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Mistis thoughts 18th march 2011 (Page 3)

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by why3

It seems to me that they haven't learnt from their mistakes.  They closed CB1 when the TRPs were above 3.0 and believe that audience liked the second year of CB1 and hence they are continuing with those superstitions, gimmicks etc.

That just shows that they still have not done any research on CB1 and audience connection..that was just a pack of fibs that they said. Anyone with half a brain can understand that CB1 had high TRPs when it ended not because of the tracks or stories but because the audience was in love with the Radhika and Dev and with the Purohits......they liked the characters...........they were waiting to see Radhika getting justice ....Dev fighting back........dadima, Vaishali, vivek, birju and babuji helping was the characters that kept the audience coming back and here the Purohits are a blanks and the leads are shifting. 
They were quoting HirarnyaKashyap story.  Why didn't they implement in CB1?  In every story, Kanha protects his devotees by harming the evil people.  In CB1,  only Radhika got hurt and burnt all the time.  It will be the same here too.  This show is becoming tedious and it is not even more than a month.

Exactly when Radhika was telling the story the same thought struck me........that you all know the story but still burned Radhika and made fun of Kanha........all for quick TRPs.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

Originally posted by why3

...I mean for 12 years he did not listen to Radhika and now he is listening? Couldn't they have shown that Radhika just simply praying and wishing that Kishkanhaiya is happy and well wherever he is. 

 That's why this whole thing is not making sense.  They are imposing CB1 stuff on CB2 without rhyme or reason.  Since she is not doing all "Suhaagan" stuff for 12 years, what is the need for suddenly doing it.  They could have shown her standing far from that puja and praying in her mind about chota Bumbum but getting a picture of Big Bumbum.  We get it that Kanha is with this "divine" couple.  There is no need to tell the audience in every episode by showing these gimmicks.

Yes again in the internal struggle between her mind and her brain, her brain conditioned by the priest and his orders that she should not be thinking of any other man is making her continuously harp that it is a sin but her heart should make her question herself that since she feels this connection is there a possibility that this guy can be her bumbumbhole. Te can show this slowly.

There is no slowness or rhythm here.  If they were going with a rhythm and steadiness, they wouldn't be going towards the stale storyline and the tedious execution.

Don't know what will happen here......the family was shown to be pretty rigid regarding caste system.......atleast Kabutarni and son for Champa and Chirkut to marry both have to fall in love....atleast Chirkut has to want to bring her home and then Champa can come in......the ghunghat exchange by champa and shanti will again be a repeatation.

That 's another peeve.  Instead of criticizing the caste system, they seem to be glorifying it.  So Radhika is forgiven as she is a Brahmin.  Now I really want Chirkut to take initiative and get married to Champakali.  As bad as she is, they need to show that these PF sons can marry outside the caste.

Same thing as CB1......Radhika used to walk out in the middle of the night with no money but she was adamant that Dev will not give up the title.

Yeah, they are taking all the elements from CB1 and imposing them there even if there is no reason.

The song was just to bring her there so that Radhika and Dev can be on the same screen making eye contacts....nothing to do with the story........that is if there is any story. I would have understood if Bumbum heard her...then he would have fallen more in love..........I would have understood if Kabutarni heard her as you have said......... 

It would have been much better if they had shown Dev hearing the song and falling more for her as this goes with his imagination of Radhika.

Its becoming more and more apparent that this might happen,.......since Kanha is now becoming a character and not the essence.

Yeah, I agree.

I am having doubts whether they are really interested or are serious about this show. I mentioned this in the TRP thread but mentioning it again.........they might have needed a show that will tide them over this cricket season..........both world cup and IPL.........they know that it might be very difficult for a new pair to establish during this time but in Avinash and Rubina they have the fan why not bring in C2 and milk as much as you can from it and then destroy it in few months.........they can then justify saying that it did not work and this is why CB1also did not work........and then bring in a completely different show.  In todays ME there was no editing......till yesterday they showed Dev rushing home to tell Rohan about this girl and today he was avoiding telling him......again playing with the leads to bring in twist and turn.
I watched the show and it was terrible with its editing.  I think you are absolutely right.  The channel and PH have no interest in the show and just want to use the audience fondness for CB1 and Avina to milk the maximum benefit and then let it go.  At this rate, the show won't last even for six months.  

