go with him. She walked and settled down in his car. Settling in he zoomed the car. This was just the beginning. She looked outside the window whereas his gaze now and then just moved over her. He saw her strands disturbing her continuously when he stopped the car. She looked at him and then at the place.  They had reached their destination, she could easily see the huge building.  He parked the car. She quickly got off and ran inside not waiting for him. Ahh he was loving her nervousness!


Shilpa ran into Sid's cabin and hugged him while his assistasnt had been also standing inside. Sid was taken aback, but he hugged her back circling his arms around her petite figure. She closed her eyes trying to tell herself this was right, this was the place where she belonged, but his touch everything was so different, it was not like armaan's she never felt even a bit of what she felt for armaan. But she felt safe and content because Sid was her best friend.

"Sid I missed you." She spoke. Sid smiled and eyed the assistant to go as he made a puppy face towards the guy.


"oye jiggy, weren't you inside with Sid sir?" VIvek asked him

"Yes I was but he is busy with her!, you know his fianc." He blushed telling him.

"What do you mean?" 

"Arey his fianc, wahii shilpa. Isn't it natural. You know ive heard they live together! She just came and hugged him, so I came out." Jiggy replied

"I know, they live together, isn't this so strange, that man is so lucky he doesn't even needs to get married to her, he already is getting everything.. ah that chick is hot.and that modi is surely lucky to have her in his bed. Who wouldn't they live together this sounds so obvious"

Mr. Vivek Khanna. Armaan's voice boomed into his ears like a thunder. His eyes were bloodshot red, his nerves were boiling with blood. He came forward and punched him hard. He was red with anger. Vivek fell down and jiggy stared at him flabbergasted. "Don't ever dare say a single thing against her you get it? Youre here to work, but I guess you've got much more work to do. Youre fired! Get out of here! Now!"  everyone stared at them shocked, Armaan's temper was something they had read about in articles, but here in Mumbai employees hadn't seen it yet, but now they were scared out of their wits.

Vivek stood up and tried to apologize, "I Im soory sir, please I"

"OUT RIGHT NOW" his voice thundered in the room.

Vivek went away glaring at him, while armaan sighed with frustration. His words again echoed in armaan's ear, Sid and shilpa? No! it could never be he thought.


Rahul and atul who witnessed this scene smiled within themselves.




"Rahul did you see Sid and shilpa, don't they look so cute together?" atul asked rahul sitting in armaan's cabin.

Armaan's head quickly shot up

"Ofcourse bhai, they look such a hot couple, aww did you see them smiling together today in the morning, they looked such a made for each other couple." He winked at atul who was secretly noticing armaan's fisted hands, and stiffness.

"If you both are here to talk about Sid and shilpa then im not interested, go to hell and blabber." Armaan spoke angrily glaring at them when they whispered a little sorry, and went away smiling at their success



Armaan couldn't concentrate one bit. Vivek's words pierced his heart like a knife. His veins boiled with anger.


", he already is getting everything.. ah that chick is hot.and that modi is surely lucky to have her in his bed. Who wouldn't they live together this sounds so obvious"

He stood up and threw everything down the table.  Were sid and shilpa really this close. But wasn't it something obvious even he had been in a physical relation with riddhima, did shilpa and sid share it? He felt a huge pain and anger overpowering his senses, he felt stiff. She couldn't be anyone else's. he wanted to kil each and every person right now!


He stepped in sid's cabin to see shilpa smiling at him as they both stood up to go out.

"Hey Armaan, ive explained everything to shilpa and don't worry shes a gem, shes never gonna let you down. Actually my work is done so we are going home. You coming?" Sid asked smiling while shilpa noticed that different look on his face and tried to avoid him.

Armaan looked at Shilpa and spoke sternly, "Actually ive some work to do and shilpa cant go with you, because there is something very important that ive to explain her about the project. Don't worry once we are done il bring her home." Shilpa's head shot up at this while his eyes were dangerous and stern right now. She got scared when sid disappointedly spoke, um okay I shall go between everyone has left its already too late, you too come soon." Sid turned and kissed shilpa's forehead who had turned white due to armaan's stern and killing expressions.


Armaan fisted his hands seeing this little gesture of Sid everything replayed in his mind. He couldn't stand them close. What if they had been physical? He somewhere knew all this was so foolish, that somewhere it seemed obvious but he wanted to know the blo**y truth now!


Unwontedly shilpa let go off sid as he went outside bidding both of them a goodbye. As soon as the door shut behind,

She looked around nervous, her heartbeat rose. She tried to ignore the fear engulfing her, he looked angry; in fact his eyes were murderous. She suddenly looked up in shock when she heard him locking the door.  She stopped breathing once she looked into his intense killing eyes, red with blood. She gulped in slowly yet fearfully walked towards the door, but before she could unlock it he held her hand and jerked her soft body closer to his. She jammed into his chest, and gasped suddenly, the proximity started to kill her. She could clearly see his face reflecting pure anger. She mustered all her courage and spoke, 'Haath chodo mera armaan, let me go' he ignored her protests and pushed her hard to the door. She winced when he came closer and pressed his heavy chest on her body pinning her fully with the door. 'ah armaan' she tried to freeherself from his aggressive hold. He held her shoulders tightly and pulled her closer, his eyes pierced her soul when he spoke with gritted teeth, 'What is the damn relation between you and Siddhant? Why do you live in his house?' she looked into his eyes stunned, he had never before asked this question. Why was he asking that why she did live with Siddhant? She tried to push him, and spoke in an angry yet scared tone, 'Who the hell are you to ask this, stay away from my personal life! You have no right to interfere in my life'

