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FF-5-REMORSES- THREAD 5 (part 54 page 140) (Page 20)

FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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part 45
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport
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sympathy or there was any love... That love she had for him... It have long disappeared! Something that could never come back.... He could never expect that to be back in any phase. Not even after life! Never.... Geet sat in front of the karasene stove & started to cook.... Maan walks in...
Geet- drinking water is there... She points at the corner!
Maan didn't like her attitude towards him. The way she act like nothing have happen! The way she was showing her cold self yet caring! He didn't like it... He stood there! Observing her for awhile! She didn't speak or maan! He wasn't sure what exactly to do! He have stopped him self to touch... To feel her... To love her back... To talk to her! To.... Everything! He have stopped him self completely! It was hurting! Beyond his imagination! Staying way is more painful then staying close to her... Maan stood there.... The old thought jut started to answer his restless heart!
Geet- food is ready! Geet stands up & was about to leave when maan blocks her way... Both looked at one another for while. Spec less.... There was nothing to say! Or nothing to here!...
Geet- yes!
Maan nodes for a no! He have lost his word soon as his eye fell on her... What to say? Are there any words? Are there anything? Only thing he could do is stair!... Stair at her without any reason! Without any question...!... She shook her head for a answer......

I shook my head for a answer! His face looked blank! I was confused! Not able to read exactly what he was trying to say! Not exactly sure what he wants to say! Not exactly sure... What he is thinking about me bringing him here! His old house! I hope he is not taking everything in a wrong way!... Only Allah knows what I will do after he is long gone! He didn't reply to me! No answer! What does this mean? Why he have stopped me? I nudged again! He still failed to answer me back... I excused my self out.... I went to the jungle for a walk...
It seemed like his presence started to ease me.... Just because of the house! I sat by the stream! Watching the flow of the water... & his house from far! The light was back! he must have fixed the electricity... I smiled. He amused me! Weird! I thought! Wasn't he is the guy who insulted me 24 hours since the day of that weird marriage! Hmm! & specially after his parents passed way! What am I saying? He insulted... Abused me way before then! Just because I was poor! Facing poverty! We had no money! His family looked after us.... & yet they were just lucky that somehow pappa was clever enough to become huge successful business man! I looked at the near by fish... Swimming freely... Swimming happily... & there was duck with few duckling.... I sadly smiled.... How lucky is that duck! I laughed at my own little joke!... Joke! That's what my life is at the moment! A big joke.... Hardly any point of escape! Hardly any reason to escape.... Just a joke! Tears rolled down my eyes.... What a rubbish thought! I ignored! I slowly stood up & started to walk my way back. It's been 5 hours since I have been absent! Are there any one to care? She thought! Why she was thinking about caring? Where did this thought even came from? I was confused! I slowly made my way in... He came across the room & hugged me tight! Like his world was gone! I stood there frozen as he engulfed me in his arm!.... Not ever letting me go! Not even for once!
Maan- where were you? Do you know how worried I was? Do you have any idea! I was wondering round the whole jungle!.... I looked at him blankly! He did look very worried! Extremely worried! Why?
Geet- why?

Maan looked at her blank! Why? What does she mean by why? She was missing for past 5 hours! Then where did that why came from?
Maan- you were not here for past 5 hours!
Geet- I used to see you once every 5!8 months even after a year! I never seen you that worried before! Why are you worried now?
Maan- because!
Geet ignored! Didn't even bothered to listen to his foul words!
Maan- Tum mujce ignore ku karrahi ho?
Geet- what do you mean?
Maan- why you behaving normal?
Geet looked at him! Confused! She wasn't sure exactly what he meant! She wanted to ask! But... What to ask? This was there normal life! Full of silence! Agony! Torment! Hatred! Remorses! There are nothing that he or she could look out for! This was not going anywhere! To be precise! He was making everything more complicated!
Maan comes close! Cupping her face... His touch still never gave her shiver! Nor she felt special! There was nothing special between them... Nothing!
Maan- Why you are not angry at me? Why you are not Screaming? I want you to shout.. Kill me with your words... He helds her hand... Torture me! ...he hides his face in between there hand!
Geet looks at food! He still haven't eaten anything... Nothing....
Geet- did you eat your dinner? Maan nodes for a no! Geet wanted to answer him back.... But her answer will break him further. It's best to keep quit!....
Geet warmed all the food & feed him......

Next morning... Khurana house....

Savetri & Anvisha sat in the living room... Dev walks in.
Dev- I won't leave that bustard.
Ani- no point of talking now when he is not here! Talk when he is!
Dev- where is he? I can't even enter the office!
Savetri- just wait. He & that bitch is in HP! Go there! & do what ever you want with that b**** but I want her out of maans life!
Dev- that little b****! ... Anvisha leaves...
Savtri- make her pregnant again! But not with maans child! With yours! She smiles. Dev looked hungry for her body... & having permission from his own Dadi... Like he cared ever! If he gets his hands on her... She won't be able to wake the next morning! I will make sure of that! He smirks.
Savetri- then we will strt the game!
Dev- do remember to kill the child along with her!
Both smiles....

Maan have brought jeep from the main khurana house. Geet wanted to do some shopping. Food shopping... She still never smiled or looked at maan. Not even a single look... Maan glanced at her now & then but Geet never given a dam care... He parks the car....
Maan felt helpless. What she was doing exactly to ease his pain! She barely spoke! Barely looked one another... & he didn't make love! Over a week now.... But Still he felt happy somewhere! Her cold attitude was the same... But somewhere in get cold attitude he started to find love!
Geet- 1 kilo motor de na! She spoke to the shop keeper. ... Maan looked at the shopkeeper. Lucky shop keeper he thought. At least she is talking to him!
Maan- I want bringle!
Geet ignored as he try to start a conversation.
Geet- r brindle de na!
Maan felt sad & more helpless. What's the point of starting a conversation? But he tried again... Even knowing Geet will ignore him completely.
Maan- I want chicken!
Geet walked to the meat Market & brought some chicken!
Maan- I want beef as well!.... Geet brought some beef.
Maan- potato! I want potato with both dishes. ... Geet brought some potato.
Maan- lentils! Are there any lentils at home?... Geet brought some lentals.
Maan- I want bean & cauliflower along with carrot. Geet brought everything. She still didn't spoke to him. Maan puts his all shopping at the back of his jeep while Geet settles her self next to driver seat. Still refuge to look at maan or talk! Maan looked confused... Her behavior was just giving him mixed feeling which only irritated him further.

Next-  Part 46

do leave comments'. :D
thanks for all the love & support... sox for latness....
but i am very busy...Cry


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awesome part.....
and this dadi....argh..Angry..wanna kill her right now.....haiiiii what the hell she told Dev to doAngry
she is the scum of earth.....doesn't deserve to live.Angryand it seems like ye Dev nahi sudheregaaa.......maan will defo kill him now if he comes near geet now.

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i was eagerly waiting for the part...
but now i read the part...
the update was very nice...

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Luved the update...but wht a shameless family of ShockedShocked n dadi....shameless creaturess...hope no harm comes to geet n  a BIG NO NO FOR DEV'S PLAN n no harm to long will maaneet be lyk this...ConfusedOuch..continue soon..!!


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finally.......u hav updated....Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig it yaar....plzz update soon....hate that b.****  dev.......AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

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Awesome update....
Geet pregnant again yayy
But with maans child! No devs
Plz update soon x

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nice part waitingg for the next 1

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awesome update
loved it
waiting to read more
cant guess whats in store 4 us...
plz update soon

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