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||Fairyland Creations#4||New Link 150|| CLSD (Page 28)

SweetAddiction. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 January 2008
Posts: 10236

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:10pm | IP Logged

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Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:20pm | IP Logged

My answer bookHug Ya i know long time no chat why oh why i mish uOuch anyways OMG 4th shop thats rockingCool Im soo proud of uEmbarrassed ROFLROFL and trust me ur shop is making me soo happy conrgratsParty

Aww I knw My stupid exam once itz over we can chat again MUHAHAHAHAHAHAEvil SmileROFLROFLROFL Aww ThAnks a lott <3ROFL LOL LMAO... Aww Thanks a lottt <333


 My special banana watermelon dances for ur shop opening ROFLROFL 

LOL i love thse AWWWWW they are shooo cuteeeeeEmbarrassed LOL i lubbbbbbbbbbb them <3ROFLAww the banana LMAO itz shirtROFLROFLROFL And Watermelon with specs..Aww itz Shooooo cute =P

Ok now enuf of bakwaas commenting timeCool OMG ur KaJen updates every single one is beyongd gorgeous! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed waise i didnyt know u make avis aloErmm ROFLROFL 

Aww Thanks A LOTROFL LOL i just add colourings a lil time editing baaki sab KaJen magikkEmbarrassedROFLROFL LOL u really didntOuch..But i remembr u commenting in the gallery on the merged Avis i madeConfused..Or was is Nadz by anychanceConfusedROFL LOL see m a bhulakkad tooROFL

u never told my kya and leave avis i never knew u were soo awesome at themShocked ROFLROFL I know nowApprove U rocked the avis and i can say tht coz i cant stop staringStern Smile specially the KaJen ones freaking adorable! Heart  The styles and i lub u for making stuff on tht library and kajen Aaata scenes their such cute scnes and omg their my fav actually one of my favBlushing LOL OMG sooo dreammmyDay Dreaming

Aww LOL M not That gud as i say to all! LOL they arent that gud need to improveApproveROFL LOL I love the scenes too Aata and Library =P They are my favs LOL! I love both the scenes so made avis out of those coz i lovee those scene <3 and LOL i went crazy making the scenes i saw the episode 4-5 times making the avisROFL LOL and i mugged up the dialogues and scene no. tooROFL 


 My fav 3 out of the Aata updateBlushing OMFG they are soo HAWT!!! check out the last one lip staringBlushing i love the colouring on thses avis its soo clear lol! And the second avi oye hoye gussi baby on fire ROFL she was sooo cutee in th sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and KSG in white oh hotness!! <3333 And they were soo close i love how simple ur avis are!!! aaaaaaahhh soo hot!! and the first one the making of the aata they are soo close omg i love thtese 3 soooo much!!!! <333 OMG u rocked it these are soo hawt and cute at the same timeDay Dreaming Uff KaJen answer book ur avis are rockingBlushing

LOL the second one was my fav LOL 'Dekho mein jal nahi rahi hoon' 'Bacho khooni darindi'ROFL'Kya'ROFLROFLROFL I love those lines LMAOROFL Gussi Baby on FIRE LMAOROFL That cracked me up seriouslyROFLROFL Aww I knw LOL both are shoo close LOL! Aww LOL Thanks a loottt Question BankHug


 Kajeeeeeeeeeeeen <3333 u made on this scene alos u know not many ppl make on this scene well i havent seen many ppl make ROFL U made aah im happyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Like really happy ROFL I lovw the dupaata scene uff soo KaJenliciousBlushing U know i dont drool over kajen much bt ur avis are making me go into KaJen landDay Dreaming Their expression i love this scene ksg looks soo hawt in black and wen he takes off his helmet and his expresssionsBlushing and again im telling u simple colouring looks fabClapClap Keep it simple u bring out the magicDay Dreaming I mean it wen i say thtEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

