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BTLOO II ArSh FF link to next thread page 150 :) (Page 2)

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Hey Rida! Congo 4 nw thread.

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OMg armaan and Shilp are soooooooooooo Hawt
can't wait to see wha armaan does to win her and what her reaction would be
Hopefully he realizes sooon that he loves her not not just lusting after her

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Heyyyyyyyyy All
thnkuuu so mchhh
so herez a small gft for u all a surprise update
thnkuuuuuuuuuuuu so mch for ur support nd encuragement it means alot alot alot to meeeeeeeee
thnku so mchhhh as i said wl be inactive from monday so wrote a part for u all. all the ff writerz im reall really sorry that im nt able to comment itsjust im too busy wd my school rite now nd my exams r comng in mid may so im nt able to manage hope  u all understand. once im bak wil leave a bg bg coment forsureee

thnkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so mchhhh for the second thread luv u all.


"you really think I can give up Shilpa, naahh not so easily babe, u don't know armaan malik right now, I get wat I want, no matter to wat extent I hav to go to have it. Well you re getting married to Mr. Modi I see, but there is only one problem sweetheart, ur not married to him yet, and it wud take seconds to me to break this little so called marriage of yours. If I want u, u will be only mine, soo lets have a bet! I Armaan Malik promises you that you on your own will give urself to me, you yourself will surrender your body and your soul to me, there is nothing, that I cant do. 20 days, in 20 days you will willingly bed with me , and Sid ofcourse I will take care of him, infact il start it from tomorrow itself. No force , no pressure, I promise you the day I see the same desire and need in your eyes il tear your clothes apart and make you mine, so this time stop yourself ms Shilpa, otherwise you will be the only one responsible. Sid or any one else, no one will be able to stop me, il acquire you in front of this whole world and everyone wud just watch the show. You don't know me yet baby. Armaan malik gets wat he wants and you only belong to me."


She stared at him with wide eyes, startled and traumatized with what he just said. Slowly absorbing his each word she felt her body jolt and shudder in response. Looking deep down into his murderous intense eyes, she knew he wasn't joking. His every word was full of promise. A promise, which was bigger than anything to him. He pierced her body apart with his killing strong gaze. There was no lust in his eyes, there was fire. Fire which wanted to come out, and fulfill his each and every desire, a fire which had lightened to take her in its hold. They stood there with silence all around. Now no more words were needed. If she had any doubts his strong eyes cleared it all. She looked at him her eyes displaying utter fear. Did he mean it! Hell yes he did! She knew it, he meant it all, his eyes spoke much more than his words did. His weight pressed upon hers as she stared in his eyes. She was confused, she was trying to find the Armaan she had come across a few minutes ago, the caring the loving Armaan, but it seemed like he had again wore his mask hiding that Armaan from the world. How can someone be so loving and than rude at the same time. What did he feel for her? Did he just want her body? And if he only wanted her for a night to finish his thirst than why was he so possessive for her. A man who would lust after your body wouldn't even care for you, he would never even care if any other man touches her than why did Armaan do. Why did he always say that she was his, only and only his? Why did he care when she was hurt? Why was he so jealous when he had come to know she was engaged to Sid? She just couldn't understand him. He was too complicated.

Pulling her closer with her arms he jammed her body with his as he continued with the same angry, determined killing expression on his face. "Don't take this as a joke, you know I wont back off. Yesterday you proved that you equally want me, and I know that you don't love that fianc of yours. You need me, just the way I want you, and trust me baby your feelings are really strong. I know your body craves for me, if I badly want you then you also cant control yourself from giving yourself to me. You have strong feelingd for me unlike your lovely fianc for whom you don't feel anything, so if you think you can put this stupid caring i-love-my-fiance mask on than youre wrong. Youre only mine and after yesterday I don't need any explanation because you proved it all. So now stop me if you can Ms. Malhotra I want to see you resistance." With that he left her as he went out of the room banging the door behind


She slid down on the floor as she stared in the empty space. She knew that she had feelings for him, how could she just deny this. She knew she craved for him, he made it so impossible for her to control herself in his presence. She knew what affect he had on her. She was hell scared if he did what he said, she didn't trusted herself what if he actually forced her to go to him, heck! He didn't needed any force he very well knew she won't be able to stop herself from submitting her soul her body to him. She needed him!


