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FF-5-REMORSES- THREAD 5 (part 54 page 140)

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Geet Maan Sing Khurana

A poem by Geet

Led by the whispers

of the beautifully in tune

under the spell of 

your love and the moon.

Yet in the shadows hid

deceit on your side

traveling the world

and many oceans wide.

You were very intent on

tearing me apart

leading me to love you

than shattering my heart.

Yet your plan fell apart

as what you wanted most

was me to fade away

with heartache as my host.

Yes, it hurt me deeply

but in seeing the real you

I saw that your love was fake

and my heart knew what to do.

It walked away from all

that had led me there

for your supposed love

was far to hard to bear.

Maan Sing Khurana

Author: Joanna

A Poem By Maan...

We were so young, so carefree

We had the world on a string

But we didn't yet know

what the next day would bring

Will I be forced

to grow up too fast?

We've got to take it back,

but we can't change the past

I had so much potential,

that's what they'll say

How could one moment

change my life this way?

How were we to know

that one little mistake

would come back to haunt me

with every breath I take?


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part 44
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport
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He wanted to express his heart out! He wanted to shout his pain out..... But instead... Tears rolled down his eyes.... He kissed geets cheek..... Hiding his face in between her neck! He couldn't even whisper... How his deed was tormenting him! How every word that ever came out of his mouth hearted him! How everything in his life was mistake. Maan wanted to Geet spine round & hug him tight to ease the pain! To kill this pain! But she didn't! She didn't love him back or tried to console! But having geet in his arm was enough to ease this pain.... She sleeping peacefully under his arm! That was enough!.....

I slowly opened my eyes. Only to find geets beautiful face. Her soft breath fanning my chest. My heart felt heavy. My world seems to die way. The last bit of light that was left it seems to disappear. It petrified me. I was scared. I was terrified. The fear started to slowly yet smoothly.... Very carefully started to take over my mind. The fear... I Brought Geet more close. Like someone is just about to steal her way. Someone was just about kill my last bit of hope. Flawless tears rolled down my eyes. I held Geet tighter. Waking her up. She looked at me curiously. Was I terrifying her with my fear? Was I.... Then suddenly  she spoke to me....
Geet- you have high fever!.... She sounded worried! How couldn't I feel the temperature?
Geet- hi alla! .... She covered me up with another duvet! She quickly gets up closing all the windows & the door that lead to the river! It was a Rainey day! Lucky the roof was all good in our room! We could here the howling sound... Geet felt a thut... She went out & came back after 20 minute with warm water... She made my head rest on her lap.... It was so soothing.... I loved it.... Like wish I could froze this time. Her touch... Her touch was so special.... It could take any illness way!! I could barely feel anything other then her touch. She gave me some medicine & was about to leave when I held her hand tight. I couldn't let her go from my sight! This probably was the last breath I took. I wanted to be with her! I wanted to be close to her!... She some reason hugged me tight.
Geet- you need the warmth! You are shivering! ...... I was shivering? Why couldn't I feel the shiver! I didn't feel anything except her warm body! I hugged her tighter and tighter.... I could feel her warm stomach against my... The heat from her body started to make me drowsy.... I couldn't explain how soothing it was!... I started to hide my self on her chest.... While her hand snaked round my neck & hair....I haven't spoken since yesterday! Properly! I couldn't! I just wanted to cry my heart out to her.... & this tears wasn't stopping.....

Geet felt the wetness on her chest! He was crying! This wetness will make him more I'll... She removes him & makes him rest on the pillow.... Maan holds her by waist!
Maan- don't go! Please! Geet couldn't say much! Nor she wanted to!
Geet- I need to change!
Maan nodes & frees her! She didn't want to open the door to let the cold air in! It took her long enough to make the room warm! She gets change! She looks once at maan! Who understand instantly. He turns round.... Somewhere Geet felt safe! Somewhere... She trusted him with his word.....she changed & came back next maan again... Facing her back towards him & he hugs her.... Still crying.....
Geet- why are you crying?
Maan- why you didn't kill me? Why you didn't stop me? Why you didn't run way? I am a monster! I no worthy of you! I never was! Why you loved me selflessly! Why did you let me killed my own child? I killed my own child! He cried! I killed my own child! I....

