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OS-Soniyo (Page 12)

ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
great update...after a long time but was worth it...continue soon darling and we love your work so don't worry and express yourself.

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Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:57pm | IP Logged

Hey Aisha!!!! You did an awesome jobb <33 I love each and every one of ur updates and my oh my... so hot...Embarrassed You just made me blush ten more shades of red LOL Pleeease continue more and and if you are ending this one then start another one VERY soon! Smile Absolutely loooved it <3 thanks for the update and the pmSmile

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
simply awesome update

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zunaiba5 Goldie

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:46am | IP Logged




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9staroneserials IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged

Ya ya...plz & fast ...i am excited...

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crazedfan19 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 8:20pm | IP Logged

Hi everyone!

Here is the last part of Soniyo. 

I am really sad since people are not commenting enough, so I wont write another os which I had in mind unless I get a ton of comments. Am I bribing you all, why yes I am, hee hee I am evil Embarrassed, in the meantime, ENJOY! 

Geet and Maan walked to the lobby to find Adi-Pinky and Annie-Arjun who seemed to have made up with their significant others. They decided to sightsee their last day together in the city of love-Paris. Geet decided to wear an emerald green short dress with a white scarf which partly exposed her slender arms while Maan had brown shorts with a black shirt on looking his svelte and sexy self.

Geet's outfit,r:19,s:29&tx=102&ty=108

After walking all, the girls were tired so the guys gave them piggyback rides until they got back to their hotels. Adi and Arjun refused after a couple of minutes of carrying them but Geet got a ride till their hotel came since she WAS extra tired due to Maan's antics last night Embarrassed After finally reaching their hotel room, Geet laid down in bed while Maan took a shower. She closed her eyes content with her life. Maan walked in after taking a shower to find Geet cuddled with the pillow smiling with her eyes closed. Maan put his boxers on and cuddled behind Geet.

M: Jaan, you are really tired today, I went a little overboard last night didn't I?

G: umm, Maan, I am glad you admitted your mistake, she smirked. Blushing

M: oh really? As if you didn't enjoy me…Jaan…he said in his husky baritone voice whispering in her ear.

G: Chi! You are so shameless Mr.Khurana, chodo mujhe! ( let me go!) I need to change, she tried to get up even though deep down she knew there was no point. She smirked giving him one of her teasing I am right here yet you cant have me- challenging looks Wink

M: don't tease me misty with your irresistible charm and your seductive eyes, you wont be able to handle the HOT MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

G: Jaane do na Jaan…( let me go na).. before she could finish refusing, he started pulling the zipper of her dress, exposing her shoulders, and started kissing the bite marks on her neck and collarbone.

G:…no..She stturrered.. don't tempt yourself. Aaj main attainable nahin hoon ( I am not attainable tonight) she kissed him aggressively,  pushed him and ran to change in the bathroom, yelling "Miss me Soniyo"

Geet came back to see Maan sleeping peacefully. He was tired after all. As soon as she laid by him, he put his strong arms around her waist and kissed her cheeks, Goodnight Jaan, he whispered.

Geet smiled and responded by kissing him on his biceps, goodnight Moron sexy khurana Embarrassed he pulled her more tightly towards himself and his broad chest and a smile crept on his lips.


After their three weeks of outing, everyone finally returned home, and were greeted by Dadima. Dadima kept a party for Geet and Maan in the evening and Maan and Geet to celebrate their beautiful life together. 

Geet just took a shower and came out in a red towel with her natural damp wavy hair . She knew Maan was in the study catching up on some work, so she decided to take her shower  she knew Maan would get naughty seeing her like this BlushingShe was air drying her hair with a white towel in her spacey closet thinking about her honeymoon with a blushing smile on her lips.

In the study, Maan was on the phone yelling at someone completely oblivious to what was going on the adjacent room when Dadima came in the study.

DAdi: MAAN! You are not even ready and you are yelling at someone who is clearly working hard but nothing impresses YOU except Geet!!!

Maan put his hand on the phone.. and glared at her. DADIMA! I am on the phone, what will the client think?

Dadi: He probably cant even think right now.. he is probably shaking in his pants Maan!

M: Dadi stop making fun of me.. what can I do for you.. he stated sarcastically.

