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BTLOO II ArSh FF link to next thread page 150 :) (Page 12)

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Originally posted by moonlight2630

today update pakka promise lock kar diya jay.

10 minutesBig smile

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Originally posted by chocolatefreak

Originally posted by moonlight2630

today update pakka promise lock kar diya jay.

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yayyy ive been waitin since yesterday

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Originally posted by chocolatefreak

Originally posted by moonlight2630

today update pakka promise lock kar diya jay.

10 minutesBig smile
take ur time i m waiting.
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Originally posted by chocolatefreak

Originally posted by moonlight2630

today update pakka promise lock kar diya jay.

10 minutesBig smile
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heyyy everyone here i am lol. well i had no plans to update but surprisingly my exams got postponed coz our syllabus isn finished and it wd take some time and plus no tests coz all ov us r criket maniacs so we re not redy to giv any test during worldcup, and i had a weekend so thought to update. im very very very soory i cudnt update yesterday though i had promised but i got into an acciddent and my hand got plastered with an injured foot, so really soory i was sleeping yessterday wd sleeping pills lol um nd so im nt even able to reply soory for that but thanku so much ffor all your love and spport i luv u all so mch.

Vaishi- um i seriusly hav no words to actually thank you. evn i read fics you know the ones based on my favs only,but seriusly u left me speechless wd ur cumnt. i can only say that ur a very very sweet person, nd thanku so much for liking myff, i wd try my best not to disappoint you.

Shreya- suree, mine is on 2nd lol so close. il surely do tha for you.

thnku every1 um sorry for being late nd here you all go my hand was paining so i cudnt write more than this, but wd try to make the other update special. um nd i wanted to ask that now il be bringing sids love interest into the story, so he cud realise that wat he feels for shilpa isnt love but infatuation so whom do u all want? Tamana or Riddhima? coz riddhima wd take some time to come in.

lol plz plz plz give me ur comments and big ones see im not well lol (I knw thats blakmailing lol) hehe . so do giv me ur opinions, comments, criticism. they mean alot to me.

this part is specially for tulip. lol dnt hate me for the other one, coz i luv uuuuuu. anddd guysss her new ff on kash/arsh is surely a must must read coz im already in love with it.

ok so herez the part


She stood there still, numb and touched. She didn't know why his every word had this effect on her but all she knew was there was nothing filthy in his words, but a deep pure meaning. But right now her life, she was confused with her life. She jerked off his hands as she changed her expressions into a mocking angry one.

