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Welcome back,'Mohabbatians', to show 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;However, not to forget few rules.
1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
6. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for KMH forum" 
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.
Before we start with the analysis & discussions, here are few important links to share..

Mohabbat lounge now has a FB page, so join in & spread the word

Give your feedback & make your requests at 
Kitani Mohabbat Hai official page!/kitanimohabbathai2

For the hard work the actors do to entertain us, watching whom on TV is a pleasure to us,
Lets bring them to the top in IF rankings by joining & getting more ppl to join their fan clubs & writing in their fan clubs twice(max allowed) every day.. links below..

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To bring Kitani Mohabbat Hai to the top in IF rankings, rate the Chaska meter everyday without fail here 

Also contribute a little time to this forum & help make it active; Comment on the articles, Photos & Videos(in the main gallery) as many times as possible. Also rate the same.  Lets show hume kitani mohabbat hai se kitani mohabbat hai.

For more details on mission bring KMH n KK2 to t
the top in i-f rankings, have a look at this..Action To Increase Chaska Meter n TRP ..

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged


Very Very Beautiful Episode Yaar Embarrassed
Coming Baack In few Minutes As I Finsh The Epi Wink
Jealous & Possessive ArohiDay Dreaming

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hello everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yes I am back with another note LOL
okay so all of u guys i am very disappointed Cry none of u sent anything for the 100th epi celebration Angry i only got 1 VM and tehreem got few votes. 

we have decided that we will be extending this to 100th ML celebration. I have lost count once again on how many we've reached, but there is alot more time for all of u. Tomorrow for the 100th epi I will be opening the thread with a little surprise Wink so keep waiting Embarrassed

and i have copy pasted from before, but there are more additions Big smile

alright so as far as the awards goes, here's the list:

So for the celebration we are conducting  an award function and some other things so that you guys can participate and show your love towards ML and KMH ( it doesnt mean other people dont love it i know they can express much better in words )
For award function we have some nominations what you guys have to do is nominate ML members for every category BUT BUT we have some rules defined for it
1) You can nominate the same person for different categories only two times that means a certain person can be nominated for one and then the other thats it not more than that.
2)If you think two members deserve the same award then write both their names both not more than two.
3)These awards are just for fun and celebrations DONOT i say DONOT take them personally and nominate people randomly not by their specific quality or something =)
So the nominations are as follows
1) Best spammer of ML
2) Best writer of ML
3) Best entertainer of ML
4) Ghajini of ML
5) Miss absent of ML
6) Lady gaga of ML
7) Bittoo sharma of ML
8) Raj of ML
9) Don of ML
10) Teacher of ML
11) Arjun of ML
12) Arohi of ML
13) Gauri of ML
14) Most boring person of ML
15) Shyest on ML
16) Dadu of ML
17) DJ of ML
18) Rashi of ML
19) Shefali of ML
20) Rudra of ML
21) Kumud of ML
22) Biggest fan
of ML Tongue
23) miss/mr drama queen of ML
24) Karan of ML
25) Kritika of ML
Now after voting you guys have to pm all the nominations to  -tehreem-  and the subject must be Nominations for ML award function or just Nominations LOL
DEADLINE IS 3 DAYS BEFORE 100TH ML. yes i don't know the date, but we all will let you all know Embarrassed


Do vote guys its a kind request though i can order also but i chose to remain polite LOL

and the next is:

Alrightttt so the next thing we have is VM/Siggie/Avi Contest Thumbs UpThumbs Up *yes i want u to copy that emoticon* so all you creative people, get your minds working and software's rolling because you have to make some amazing VMs/Siggies/Avi!!! Dancing I know everyone is excited about this...because I am excited to watch all of them Approve 
PM me with the subject as "VM/Siggie/Avi Contest" and hmm the deadline is 3 days before the 100th ML Big smile

Maximum siggies/Avi's allowed: 3
Maximum VMs allowed: 2 

soooo content is basically, 100th ML celebration VM/Siggie/Avi PartyDancing



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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Epi ke mukhya samachar kuch is tarah hai

  • Arjun ne diya arohi ko attitude and silent treatment don style...wah arjun tum toh hum sab ki ummeedo pe khare utar rahe ho awesomeClap
  • Arohi ko final hua realise ke kitani mohabbat hai super awesomeStar...
  • Gauri wapis aayi apne coma like fever se and aate hi apne na kamiyab sazisho ki planning mein lag gayi...but gauri aaj tumhe dekhk bohot khushi hui...welcome back hai jiHug tussi aa gaye ab story bhi aage badhegee and inki mohabbat bhiThumbs Up
  • Radio show kiya arjuhi ne bado ki baat manne ke liye...yeh jai ke parents toh rocking cupids nikle...awesome indirect convo...and yeh dekho sadda arjun...usne sorry bolne ko kaha and janab ne i love u bhi bol diya pehle bola nahi ja raha tha ab nahi bolke raha nahi ja raha koi nahi mr.don lage raho MLSA ka full support hai for u watever u do...after all ab suffer karne ka number arohi ka hai...Evil Smile
  • Jai ne chor ko chaukidari deke reserve ki post kabootar no. 4 ki permanently apne liye [sorry aksh and kuki partner i cant use anything else yeh best suit ho raha hai is genious parROFL]
  • Arohi ne karee dhonds ki dhulai humaree bas ik hi thi khwaish kaash kuch aur der kar detee us nikamme ki pitai Evil Smile
  • Arjun ne continue kiya apna jhakkas ignore karne wala attitude...usne layi miss isha sikhne cha cha cha...arohi pani jaisee dikhne wali vodka pike bani ik possesive biwi aur khud sawal kiya mrs.arjun singhania kaun jiska jawab bhi diya khud me!! and then kiya miss cha cha ko ta ta
  • Arohi se na hua intezaar usne kiya ikraar par arjun nahi tha waha sunne uska izhaar
  • Archie ko arohi ki mohabbat dekhk apni mohabbat yaad aa gayi...dhondu mujhe yaha se le advice to u mr.dhondu take u're archie and go away as far as possible mein tumhara chehra nahi dekhna chahti...jai ko arjuhi sambhal lenge and uske liye shefu haina Embarrassed
Yaha khatam hote hai kmh times ke mukhya samachar...sorry guys right now m not feeling to write whole take...on the whole awesome epi....super loving arohi getting hurt cause of arjun the intensity of her love it increasing...aur ro arohi we r loving it...arjun tum bas aisehi don bane rehna this time dont forgive her easily let her make ammends kritz di was amazing as the passionate lover,heartbroken wife,jealous spouse,drunk girl...well she rocked the show it solely and wholely belonged to thing i dont like in kmh is sometimes the scenes dnt seem to flow the editing goes bad sometimes...its like a slideshow rather than a continuos show...they need to work on that and camera giving the epi 9/10...was dying to see arohi and arjuns relation this way loved it to the cant wait for the holi special...wohooo arjun singhania and holi now that goanna be one heck of a treat to watch...

