Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
happy  holi
super loved the episode.    StarStarStarStarStar 
 arjun -  Embarrassed CoolApproveLOL
 arohi - HugHugHug
 dhond -  UnhappyErmmQuestion
 jay -  SillyGeek
 archi -  EmbarrassedThumbs Up
 dushta chatushtay -  DeadAngrySleepyPig 
 bua  --  D'oh
Arohi  could not wait for 6 days  to tell ClapClap  and decided to break the stupid promise  made to dumb dhondu ClapClap.  I love you arohi Hug.   
Bua confiding in gauri , bad idea,  and gauri coming to know that arjuhi are in love super super bad ,  I was bowled over by her reaction to aro is in love,  it is so simple for whole ullu khandan to decide abt love Dead and gauri  actually still thnks she can get arjun after what happened at hm hotel ShockedDeadCensored  .     and  she was calling bua  'love' LOL  and  bua  without questioning easily agrees to leave everything to gauri  Thumbs Down
The next scene was super good.   it was simple to the point and they did not over stretch it ,  just three callers and  three awesome replies  ClapClapClap .    Arohi  expecting arjun to notice her actions when she doesnt want to say ILU Ouch but that  wont  suffice  he wants  words this time, he is done interpreting her actions.   Arjun wants her to know it is either ILU or bye bye .  and the sorry scene was good too,  he simply says sorry arohi just for the sake of caller and there was really no need for him to say sorry to her or even ilu,  arohi this time  says  ILU ClapClap  directly.  He doesnt  want  to   take any chances this time and leaves. Clap.   Loved it ,  liked arjun's mood here completely.
dhondu trying to talk to archi, bhari function hall mein ? Ermm and jor jor se baatein karte hai, jay's parents are walking arnd substituting for guests Confused and jay wants to talk to dhondu and is happy that he is spending more time with archi ROFLSilly and tells him his archi's  stalker Confused , isnt dhondu still a stranger to jay how can he talk abt his wld be wife with him  Confused,    and also wants dhondz to do the spying  and is ready to wait for 3 days for result  , nahi to dhond ko nikal dega matlab dhond ko ultimatum diya ki  meri fiancee ko tum 3 din mein bhaga sakte ho Silly .chor ke hath mein chaabi Wacko.   'arjun ko bolke chutti karvadunga'  why arjun, it shld be lovedeep bua na,  arjun ko bologe  to  woh isi waqt tayyar hai chutti  karne ke liye LOL.
arohi comes there and starts  hitting  dhondz,  I am glad she was still in the same mood as from the studio Thumbs Up she will not come out of it until arjun is convinced Embarrassed,   she hits him good Clap and cries 'tumne mujhe koi option choda hai kya'  ConfusedConfused  bahut  badi promise hai , bahut  bada mission hai Confused  kya option chodna hai there is no need to sacrifice arjun's and your happiness for this dumbo.Confused  and  this  dhondu why is he  chipkofying  arohi sooooo much  Angry  dislike dislike  ,   wiping tears, pinching cheeks,  touching head to head,  yeh sab harkate karega to arjun ko gussa nai to aur kya ayega ,  idiots ,  director  there was no  need for  dhondu chipkofy scenes.   it wld have been more effective  if he had  some pain in face and voice instead of his antics. Sleepy . and even after she cried so much he  did not ask her to go and tell arjun and he will come with her Shocked Thumbs Down.   The camera shld have just focussed arohi in this scene, with dhondu in distance. 
loved arohi's lines ' tumhare chakkar mein main apna pyar kho dungi ,  6 din mein pata nahi kya kya ho jayega Ouch (this line scared me ) ,  man kar raha hai ki apni jaan de du Ouch " this last line was so deep that now she is in so much love that she is ready to even die OuchEmbarrassedClap she has reached that stage in love where she should be able to go back anymore.  'main uske aas paas rehna chahti hoon , thats all I want now ' ,   Embarrassed  thats all we also want Big smile, CVs please remember that you showed these lines and show us arohi acting upon it,  arjun ke aas paas rehne ka .  pls. pls. Embarrassed 
Arjun's mood has changed, kyun change kiya ?  he  cld have had the scene with the coreographer  while  still being in the same mood as he was in the studio na. taunting her is not going to work he shld continue to be in this mood ignoring and being angry at her.    nways the scene again rocked making arohi talli, and loved her dialouges here all of them.   BT walo apne coreographers ko change karo ,   arjun and that lady are dancing and in the bgnd mein woh log kya practice kar rahe the , dance????  whatever ,  when arohi said 'main gali thodi dungi , dantungi thodi' I knew she will do all that LOL  and loved her breakdown, both in front of arjun and in front of archi.  talli hone ka  kuch to fayada hua.   archi ko already  kuch kuch hone laga tha ,and after seeing aro's pain she finally decided to  go with dhond. Embarrassed .   abhi  dhond kya karega , phir kuch naya drama karega, ya phir  will he think  now he has to help arohi get back to arjun and will he help her in these 3 days?  returning her favour?   so sangeet mein dance hone wala hai , since the lady teacher left  he will have to dance with aro ,  for tere ore ?  that will be nice nice.  Embarrassed
pignesh,micky and kumud trio planning to know abt  arjun's past Ouch,  their scene was good and piggy is thrust with the job of finding details, now dont know how much dirt he will dig   plus gauri  on the other end . rudra upto his own  plans,  all of them    trying to hurt  arjuhi,  how will they withstand it . CVs please dont separate them again ,  not  now,  Let them have a beautiful life atleast for sometime, let them lead a normal married life,   bring all these clowns  later.  Cry
brilliant work by karan and kritika, loved karan  in   first scene and kritika  in  talli scene . gr8  job ClapClap.   good work by the team  Thumbs Up
Now if I may -  in first scene when lovedeep calls out gauri , there is a faint 'gauri ' sound , why?   in yday's kiss scene  camera  angles at  couple of times were not right ,  it is obivious onscreen kiss cant be real but atleast   real laga  sakte hai na,  when it is shot  from his side, i.e. his face visible the camera work shld have been done more carefully.   It was a good scene but still cld have been flawless with little more attention to editing.   chek the pics and scene u can make out which particular point I am talking abt. 