"enough Armaan Malik. Till now I had been tolerating everything. My life was so beautiful before you came and ruined everything. The day I met you, everything changed. My emotions my feelings my life, you you changed everything. Why Armaan? I was a simple decent girl. An ordinary woman who was living a simple life like everyone else before you changed it all. We are two different people Armaan, our ways are different, we we can never be together. I have a fianc and you, you re commited than why are you playing these games Armaan Malik.stop it! Please I I cant bare all this aymore, go away go away from me. I have no place for you in my life and you mean nothing to me." She said as her eyes got moistened. "And you mean the world to me." He said staring at her intensely; his face was soft as there was something in it, something which hid the weak vulnerable Armaan behind. Today atlas he couldn't help but finally admit to this fact that he had strong feelings for her. That she was the most important person to him, that she was his life! She stood shocked as she slowly registered the words and her body shivered when the realization strucked her. She stared at him with strong emotions bubbling up in her body as her heartbeat got faster and her heart filled with an unknown relief and happiness as these words again and again echoed in her mind. Coming closer he softly cupped her face in his hard palms as he entangled his hands in her air softly caressing her scalp. She closed her eyes and softly opened them to see his deep passionate gaze upon her, as his eyes bored deep down into her soul. Bringing his face closer he pulled her body close as her front jammed with his chest and her face titled to look up into his eyes. His face reflected urgency, need, pain, and craving. He spoke in a soft needy voice as his eyes spoke more. "The day I had met you, that day changed everything. The way I lived my life, my philosophies, my ideologies everything. Tumne mujhe badaldia shilpa, sab kch badaldia. I kept on telling myself that it's nothing but lust, that I wanted your body and nothing else, I was trying to run away, run away from those emotions which I hated the most. I'm a ruthless heartless man Shilpa, I don't have a heart, I have nothing, I lost my everything, and I wanted to live with this fact! But you evoked these emotions in me that forced me to change, those emotions I hated the most. Every second that I had spent with you was so beautiful, so different something I had never felt before. With every passing second my feelings just grew stronger for you, I had no idea what was happening to me, I wanted to ignore these feelings I had loathed them from always, that is why I named them lust just to ease my ego but the turmoil of emotions you made me go through got me stuck. I just wanted you, I wanted to see you, to be with you, every moment I craved for your touch, for your smile, for for you. I don't know what this is. Its not infatuation and im clear about this now but what is it I just cant figure out. I only know that in a matter of these few days you've become my everything. Im tired Shilpa , I cant run away from these emotions anymore, I cant hide my inner self by wearing this mask of an angry obsessed Armaan. You have that power to make me go mad for you. I I need you." He confessed. He confessed it all as his eyes got weary, as they demanded for support her support. He wanted her, yes he did! But he never wanted her body only, he wanted her, her soul, her support, her in every way. She stared at him in awe as her heart filled with overwhelming happiness, and joys. She felt she was complete, she needed nothing more, nothing more at all. She got what she wanted, as if she had been waiting from ages to hear this, to feel this new ecstatic feeling bubbling up in her heart. She felt she was dying to hear this, from him. But right now there were a number of emotions she was going through, should she trust him? She just couldn't do this and the realization dawned upon her as she pushed him back. "I I don't know what you are trying to say, I don't want to know either. You can never change Armaan, never! I hate you Armaan, I simply hate you. I" before she could complete her sentence he again harshly held her arms as he hardly pulled her closer, and she jammed into his body. A loud gasp escaped her mouth, as this proximity had always erupted goose bumps on her skin. His eyes dug her soul as his gaze turned into an angry murderous one. Whenever these bitter words escaped her mouth an unknown pain engulfed in his heart, as something broke into pieces, all he knew was that he just couldn't bare this pain. She shivered seeing his tightened jaw and the strong look in his eyes, as he decreased the distance between them. With a challenging tone and a killing angry expression he said, letting his heavy and hot breathes created havoc in her body, "Really? Then say it again". She shuddered in response, as this intimacy had already made her body revolt her, the touch and feel of his body made her loose all her senses, he always had this strong, shocking effect on her and she felt like a helpless needy vulnerable woman in front of him. He smirked as he jerked her body up to his level, as he tilted his head down, his eyes still burning her up. "Come, on Shilpa, say it once again." He said with a straight expression. She gulped, as she tried her best not to lose control, as her breathing increased terribly, and those ecstatic feeling groaned in the pit of her stomach. She stammered and choked, as she wasn't able to take those words again out of her mouth. With all the courage she could muster up she said in a low whisper, "I I hate you Armaan". He jerked her more closer as he pushed her weight up to his level, as her face tilted flat and his eyes dug into her soft ones. He brought his face closer to her leaving just a cm distance between their lips, keeping them away from touching each other. Her lips puckered feeling the dark outline of his lips so near. She looked up as she saw challenge, determination, passion and anger in his eyes. But there was something else too, something so so strong. A feeling that had always pulled her towards him. He pressed her soft bosoms into his chest as he himself turned wild with this intimate contact. "Say it again" he whispered digging his face into hers, as their foreheads touched, and noses took in each others softness sending shivers down their bodies. She shuddered badly, as she tried to remain calm, but her erratic heartbeat and the violent reactions taking place in her body made it too difficult for her to control her out bursting emotions. She again tried to say with all courage she had, "I I" her breathing as heavier and fast as anything, as he slightly touched his lips with hers, and rubbed them slowly. "Come on, you what?" he whispered, against her lips making small movements over them, as his breathes caressed them making her shiver and her lips puckered in response. She finally closed her eyes, not able to control herself anymore; her strength finally broke as this moment she was completely under his control. He smiled as he placed his lips upon hers, slowly, as he kissed her softly and slowly, letting this sweet poison affect her. Giving her a full mouth short kiss he backed off, leaving her weary and in need. "Tomorrow morning, 8 a.m sharp meet me downstairs, we are going to go together." He said with a straight and stern expression. She jerk opened her eyes, as she was brought back to reality, cursing herself for the umpteenth time she mustered all her courage and said with gritted teeth and rising anger, " Fine Armaan, you want to play this this way than this way it is. If you think you can win me by doing all this than youre wrong. I will not let you win Mr. Malik, not so easily. I wont loose this time, you will never be able to win this bet, never." She finshed with determination. This was it! She wont let him use her so easily, not at all. Now she was determined to fight, for herself! He smirked as he came closer looking deep into her angry eyes he spoke with equal confidence, "We shall see." She replied with the same tone, staring at him "Yes we shall."