LOL i just felt that this scene was awesome and need to make some on that LOL So here they areLOL I loved this scene and the lift scene that reminds me will make some stuffs after exam on the lift sceneROFLROFLLOL i knw u drool over YuNa and KaJen but YuNa more..Right..?Wink LOL I drool over both equallyROFL Aww Thanks a lott LOL! LOL i agree KSG's expression is UnmatchableApproveROFL LOL nd ur comments are mKing me think m really gud LMAOROFL Aww Thanks a lott <3 

And haw u know how to make animated siggies also wah wah i didnt know ROFLROFL Love them way tooo much!! Heart

LOL  =(( u didnt knw this too =(( Aww Thanks a lott QBHug

 Library sceneSilly Him staring at herBlushing OMG love love love it Heart and i love the colouring and the text is soo perfect <3 and also its in white and purple those colours go soo well togetherClapClap and the stare omg its magical!! and btw i lovw the texture here as welll and its simple again aah i love this siggyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed The text u chose is perfect!!!

LOL Library scene is my faaaaaaav <3 well after Toothbrush sceneLOL Aww Thanks a lott <3 LOL My frnd made me listen to that song =P so i used it here! Itz a Japanese song actually! she showed me english version..IDk i just adored the lyrics LOL so used it here =P..Aww Thanks a lott <3 LOL Texture credit To the respective uploadersBig smileROFL OK LOL that reminds i must credit the PPL coz i forgot...M such a bhulakkadD'ohROFL

 EEEEEEEEEEEEE first kajen sceneDay Dreaming this was wen i actually fell in love with them and love the red and white colouring it looks hawt!! and i love u for animating the stare and uff the pics u chose are soo perfect baby Heart LOVE IT and the textures and omg the textBlushing AB u rocked it omg cant stop staring u must be thinkin im pagal ROFLROFL

LOL yup and my first Animated sig tooApproveROFL Aww Thanks A lottt <3 LOL Text again a japanese songROFL LOL my frnd translated it for meROFL Poor girl i torture her soo muchErmmROFL..LOL i wnt think that u r pagal coz  i knw u r already oneApproveROFL

Ok the RM stuff is amazing as well specially the BB ones are too cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassed OMG ur rocking the avis and i love how u keep them simple i just keep saying th haina ROFLROFL so ya i love ur work coz its amaazingCool Ok i think i done much bakwaas lol waise do u know how to stack avis? and i better see YuNa hereEmbarrassed ROFLROFL ok im not ordering u ROFLROFL

Aww Thanks A Lott <3 LOL that was my best frndz fav scene =P so that was dedicated to her coz she isnt in forums anymore coz of her studiesCry... LOL See the next updROFL i made 8 Yuna Avis =P LOL Yup i knw to stack! kyun..? LOL! And if u order too thats okHug

and i better get pmsLOL Love yaHug

u will defo get PMS PlomishHug LOL coz PM list is readyApproveROFL

Love Ya 2 3 4 5 raised to infinityHug
Answer BookROFL
Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Whhhooooohhooooooo!!!! Congo on your 4th shop Niyu!! PartyPartyParty DancingDancingDancing
This calls for a parttttaaayyyy!! PartyPartyParty
Kab der rahi hai tu?? After all we do deserve it for commenting and helping you finish don't we?? ErmmLOL

Told u In the 5th shopApprove so party in the 5th SHOPPartyROFLROFL
Acha ji! I never knew!! You ain't partying without me!! Will be waiting for it! Or should I just start spamming from now? Evil Smile

U can Spam whenever u want think this as ur own shopApprove LOL see M shoo gudApprove

Lemme know! I'll be waiting! Approve

 5 5 5 5 5 5 5  55 5 5 5 5th shopApproveROFL
Yeah! I know now!! Gotta invite me properly! Cuz I never even knew we were having one in the fifth thread! Ouch

Ahhh....Puleez! Dnt tell THAT i told in the last shop last page that we will party in the 2nd shop! Miss ANDHI..Put on ur specsGeek

