~*DID Doubles Awards(WINNERS pg 1,4,13,14!)*~

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Are you guys ready for the ceremony? You better be coz I tell you, its gonna be a long one Wink


Sweetu: Welcome to the DID Doubles Member Awards!

Mihir: Presented by Lux

Nikki: I thought it was

Simi: Wasn't it

Sweetu: *Rolls eyes* Can we continue?

Mihir: Shut up Sweetu, we need to get this finalized first.

Sweetu: *Gets angry* Don't tell me to shut up! Go die in a hole Mihir.

Mihir: Okay *Begins to walk away*

Sweetu: Where are you going?

Mihir: To go dig my hole!

Nikki: Ugh! You guys never stop fighting.

Simi: I know, but can we please continue?

Nikki: Correct. Welcome the Member Awards! Your hosts today will be, me! *flips hair*

Sweetu: *Coughs* ahem...

Nikki: Oh and *rolls eyes* Sweetu and Simi, along with Mihir who is currently not here

Simi: Right, because Sweetu told him to go die in a hole

Sweetu: Hey! He was being mean to me.

Nikki: *glares at Sweetu and Simi* Clearly, this award show will take a while. *turns to Sweetu and Simi* NOW WILL YOU TOO STOP IT!

Simi: Getting a little angry there, Nikki?

Nikki: *changing topic* What time is it?

Sweetu: 8:15 P.M, why?

Nikki: Hmmm funny how I asked that question thrice today and got different answers each time, anyway, so lets begin! 

Awards announced till now can be found on Page 1, page 4, page 13 and page 14! and the entire list can also be found here....

DID Member Awards: Winners and Siggies ALL HERE

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Sweetu: We would like to thank everyone part of the DID Doubles Forum and voting in the awards. We would also like to thankdmgmjht4ever aka Nikki and Shahidlicious aka Kiran for making the siggies. We would also like to thank Nikki for making majority of this script.


Nikki: Sweetu! You did some of the script too! Don't lie! One last thing I would like to add. Even if you did not win an award, everyone contributes to the forum and it would not be the same without you.


Mihir: So thank you to everyone!


Nikki: Also huge thanks to Jess and set_raj, our moderators of this forum. Without them, who know how much out of hand this place would be!


Mihir: Not that we aren't angels anyways


Sweetu: Well... I am *flings hair*


Nikki: Oh Sweetu...


Simi: Also we would like a special acknowledgement


Sweetu: Recently, your channel moderator, Raksha di, passed away. So we would like to keep a moment of silence, wherever you are, in honor of Raksha di. We love you always; rest in peace.

PS: Please wait a while before we announce our first set of awards, you guys can start posting/talking/spamming here Big smile

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Sweetu is busy splashing

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I am here all "sajh dhajh ke."LOL let the award show begin!Wink

oh and here are my shoes!Wink

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Crazy Kiya Re Awards

Simi: Nikki, a ti te gusta Aishwariya Rai?

Nikki: Si, Simi. A mi me gusta Aishwariya Rai. Porque tu puedes la pregunta?

Sweetu: *looks at Simi and Nikki dumbfounded*

Sweetu: What in the world are you guys saying?

Simi: I'm asking if Nikki likes Aishwariya Rai in Spanish.

Nikki: And I'm asking her why she asks that

Sweetu: Ohhhh, anyways Simi, why did you ask that?

Simi: Because our next awards are the Crazy Kiya Re Awards!

Nikki: That makes sense! Our first award goes for the biggest fan of the contemporary couple.

Sweetu: You mean Karan and Carling?

Nikki: Yes, and the winner for Karan and Carling's biggest fan is Simi_PagalLadki. Here is your award:

Direct Link:

Simi: *grabs award* WOO-HOO!! I won the first award of the night!

Sweetu: Simi, calm down

Simi: *stops jumping* Alright

Sweetu: The next award goes to Ponumbullam and Maulica's biggest award.

Simi: And the award goes to Summer3.

Direct Link:

Simi: The next award goes to Dehli ke Dilwales' biggest fan.

Nikki: Max and Manik!!

Sweetu:  EMMMMMM SQUAREDD. *Takes out bag of M&Ms and starts to eat

Nikki: *Takes bag away*

Sweetu: And I'm happy to say that the award goes to X-NeeNee-X-

Max and Manik:

Direct Link:

Simi: *pokes Sweetu*

Sweetu: What Simi?

Simi: I have a question.

Sweetu: What?

Simi: Where's Rahul? Plus when are we announcing Rahul and Roza's biggest fan?

Sweetu: Later Simi

Simi: Nooo!!! Rahul is so cute and sweet! I mean he is such a wonderful dancer. *continues to talk about Rahul*

Sweetu: *smirks* Oh look! There's Rahul! *points to a random place*

Simi: *looks around eagerly* Where?!?!

Sweetu: Right there!

Simi: I'll be back soon. Rahul!!!!

Nikki: What? Simi!

Sweetu: Ahh let her go; she'll come back soon.

Nikki: ok

*Mihir enters the stage with dirt on his shirt*

Mihir: I'm back

Sweetu: Umm Mihir, we're at an awards show? Why are you dirty?

Nikki: *thinking perverted* haha, dirty

Sweetu: *glares at Nikki* Nikki...

Nikki: Okay, I'll stop

Mihir: Well you told me to go die in a hole, Sweetu.

Sweetu: So?