"Sid , um tum kab aaye?" she asked seeing Sid entering the house

"Bas abhi, im really really sorry Shilpa mera cell phone kharaab hogaya tha so sorry, um kaisi ho tum. I hope tumne Mr. Malik ka poora khayal rakha hoga. Thanku so much."

"Um Sid tum fresh hojaao hum phr baat karte hain."


"Shilpa shilpa shilpaaaa" an impatient Sid shouted from downstairs

She came running down, as she asked confused, "kya huaa, kyun chilaarahe ho?"

"kuch nahi ye lo" he gave out a letter to her

"yeh kya hai?" she looked at the envelope confused

"Tumhaara appointement letter." He said cheerfully, smiling widely.

"Appointment?" she asked with questioning eyes.

"Haan tum kal hi office join karrahi ho, tum Mr. Malik ke under kaam karne waali ho." He said smling with his happiness clearly reflecting on his face.

Her eyes widened listening to the name as her face got covered with shock and fear again. "Mr. Mr Malik?" she asked unsure, wanting him to say No!

"Hmm Armaan himself wants you to work under him. He was asking me about your qualifications today, and I told him how talented and brilliant you're. he himself wants you to join him, infact he insisted that you should be working with him, on this project. You would gain experience, and this is such a golden opportunity, youre first project and that too with Mr. Malik himself what would a person need more than this." He exclaimed happily. But Shilpa understood everything; she knew why was he doing this, his words again rung in her ears. He had started the game and his first attack was really strong. She was utterly frightened now. He was placing his cards very carefully, there was noway he would lose this bet.

"Sid nai, I cant work with him, Sid please look, I know this is a good opportunity but please Sid I don't feel like working now, try nd understand na"

"Shilpaaaaa tumhe ho kya gaya hai how can you leave such a big opportunity? I still know how badly you wanted to have an identity of yours, how you wanted to fulfill Shashank uncles dreams, you wanted to make him proud and I will not let you crush yours and his dreams, you will have to join and that too from tomorrow" he said firmly

"Par Sid" she tried to explain, only to get cut by him in between. "No ifs and buts, kal subah" he said as he went away. She was left with no option but to join Armaan Malik. She was now determined to solve all this out.

"Rohan tumne Armaan Sir ko kaheen dekha hai?" she asked the servant

"Yes ma'am who GYM mein hain" he said politely


He punched the punching bag continuously with full force as he punched harder and harder. His body wet with sweat and his hair dripping water. He put all his force as he punched and kicked it harder. He was angry, not at her but himself. What was happening to him. The mere few minutes he had spent with her in the morning, the time when he had lost control from over his emotions, and his inner Armaan, whom he had killed suddenly came out. He couldn't just take it easily. This girl was overpowering his senses, she was making him go mad for her. He tend to lose himself in her presence, why was she affecting him so badly?" he punched harder as all their memories came running back. Since the day he had laid his eyes on her, he had lost his everything to her. All he could think was she. Her beautiful eyes, her rosy lips made him cross all the limits of obsession. She was so beautiful yet so innocent. The way she responded to his every touch was so different. He had been with so many girls but no girl ever reacted the way she did, he never felt so strong for anyone not even Riddhima, she was his girlfriend because she was the most popular and wanted girl, not because he liked lusted or wanted her. He only wanted Shilpa, an ordinary angel who became the biggest necessity of his life in these few days. What did he needed? He couldn't understand. The fire inside him had increased so much when he had come to know she was committed. He felt like destroying everything. If he just lusted after her than why did he care for her, why he just couldn't tolerate seeing any other man with her. He felt like murdering Sid for even touching her if he ever tried to do, he wanted to make her his, hell she was only his but why did he want her to be his only. His own thoughts left him startled and confused. "Armaan" he turned around hearing her sweet melodious voice. He stared at the beauty mesmerized as her eyes sparkled, her cheeks rosy ed and her juicy lips curved into a big angelic smile