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oh god whose face have you shown today out of all ppl why guari pls dont make us sick.
anyways todays episode was all of arohi pouring Cry  her heart out but arjun ignoring the pain and signs after all he is confused Confused after what happened yesterday so cant blame him.
but aleast we got to hear i love you from both of them for each other even though it was for the radio.  i liked how arohi was taking her frustation on dhondhu which he deserves but it will be worth watching when arjun beats him up after finding out the truth which i hope is soon now that archana has confessed her love to dhondhu he  should get a move on.
after watching yesterday's episode i wish if we only got see arjuhi because didnt want to see anyone else especially that rascal  mickeal ,piggy, i mean now they have started to plot to separate arjuhi oh god pls let this plan of theirs flop like all others i mean we have more ppl wanting to separate them than reuniting them.
and how cool kritz looked drunk and truth came out even though arjun was not their to hear it but i think she should drink more often cos the scenes she creates is the possesive wifey arjun is looking for.
 did u guys notice how he was standing behind her and enjoying the scene,the  look he had on his face was awesome.i think he is doing all this on purpose to get arohi to complete yesterday,s sentence i love you arjun which she did if only arjun stayed their a minute longer he would have got to hear those 3 words he has been waiting for. 
so archana has finally realised she still loves dhondhu thanks to arohi i hope the truth is out alot quicker now so arjun & arohi are free from the pain.
now the boring bit is it is friday and we have to wait for 2 days for next episode which is the hardest part i wish they come up with episodes for the weekends we miss them and get bored without them.
if it was,nt for the forum we would have nothing to join us over the weekends thanks to this forum we have something.

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
super loved the episode...LOL HugHug to Arohi...