Mihir: I went to go dig it

Sweetu: *slaps head* It was a joke! How old are you btw?

Mihir: Oh I am 18. I would ask you how old you are but I know you can't count that high.

Sweetu: Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent.

Nikki: Can we continue? Gosh, we need to stop having so many interruptions

Mihir: Speaking of interruptions, where's Simi? Wink

Nikki: She kept on blabbering about Rahul, so Sweetu lied to her saying that Rahul was over somewhere, and she ran.

Mihir: Thats what Im talking about! about *high fives Sweetu*

Nikki: Wow, you guys did agree on one thing.

Sweetu: Let's start on the next award.

Mihir: Right, our next award is for Vikram and Niharika's biggest fan

Sweetu: The winner is...

Nikki:  The winner is Tulipbaby53!

Direct Link:

Nikki: But wait! There's a twist. The actual winner kindly did not accept the award. However, since I already made the prize, I added on the most deserved winner, Debayon, on Mihir's request!

Direct Link:

Mihir: Thats right Debo, thank me later ;)

Nikki: *smiles*

Mihir: Our next award is for the Amit and Falon's biggest fan.

Sweetu: Did you seriously just announce the award that you won?

Mihir:  Yes

Nikki: Now that Sweetu just announced it, the winner is Mihir.

Direct Link:

Mihir: Even though I pranked people into believing they are eliminated?


Mihir: You know it was genius *hides from Rapier*

Nikki: Wow can you guys believe for our next award, there's a tie!

Mihir: *gasps and says sarcastically* Oh my gosh, that's never happened before! We need to call the Guiness World Records!

Nikki: Try harder.

                                                Mihir: Hey see Rappy is laughing...oh and so is Noori! Hah! 

Sweetu: Im pretty sure they are laughing on something else. 

Nikki: *ignores both* The winners for the Saruabh and Vivek's biggest fans are

Sweetu: Chits1 and Angel-likeDevil

Direct Link:

Sweetu: Uh-oh...

Nikki: What happened?

Sweetu: Look at the next award

*Mihir and Nikki both look at the next award*

Mihir & Nikki: Ohh..

Nikki: How about we just skip it?

Sweetu: Good idea!

Simi: *comes running in* NOOOOOO!!!! This award must be announced!!!

Mihir: Where did she come out of nowhere?

Simi: *breathing heavily* Sweetu!!

Sweetu: Yes Simi?

Simi: You liar! Rahul wasn't there!

Sweetu: It was the only way to get you quiet

Nikki: You probably already guessed the winner for Rahul and Roza's biggest fan

Simi: And that is MEEE!! Aka Simi_PagalLadki

[Siggy on page 5!]

Simi: Oh my gosh! I am so thankful for this award and I...

Nikki: No need to hear your speech, Simi

Simi: You're so mean!

Nikki: I'm going to take a break now. Simi, Sweetu, and Mihir can host while I'm gone

Sweetu: Nikki no!!! Don't leave me here! *reaches hand out to Nikki but she already leaves*

Sweetu: Great! I'm stuck here!

Mihir: Aww, have no fear when Mihir is here!

Sweetu: My point exactly

Mihir: Hey!

Simi: *yells* Now for our next award...

Mihir: Why are you yelling, Simi?

Simi: May I please complete a sentence without being interrupted

Sweetu & Mihir: No

Simi: Mean

Sweetu & Mihir: We know

Simi: *trying to continue* and the next award is for...

Mihir: Since when do you announce everything?

Simi: Ugh *slaps head* Our next award...

Sweetu: I agree. Can't I announce Surya and Sneha's biggest fan?

Simi: You just...

Mihir: The winner is our Summerji aka Summer3

[Siggy on page 5!]

Simi: Wow...

Mihir: Oh you know we're just messing with ya, Sims!

Sweetu: Our next award is Vivek and Prithvi's biggest fan

Simi: *says very quickly so she won't be interrupted* and the winner is PimpJuice!

[Siggy on page 5!]

Mihir: Mithun da ne bana yi yeh Jodi

Sweetu: Uh Mihir, it's Rab ne bana di Jodi

Simi: Not for the next Jodi! Mithun da made Cornell and Sonali's Jodi!

Mihir: Correct Simi! The biggest fan for Cornell and Sonali is once again, PimpJuice!

Direct Link:

Sweetu: Pimp should just stay up here for the entire time since she's getting so many awards

Simi: Unfortunately, not for the next one! The winner for Hardik and Nidhi's biggest fan is MaankiGeet

Direct Link:

Mihir: Our next award is for Abhinav and Sangeeta's Biggest Fan

Simi: And the winner is Raju867!

Direct Link:

Sweetu: *begins jumping*

Mihir: What are you doing Sweetu?

Sweetu: It's the final award for this category! I can finally have my break!

Simi: Sadly, this Jodi of ours was only for a week before getting eliminated by the viewers

Mihir: But they still deserve a biggest fan!

Sweetu: And Omkar-Akshitha's biggest fan is Raju867 and PimpJuice

Direct Link:

Simi: Sweetu silly, those are those are two fans!

Mihir: Well, it was a tie so congrats to both. This concludes our first category. Stay tuned in for next set of awards Wink

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Originally posted by Rapier

I am here all "sajh dhajh ke."LOL let the award show begin!Wink

Kya baat hain....this is me...

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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welcome aboard Pimp LOL

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