"Shilpa" he looked at her as she came forward

"Mujhe pata hai tum mere bare me sochrahe the" she said smiling as he stared at her confused. "Kya?" he asked

"haan main jaanti hoon,ke tum mere bare me sochrahe the, tum mere ilaawa kisi aur ke bare me soch hi nai sakte. Tumhaara dil sirf mere liye dharakta hai. Tumhaari aankhein sirf muhjhe dhoondti hain, tum chaahe jitna bhi mana karlo tum khud ko mere kareeb aane se nai roksakte."

He looked at her startled "tum kya bakwaas karrahi ho?"

"Bakwaas really? To kaho ke tum mere liye kch feel nai karte, ke jab koi aur mere qareeb aata hai to tumhe koi farq nai parta, jab Sid mujhe chhoota hai to tum paagal nai hojaate, kaho ke tumhaari aankhein har waqt sirf mujhe nai dhhondti, tumhaara dil mere liye nai dharakta, tumhe koi farq nai parta jab meri aankhon mein aansoon aate hain, kaho na armaan." He looked at her confused and blankfaced, what could he say, whatever she was saying was true. Utter bloody truth. Smiling she came near as she placed her lips on his forehead. He closed his eyes immediately in response. "Farq parta hai" he whispered slowly, feelng her sweet lips on his cheeks. She moved back as she asked looking into his eyes " Kyun Armaan, tumhe farq kyun parta hai, bolo tumhe itna zyaada farq kyun parta hai." Now he was totally dumbfolded, for the first time he had no answer to give. He himself didn't know what was happening to him, he was confused with his own feelings. He didn't knew why did he care so much, why he just coldnt stay away from her, why did her every action affected him. "Nai pata? Main bataati hoon, tum Armaan Malik mjhse pyaar karne lage ho, you've fallen for me Mr. Malik. Tum mujhse bohat pyaar karte ho tum maano ya nahin, you love me" she said smiling. He stared at her startled as her words slowly sunk in. she came closer as she placed her delicate palm over his eyes and slowly whispered, "Close your eyes and cal your heart, let your heart itself tell you what do you feel for me." He instantly closed his eyes as her face appeared. Their first meeting, when she was playing like a child, trying to catch the rain in her hands. She was looking like an angel, his angel! Their every encounter where his eyes met hers, how mesmerized he was left every time, how he had always lost control seeing her. She had the power to take him to a completely different world. He remembered how his heart always filled with unexplainable happiness seeing her smile. How mad and jealous he had felt when he had come to know about Sid and her. How he so wanted to kill him right there. How happy and elated he was when he had found out that she even has feelings for him, that she needed him wanted him the same way he wanted her. Reminiscing their every moment, feeling all those feelings again he didn't notice when his lips threw these words out, "I love you Shilpa" startled and shocked with his words he opened his eyes to find no one, he looked everywhere but she was nowhere to be seen. He stared in the empty space shocked at his confession. Did he just say that? No! how could he? Love? Did he love her? No No! No! he couldn't love her, he couldn't love anyone. He hated this crap feeling no! it didn't existed No! he thought. It just cant happen. He hated this feeling, no one loved anyone, everyone just needed a reason to be with someone and all named their selfishness their love. He cant love her, he just couldn't! he banged his fist on the glass window in anger when it shattered into pieces, entering his hand it started to bleed badly.

"Armaan" she shouted hell worried as she came running towards him. She looked at his hand with worry and concern written all over her face, as she stared at his bleeding hand with tears in her eyes.