in the 1st scene Arjun was...awee...Day Dreaming Arohi was also bang on wit her expressions,...Thumbs Up heart just went out to Arohi throughout the epi today...Hug
Loved every action of Arjun as well...this is teh only way we could see how deeply Arohi loves Arjun...Embarrassed all this while we saw Arjun as a open book wen it came to his feelings for Aro but simultaneously Aro also developed dese feelings for Arjun but she never showed... this pain was necessary atleast for us to see the deep emotionsTongue not angry with Aro anymore.. for we see how much she loves Arjun...FINALLY!!!!! that wat i had been waiting for, ever since the second episode
Tongue yeah secondLOL that was wen DJ says to Aro "ek baar ye dil kisi pe aajaye, tho fir ye dil kisi ki bhi nahi sunta"
Thanx to arohi finally we see her desperation... aww..the jaan dene wali baat by Arohi is soo innocent just like her...loved it...Arjun deserved someone like Aro who'd love him unconditionally but the best things take time to sabr ka phal meetha hoga for ArjunEmbarrassed
Glad too see Arjun back to his naughty moodLOL though that was harsh to Arohi but i guess thats the only way to see intensity from Aro's side as wellTongueEmbarrassed loved how he did it on purpose to jalao Aro...LOL n glad to see that he always believes that Aro loves him... & this time he will get her before her time limit...well atleast i am hoping soo...CVs....Evil Smile

If i thought Dhondz is such a waste, here comes JaySilly Dhondz holds Archi's hand n is talking to her sumthin serious but Jay doesnt find it odd?Confused i'd take this if Jay has already learnt that the guy is Dhondz & is waiting for the right time but if he is really dumb to not think over it, then CVsEvil Smile
Jay's parents left?!Confused Confused

Gauri is bac bac bacDancing Dancing LOL well hoping she is back to be shown the exit foreverTongue if she is here to create more problems in Arjuhi's life then Censored
i dont mind her presence as far as she is not able to change a thing in Arjuhi's love life...mazaa aayega, everytime her plan either flops or backfires... shez required for some spice but hope CVs keep it different like they have always for KMH2..the cliched tracks also seems interesting..hope it goes that way...

ha ha..loved the over possessive, gaaliyan denewali, scene craete karne wali biwiLOL LOL Arjun was enjoying that though...shaitanLOL ha him... & Aro....*hugs* againHug

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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so after the very spammered week for the both of us.. me n kuki collaborated our take today since yesterday's Mt.Everest has left both of us quite wiped!! creativity ki dhajjiya udd gayi..toh here goes..Wink

yippee!! Party
its all positive for us its all split into intello awesome points and stupid awesome points..

stupid awesome: Silly
- bua told gauri of all people that arohi is bak in luv with arjun.. Clap
- bua might listen to gauri and not tell anyone else.. Confusedbut ofcourse already KSA/Amrit ko pata hai..toh shaayad iss clause ka zyada fark naa pade!!ROFL
- Jay..StarStarbilli ko bithaya dudh ki rakhwali karne.. but since we have agreed not to add Jay to kabootar list.. uska alag category ban gaya.. duffer ki fauj ka sardar!! hez telling all the ppl who cannot and will not help him.. arjun, dhondz.. agla kaun? archi?ROFL
- arohi dhondz ke kandhe pe ro rahi hai..Shocked i was worried there for a while that Arjun will walk in on them!! NOT the way to get into ur hubby's gud books aru!!D'oh
- kumud!!!! ROFL RPS..tum apni biwi ko nahi jaante??Shocked usne bhi yahan thodi ullupanti dikhadi.. arohi ka asar hai kya? she went n gave assignment to piggy n micky!! criminal world ke benaam bevakufs!!StarStarStar  ROFLROFLROFL
- why is arjun taking center-hall for dance practice??Shocked isnt it jay's function..Ermm they being the bride n groom.. where are they??Stern Smile but chalo koi gal nahi.. tum aankhon ke saamne na hote..toh arohi darling talli kaise hoti!! karo!!ROFLROFLROFL
- n Archi's instant realization she dint want to be in Arohi's shoes.. kabootar ko dekha..toh phatak bol diya .. I love you!!.. mujhe yahan se le chalo D.. le chalo!!Stern Smile 
- kabootar #2.. archi ka amnesia chut gaya!! tera DDLJ is back!!!ROFL

