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MN: One stubborn meets another.... (Page 3)

-Samira- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 August 2008
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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
verry interesting concept
allready in love mayur
do update soon n thanks for the pm

DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
Wao Con grates on new Ff
Great start 
Mayr relationship is so funny
waiting for next part 
Thanks for Pm
cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged
oh ria loving it already.....Tongue
.PINK. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
hey congrtzz on new FF na
loved the title n CS n part 1
n Mayur too cutee na
do continue soon
n plezzz do add me in ur pm list
thanks :)
arpsin Groupbie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
great start...amazing concept...:)
continue soon...:)
dbr_kmichi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged
nice one...continue soon
lopli Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Thank all of you for commenting on this FF your comments do encourage me to write. Please do tell me if i need to improve anything in my writing, i will appreciate as it said criticism helps make things more better.
Also All the best to all you who are having exams! SmileThumbs Up

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lopli Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 9:35pm | IP Logged

Hi guys let me warn you this part is a little boring, i promise that i will end the break marriage concept by next part, because i want to focus on mayur, and they will start getting closer during Sam and Gunjan's wedding! Yes Sam and Gun will be getting married.

Chapter 2: Think alike

Nups, Dia, Gun, Suhani were all in gunjan's room sitting on her bed it was 5 in the evening.

Suhani (getting up): "Okay guys I think I should got now, before Samrat bhai starts looking for me".

Gun: "Okay thanks suhani for supporting".

Suhani: "Oh come one Gun, this is not for you but for me, I need a special nice babhi and you are the one".

Nups: "That's right bye suhani". Suhani left.

Nups: "I think I should go now to". Gun got hold of nups hand an stopped her.

Gun: "please Nups don't go just live here with me for the next two weeks, please".

Nups: "Uh but Gunjan how can I?"

Dia: "it's not a bad idea that way we can support gunjan and also make the plan, I am living here anyways cause my house is getting fixed, come on nups and this will also save you from your parents marriage issue". Nups gave it a thought.

Nups: "I can't deal with your brother for two minutes and living with him in the same house that will be difficult".

Gun; "Oh come one nups not that hard, bro is mostly at work, he is not that bad".

Nups: "yah he is not that bad but the'. (she looked at nups and dia's pleading faces and smiled) Okay fine but don't expect me to get along with your bro (directing towards gun). All three of them shared a hug.

Dia: "okay so now what is the plan, how are we going to break this wedding".

Nups: "First of all we need to find a way have Samrat and Gunjan talk and sort their differences, and tomorrow is the roka that the perfect occasion for the reunion".

Dia: "Not a bad idea".

Gun(smiling): "thank you so much, you can't realize how lucky I feel to have you two".

Nups: "You should".

~It was almost 11 in the night nups was in no mood to sleep, while dia and gun were deep in their sleeps. Nups went to the living room and started exploring Gunjan's DVD collection, she found veer zara and put it on and made herself popcorns. She was thirty minutes into the movie when the doorbell rang. At first she thought who could it be so late in night, because Gunjan's parents were at the Shreya's house helping out with the wedding, then she realized that the only person missing from the house was mayank. She thought of ignoring the doorbell and keeping mayank out, but the keeping ringing of the bell was really disturbing her, she got and opened the door, there was no one, suddenly mayank popped up screaming.

Mayank: (loud) "caught you". Nups moved back holding her heart, scared.

Nups: "what the hec is wrong with you moron?" Nups exclaimed. Mayank stepped in the house and looked at nups who was in her pink silk night suit.

Mayank: "what are you still doing here?" Mayank said irritatedly, as his plan of scaring Gun was unsuccessful because of nups.

Nups: "First of all that is not the question you ask your guests, learn some manners, I give free courses".

Mayank: "Well that's the last thing I need to learn from you".

Nups: "whatever, I don't have time to waste on you".

Mayank: "neither do I". Mayank walks towards the kitchen, while nups walks to the couch and settles down, un pauses her movie. After few minutes also come is the living room holding a plate of sandwich and sits on the other corner of the couch. Nups was to interest in the movie to care about it. The scene where veer comes to meet Zara was playing, nups had tears in her eyes.

Mayank: "this is all just crap". Nups looks at mayank.

Nups: "what's crap".

Mayank: "that  (point towards the TV) I mean come on love doesn't happen like that we live in the world of selfishness, no one cares about anyone to this extent they show in movies".

Nups: "I disagree, most of the time this doesn't happen because no one has the patience to wait for their special one".

Mayank: "Special one???".

Nups: "yah I believe that there is a special one made for everyone you just need to wait, many people take love as a compromise or gain or loss concept, which really pisses me off".

Mayank: "So what do you think about love?" This was the first time they were having a real convo with mocking each other.

Nups: "I believe that love is unconditional, you should just love the person without expecting anything in return, because if your love is true, you will get it".

Mayank: "Oh so you are still waiting for your special one?".

Nups: "hmm yah I guess". (nups said yawning) "okay you can watch the movie I am tired I am going to go sleep". Nups got of the sofa and went into Gunjan's room. Mayank watched her go, it was the first time that nups thoughts were similar to those of mayank's, he smiled and went to his own room, thinking about his special one and who will it be.  