"Omg Arm. Armaan tumhe to bohat chot lagi hai, kitna khhoon behraha hai tum tum ruko main main bandaid laati hoon." Saying this she hurriedly went and brought the firstaid box. Taking his hand in hers she looked at his wound feeling painful herself. She quickly took out the bandaid as she slowly took out the small pieces of glass from his hand. Tears prickled out of her eyes as she cried seeing him in this position. She didn't know what happened but the moment she saw this her heart raced badly as she felt broken. He looked at her lost in her. He was startled to see the care and concern on his face. Did she really care? Why? Really she wasn't like the other selfish women? Like his mom? She was so delicate; she couldn't see him in ain, why? Why was she crying for him? His heart filled with happiness as he stared at her in awe. Was he really falling for her? He abruptly pulled his hand back as this thought brought him back to the world. She looked up confused as she saw him angrily staring at her. She tried to take his hand again but he held her wrist with his half band aided twisting it at her back; he pulled her closer jamming her softness with his hardcore-ness. He placed his other hand in her hair as he pulled her back making her wince in pain. "Armaan" she tried to speak

"Kyun karrahi ho ye, tumhe to koi farq nai parta na mere hone ya na hone se to phr ye drama kyun karahi ho shilpa. He asked with gritted teeth as he held her wrist more firmly digging his nails into her delicate skin. "Armaan please" she winced in pain, feeling his pain aswell. "Tumhe farq parta hai ya nahin?" he asked with anger rising inside hin as he pulled her hair more harshly pulling her face closer to him. "Armaan please" she aske closing her eyes, feeling her head ache. "Haan ya nahin" he asked. "Haan, parta hai mujhe mujhe farq parta hai." She said not able to control herself. Not waiting for a single second more he hit his mouth on hers, as he crushed her soft lips brutally with his violent ones. He pushed her back hardly as she hit the wall behind. Shifting his weight on hers he kissed her fervently and fiercely. She tried to wriggle out of his hold, as she protested but he was wild and way stronger. He bit her lower lip making it bleed as he hardened the kiss and his lips pressed harder on hers. She closed her eyes as he pulled her hair more as he tilted and pressed down his head more on hers deepening the kiss. He forcefully entered her mouth as she had no other option but to open up on his violent demands. He explored her mouth as he pushed in his tongue, kissing her wildly he caressed her moutn her sweet lips, with his ones. She tried to come out of the kiss as she needed to breathe but he was suborned to not let go. He was hungry, he was thirsty and she was his oasis. Kissing her so passionately he broke the kiss finally feeling breathless himself. She placed her head on the wall as she breathed heavily. Breathing heavily she felt her stiffened, shivering boy still under the affect of his kiss. He looked at her as she tried to go. Placing his hand in the both sides of the wall he blocked her completely. Coming closer her pressed his chest on her soft bosoms crushing them badly, as his legs entangled with her slender ones, looking in her eyes he sternly yet so passionately whispered. "I'm burning Shilpa, this fire will burn you with me. You don't know how strong and wild emotions erupt in my body, just with you near me. The day you would know what affect you have on me, the day you would know the strength of my feelings youll be crushed with their power"


"Atul, Atulll" Rahul came in screaming impatiently.

"What the f**k Rahu" Atul replied irritated

"Yo Bro! come down and pat me." He said proudly

"What for?" Atul asked irritatedly

With a serious expression, Rahul replied, "Ive finally found out where Anjali Gupta is. She is in Mumbai"

Atul stared at him startled. He didn't know what to say right now. Should he be happy or sad. He tried to smile as tears of joy came out of his eyes. Rahul went and hugged his brother as he happily hugged him back

"Thank thanku so much bro," he said coming out of the hug

"Ahaan not now, we need to go and get your lady love." He said smling, "Mumbai here we come."


PreCap: -Armaans feeling getting stronger, making him confuse and restless.

-His ego not letting him accept it all, turning him into an adamant and stubborned man

-Shilpa finally joining Armaan, what will be his next step now

-Atul nd Rahul coming to Mumbai, they will bring ArSh closer but how?







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*dhinchak dhinchak*.....I am firstttttttt Dancing


I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reserving....Silly Rida!Embarrassed

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Congrats on thew new thread

riddddddduuu u rock girl love u will comment later let  me read it 1st

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nd i luv ur reservng bhoooooooootniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiROFL

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                     for the new thread.....
wiill comment after reading

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congrates 4 the 2nd thread
awesome part
u rocked gal
precap looks interesting

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