"What???????" Rahul Atul are you kidding or what, youre here in Mumbai, what the hell are you both out of your minds?" a shocked and flabbergasted angry armaan burst on the phone.

"Chill bhai, actually we um ya we were missing you so much so we thought of coming here and surprise you, if we would have told you, you would never have allowed us so we hid it from you, sorry" a frightened Rahul spoke.

"RIGHTT! Meet me and im killing you both with my bare hands, where are you two idiots?" he spoke still not believing they were here.

"Um who downstairs" Rahul sheepishly spoke.

"What?" Armaan literally shouted as one after another shock fell on him.

"Um Wo Sid picked us up, we had told him so he had just joined in and told us that he would be picking us up and we will be living with um him."

Armaan immediately cut the call as he threw his cell on the bed in utter disbelief and ran downstairs. Rahul and Atul didn't wanted to tell Armaan about Anjali so soon, not because they wanted to hide it from him, but because these feelings had always hurted Armaan like anything, they wanted him to stay away from this as much as possible also because they knew he couldn't see his brothers in pain, and anjali wouldn't agree so easily this was one thing they were very sure about.

"Heyy" Shilpa came forward as she greeted them cheerfully and with a beautiful smile plastered on her face. Atul and Rahul at once developed a liking for her as she seemed nothing but a sweet angel to them.

"UM Heyy, Shilpa right?" Rahul extended his hand forward as he smiled back. Shaking hands with him, she said smiling "Um Ya, and you must be Rahul, and you Atul."

"Ya, almost dead Rahul and to be dead Atul" Rahul said grinning to which she gave him a quizzical look. Atul smiled as he softly replied, "Um actually bhai is just going to kill us both, right here." Shilpa smiled at their flushed scared faces as she tried to reduce their fear, "Really, no he wont do that. He loves you both, whenever Sid talked about you both there was always a glint in his eyes as he always missed you both terribly." It was true Armaan loved and missed them a lot, it was always so clear on his face, and shilpa just couldn't help but admire this fact about him. "We know bhai loves us too much" Atul said admiring the bond between all of them. "So you haven't seen the gabbar type side of bhai?" Rahul said amusingly. Her face changed color as she remembered his anger. "Um. Nai, um he is a good man" she said, she knew he was a good man, a really nice one. He always hid his real self by putting that ruthless mask on but she had figured out that how good, caring and sweet he was.

"Atul Rahul im going to kill you both" Armaan came running down the stairs, rushing towards them

"OH shit! Bhai, omg shilpa please save us" Rahul turned shilpa as he hid behind her.

"Um Rahul kya karahe ho?" shilpa asked all confused.

"Shilpa please please bhai maardelenge yaar" she chukled at this as atul also came behind her.

Armaan came forward as he stood in front of her, seeing his brothers hiding behind her he looked at a confused, yet smiling shilpa.

"Shilpa hato saamne se" he said with a challenging straight look.

"Um haan" she tried to mive but both of them held her more tightly. "Um wo Armaan, tumne kya jangli pane ka theka liya hua hai?" she asked smling. Atul and Rahul laughed at this but stiffened their laughs as they saw his angry expression.