Today they just wanted to show Holi songs and selected the most irritating numbers.  CB was just used to promote their Holi program.  I would be very happy if the ratings for today's show is close to 1.00.  I don't get it that Zee has given so much time to its show such as RMJ or YMGGK who didn't get good ratings for a long time.  But they don't want to do it with show.  This show can kill the competition easily if they just stop this strategy.  I am not sure how long I can watch this show if this continues.  I ended up fast forwarding most of the numbers and just watched couple of scenes of Dev and Radhika.

The editing was so terrible that scene of Dev holding Radhika's hand and then there was no continuity.  It is as if they shot this scene and then changed the episode to show Dev finally meeting with Radhika and putting the color.  But since the scene was shot, why not insert it also even if it makes no sense.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
Misti, one more thing also bothered me and that is what you mentioned in the thread.  Today Dev was reticent about sharing his feelings about Radhika with Rohan.  For last two days, they were showing him this eager person confiding in Rohan on every small thing.  Now they changed this character.

Now you had talked about this aspect of Dev that he is aloof and should not be confiding in Rohan as it doesn't go with his characterization.  I don't think they changed it for that reason but did it so that Rohan remains clueless about Dev being in love with Radhika.  

Every other day they are changing Dev's character and he is the lead.  They did the same with the relationship between Viraath and Mohini.  The first day he didn't like her even holding his hand and today he was in love with her.  It can't be just drinks as they were both gloating about being future Mr. and Mrs. RP.  Mohini is another character who is plain unwatchable.  Mrinalini was grey but she was fun to watch.  Mohini is just annoying with her exaggerated mannerism.  It feels as if all PF characters have been picked up from the zoo.

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gardes IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
I need to find a new idiom, as I am repeating myself for the millionth time - Khoda pahaad, nikla chuha!
This ME was a joke on the audience.  What was the real deal today?  I seriously could not fathom  the purpose of this ME, other than giving other Zee serial leads (and others who did not belong) a chance to show their dancing skills.
From the raunchy songs to which the dances that were raunchily choreographed, to the out-of-sync rendition of my favorite song - Piya Tose Naina Laage Re, to the poorest of poor and rushed editing at the end of a week of rushed episodes for BB to select the new Choti Bahu shows that this show is heading for the dumps!
And to imagine the show launched a little over a month ago!  All things that failed in the second season of CB1 is evident so early in CB2.  No one has learned their lessons, have they?
Gimmicks, lack of social awareness, mish-mash, illogical.....  have I left anything out?
I am left scratching my head.  Even the AviNa fans are relatively quiet!

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
I don't know what is in CV's mind........but hope this story will be good and interesting one..........
I think Rohen likes Dev and when Rohen get to know that Dev love Rad he will help him.....may be Rohen fells for chanda..and then Rohen never can become a RP case that chanda they both are different caste na......hope this twist will be interesting.......
now Rad is fighting with her feelings.....may be still she can't understand what is happening.......
thanks misti for your ideas....and hope CV will give us a good story.....
but only Rad will marry Dev...................................Stern Smile

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Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
  Do not worry Anu Rad will marry Dev at last  as they are made for each other with Kanha,s blessings but after lots of drama...

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sinharuby Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:45pm | IP Logged

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chipak

Misti thnaks for the update today and now this expert commentary for todays most absurd sappy epiosde..really appreciate your tenacity for having the power to actullay see this whole episode and then write it down in words for us so as to make it njoyble...there has to be some limits for showing nonsensicality and day by day DJs crossing that....What was the purpose of todays ME??????

You are welcome Seema. Purpose of MEs? Quick TRPs and nothing else.
Originally posted by misti73

 Aagbabula is only well defined here (chalo koi to hai abhi yaha..). Selective sleeping or to much of coercing kanha everywhrConfused Its loosing the charm when something like this is shown whr somehow by Kanha ki leela Rads wud be able to perform all such sudden important poojasDead 

Aagbabula has been more or less constant but there has been a slight change in him too......his anger has been toned down a bit from his introductory scene and he disliked his wife which has also been toned down........Rohan is a blank and I am guessing that he will remain a blank until the writers decide what to do with him and Dev has started to pingpong....and Kanha in every episode has made him a character and not the essence of the show.