Anyways lemme give my good wishes to you now!! LOL

Wishes are always gud.. wats the difference b/w wishes and gud wishesErmm
Who cares! LOL

Haahahahahha GOTCHA! ROFL

Vaahh!! Khoob naam roshan kiya hai hamara!! 
Beta bas aise maan laga ke kaam karne aur humare maange uh nahin...binti (requests right?? ConfusedLOL)  poori karna!  Thik hai?? Dekhna humare aashirwaad ke saath bohut kaamyabi milegi!! Embarrassed

LOL Tujhe hindi to pata hai naROFL Ya phir JKJ ki tarahConfusedROFLROFL LOL but itni hindi JKJ ke samajh mein nahi aayegaDancingROFLROFL
Uhh thodi bohut!! I'm not so fluent but Jessy ki tarah itna anpar (Sorry!) nahin hoon!! LOL

Haww My JKJ isnt unpadROFLROFLROFLROFL She Will learn hindi Soon and M sure abt itApprove *RIGHT JKJ..?* LOL great so frm now ui can tease u tooROFL

BUT!! (Warning toh dena chahiye! Tongue)
AGAR! AGAR!! Tumne hamari baat nahin mani aur time par update nahin kiya toh dekhna kya hashar hota hai tumhara! Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile

Muhahahahahahahaha I LOVEEE MEROFL So isliye theek se upd kar doongi PLOMISHROFL
Great! Now that you've promised, you better not back down!! Or else! Evil SmileEvil Smile
You won't know what's coming your way! Evil SmileEvil Smile

Your gonna  need a damn good excuse for not updating!! See how good I am?? I'm giving you great advice which surely you'll HAVE to follow!! Tongue Evil Smile

Hmmm....I have mNy excusesROFL ESP.EggjamsEvil SmileROFL See m Ishmart naROFL
Acha fine! exams is okay! No more excuses!

I have exams everyday now wat to do ErmmROFL

Aww how sweet of you to give us a special message! 
And here's hugs back! Hug Hug

Awww coz u guys are too sweet and  u  guys continously supported meHug

(See I'm not khanjoos in giving hugs! Tongue)

Even m not KanjoosApprove
Yeah I can see that! Only one hug! Ouch

M Not a KANJOOS! u r DEMAND DRAFT!ROFL Here u go one more K..?Hug

See how dedicated I am to your shop?? Commented even before you PM'd me!! That's cuz I'm super-fast! Approve as well as stalking you ROFL
But mainly cuz your creations are damn good that I keep looking forward to them! (Have to keep an eye *stalk* out for it! Embarrassed)

Yup I KnwROFL Thats y  u r 3rdLOLROFL EXCLUDING DAbbuROFLROFL Aww ILY for thatHug
They are not that gud thoughErmm
Exactly! Approve
Oye! Please shut up! Who said they aren't that good?? They are brilliant! So right now I'm stuck if you're talking about the same creations that I am talking about! Ermm

NOPE I WONTApproveROFL LOL they arent well now they are OK OK compared to the previous updates Stern SmileROFLROFLROFL

Puhleez! We only beared your torture for the update! Tongue Just joking! We love your work cuz you are just too sweet! Replying to every little comment that we make in the shop even if its irrelevant! LOL I mean how many people have that much patience to actually do that?

Hahzahaahahaa VERY FUnnyGeekROFL Aww LOL i love to reply coz u all spend ur time to comment so why shudnt i spend mine to reply to u allHug
Ohh good logic!! So you do have brains!! So you do use them!! Achi bachi!

PULEEZ m not like u and MIRCHI brainlessApproveROFLLOL and u acchi bacchi tooCool

Jokes apart! Congo on you new shop Niya!!
Love the new banners as well as the rules!! Do I need to say which ones I like the best?? Embarrassed
Hope there's many more to come!! After all you are a fabulous siggy maker!! Embarrassed

Aww LOL thanks a lott ..LOL u r seeing my stufffs frm my 2nd shop so u tell have i improvesErmm
Yup!! I'm a regular! Approve and your siggies are absolutely mindblowing! Tbh I've never come accross a crap siggy of yours! Do show me if there's any! Though I do seriously doubt it!

