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Laagi Tujhse Lagan-Written Update-18 Mar,2011 comp (Page 6)

-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lekz

Awesome updates....
Spice and tadka laga ke.
Love your updates.

thanks are you??Big smile

-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mozart66

What a hilarious update yaar!! Much better than the spidoe itself!! Loved reading your special comments!! You always make my day! I still can not control my laughter!
Naku sachchi mein ishmart ho gayi hai!!! She is giving Dutta all the necessary time to get his eyesight back before anybody can attack Dutta! The pre-cap was very exciting! All in all, we are fast heading towards war between Dutta and Kala! Now all that remains to be seen is how Dutta takes revenge!! Trust CVs to give us a jhataka with horse rideing Dutta a la Chambal ka dakoo!!!

Hey Manju....sorry for the late reply yaara...but had been away from the comp...Embarrassed
Thanks yaara....glad could make you laughLOL
Tubelight vahini is indeed gotten ishmart...and the precap was classic...
the scene is set and am waiting for the climaxBig smile
Chambal ka dakooLOLLOL
-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Naina_Mishal

thanks srush....

Thank you NainuuuuuEmbarrassed
-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

Hey Srush ji ! oye ye ji kyun lagayaLOL

even i am so angry at my self for not commenting on last update but kya karo 
when my net start working but ur post was closed 
i was super mad :( I know WU post get closed after 24 hours....sad naOuchLOL

but no worry im back aajaLOL
what a song !
maza a gaya 
kya true interpretion hai situation 
bas ab bethay raho Dutta 
itna time lo gay tu yahi hoga #@$5Gadha kahi ka,,,,hamesha apni biwi ko kho deta hai phir dhoodhne ke liye mahine niklatla hai ,,,aur hamari jaan bhiTongue

Dutta wakes up akela and i secondu 
us nay sun ko dekh kar yehi socha hoga !
bhai kya masla hai he was so arrogant na...sote hue bhi banda royalgiri nahi chhodegaLOL

and the way he called Naku , Naku 
sho shueet ! I know my heart skipped a beat
my eyes were fix on the screen and behind me my family members were talking in volume of as if screaming !owww...I know totally bad combination Ouch
ik dutta ki awaz or ek my family !
bad combintaion ~$#%

khair love tthis gaon wala they ready to go and look for Naku <3
but dude i dont like mahadev heis touching Dutta everytime !
mamla garbar hai :P Mamala to bahot hi garbad hai...Baaji and Nakku's love in khatraLOL

Love how Naku wakes up and sees Dutta !
very nice scene (well its a facet in which i can see Dutta thats become my fav scene :P)It was ala SRK...the bahein phelaying scene...but loved it more than any SRK sceneWink

Naku plughing off flowres cute scene !
i hope Naku ki ploughing kay baad koi flower bach gaya ho trees par :P haa...when she would have left the jungle would have turned into a barren landLOL

Oh my dutta when knows Naku cant be found and the way he says 
she is ziddi wow 
he says she is ziddi and im like you are hawtttttttt ! he is....ohhhhh....what to say Embarrassed
my teeths out seeing him like that !all of them outShockedLOL
Gosh im not gonna say like u (seema chale )that i want Dutta !  kya kare....desperate times desperate measuresTongueLOL
i will say Dutta is mine !
oh god he is irresistable :D that to he is...but he is not yours...he is Suds', Baaji's, BGs, Mahadev's, Tanaji's Ranga's but not yoursTongue

Love Ranga Naku convo !
he has become good ! yup but the way he got clobbered was hilariousLOL

and yuck the Bg's 
itnay mustanday hai and zeher !
i hate them ! me tooo...same pinch...hated them absolutelyAngry
and ky a tariqa hai !
khud idea don aur khud kidnap ho !zabardast 1 I know...Nakku shabashClap

Dutta bits looking fro Naku was sweet 
and Finally Nkau ji gaye !
and exactly Dutta ji landed :D the way he ran behind was absolutely amazing....such desperation inspite of no eyes...felt so bad for himOuch
flowres here happy flower power...ab de do dutta ko uski aankhen
but the precap is lovely !
Dutta on Horse !yup gadha on a ghodaLOL
bas Dutta Pn say right cut maro mere ghar barrat lay kar ao !oye...he is shaadi shuda besharam!!!
he looks soo amaizng ! That is to so trueLOL

i was drooling :D and so was the whole LTL forumLOL
ah srush enjoyed ur wu !Thank you jiEmbarrassed
aur ab mujh ko sukoon aya after commenting on ur update :D menu bhi dil ko thandak aa gai teri comments padh keEmbarrassed

plus honey mujh ko tu lag raha hai u are becoming like seema aka chanda Cry...dost dost na rahaCry
kaho tu chaskar ko tumhare ghar bhayjo :p only when you get a Suds for yourselfTongue