"Main tumhe jangli lagta hoon?" he asked shocked

"Aur Kya, tum na jungle se aaye huye jaanwar lagte ho, har waqt sab ke peeche pare rehte ho, aur koi kaam nai hai?" she asked startled at the mischief coming out of her as she didn't feel scared of him. He looked at this totally different side of her, as he couldn't comprehend what brought this change whereas Rahul and Atul enjoyed this little cute fight trying their best to suppress their laughs.

"Main jungle se aaya hoon?" he asked dumfounded.

"Nai jungle kelog bhi tum se better hote hain, tumna tum na tum toh sabse bure ho. Jungle Armaan Malik, apne bechaare bhaiyon ko bhi nai chhorte" she said with a sly, expression. He knew she was doing it deliberately as he could see the mischief in her eyes, so he decided to play along. He smirked as he suddenly changed his expressions into a naughty, cool one. She looked at him alert as she knew something was cooking in his mind. She moved backwards confusing atul and rahul both who moved aside. Armaan stepped forward, as she moved back fast fearfully. "Tum tum kya karrahe ho?" she asked stammering a little. "Tumhe kya lagta hai shilpa, main to bas tumhe apna jungle pana dikharaha hoon." He smiled widely as he stepped forward, more quicker. Moving back she lost her balance as she fell down on the sofa with him on the top as he tried to save her. They landed doen with his hand firmly wrapped around her waist as he pressed down upon her, there eyes locked deeply into each others, lost in a different beautiful world. He stared at her losing himself into her deep, crystal forest green mesmerizing eyes, that he forgot to breathe even. Atul and Rahul stared at them, as they went through a big shock. Was this really happening? Was there something between Armaan and Shilpa? They closely studied the expressions on his face as it was clearly written how madly he was in love with, her with just the way he was so intensely and passionately staring at her, even ant fool could tell. Rahul nudged Atul , as both of them were more than happy and elated at this, there was a time when they had even lost hope of their brother ever falling in love. They had all together faced those difficult bitter moments of their lives which had turned armaan into a machine, who was a replica of humans, but there was just one difference that he no more had a heart. Whatever had happened this change in their brother was inevitable, but they just couldn't see him like that, it killed them from inside. When Riddhima had come into his life they had thought he would be happy again but they knew it was all done for business and profit, he never loved her; he had always run away from love. Today seeing him with Shilpa gave them new hopes, as they could clearly see their hard brother finally turning soft as they could see her effect on him. They thanked god for a million times as they jumped with happiness in their hearts.

She broke the eyelock as she realized what position they were in, bringing him back to earth as he stood up, feeling awkward himself. Why did she have such a strong and killing effect on him? He always asked himself confused and startled. She adjusted her dupatta properly as she looked down nervously. Suddenly armaan remembered that he was angry with Atul and Rahul as he saw them standing in a corner smiling to their selves. "You two, I will kill you both" he pointed a finger at them as he ran after them as both of them dispersed in different directions, and Armaan followed Atul.


Running fast Rahul bumped into someone as both of them lost their balance and hit the floor, with him above holding her by her waist. He was about to get up, when her curly hair blew and moved aside and her light brown butter Scottish deep eyes came in contact with his hazel ones. The moment he saw her he fell in love! He stared at her, mesmerized beyond limits, as her beautiful eyes and innocent dace made him skip beats. He lost himself in her beauty as she stared back, equally lost in him. He forgot to breathe as the touch of her skin made him shiver in response, he had never seen such innocent beauty anywhere. She broke the eyelock as she felt goose bumps erupt on her skin. She couldn't help but admire his handsomeness.

"OMG, Muskaan Rahul tum donon theek hona" Shilpa came running breaking their intense moment as both of them stood up, looking at her feeling awkward.

"Um haan" muskaan said

"Hey muskaan, um sorry yeh to paagal hai, tumhe chot to nai lagi?" Armaan came forward.

"Um nai" she sweetly replied. Shilpa stood nervous again as he came and stood with her, his bare arm rubbing against her soft skin. Even a little intimacy with him drove her crazy. He smiled as he looked at her shivering, coming forward he deliberately rubbed his hand with hers, as she gasped shuddering badly. "I knew it!" Muskaan blurted out instantly as she bit her tongue after it.