Maan fainted with the high fever! He could barely speak anymore! Geet spines round instantly as his whole body suddenly relaxed on her...Geet pats his cheek for reaction.... Nothing!
Geet- maan! Maan! Maan... Utto! She pats his cheek gently! Maybe it was bs idea to bring him here she thought. Geet sits up instantly & started to rube his hand & feet. His body was burning with high fever!! She covered him with cloths! Hopping his body will sweat to cool him down! Luckily it did....
The whole day was only getting darker! The howling wind was no where near stopping! While the rain bashed started to bash against the roof! Making thumping noise non stop.... Geet hugged maan tight to even give her body warmth..... After hours maan regained his sense... Only to find cuddled up in geets arm... Was he dreaming? was he dead? Was this haven?............ But how could it be? He is a Monster..... he deserve no haven! He deserves no hell! He deserve something beyond hell.... Something beyond those molten lava where it could burn him slowly. Torture him to death... Kill him to pieces. Tear him apart....... He holds Geet tighter.... Making her realize he is wake..... Geet brushes his hair back, comforting him. She could clearly see he was uncomfortable.... His fever was just going down....

Both staid in the bed whole day... Geet made some soup for him to drink... He clearly refuged but she forced him.....

Next day... The storm have passed... There was no sign of single rain drop as the bright sunshine took the day over.... Geet felt empty on maans sighed. She sat up instantly... Then hard some noise outside! She peeped.... He was cutting something! It wasn't good for his health! But geet had no intention to stop him at all.... She went round the stream side to have shower....

I took my frustration out in the helpless wood! I chopped in to pice by pice! Even smaller.... My anger... Agony... The hatred towards my self wasn't easing! & I expected Geet to melt? I expected geet to forgive me! I knew well I was repeating... The same thought playing in my mind! I couldn't understand exactly why I couldn't find the answer! But mere thought of Geet forgiving me anywhere... It wasn't convincing! I my self don't want to forgive! & I don't want her to either! I want her to torture me! Kill me with her words.... Hit me... Kill me.... Because I know I couldn't.... It will only hurt her more... It will only give her pain... I want her to take all the anger... Everything.... He cried...

He chops one wood after another.... Barely could control... Geet walks out- breakfast is ready! & you have to start working on that roof! It won't survive another storm! Geet points at the roof... Maan didn't listen.... He only starred at Geet. ....
Geet- last time I remember pappa fixed it! You didn't even contribute!......... She looks at him with deep eyes..... & slowly whispers- you have to do it by your self now! Maan walks towards her.....
Geet- the bridge need to be fixed as well... & the door. You have to make a door!
Maan looks at her... But annoyed! He was in pain enough & here she is giving him order after another! Why she is not angry? Was this the way to take her anger out on me?
Maan nodes...
Geet- & the kitchen as well!
Maan nodes- why don't you say whole house need to be fixed!
Geet- umm! She looks at the whole house... Point of breaking!
Geet- yes!

She walks of... Maan to the nearest forest!...
Geet comes back home round about 3pm with all the shopping! She made call at khuranas that they will be off for months! & told Adi to call if anything serious happens!
Maan have fixed the whole roof... He was working on the door now! She was impressed! He is quick! She knew well that how well he could fix something... Just back in old days he was too lazy! Very lazy! Geet walks in....
Maan- I have fixed the roof!
Geet- hmm! Let me see!
Geet tried to distract his thought way from her child! Because she knew well what he is capable of once he starts hurting him self!
 She had no sympathy or there was any love... That love she had for him... It have long disappeared! Something that could never come back.... He could never expect that to be back in any phase. Not even after life! Never.... Geet sat in front of the karasene stove & started to cook.... Maan walks in...
Geet- drinking water is there... She points at the corner!
Maan didn't like her..............

Next- didn't like her what?
do leave comments'. :D
thanks for all the love & support... sox for latness....
but i am very busy...Cry


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WOOOHHHOOO I"M FIRST  & that too for the very first time Dancing
congrats on the new thread....
well i must admit i LOVED the update.. although geet claims she has no love or sympathy towards maan, but i still have a small ray of hope that soon maan will bring that feeling back ,,,

but the last bit i was kinda confused.. he didnt like her ?? is that because she made him work so much LOL...
cant wait to read more
Big smile

P.S please update Aroma.. i really adore that ff

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cong on new tread
hope geet forgive maan now

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another wonderful part..........loved it!!!

liking new geet..............but maan he needs to work really hard!!!

gr8 update!!! 

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wen will they patch seems geet is no where near forgiving.....both r undergoin so much of pain......poor maan.......

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Congrats on yr new thread.
awsome update,
do continue plz

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awesome update asusual..
waiting to read more..
all d best for ur exams

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