intello awesome: Cool
- gauri is back!!! Party ab yeh kuch naya mishtake karegi Wink n jitne bhi log iske pehle wale MU ko solve nahi karpaye..rajveer, arjun, arohi, KSA..etc....koi baat nahi..dubara try karlo!!LOL
- bua is fulto happy for Arohi, and wants the family to support Arjuhi.. Party
- gauri has told bua that shez gonna support bua the scope to find the truth about gauri..Star
- also gauri now knows arjuhi are back in love..beyond her MUs.. so she'll thrown in some tadka..most probably which will backfire on her.. again!! Dancing
- jay mentioned 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai'..jay keep playing seesaw between arjuhi.. tujhe bohot punya milega!! Thumbs Up
- Arohi's answers to Bunty!! "ek mauka dijiye, dil dil ki baat samajh jayega!!"HugStar
- Arjun's answers to his caller.. "apni self-respect kisi aisi ladki ke liye mat khoyiye jisse aap ki feelings ki koi kadar nahi, aur apki bhi nahi"Star lage raho arjun.. hum sab tere saath hain!!Day Dreaming
- that caller who wanted arjuhi to say sorry to each other.. loved the way Arjun says sorry n love u.. n gets teh job done..Cool but Arohi full on ikraar kar rahi hai.. Dancing
- Arjun declares that Arohi is acting and that he doesn't buy her answers!! accha hai accha hai..aur tadpao!!Evil Smile
- Arohi.. luved how she started beating every bit of dhondz she cud find..Party humare taraf se ek do laat bhi maar deti!!! Wink thanks arohi.. u did wat we wanted.. telling off dhondz n increasing pressure on dhondz to catalyse his storyThumbs Up and blaming him for giving her the most ridiculous reason to deny arjun the truth!!D'oh
- sadistic that we are... arohi crying buckets.. we love.. we love!!Evil Smile
- Arohi stating ki 'woh bohot ziddi hai, mujhse bhi zyada ziddi!!... mein bas uske aas paas rehna chahti hun"..finally tujhe bhi apne patidev ke kuch lakshan samajh aaye!!! chalo..abhi kaam pe lago..mission-patidev-patao!!PartyDay DreamingDancing
- Arjun!! what a master-stroke.. brought in choreographer.. mission-biwi-tadpao!! full marks!!Star always helps to bring in girl for dancing partner.. in front of ur wifey..ClapThumbs Up
- Arohi.. kheenche mujhe koi dor, teri ore.. !!Heart ek shot, doh shot.. not working.. pura bottle!! Clapgud girl..ROFLROFLROFL
- Arjun..appreciate him for not stealing glances at Arohi all the time.. too good!!ClapStar
- Arohi.. school of galis is back!! yay!! super luved her drunken rant.. even better.. she cudnt keep it up any longer.. bol diya.. "i love u arjun!!".. super duper luved her disappointment when she realized he had left..ROFL
- Archi-Arohi convo...more like arohi's rant.. n archi's realization!!ROFLROFLROFL

aur yeh tha aaj ke KMH ke mausam ka haal, aaj ka taapmaan kaafi badh gaya hai, Arjun bohot savdhani se apni patni ki dhulai kar rahe hai aur Arohi, glycerin ka kaafi istemaal karte hue, apne patidev ko samajhne, samjhane aur manane ki chesta kar rahi hai.. Dhondz ke kandhe par ro-rokar!! In dono keliye MLSA ki taraf se pyar ka tohfa.. 1 crate videsi daru!!Embarrassed

Agle hafte dekhiye: 
Singhania parivaar ke chamakte ghise pite criminals apne saazishon par phir amal ho rahe hai aur ek baar phir, yeh apne muh ke bal girenge.. 
Ulluwaliya khandaan ki sabse nayi aur ullu bahu, phir apne khoye hue pyaar ko paane ki namumkin koshish karengi.. 
Dhondu Kabootar apne kabootari ke saath apne DDLJ aage badhayenge
Jay Guruji apne dost aur apne ex-honewali biwi ke love lifes ke beech ping pong ball ki tarah pit te hue nazar aayenge.. aur sadly Jay "Duffer"son jaayenge kabootar#1 ke route!!
KSA aur RPS jee jaan se koshish karenge, Arjun aur Arohi ke pyaar mein daraar daalne ki, aur isme ve kaafi hadh tak na hokar puri kamyabi haasil karte agar unke apne parivaar vale apne apne ullupanti aur paintre-baazi na karte TOH!!
In sab ka mazaa lene ke liye aap dekhte rahiye, Kitani Mohabbat Hai, somvar se shukrvaar, raat 8 baje, sirf Imagine par!!