OK then go to my first shop u will knw wat m talking abtROFL
ROFL..How bad my stuffs areROFL U will knw if u go to first shop =|

ROFL LOL i knw which oneWinkROFL Achi bachi! Samaj gayi!

and oh yeah, stacking avi's!! Evil SmileLOL
take your time and do it whenever you can! Embarrassed (See how kind I am? I mean cmon! You gotta notice that! ConfusedLOL

I knw u r too shweetApprove LOL and i will defo do that soonEmbarrassed
Like I said before, take your time! I'm not so fussed, as long as its done! Embarrassed

Aww u r shoo shweet i will defo DO ITApproveROFL

Aww ILY you too!!
Hahhahahahaha so you DID get splashed by me?? ROFLROFLROFL
Thought you weren't gonna fall for it!!

I never fell for it but i thought poor u lOL so i didnt open the PM but i told that u splashedROFL
Jhooti jhooti!! Duniya ka sabse bara jhooti idar hai!

NOPES i dnt lie i  never lie... LOL if u want u can ask my parents and my college frndz ROFL

Here take this!! ROFL


Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:44pm | IP Logged

On your new aka 4th shop Parii Hug

Aww Thanks A  LOtt DiiiHug

May you get to open many more shops just like this oneWink
You rock baby ClapClapClap

Aww Thanks a lott di ROFL...Di y did u change ur font to sooo huge oneROFL

I read your message and you don't need to thank me for being here coz it's absolutely my pleasure to be in your shop. Believe me Approve I feel so good whenever I see your update/creations. Your creations are drool worthy, refreshing, and mesmerising CoolDay Dreaming

Aww Thanks a lottt di <3 LOL M seeing u using so many emocs for the first timeShockedROFL Aww thanks a lott diiii <3 

Awww....you also changed your rules and now you are accepting SR officially....YAY DancingDancing
I am over the moon.....heheWink! I knw the fact that you never said no to me whenever I requested SR sig/avi, but believe me it feels so different when you officially accept them....you know what I mean ...right?LOLLOL

Yup m officially taking their reqsROFL Aww LOL i knw LOL i knw but u hardly use any SR sigs or avis na diROFL U maximum use HarshJenBlushing BTW did u se Jenny's new show..? Hoe was it..?Blushing
Okay enough of my non sense.....now let's get back to your sample! Oh my goodness, I love your freebies on the first page.....all your avis look freaking cute and adorable and am feeling like using all of them Smile but can't CryLOL

Aww LOL i love ur nonsenseROFL LOL thanks  lottt diii =( Aww LOL i can understandROFLROFL LOL! Muhahahahahaha If someone uploads Jenny's Videos frm the new show i can make some avis out of thoseCry But i cant find it anywhereCry

Anyway, genuinely looking forward to see your next update. I can't wait to have you back fully Wink

OK LOL u knw i updated and commented on ur next commentROFL And LOL this is my stupidity i commented on 2nd comment first and first comment 2ndConfusedROFL LMAo!
Aww will be back fully on25th so i will upd gallery 2-3 timesLOL Per dayROFL U knw na how i used to update b4 examWink

Good luck for your exams and do come back with a rocking update Wink
Aww Thanks a lot dii <33

Luv ya Hug

Diii Wink

Love ya Loads (MORE)

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-KingAragorn- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2008
Posts: 15456

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
Congrats on Shop # 4!!!  Star  Party 
Your work is awesome! Cool
Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

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Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged

Aww thanks a lotHug M glad u liked themBig smile

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Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged

Will reply wen m back!

@Marz: Edit urs LOL i wanna knw wats ur reqEvil Smile

@Question BANK: Will be bak and reply =D

@JKJ: EDIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitPinch


*SIGNS OFF* will be back Laterss

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