Thanks your detailed and entertaining glad to have you as my friendBig smile

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Sanely_Insane IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
I didn't read the WU.....sorry but i have one doubt....may i?
*clears throat* ahem ahem *clears throat some more* sorry i have got a sore throat OuchLOL
Did Gaekwad change? I mean he was the maggie noodles suddenly he turned into a kajrare nainon wala fellow ConfusedLOL..I mean Kajal applying fellow...WackoLOL
Yeh kya chakkar hai? ErmmLOL
 EDIT :And one more thing....i spoke to the animal rights fellows....they were MAHA to protest or not.....but after they saw Ghode par Gadha scene...they instead called the guinness world India todega people and asked them to enter this record.....LTL is the first one to enter into  the records book Badhaiya ji badhaiyan.....ROFL

Edited by Bushy_92 - 19 March 2011 at 9:31am

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suvi7884

Srushti, der isiliye hui kyunki I wanted to watch the epi before commenting..No probs ...tu aa gai dil garden garden ho gayaBig smile

but thanks for the bahaut acha thaLOL tum bahaut acha gaati ho, aur mein nachti hoo ROFLaccha nach ti hoon, na? arre kya mast nachti hai re tu,,,,mujhe nahi pata tha tu itni talented dancer hai LOL

Hayye, Dutta was looking maha-cute when he woke up and was looking for his NakuDay Dreaming itna restless sa, cute sa...lmao, bache ki mummy kho gayii hhhaaaa ...cute se bacche ki mummy has left himmm..poor guyCry
And then woh aaya bahar tent se, aur jor se chilaya, nakuuuuuu and mera dil dhak dhak karne laga...hayyyyeeeee I know ..the desperation was so obvious in his voice na...
Even I was wodnering, jab Naku mountain pe ponchi, is she going to pretend she's Hanuman?!ROFL haa,,, woh Nakku hai...kucch bhi kar sakti haiLOL
but acha hai, thodi toh brains hai...she took the flower..I guessed ki it was that pink-white one, but chalo, white wala tha..but how does Ranga even know about the herbs..I thought he just sold them?Confused yes but he had the knowledge of it too na...that is how he could have bought and sold them.... and I was like, agar galat wala liya na, toh ek doongi mein me too the moment Nakku threw others....I was like wait for Mahadevji's approval ...till then keep them with yourselfLOL
I nearly laughed out loud when Naku got herself, I mean seriously usne apne aap ko kidnap karwayaROFLya,,,and here we were pulling our hair out wondering how come she was kidnappedROFLROFL
"Heeloooo Kalaa ji"
"Naku vahini saheb?"
"Haan ji, mein shiroli gaun mein hoon, aake mujhe uthaaa lijeiye pls"
"Theek hai mein abhi nikammon ko bhej ti hoon"Silly Excellent convo SuviROFLROFLROFL
Dutta on the horse looked so adorable..sher!! and Baaji in the photo looked awwww hayyyyeee my chikipoooooss awww you too noticed Baaji...looked so adorable naEmbarrassed
I would've danced around the room, jab I saw that Dutta could see again, but meri mummy wahan pe thiOuchLOLoye...itni dancing kaafi nahi hai kya..kitna naachegi BasantiLOL
Suvi...thanks when you come....EmbarrassedBig smile

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AzMishy

Oh srush, kyu thune itna der ladi ki update karne ki:( Sorry yaara...was not getting the opening lines...sochte sochte der ho gaiEmbarrassed
Till 12.15am I was re-loading it to check and res my spot, but it wasn't! :(ya...i uploaded at around after 12.30...but thanks yaara for waitingSmile
Then finally check karthe karthe I nod off :(
Today early morning I had to leave to my gamma as I promised to spend the day with her, so no Lappy :(, so how am I suppose to post a comment :( owwww. hope she is alrgiht....and not to worry yaara...I saw your like comment and I know you have been here so am happy shappyBig smile

Here me now excused myself from everyone syaing wanna get some nap and catching up on the forum and painfully typing on my BB just for u!! Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuBig smile

Jokes apart will go home and reply u dear *muah* Anytime ...*muah*Big smile
This post just cos for u , not to think that I forgot my wada *wink* Paka wada *wink wink*
There was quiet a few scenes which I loved and will come back with them yup do share...want to know your favourite scenesBig smile
Tata and TC *muah*
Hope u r not naraz with me *blink*oye....naraz ho tere mere dushman...apni to pakki wali dosti hai na....yaara....lots and lots of hugsHugHugHugHugHug