"Knew what Muskaan?" Armaan asked curiously

"Um Um kuch nai" she said stammering and confused.

"Um main sab ke liye nashta banati hoon, sab fresh hojaao" Shilpa quickly spoke as she wanted to go away, from him and ran in the kitchen. Armaan smiled widely as he spoke, "Um mujhe kuch kaam hai main abhi aata hoon" as he followed her to the kitchen.

"Bhai ko kya kaam hosakta hai." Atul came from back

"Wohi jo Shilpa ko hoga, KITCHEN MEIN" Rahul spoke smiling and stressing on the last word.

"OMG tum donon ko bhi pata hai?" muskaan spoke shocked

"Kya?" Atul asked confused

"Yehi ke armaan aur shilpa ke beech mein kuch to hai" muskaan said.

"Kuch, ye kuch nai pyaar hai, kisi bhi andhe ko tak nazar aajaaye' Rahul said looking at her dreamily. She tried to avoid is killing gaze and said, "Mujhe us din restruant mein hi shak hogaya tha, I knew it nd abhi jab armaan uske kareeb aaya. Shilpa aur armaan ek doosre se pyaar karne lage hain, but un dono ko hi nai pata, such dumbos" she replied.

"I agree, thankgod hum Mumbai aaagaye warna itni roking lovestory miss kardete" Rahul said inwardly thanking god also for bringing Muskaan in his life.

"Par shilpa to Sid ki fianc hai, or wo armaan, wo kabhi armaan ki nai hogi." Muskaan spoke worriedly. She had noticed this love, this unusual closeness between Armaan and Shilpa that day in the restruant, and since that day all she was thinking was about armaan and shilpa. She knew there was something between them, heck! It was so visible, the way their eyes spoke to each other. The way they were so hurt and shocked to know about each other's fianc. She had needed no more proof after todays little interaction between them, but now she was worried for shilpa, she would never accept her love for armaan even if she would realize it.

"humein Sid ne bataaya tha that they re engaged, but seeing bhai and shilpa together, I don't wanna be rude but its so clear that shilpa has feelings for bhai and theres no way that im going to let bhai get hurt again, not at all." Atul spoke with a firmness. He was not ready to let his brother suffer again.

"Shilpa aur Armaan bhai ek doosre se pyaarkarte hain, ab to humein hi kuch karna parega" Rahul smiled widely as he looked towards atul, who smiled back.


Everything was falling in place. It was all happening as if God had sent them here. It was all planned, God had planned it all, and now he was just making everything fall into place. Shilpa and Armaan were meant to be, and there was no one who could change this fact no one at all.




"Shilpa tumhaari kya lagti hai, tum kis haq se hummare beech me aarahe ho?" a badly injured and wounded vivek asked, as armaan had not left a single bone of his body proper. Armaan picked him up from his collars, as his eyes were bloodshot red, as the rage inside them overflowed, as he punched his face harder than ever. "Shilpa mera sab kuch hai, who mera junoon hai, meri zindagi hai, usko kabhi chhoone ki koshish bhi mat karna warna main tumhe aisi dardnaak, buri zindagi doonga ke tum maut ke liye tarsoge. Aainda uske kareeb aane ka sochna bhi mat" A outrageous Armaan shouted his lungs out as he left him, and Vivek fell on the floor, with his body half covered with blood.


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awesome part!
finally armaan realises his feelings for shilpa but i hope he soon realises he loves her
i love shilpa confidence of not lettin armaan tke over her
lol i love the little armaan atul n rahul fight LOL
yayyy rahul muskaan n atul r gona bring them two together
i hope they succeed
loved the promo!
armaan beats up vivek i wonder wot he tried to do to shilpa
cant wait to see shilpa reactions to armaans words
continue soon x

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Nice part.Clap

update soon.

Thanks for PM.Smile

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YAYYYYYYY!! now atul, rahul and muskaan will help...Dancing

haye i love dis confession part ..Embarrassed lovely part..thanks for PMSmile

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