-- The End --

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
res..Tongue...shibz we are not serious check out the previous lounge!..LOL

well its the start of the love of arohi which we all wanted to see from a long time!..finally she realsies the importance of arjun in her life!..and arjun this time wont compromise its arohi who has to bear and its kinda justified coz everytime why arjun thought i felt sad for arohi!..hats off to kritz acting?!..fab as always ..and karan as usual rocked in angry hubby look!...lolz the choregrapher scene was hilarious!...loved arohi getting jealous and in the meantime archie realised phew!...and said i love u to ''D''ROFL....D for donkey!..ROFL...anyways arohi got drunk so hoping for some nice scenes provided creatives dun crush our hopes! short loved the episode!

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kkrock Groupbie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Talli Arohi!!! haaa..i absolutely luv talli arohi..muaahhh!!!!!! jaise hi arohi puri botle haath me uthathi hai me super xcited ho jaati hu..heheeee, coz fir toh ye cnfirm ho jaata hai ki ab ye pakka Gundi banake dhamaal machaegi...;-)
Ok now on a serious note... awesum episode as usual. the present track is gng so gud. n m happy ki ...arohi ne arjun se nhi kha ki she also luvs him, coz i think ye last time ki doriya r making their relation stronger , n 4 Karan- Kritika also its gud , coz they r getting chance to show their best. M sure ki inn sab ke baad jb wo dono milenge toh it will best best best moment. :-)
Aur ha aaj toh Gauri mata ke bhi darshan hue...Jai ho!!!!!!!!! ;-) but bechari ne itne dino se change hi nhi kiya. last time bhi she was wearing the same saree :P Now she'll again try out her stupid plans to separate arjohi..grrrrr...but wat i think is ki iss time wo kuchh nhi kr paaegi n n every1 in house will get to know abt her.n ya I hv a question. Last part me Archana ko bhoot aya kya? all of a sudden Dhondhu pr pyaar aa gya :o paagal hai kya?

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saraaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Okay .. there's a lot of things that did make me upset .. overall .. an okay episode

So how did my anger start boiling .. ill tell youu .. Seeing Gauri Dead After soo many days, she's came back and that too to cause MORE problems in Arjuhi's life as if there weren't already any Ermm Im still waiting for youu cvs to reveal already that Arohi is not responsible for Rashi's miscarriage .. ill guarentee youu if they don't reveal it anytime soon, they'll end the show forgetting to reveal it at all .. yup Ekta style Cool How can Arjun move on if doesn't know if Arohi is to be blamed .. like he seriously all of a sudden forgot being immensely in love wiv her .. thats the reason he married her in the first place Ouch
Now at the radio station:
Before I would like to mention that Kritika is doing a great job Clap My heart pours out to Arohi .. poor girl! I think this scene was the best in the entire episode. We got to see Arjun and his ignorance towards Arohi which is very understandable! But she finally said those 3 magical words .. theres was soo much pain in em and even Arjun 'fell' for it but he refused to believe it enough to say that he does believe it Confused And what was AMAZING was when Jay said "Kitani Mohabbat Hain" EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed The PERFECT time to say it .. this is the question for Arjuhi now WinkLOLTongue 
During wedding preparations:
I HATE DHOONDU .. Such a pathar dil he has .. Im sorry but he's thinking only about himself. He KNOWS that he's ruining another relationship YET he continues to stay quiet and not fix things .. Arohi is just crying and crying and he doesn't give a care .. What type of friend is that? Angry I hope Dhoondu does something in tomorrows episode for Arjuhi since now Archana has told him that she loves him. When Arohi says that Arjun is really stubborn, well she got that right! She's gonna have lots of difficulty telling how she feels now Stern Smile 
Jignesh and Mikhali scene:
What a lame scene ... ROFL Was unnesscary .. creating more and more misunderstandings without solving the previous ones .. Im not gonna say much about this scene
Arjun and his choregrapher scene:
Did I smell jealousy .. I just feel worse watching this scene ..
Usually such scenes b/w Arjuhi is cutee Embarrassed Wats this ? Arohi the new 'devdas' Shocked She actually confronted the choreographer LOL and caused a tamasha ... No one can have hands on Arjun expect our Arohi Wink This scene gave me a little laugh LOL
Last part:
CryCryCryCryCryCryCry I FEEL SOO DARN BAD FOR AROHI .. and i've always been used to saying this for Arjun .. lekin aaj toh opposite hai D'oh

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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shibz noone is serious today...aaj toh we were celebrating gauri's comeback
and i was after micky-pignesh dostana

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