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~Kahani Mohabbat Ki~ RBO FF Updt. Part 2 PG. 3 (Page 2)

OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
hey nyc concept yaar!..
PM me wen u r ready wid the update!..
manish is aditya??....tht name suits him more than rahul anyway!
i need u to find him a really NICE girl.......later in the FF.....
looking forward to it!

adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
awesome  concept, please keep writing!
simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Imane!! wow!! sounds like a smashing concept with loads of pm me!!
love, simi
Bravehearts IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 1:15am | IP Logged
imane nice concept plz continou
k.krithika Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Imane Nice concept
Good Intro Smile
please continue....
accountband Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Part One: Meri Duniya

Setting: Manali, Mathur household's living room where Khanak is seated with her diary and pen on a fine Sunday Morning…

…Manali aik choota sa per bahut he khoobsurat Hill Station hain, Yahaan aksar loog apni vacations aur sardi ka khass maza lenay aatey hain, per meray liye toh Manali is a piece of heaven on earth. Yeh vohi jannat hain jo maine aur meray sub se pyaare Adi Bhaiya ne apni liye khud banai hain. Kehnay ko toh voh isse humari jannat kehtay hain per humaray iss chotay se ghar mein har aik cheez sirf unki mehnat ki hain aur yeh baat sirf unke paisoon ya par-roll tak limited nahi hain kyunki Adi Bahiya ki mehnat ki vajah se he ajj unki Chutki, yani main Khanak Mathur apnay college ki Top student jani jaati hon. Kahir abb aggar main yahaan Bahiya ki baatein aur tareefein likhnay mein busy hogaye toh Sunday ka breakfast acha khasa jal jaayega aur main voh pehli larki hongi jo khass Jalivi (burned) Chai bananay kay liye jaani jaati hain…Write to you soon..."   

"Adi Bahiya!! Breakfast ready hain…" Khanak exclaimed pouring out garam-a-garam Chai for Adi and herself in her favorite Mugs for her special Sunday morning breakfast.

"Chutki main araha hoon…Tu itna chila nahi puray muhalay ko utha degi…" Adi replied coming out of the bathroom with his towel around his neck.

"Bahiya bhi na, sara waqt kuch na kuch…behn ko chor kar puray muhalay ki fikhar hain…" Khanak muttered placing her favorite marmalade on the lightly toasted bread. Adi emerged from his room as she placed it on her plate.

"Morning Bahiya!"

"Oye, good morning toh tab hota jub meri Chutki mujhay apni sweet awaz mein jagati, par abb toh mujhay lagta hain kay tumhara loud speaker meray aur humaray neighbors kay kaan kharaab kar kay he rahay ga." Adi settled himself across the table and started on his breakfast with a witty remark that annoyed his sister like always.
Mumbai: Khandelwal House
"Akshay I don't think Shaan kuch galat keh raha hain…" Khusboo said defending her sweet devar as her husband paced around the room tensed.

"Kushboo tum smajh kyun nahi rahi… Aggar Shaan chala gaya then things will get worse here…he just wants to run away from Dad aur tum jaanti ho kay Dad doesn't want that even if he show no apparent care for Shaan." Akshay replied in frustration, hoping Kushboo  would be on his side and not on the ladlay(favorite) "Chotey" of the house.

"Akshay tum jaantay ho that this is not the first time Shaan aur Dad ka argument hua ho…In fact agar voh yahaan se nahi gaya toh these so called "little" arguments will turn into fights…and Dad ka ghussa aur meray pyaare devar kay emotions kabhi bhi acha end result nahi de saktey…it will be lethal to the entire Khandelwal house." Khusboo analyzed the situation, persisting her approach like always.

Akshay sighed taking a seat next to his wife. He looked over at her and tried his level best to get convinced by her smile and the argument she was making. Although, Kushboo's idea was not the desirable solution but Akshay knew that it would help to cool things down a bit.

The reason behind Akshay and Kushboo's discussion was Shaantanu Khandelwal's heated argument with Sunil Khandelwal, who was hell bent on getting his son into a graduate MBA program so that he could join the business empire and hopefully takes over one of the companies. Shaan was intelligent and driven, he took up business as his major because Akshay had convinced him in making their Dad proud, but at the same time he signed up for Music and Theory composition as his other Major. It was apparent that he wanted to make Sunil proud but he knew very well that his heart was in to music and nothing could change that. He was getting outstanding grades as a business major but he valued his Music theory classes more because he felt he could explore and expand on something that made him feel alive. Something he really looked forward to without being dependent on good marketing and advertising books. This wasn't the first time he shared a difference in opinion with his own father, however it was the first time Sunil Khandelwal found out about his enrollment in Music and Theory Composition and double majors.