Dadi came up to him and turned his phone off and kept it on the table, pulled his ears, and dragged him by his ears and stated, if you are the MAAN SINGH KHURANA then I am also SAVITRI SINGH KHURANA and I am your DADI, now go and get ready for the party, I should not see you down anywhere by the study for the next 2 hours till its party time, she completed in a threatening tone.

M: Dadima relax. I am going…he smiled and kissed her and left for his room.

Meanwhile, Geet still didn't know what to wear, so she already painted her nails and scrunched her hair. Maan came in and was dazed with the sight in the mirror which was reflecting the enticing beauty in a red towel with wavy locks mildly covering her bare back. He dimmed the lights without her noticing and walked up to her.

He held her hands behind her back and turned her over in a jerk  and kissed her aggressively, Geet knew lost his senses when he saw her like this. She loved his passion, he loved her willingness to give him more than anything he would ask her. He kissed her lips, she wiggled trying to get out of his grip, he kissed her exposed collar region. Maaann…murmered Geet. Mere haath chodo na..( leave my hands Maan).. I wanna feel you.. hearing this.. Maan left her hands and she felt his chiseled arms, chest and scratched his back due to him teasing her senses and his tantalizing touches were wreaking havoc on her usually poised hormones, who knows what happens to them when Maan touches her..she thought.

M: Jaan.. I have told you not to come in front of me like.. I feel like devouring you… pleasuring you RIGHT NOW.. Maan! No… no.. no.. We are going to our party and I need to get ready.. whispered geet with a shy smile.. waise geet, jab kiss karta hoon, to sherni ki tarah mujhe scratch karti ho, aur abhi kya hua.. ( by the way, when I kiss you, you scratch me like a lioness,, what happened all of a sudden? ) Maan.. bohot beshram ho tum.. chi gandi baatein har samay ( Maan you are shameless,, you have a dirty mind like all the time) .. Leave me..Day Dreaming

He held her hands tightly over her head and said.. by the way geet, I have heard that women get that glow when they have you know ahem with their husbands, hmm is that true..? he said with a serious tone smiling inwardly.. haan Maan.. she responded without registering his words.. Blushingher face turned scarlet when she looked at him and he had that mischievous look on his face that was ready to possess her mind, body and soul in that very moment.

" lets get you infinite amount of glow before the party, we have two hours he winked as he scooped her up and they made their way to the bed, he laid her down, and soon they were bare underneath the silky sheets. He entered her in a hurry and she moaned in pleasure. He kissed her lips, sucking on her lips with the feel that he could never get enough of them. He kissed her curves, bit them and sucked on them.. while she was suppressing her moans. He came up and kissed her collar bone gently and went to bite it.. uh uh uh Maan NO biting! I am going to wear a gown, people will see it.. he smirked at her plight.. kissed her again.. and bit the side of her neck in such a  way that the bruise looked like a birthmark. MAAN!! You are a beast! NOW everyone is going to tease me!! Geet, my love will shut all of them up, saying so.. he whispered. HOLD ON..Embarrassed they reached the epitome of desires and laid side by side panting. Geet came close to Maan and kissed his biceps..

M: Jaan.. the glow is not there yet Embarrassedlets go again! He winked and almost laid on top of her

G: MAAN! NO! Look at the time, we only have an hour before the guests arrive, I need to get ready! She blushed pushed him away, grabbed her towel, wrapped it around her and ran to shower again.. Maan let her go and went to get ready himself. GEET came out in 20 mins, and did her hair AGAIN! and saw a gown on the bed while Maan went to take a shower.,r:11,s:33&biw=1024&bih=677

Geet smiled and put on the gown with her wavy hair left open, Maan came out and wore a gold and black shimmering shirt with formal pants with his dazzling smile. They were already half hour late. Geet ran by the mirror to check her reflection for the last time while Maan held her by her waist as she sprayed herself with somebody mist.

M: geet why are you bothering the mirror, ask me na, you look breathtaking.. I need to keep you by my side the WHOLE time.. to make sure no man looks at you except me, he winked as he took in her scent and kissed her cheeks gently.. she blushed.. Geet LOOK, you are glowing! You know our little umm extravagant method worked didn't it.. he laughed.. Maan. She blushed.she wacked his shoulder.. lets go!!! They went out hand in hand with all eyes on them..