~Nups, Dia, Gunjan  entered Karthik's hotel, where the wedding ceremonies were being held. It was shreya's dad hotel and he had booked it for the wedding giving each guest his or her own private room. As the three came to the reception hall they were greeted by Gunjan's extended family and so by Samrat's family. Yes this was another tradition developed by the Karthik's that both the bride and groom's family would stay in the same big hotel, half side will be bride's family other groom's. Nups, gunjan went to Gunjan's mom Shilpa Sharma and Massi (shreya's mom).

Shilpa (upon seeing Gunjan): "Hi beta where have you been why did you come so late".

Gunjan: "sorry ma I woke up late, and I was waiting for them to get ready" Pointing towards Nups and dia.

Nups: "help aunty how are you". Hugging shilpa.

Shilpa: "I am fina beta you say, koi shaadi ka plan bana ki nahi?".

Nups: "oh come one aunty app toh meri mom ki tarah shaadi ki baat mat karo".

Shilpa: "beta kabhi na kabhi toh karni padegi".

Nups: "I know majburi hai". Shilpa smiled at nups, she greeted dia with same affection.

Shreya's mom: "Hello gunjan beta tu ab aa rahi hai".

Gunjan: "I am really sorry massi, anyways meet my friends Nupur and Dia, hope you don't mind me inviting them".

Shreya's mom: "of course not, they are like a family". Just then shreya came from behind wearing her facial mask, she looked at nups and dia and snickered.

Shreya: "What are these two doing here". Directing towards nups and dia, you could certainly that she wasn't very happy to see them. They always had issues with each other since the college days.

Shreya's mom: 'Shreya beta is that how you treat guests". She sounded stern.

Shreya: "oh please mom these two are the last people I will invite as guests".

Shreya's mom: "Shreya don't cross you limits, they are your cousin Gunjan's guest, better treat them properly". Saying that she left.

Shreya: "Listen you Two (pointing towards Nups and dia) I don't care why you two are here, but get thing one straight I don't want my wedding spoiled this very special to me, so a warning for you STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY PROPERTY, I f I find either of you near my room, or anything I will seriously'." Before she could complete her sentence, Samrat came up to them.

Sam: "OMG what are you guys doing here I thought you were on vacation".

Nups: "we were, but we came back knowing you were getting married". Sam winced at Nups remark, as he understood the underlying meaning.

Dia: "And you completely forgot to invite us".

Sam: "there is nothing like that guy, all of this just happened so suddenly that I didn't get a chance".

Nups: "excuses excuses, you are always good at them".

~Nups and dia had settled into their room, and were thinking of plan on how to reunite Samrat and Gunjan.

Dia: "How about we tell their parents?".

Nups: "great idea and their parents will easily say okay so you want Gunjan and Sam's wedding why not".

Dia: "you got any better idea, I mean come on for the past four hours we have been trying to get Samrat to talk with Gunjan not really happening".

Nups: "I know" (nups said flopping on the bed).

Dia: "Idea, okay I am going to call and Samrat and Gunjan in the same room then lock them, then they will have to communicate".

Nups: "great idea, okay then you take care of that I will go take a shower and get ready". Nups said moving towards the shower.

Dia: "oh hello, you have to stop shreya from getting ready, because engagement is about to start in half an hour and we need to stop it".

Nups: "what do want me to do, huh steal her dress".

Dia (smiled wickedly) : "Not a bad idea".

Nups: "oh come one dia be practical you seriously think that Shreya will stop the engagement for the dress".

Dia: "as far as I know her she probably will".

Nups: "Fine I will try what about after that".

Dia: "After what, listen after Sam and gun sort their difference they will stop the engagement". Nups and dia smile. Dia leaves, nups goes into the shower.

~Nups comes out wearing a nice purple suit, her hair wet from the shower. She goes by the dressing table, then she feels something thrown on her face, she looks at it, it was a shirt, she turns around and sees a guys whose back was to her he was about to take of his undershirt, when he turned around. Looking at nups they both screamed.

Nups: "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAAAAAAAAAAAA". She puts both of her hands on her eyes, still screaming. Mayank corners her to the wall and shoves his handkerchief in her mouth. Nups opens her eyes feeling a cloth in her mouth.she pushes mayank.

Nups: "are you crazy, why did you shove that disgusting thing of your in my mouth".

Mayank: "To shut you up you scream like hec".

Nups: "What do expect a girl to do when you are taking his clothes in front of her eyes jerk".

Mayank (smiles naughtily): "Oh so that screaming was for telling me how hot I am".

Nups: "Dude seriously, you have many misinterpretations about yourself".

Mayank: "what are you doing here in this room".

Nups: "Oh hello this is my room and you are asking me?".

Mayank: "What this is you room, oh no you are invited in the wedding like dealing with you once in a while isn't enough".

Nups: "It's okay I have the mutual feeling for you too, now please get out".

Mayank: "Fine give me my shirt". He point that was in nups hand, nups smiles she goes in the bath room and come out after a minute. She hands mayank his shirt now soaking wet from cold water.

Mayank: "You are such an annoying person how do your parents deal with you, oh yah right that why they want to marry you off". He snaps taking the wet shirt and putting it on.

Nups: "atleast I have guys fighting to marry me, who will marry you?" looking at mayank disgustingly.

Mayank: "don't worry about me I have many girls like you running after me, just waiting for the right one". He winked and left the room, nups closed the door after him.

Nups: "Oh this guy really gets on my nerves". Saying that she left to look for Dia.

Do leave your comment/ criticismSmile

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