"Daadi, kya Dad kabhi nahi maanay gay?" Shaan questioned the one person who always gave him unconditional support no matter how angry her own son got with Shaan.

"Pata nahi Shaantanu beta…per iss baar toh Sunil kuch zaayada he naraaz ho gaya hain, voh bhi sirf iss baat par kay meray Shaan ne apni pasand ka subject choose kiya lakin yeh nahi samajh raha kay Business ki pharai bhi toh saath mein kar he raha hain… "Daadi pondered over the situation aloud as she sat by Shaan and consoled him gently.

"Daadi mujhay app jaanay de na please…" Shaan pleased holding on to her hands, trying to gain some approval for his cause.

"Beta mujhay teray jaanay per koi aiteraaz nahi hain per…"

"Daadi abb app bhi  "per" aur "kyun"  jaise kharaab words use karay gee..? Maine toh soocha tha kay app meri side par ho aur mujhay Manali jaanay mein help karoge…" Shaan pouted folding his arms and turning away from his beloved Daadi.

"Haan toh main apnay Chotey ki side pe he toh hoon, Sunil ki side per hoti toh yahaan teray pass naho hoti…par aik baat mujhay batao, yeh Manali mein aisa kya hain jo Mumbai jaisay baray aur achay shehr main nahi…tu kyun jana chahta hain vahaan jub teri Mumbai ki university itni achi hain…" Daadi questioned looking up at her tall grandson who was still pouting like a child.

"Kyunki vahaan par aik bahut well known music teacher rehtay hain…voh pehlay Mumbai mein hi hotay thay par yeh shehr unhay kuch acha nahi laga issi liye voh Manali chalay gaye aur vahaan ki University mein professor bhi hain,  but this semester voh music ki aik class offer kar rahay hain, sirf aik semester kay liye. Afterall, voh bahut zaayda overprotective hain music aur apnay talent ko lekar, voh yeh sub commercialize nahi karna chatay, unhay lagta hain kay humari generation music ko bahut light heartedly leti hain…aur main aisa bilqual nahi soochta…" Shaan explained his reasoning to Daadi who took in each and every word in slowly while being amazed by Shaantanu's devotion to music.

"Arey Vah! mera Chota sangeet se itna pyaar karta hain, mujhay toh yeh pata he nahi tha… Per Manali jaake tum itnay kathore Ustaad ko akelay impress kaise kar paao gay? Aur kahein vahaan un se koi ulti seedhi baat kehdi toh phir kya hoga?" Daadi jumped to conclusion like always and 
Shaan started to smile at his very own gullible grandmother.

"Daadi main aisa kuch nahi karnay waala…main toh bus un se kuch sheekh na chahta hoon…thoray din kay liye he sahi, itnay famous aur jaanay huye teacher ka student hona meray liye kitnay baray honor ki baat hogi yeh sirf main he samajh sakta hoon…Main nahi jaanta Dad ko kyun yeh sub itna bura lag raha hain…jis tarah business ki internship kay liye U.S gaya tha, ussi tarah aggar main music kay liye kuch din Manali chala jao toh what's the big deal?" Shaan expressed his frustration as he settled himself on his bed while Daadi finally understood his point.

"Toh theek hain, tumhari yahaan se jaanay mein main tumhari full maddad karogi…Abb Sunil ki aik nahi suno ge aur tujhay Manali bhej kar he raho ge…!" Daadi declared with determination and walked out of Shaan's room after giving him a confident smile as he stood up and hugged his favorite person at the moment.   

Back in Manali…
Khanak and Adi are grocery shopping in an open market, the search for the freshest tomato and leafiest bundle of Spinach is their top priority at the moment…

"Madamje yeh app ko isse sasta nahi millay ga…puray 2 kilo voh bhi sirf 50 rupees mein." The veggie vendor exclaimed as he claimed his deal to be the best in the entire market.

"Acha, abhi do din pehlay toh app mujhay yeh 20 rupees mein 1 kilo de rahay tahy phir achanak ne 5 rupees bhara diye…tum aik stable rate nahi rakh saktey, jub dekho upar neechay kartay rehtay ho..hmmph!"

"Toh do din mein toh bahut kuch badal jata hain, aur vaisay bhi Manali ki sub se achi sabzi meri he hoti hain." Vendor announced setting off Khanak's switch to get angry at his arrogance.

"Dekho  mujhay yeh subzi ghar jaakay pakani hain koi ramp per modeling nahi karwani iss se… main yeh 1 kilo he longi aur voh purana rate he doonge…samjhay!" Khanak made her final decision and handed her choice of tomatoes to the vendor who was fuming in anger but knew that she was not going to change her mind even if he tried to convince her otherwise.