He held her hands and pinned them back to the door, and threw his lips over hers pressing down harder he kissed her fiercely. She gasped and shut her eyes tightly. His lips set her mouth on fire. She tried to wriggle out of his hold, but all went in vain. He kissed her violently and ever so hard, the kiss grew wilder with each passing second. His anger, his passion, his frustration came out in that kiss. He bit her lower lip when she gasped and entered her mouth, exploring it like he had never before. His lips kissed her showing his authority over her. His fingers entangled with hers. She fell in the moment of fire need and passion, he was kissing her so madly and deeply she couldn't stop herself anymore. Her body on its own started to respond to him. His tongue roamed in her mouth exploring her every bit. Her hands went up in his hair caressing them, she drove him mad to the edge. The kiss turned steamy with every second that passed by. He pulled her closer, her bossoms pressed onto his chest. That was it he wanted her! He wanted her right now! No one could ever touch her, no one had the right only he did. She was only his. He knew what he felt for her now had now crossed all the limits every time his feelings for her reached new heights, new levels, she was driving him insane with each passing second. The feeling he hated, the feeling he felt disgusted at now slowly his heart had started to accept it!

She broke the kiss by pushing him back. She needed to breathe. Her breathes came out in a heavy shower while he breathed harder composing herself, she just realised what had she done and turned around to go. When he again flipped her towards him and pulled her closer pushing himself and her to the door hard, 'Armaan please mujhe jaane do' she spoke in a weary defeated voice.

He joined his forehead with hers and spoke hoarsely, 'I have every right upon you.  You only belong to me, call me insane or obsessed, all i know is that i hate your fianc when he comes near you, and i swear il kill him the day he crosses his limits and comes near you.' His eyes were murderous yet promising, she shuddered listening to his last words. But this time anger took over her, she puwshed him back and spoke in an angry tone, 'you wanted to know why i live with sid, fine because i love him. Happy? Or maybe you wanted to know something else Armaan Malik then yes i have been physical with him, ive slept with him, not once but hundreds of times, and i willingly give myself to him because he has his every right over me, he is my fianc. He doesn't forces himself upon me.' She knew she was lying to him, but she had to do this and push him away from her, and hr life now. He stood there shocked trying to absorb her words. His body went stiff listening to this. No! He thought! Just the mere thought of her being in his arms killed him a thousand times, unknowingly a tear escaped his eyes and he closed them trying to stop himself from breaking down. Her words again and again echoed in his ears. No that wasn't possible, if she had ever loved sid her eyes never would have portrayed such strong feelings for armaan, every time when he touched her the way she responded, every time h came closer the nervousness that took over her. Her body shouted of the effect he had on her. That all couldn't be a lie?!!. He held her shoulders aggressively and spoke hardly, 'fine you love him right? Youve slept with him, and i don't mean anything to you. Prove it shilpa, prove it right now! I want to see' with that he moved her around and pushed her down on the sofa. She fell on her back when he placed his hands over her wrists and pushing them into the softness, his fingers firmly wrapped around her wrists. He laid upon her quickly, his each and every part pressed over hers hard.


"Shilpa tumhaari kya lagti hai, tum kis haq se hummare beech me aarahe ho?" a badly injured and wounded vivek asked, as armaan had not left a single bone of his body proper. Armaan picked him up from his collars, as his eyes were bloodshot red, as the rage inside them overflowed, as he punched his face harder than ever. "Shilpa mera sab kuch hai, who mera junoon hai, meri zindagi hai, usko kabhi chhoone ki koshish bhi mat karna warna main tumhe aisi dardnaak, buri zindagi doonga ke tum maut ke liye tarsoge. Aainda uske kareeb aane ka sochna bhi mat" A outrageous Armaan shouted his lungs out as he left him, and Vivek fell on the floor, with his body half covered with blood.

 She could not believe her ears, as she said stammeringly say it again. he held her shoulders, pulling her closer he spoke with a confidence and yearning in his voice, 'Marry me! i want to make you mine forever, i want to Marry you, i want to make you Shilpa Armaan Malik' 
and do comment and tell me how do you think BTLOO shoulswear my mind was empty and i h ad totally forgot the storyLOLLOLLOL so that came up as a crap lol sorry but do tell me how was it
and plz a request in the end do mention your names, so i can know all ov yuuBig smile

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after a longgg time finaaly updates

really hot scenes
hope they unite soon
reallyy totally awesome
like the mission armaan to make jealous
thanks for the pm
continue soon...

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yayyy u updated finally! but ukno wot it was totalli worth it!
just one word WOWWW
such a hott scene in the kitchen Embarrassed poor shilp[a she cant control her feelings round armaan...n armaan is wild man sheesh... y did muskaan hav to drop the vase now we dont kno wot wud hav happnd if she didnt Wink
YAAYY rahul muskaan n atul r gona help ARSH wooohooo step one already workd! wonder wot step 2 is... hope they succeed in their mission
i hate vivek hes bloody disgustinDead how can he make such assumptions wivout even knowin...but atleast it made rahul n atul realise armaans jealous..i felt for armaan he had to see sid n shilpa together :(
argghhh y did shilpa need to lie! she made poor armaan cry Cry  i hate seeing him cry.. i just want them to confess
Shocked how cud leave wiv such a cliffhanger u betta quickly update or i will hunt u down Tongue
lovd the precap! woaahh he asks her to marry him yayyy... i kno she wont say yes but i hope she does...
update jaldi! okay
continue soon x

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