Dadima came towards them and kissed Geet's forehead.. Geet you are truly an angel.. you brightened up this dusht danav's life, she snickered as she wacked Maan's shoulder. Geet giggled while Maan glared at the teasing women in his life- one with killer looks and teasing eyes, and the other one with killer authority and a teasing tone. Waise Geet, questioned Geet, aaj aap bohot Glow kar rahi hain, koi aane wala hai ( by the way Geet, you are glowing today, any good news?  Geet was astonished at her question while Maan smiled and  he hurriedly responded.. NAHIN to dadi.. Geet ne blush kuch  zyada lagaya hai, ROFL( no way dadi, Geet has put on a little too much blush) Geet glared at him.

Dadi: Maan beta, appki dadi hain hum, geet ki shakal aur garden bata rahi hai, ki aapne use bohot cheda aur tang kiya hai.( Maan, I am your grandma, and Geet's face and neck clearly state that you have been a very naughty ) . this time Maan blushed while Geet was not able to meet their eyes, she looked down.

Dadi smiled and left them with all her blessings..God bless you both..


Epilogue  ( requested by Khwaishfan Smile )

4 years later..

Geet and Maan woke after an intense and passionate night again, all thanks to Maan to hear the sounds of their three year old daughter, Shonali banging on the door. "mammma… daddaaa… she yelled in her unconscious sleep.. Shonali had this habit of waking up every morning and bang on her parents' door and cuddle with them ever since she could walk. She waited there in her purple nightsuit and a small teddy that her dada got her the day she was born. She had the same hazel eyes like Geet, same curly hair but her attitude matched Maan and everyone in the Khurana household was already aware of the baby khurana whose wish were even Maan's command or rather DUTY.

Meanwhile, Inside the room, Maan woke up and quickly put his shorts on, Geet was in deep sleep so he quickly put one of her tank tops and her shorts, so SHONA as he called her lovingly, wouldn't question them AGAIN. He smiled and remembered last time when they had been careless about opening the door for SHONA in the morning, not realizing that he put in his long black shirt on her while her was in his boxers. Shonali didn't say anything in front of him but later during breakfast,she innocently asked her DD- or double dadima, "dd, why does mamma wear daddy's shirts in the morning  when dada opens the door? Hearing this everyone on the table laughed their heads and would not stop teasing Maaneet for months after that.

He opened the door, and saw the cutest sight in front of him, Shonali was sleeping leaning by the door. He scooped her up in a bare hug and laid her in the center of him and Geet. He smiled and kissed both his fairies. This was his life content with the cutest yet arrogant- a perfect maaneet mix of an angel and Geet, his melody- His soniyo. Blushing

                                          THE BEGINNING

Thank you all for reading SONIYO, and special thanks for those who commented and pressed the like button! I LOVE YOU ALL Heart PLEASE PLEASE comment! I LOVE reading them. Just in case you want to know about my next os idea, here is a teaser.

                                She is a designer  -he is a model

                       same worlds yet miles apart. 

  Same passion-different ambitions 

       She is indifferent- He is possessive

" you will regret taking this step" he said with an anxious yet husky voice in her right ear as he held onto her hand behind her back. 

" regret hmm.. she painfully smiled.. such a minuscule word isn't it coming from you? 

"Why are you like this? huh? he was breathing heavily... Why don't you care? about anything? does it not hurt you to be like a stone?

"maybe you need to dwell some more before posing me that question" saying so she scratched his hand that was holding her hand and left the hall. 

THERE It IS! MY next potential os/ff cant decide yet lol, so if you want to read this one, I want tons of comments!! 

also could someone suggest a one word title for my new os/ff please



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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 July 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
awesome updates...
lovd the OS...
plzz cont the new OS...
it sounds interesting

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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 4:58am | IP Logged
hi aisha
a very well written update
loved it but you ended it so soon... bt u gave a perfect end to d story
really a beautiful hot n amazing update
n yes this is a humble request that ur next story would b an FF not an OS u r such a brillliant writer don't make ur story short pls...
i will think of some title  for ur new FF if i get somthing intersting then i will inform u
Love -Piya

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