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Tere saath saath aaj mera bhi gaane ka mood kar raha haiWinkkoi achcha wala gaana soch kar aati hoonTongue
U know what the song was right in front of me & i was aivayi searchingD'oh
I am churoing ur signature lineLOL & dedicating it  from nakku to Dutta - Teri deewaniWink
Today's act of nakku was that of a true gaana kyun mera favourite....and Nakku has always been his deewani...the song is so apt for those if it is written for themEmbarrassed
Hamara gadha kya sota hai ,i felt like telling him-wakey wakey donkey,ur gadhi ran away & u sleeping godhe bechkar.WinkOops,me telling gadha selling godhaROFLhahaha...even I thought this ....gadha selling ghodaTongue
Seriously apne forum pe bahut jald PETA wale case kar denge.LOLsab se pehle mujh par halla bolengeLOL
Dutta ko Nakku ki kitni aadat pad gayi hai,subah uthte hi 1st he is taking her nameDay Dreamingthat was so automatic na.....the moment he opens his eyes he wants NakkuEmbarrassed
The restlessness on not finding her or hearing her voice was so evident in his voice.The more he was calling her out,the more fear was gripping him.yes the panic was almost heartbreaking to seeOuch
What was wrong with Dev,i mean poor Dutta is all restless shouting Nakku nakku,& this guy is busy gargleing waterD'oh.Oh,i get it ,dentist ne bola hoga naa that brush to jungle me nahi karenge aap ,but atleast gargle jaroor kar lenaLOL.hahahah....had I not been super late as usual in the update i was going to write the activity of each villager...what were they doing when their poor pradhan was searching for his pradhani.....what kind of insensitive praja is thisLOL
I liked how everyone was trying to pacify him,but humara gadha to apni gadhi ke alwa kisiki baat sunta hi nahi naa.My heart went for himCry,can i console him plss.Winkyou are in queue...plzzz waitTongue
The semi-conscious nakku gaining strength from vision of Dutta.truly these people are one of a kind,after making these couple,god must have broken the right...a perfect dye broken into imperfect two who make us fall in love with them everydayCry
She reminded of hanumanji as in her complete devotion for Dutta.yup it was almost the same except she had no tailTongueLOL
But being ishmart vahiniWink,she plucked all the flowers.Barabar bhi hai naa,har time thodi woh hill climbing ke adventure pe niklegi.LOLhmmm just like Hanumanji who brought the whole mountain because he was confused which one was SanjeevaniLOL
I just loved how Dutta realised correctly that she must have gone to take flower.They know each other so well yaar.Even when he said about her being Ziddi,it was complete surrender to her love.But,the moment sundari said about place being dangerous,it was like he was zapped out of her love & the concern ,panic took over.He forgot about his blindness & literally ordered Dev to take him there.Haiye,can i have them both plss.Day Dreaming you are in queue plzzzzz waitTongue
I loved how despite hesitancy from Sundari,Dev instantly agreed to go with Dutta.Indeed he is a good friend.Thumbs Upya..he just nodded at Sundari and told Dutta tht he will accompany arguments no hesitancyClap
So finally Nakku dear coming back & takaroing to Ranga dudeCool,but i like this guy.
what,aise mat dekh yaar,i like him for saying the line about tasha's love Tongue I knw I know I have full confidence in you....LOL
What do u mean by-isse bhi pata chal gayi inke pyaar ki kahaniWink
Arre meri pyaari bachchi-jab Khullum khulla pyaar karenge ye dono,to puri basti ko pata to chalega hi naaEmbarrassedWink I know...but the way he started praising this couple only after a day was kind of comicLOL
Finally bhatakti hui aatmayen pahuch gayi shiroliAngry,yaa yaa i am talking about BGsDead kitne bhadde ugli BGs haiDead
Waise nakku dear is surely trouble puller,jahan jaati hai,problems uske swagat me khade hote haiOuch.I mean uska aur BGs ka milna jaroori tha kya,itna bada jungle hai,koi aur raaste se nahi jaa sakti thi woh gadhiLOLShe is a trouble magnet....LOL
Poor rangaOuch,all beaten up by these nikkame BGsAngry.Uske dole-sole koi kaam nahi aaye.LOL
The BG who was talking to nakku reminded me rat hair stylist,wohi jisne kuch din pehle Kala ke hair pe apna jadoo chalaya tha.LOLKala ka hair dresser bhi jungle mein aa gaya....
I just loved how Nakku used her smartnessCool ,first by scaring them & then by bargaining.
She is in true sense our sherni,kya chal chali hai.Thumbs Uphmmmm the moment it is Dutta at stake she comes in full to sherni mode...
Kala will have to think hard how to use her.Most importantly where to keep her,with PN people or with seema.both situations are not suitable.hmmmm....but before that imagine Kala's reaction at seeing Nakku backLOL
The way Dutta was running on hearing the gun shot,it reminded me of Anna's den wala scene where he runs after hearing Nakku's scream.The fear of loss was so evident.
So finally Dutta got temporary parting gift from his wife -the flower which will ultimately bring his eye-sight. owww dont make me sad...I so wanted her to be his first sightCry
Irony of the situation-she will not be the 1st person whom he will see.Cry
Kalavati ab tu gayi ,nothing can protect u from the wrath of ur bhao.totally finishedLOL
I am not comparing,but its like how lord shiva opened his 3rd eye & brought the vinaash.same way Dutta with return of his eye-sight will bring down fall of her.yup and that was when Sati was insulted....
When this down fall will happen,i will be sitting with popcorn & maroing sitiyanWink
 *Reserving a seat right beside Pooji..oye mere liye popcorn rakhiyo...woh cheese flavour waleLOL*
Ur update was too good for a build-up episode.The humour as usual fantasticClapClapClap
chal ab isse jayda taarif nahi kar sakti,tujhe hajam nahi hogiTongue hmmmm you should not actually,,,,,makes me think that something is wrong....tere muh se daant hi acchi lagti haiEmbarrassed
Lots of hugHugHugHugLots of hugs to you tooHugHugHug

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