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Century - Rajeev Priyanka FC (Page 3)

sunaina02 IF-Stunnerz

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( COntinued from Page 1)
Mere Humsafar


"Subah ho gayi kya?" she asked cutely.


Once again Raj felt an urge to kiss her and when he looked at her wrapped in the white bed sheet he recalled the day when both of them went to visit Point 1857. Raj tried his best to stop Naina by telling her the various excuses that why can't they go there and it's not easy to go there but Naina and her zid famous in the whole Academy, she knew very well how to turn a no in to yes.

Kab Bhala Abb Yeh Waqt Gujare Kuchh Pata Chalta Hi NahiJabase Mujhako Tu Mila Hai Hosh Kuchh Bhi Apna Nahi


"Yes mam, aur agar aap uth jaayengi to mujhe bahut accha lagega u know." He teased her and in return Naina gave a smile.

"Good morning Raj."

Raj was again bowled to see her face and the innocence on her face which makes him once again woo over her. He can't forget that beautiful night when both of them went for Mentorship camp. That was the first day when he realized that which type of importance Naina has in his life.  First time he was able to identify his feelings for his cadet or his love.This was the most memorable night of his life till yesterday.

He once again looked at her angelic face and now he was unable to stop himself from admiring Naina's sharp features. Often he found himself loose in her eyes and when he once again saw her pretty face he could not help to kiss those beautiful features of her.

Uff Yeh Teri Palakein Ghani Si, Chanv Inki Hai DilnashiAbb Kise Darr Dhup Ka Hai Kyun Ki Hai Yeh Mujhpe Bichhi


Naina felt his touch on her face, "Raj ……kya hai sone do na." and Raj was loving her innocent beauty. Those eyes which opened a few second back and immediately shut reminded him the day when Naina was disheartened after the drill of Major Nair and she was completely lost. The moment when Raj hugged her first time close to his heart making her feels like she is not alone. The first hug when Raj conveyed her a silent support and a feeling of being an important part of her life. A silent hug who gave a lot of courage to Naina.

Or the day when first time Raj saw her in the punishment of Ulti duniya which is the toughest punishment but he saved her and carrying her in his arms brought her to her room and when Pooja said that they both look like Veer & Zaara of Shahrukh Khan's movie.

Tere Bina Na Saans Loon Tere Bina Na Main JiuTere Bina Na Ek Pal Bhi Reh Saku, Reh Saku


And now Naina has become his destiny and her breath. How can he forget that day before the Fresher's ball. The day when Naina was practicing for formal dance for Fresher's Ball, he asked for her permission to teach her dance and she was happy that at least in this whole stranger Academy there is someone who can help her out. The music was created and played by their hearts and the rhythms were fantastic. Anyone who can observe them dancing can say they are made for each other.

And the ball, where his Naina looked stunning in that red dress. He was unable to take off his eyes from his Naina. Naina came there with Huda and he went there with Ritu but indirectly both came with each other. The happiness Rajveer shown there when Naina won the tittle of Ms. Fresher. But the worst thing in the party was when Huda announced that he will dance. Naina was shocked, she knew Raj is the best in formal dance as he has taught her but informal dance. But still she has her confidence over him.

That Naina has become an integral part of his life.

Tu Hamsafar Tum Hamkadam Tu Hamnawa Mera

Tu Hamsafar Tum Hamkadam Tu Hamnawa Mera

They don't know what has made both of them so close and comfortable in each other's company. Naina sometimes behaved like a typical mature person and other time she was so stubborn like a school going kid. The day when he came to know the fact the main reason of their close bonding of their relation, whose base was Naveen. Yeah he came to know the fact at that day first time that she is Naveen's sister and she came here to prove the innocence of his brother. She was not that spy for which Rajveer was searching in KMA.

Or the day when Naina felt jealous to even imagine that her Rajveer sir is with Dr. Mishra now. Dr. Mishra tried to prove that he saved Rajveer by announcing their engagement. Rajveer can never forget that dance in the party when Dr. Mishra intentionally announced that Naina will dance with Captain. Raj tried his best to prove that nothing is going on between him & Naina by loosing that boxing match with Huda but Alekh the only person knew very well that he is showing something. How can forget Naina's question bashing when he was trying to avoid her.

He realized the feelings of her when she followed her in KMA every where, every action of him. She was not able to understand how Raj lost the competition of being a vice principal. The way she looked at him when he was in his room and requested her indirectly to leave but the way she was looking at her made him realize his place in her life.

The last hug when Raj couldn't say that how much he loved Naina, he couldn't finish the word pyaar but Naina understood everything and hugged her. That hug after which they parted for long two years. And only both of their hearts know how they passed these long two years. He was unable to keep her out of his thoughts for a single moment. He was unable to control his heart to think about her and now she is in his arms for eternity.

"Naina kaafi der ho chuki hai ab uth jaao na, sab log neeche humara wait kar rahe honge."

"Kaun hai neeche?" she asked.

"Vo sabhi log jo tum se pyaar karte hain."

"Accha, mujhe to laga tha bus aap hi mujh se pyaar karte hain" and without opening her eyes she traced his features with her fingers. Raj was unable to understand what is she doing, but he was enjoying the feeling.

 "So any doubts? I do love u the most but aur bhi log hain yahan who wants to see you soon." He said in her ears.