This whole track is frustarting for me..whr Cvs cud hav shown Rads denial for her attarction and at the same time feeling Bumbum always close, questioning her feeling but then again not able to tell off bumbum directly, - this whole track would hav given some strong platfrom to move the story but now i am afraid anything like this would be shown. Viewers wud be left feeling something amiss adn then nxt thing we see is BB telling Dev to look for this girl- radhaAngry till then Cvs will only show selective slpeeings of kanha- Lot sof underdeveloped tracks is what DJs masters in but then they mastered post mid 2010 only....where is their expertise of before 2010..
Its the PH and the channel........The ph is to blame but the channel decides on what to show and what not to show.....they can easily ask the ph to step up. The fall in CB started after the new people came in zee in sept-oct 2009.......and I think that those people are still there. Until there is a big change in the Zee management (creative department) and new people are brought most probably all this will continue. As for DJs its again quick cash for them......thas what they have become specialists in.

 Now am i suppose to feel relieved here as Bumbum did not organize these item songs..what difference does it make. ..had Aagbabula baba told him to do so he wud hav done that without far bumbum is only seen either following orders or following phuljahri..For me his charcater is yet to be shown with more facets of his life ...for now he is having kid like innocence, maturiy only in work, his other qualities  not tell me somehwr hes suppose to play rough tough an average viewer i am not able to connect with him still..Show us more plss............
Result of Holi ME again...........tis week they should have spent developing his character but deliberately made him innocent to have this quick introduction and date with Radhika.....til monday he was more or less ok but from tuesday onwards it became topsy turvy. They again changed him yesterday to being in heir twist.........till friday he was telling Rohan about everything and yesterday he refused to tell Rohan that the girl might be coming......quite a sudden change.As for the rough and tough I think that has changed.......I mean they might have left that aside.
Now  suddenly her gurukul wanted her to sing in Madtura Holi kanha is inventing new ways to bring Radev close and we say where is uniqueness.. coming o that Holi connection..looked disjointed event

Not needed and they atleast could have made use of this ..............made Dev listen to the song and that would have mesmerized him more...........let the badi bahu listen to the song and let her think.........instead of the stupid chaste system over the top reaction and lynching mob.
 yes yes Champakali n Chirke is what we would like...again hits n misses game..not interested Cvs unless you show some interaction..misti cannot expect horsie to help alwaysLOL
well they can go through all the members of the animal kingdom their search and rescue operation.

This i dont know if creatives error or direction problem or editing team fault..But  whatever ME was made just to kill time n kill the story n kill bhejhas of viewers..khud ka to hai nahiDead

No one was interested in what to show and what not to show.......they were only interested in a quick cut and paste job to get the TRPs.

Phuljhari is following Abhay footsteps here..not wanting to belive her instincts for Cvs own convenienceOuch Now the whole 2 hr Singing dancing pupose is this - show same lousy beliefs that no other person than brahmin can touch pure pooja ka stuffs, same vrindavan type mob ever ready to punish human in nay way possible..This is simply gross and what is more pathetic is the way they deal with this serious issue of caste beliefs (which is still prevalnt in some sections here..)..I m not a Brahmin does that mean i m not allowed to go in mandir, touch anything thr....why they always had to show something this retrograded..

Zee specialises in regressive shows.........if they really want to salvage this they shoudl show Chirut falling for Champa and bringing her home as a bride.......that will be puting a point across....
Misti my only question today -i want to know whose money is put in today  in making this ME..whoever channel or DJs i dont care but i know one thing that party is having huge black money and instead of doing any charity they thought it to spend it this way.....on utter useless and nonsense stuff.
By this rate Djs not only makiing loyal fans of Cb feel disconnect with the whole treatment but also forcing new viewers to ask this very pertinent question as to why fans of CB wanted second season for it..whats so special abt it apart from Avina...
Simply showing avina inone frame isnt going to help the much emphasis on Radev/Kanha without having developed the grounding is the flaw...wish they do something jaldi before viewers starts detaching from the show

My hunch is that they did not have any screenplay ready when they started the show..........they had a broad framework about how to progress but no definite screenplay ..............the result of that is the mess that we are seeing.This ME was for quick TRPs and they wasted a week. I won't blame the new viewers for questioning what is there in this show for it to be brought back again.    

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