"Haan aur voh adha kilo hari mirchi bhi dena.."

"Khud kisi mirchi si kum nahi hain phir bhi hari mirchi kay peechay pari hain…" the vendor mutter under his breath as Khanak looking suspicious of his muttering.

"Yeh kya bola tumne? Bulao main Adi bahiyaa ko, akay khoob khabar lay gay tumhari…" Khanak warned startling the vendor.

"Nahi madam je…kuch bhi toh nahi…yeh lo app ki sabzi, aur maine kuch nimbo yunhi daal diyay hain…app kay kaam aaye gay, aur Adi Bahiyaa ko meri taraf se poochna… yeh lo…" He said handing over her groceries trying divert her attention as he knew of Adi's well respected reputation in the town.

 "Hmm..agaye na abb line par…khair choro…yeh lo tumharay puray 50 rupees sub cheezoon kay…agli baar jub aoogay toh taaza gobi saath lekay aana… ajj itni taaza nahi hain issi liye nahi larahi hoon…" Khanak smiled handing over his money and taking the bags in return

"Jee acha madam jee…shukriya!" The vendor thanked Khanak and smiled in return.

"Hmm, abb yeh Adi Bahiyaa kahan gaye…meray fresh aur laal tematar unki rukhi aur sukhi palak ki band na baja de iss  kahin nazar nahi arahay hain… Per Khanak tu tension kyun le rahi hain iss grocery trip ka "sub se achi deal award" toh tujhay he milay ga…" Khanak thought to herself as her eyes roamed around the market searching for her dearest brother.

They would always split up in the market so that more could be done in little time, but as always they had planned to meet up at the corner cafe where the winner of the "best deal" could have anything from the caf on the expense of the loser. This was Adi and Khanak's own made up tradition that might seem silly to many people but it was one of the best moments of their week and the ultimate highlight of a well spent Sunday. 

Back to Mumbai… Late at Night
"Shaan are you sure beta kay itnay kafi hongay?" Madhavi whispered handing over some money to Shaan, she was being Daadi's advocate for helping Shaantanu escape to Manali. After much debate and discussion all day Sunil was not willing to agree upon anyone's request. His answer was "NO" and it would have remained a big fat "NO" no matter what, and so Madhavi and Daadi decided to execute mission "Escape to Manali" for Shaantanu in the late night hours.

"Yeah Mom, yeh kafi se zaayada hain aur main Manali tak he jaraha hoon, it's a small town, vahaan itni zaroorat honi toh nahi cahiyay…and I have got my card" Shaan whispered hugging his mother thankfully.

"Shaan tum jaantay nahi ho Sunil ko kya…kal sham tak tumhara credit card cancel karwa cukhay hongay voh…iss liye main tumhay cash de rahi hoon…aur vahaan pooch kar meray cell per aik ring zaroor dena okay.." Madhavi said as she watched his son picked up his duffle bag and guitar off the floor.

"Okay Mom time to bid me adieu…Daadi ko meri taraf se aik baar phir hug kar dena...aur please sub sambhal lena, I know mujhay kuch kehnay ki zaroorat nahi hain kyunki I know you are the world's BEST Mom! And I Love You!"

"Love you too beta…now go and apna bahut kahyaal rakhna…" Madhavi smiled and waved her son good-bye knowing that as a mother she had done the right thing by supporting Shaan for his cause.

Shaan smiled back at her and then turned to walk towards the front door of the beautiful Khandelwal mansion. He was a little sad for leaving under such circumstances but with his Mom and Daadi as his supporters he felt confident of his decision. He knew Sunil would forgive him once he realizes that he is really passionate about music and if he could understand that then maybe he'll be proud of his accomplishments as well. Shaan had no problem helping out with business but he just wished that Sunil could accept him as the son who can handle both his music and business without having to pick one out of the two. As he walked away from his house he made a promise to himself that upon his return he would make his father understand his perspective so that he could feel pride in him just as he does when he looks at his accomplished and successful older son Akshay Khandelwal.   

P.S: A video promotion should be up soon as well...i am working on it...  

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 October 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 12:53am | IP Logged
very nice imane..
loved khanak and adi s sunday tradition
daadi is back...yay...
now waiting for the next part
angel_9 Goldie

Joined: 12 November 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 4:43am | IP Logged
Hi Imane..........
wonderful update ClapClapClapClapClap
loved it..............
khanak 's character wow awesome ..............she being a teekhi mirchi...................loved the convo of khanak & adi...........
shan want to do both business & music as he wants music & also want to please his take business his major wonderfully described.................... madhavi is so sweet.......helping her son............
i assume they both will meet in manali............looking forward for their interaction..............
continue soon.............
thanks 4 the PM

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