And now Naina's fingers has reached up to his lips and she immediately placed a peck on his lips and said, "Ok Major as you say." And she left the bed quickly taking her clothes from the wardrobe and Raj was still lost with his close eyes in her touch. She smiled at him and went in washroom. She came back after half an hour looking extremely beautiful in this saari.

http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7614/114495xcitefunsaree7.th.jpg" />

Raj has just entered in room and found her combing her hair in mirror, he was once again bowled by her beauty and just keep on staring at her face. Soon Naina realized his intense gaze at her and blushed. Raj moved closer to her and pulled her near him to stand.

"Naina………., tumhe pata hai saari me tum kitne kamal dikhte ho?"

Naina smiled and looked at her, "Thank god Raj, aaj aap kuch keh to paaye na varna yaad hai na vo din jab aap ne pehli baar KMA me mujhe saari me dekha tha………." And Raj had an instant smile on his face remembering those moments in which he was damn nervous.

"Yeah Naina, pata nahi jab tum saamne aati ho na to kya ho jaata hai mujhe. Sab kuch bhool jaata hoon kuch palon k liye mai. Us din na jaane kya hua tha mujhe, ya phir yu kaho ki mujhe achanak se tumhare aise saamne aa jaane k baad kuch palon k liye kuch samajh hi nahi aaya. Jab tum chali gayi tab mujhe ehsaas hua ki mai shayad keh bhi nahi paaya tum se ki us red saari me tum kaise lag rahi thi. Tab darta tha mai apne emotions se aur ye bhi to nahi pata tha na tab ki pata nahi tum kya sochti hogi mere bare me."

Naina circled her arms around Raj's neck and asked, "aur ab?"

"Ab……." And Raj had these words on his lips..

Tu Hi Haqeeqat Khaab Tu, Dariya Tu Hi Pyaas TuTu Hi Dil Ki Bekaraari Tu Sukun Tu Sukun Jaau Main Abb Jab Jis Jagah Paau Main Tujhko Uss Jagah Saath Hoke Na Ho Tu Hai Rubaru RubaruTu Hamsafar Tum Hamkadam Tu Hamnawa Mera


This time could not avoid the fact that Raj has a sincerity in his voice and this words seem to her coming directly from his heart.

After half an hour Raj and Naina were downstairs where all of their friends were waiting for them.

"Hey Naina tera ringtone to aur bhi loud ho gaya hai Rajveer sir k ringtone se match karne k baad." This was Pooja.

Naina gave a smile to her and asked, "ye bata ab tera network kab judega apne raanjhe se."

Pooja gave a big smile and said, "Maine to kal Ali ko acche se samjha diya ki agar apna network jaldi nahi milaya na to bus ab mera network bahut jaldi not reachable hone waala hai tere liye."

Naina laughed at her."To kya bola tere raanjhe ne?"

"Aaj call lagayega vo apne parents ko home network me."

"Par koi kahin dikh nahi raha hai, gaye kahan ye sab?" Naina tried to search everyone.

"Chod na, chal vahan baithe hain. Vaise bhi bahut din ho gaye hain apne network mile hue." And both the ladies engrossed in their talks and after sometime Raj interrupted them.

"So ladies chat haan?" he asked.

"Nahi aisa nahi kuch. Vaise Raj baaki k log kahan hain?"

"Are haan mai to batana hi bhool gaya Naina, baaki k sab us room me hain aur tum ko vahin pe bula rahe hain." Raj informed.

"Vahan kya kar rahe hain sab?" she asked.

"Pata nahi."

"To chaliye, vahi chalte hain." And all three entered in room where was complete darkness around. "Ye sab kya hai, yahan itna andhera kyoun hai?" she was surprised and soon she realized that the door behind her has been closed and no one is with her neither Raj nor Pooja.

"Raj..", she called him but got no response. Again she called his name, "Raj kahan hain aap,aur Pooja kahan cahli gayi?"

"Oye to tu bus ab Raj sir ko hi yaad karegi?" lights were on and Naina saw Alekh standing in front of her.

"Aisa kuch nahi hai Alekh aur tum logon ne yahan andhera kyoun kar rakha tha?" she asked in a single breath and in response she got warm wishes of a song.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to u……………….

Happy Birthday to dear Naina, happy birthday to u…………

May god bless you, may god bless u with our children………." The last line was added by Raj naughtily. Naina blushed listening this actually Raj didn't say that loudly. He just made his voice able to listen by Naina only but Alekh and Pooja too heard that and both laughed at it.

"Shukriya mere humsafar mere zindagi me aane k liye aur is ko khoobsurat banae k liye." His these words made her more than happy today and she was feeling herself blessed to have such life partner in her life. Life has become complete for her on her this birthday which gifted her Raj already and a lot of blessings of her parents and love of her friends.

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Mahak Sinha IF-Sizzlerz
Mahak Sinha
Mahak Sinha

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Originally posted by sunaina02

Originally posted by Mahak Sinha

Di has announced about Award ceremoney, so what should we do?


We will do something - do not worry .

Di problem is that how, pls suggest something or it should be in the way u told in last FC, but prob is that who will judge that. Confused Confused Confused
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esha143Mahak Sinha

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100 fc 

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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shiropakads_8302awaazilicioussuhana.dixitdaisy_luvs_ ffesha143Mahak Sinhasunaina02

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Congratulations for the 100th FC

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Mahak Sinha IF-Sizzlerz
Mahak Sinha
Mahak Sinha

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A very Happy, colorful and rocking Holi to everyone. Enjoy the day with the best pepole u have. Make the festival rocking with saving water. Hug Party Clap

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