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged

edited :-

I dont know y but i super super loved d show 2day . ClapClapThumbs Up may b bcoz :-

1. arjhui's love trac
k is on peak now ....flowing in full form ..n d way we want .SmileClap
2. arjun's showing full attitude n na
khras ...n uff his gussa ..WinkThumbs Up...n jealousy track bang on !Clap
3. arohi's tadap ..awwe ..though i felt bad 4 her ...but this emotions r proof of true love so i m very happy .SmileClap

now according to show :-

starting very bad ...gauri's faceAngry ...n le itne dino mein zara bhi nahi badli ..abhi ta
k uski gadi wahi atki hui haiTongue ..but chalo cvs ko yaad to aayi .LOL

but 2day to i just wanted to see arjuhi again n again ...n omg cvs
ki memory was very good 2day show bhi yaad hai ..good as expected both poured their feelings out through it ..but nothing changed there..arohi sad sad ..arjun bad bad TongueLOL

n then arohi came in full form n laga diye dhondu
ke 2 haath ..arey dande se pitai karni thi uski to ..but gud Thumbs Up n loved d way arohi portrayed her feelings n emotions ..awwe poor babyCryCry..4 a min i was scared kahin arjun ab ye sab na dekh le nahi to phir aur gussa ho jayega but thank god he came late Tongue but jab aaya to kya aaya ...aate hi arohi ko aisa jalaya bichari ke paas no option ..other than drink arohi tulli 1 more time ...n jab tulli hoti hai to bilkul correct hoti hai LOL so here again she did absolutly right ...chrgrphr ki band bajai ...n apne dil ki baat boli ..but arjun ka to fayda nahi hua ..lekin finally archi n dhondu ka fayda hua ...thank god .. ab bas ye dono bhaag jaye yahan se ..phew...bahut natak lamba ho gaya inka .Confused

in bw ..singhu family 's planning n plotting ..ehhhhAngryAngryAngry loosers Dead
n dhondu -archi - jay love trac
k -SleepyOuchConfused ...ab bahut hua over it now .

n plz cvs listen to my request ...please show arjuhi's reunion n their maha milanWink n then sm twist ..plzzzzzzz ..i dont want them to seperate again b4 clearing this MU whole singhu family n gauri r ready with their mean plans ..i afraid ye log
kuch gadbad na kar de pehle hi CryCryShocked

but if they will show arjuhi's milan first then i m sure it will b the most romantic moment in their life ..n will b d best episode of d show ..cant wait ..EmbarrassedHeart
overall awesome episode ..arjun 's attitude n arohi 's emotions aha a treat to watch out Clap

n in bw that chrgrphr was d same girl
kya ,who danced with arjun in club Confused..n arjun bhi kya chipak chipak kar dance kar raha thaTongue but song was nice .
n  ye jay
ke parents shadi se pehle kyun chale gaye Confused...chalo acha hai bach gaye aane wale toofan se LOL
n ya 2 lines 4 tulli arohi :-
" patiyala peg laga
ke kendi hai ...kendi hai ...
kalle milo to chup ye rendi hai ...rendi hai ...."Wink

ab arohi chup mat rahe jaa
kar bol de apne dil ki baat isse pehel aur der ho jaye .....

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Song For arohi :LOL 
Patiala peg laga ke,
Teri gali vich aake,
Sab sudh budh hosh gawa ke,
Deewani, mein pagal, mein talli ho gayi,
Mein talli mein talli, mein talli ho gayi-

Song for arjun  : (after seeing his ignore  arohi attitude )Wink 
yeah! baby when you see me coming, yeah!
yeah, you better run for cover yeah!
'cause you know when i find you yeah!
yeah, i'm gonna be your lover

tujhse log kahenge
na kar pyaar mujhe
main to lakh bura hoon
neend chura loon, hosh uda doon
main to baahon mein le ke
raah bhula doon, baat bana doon

chahe jahaan, dil ko chhupa
baaton hi baaton mein
do mulaqaton mein, le loon!

bachna ae haseeno
lo main aa gaya

rest will edit 2morrow :) 

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged
yay!!'s friday today..which means i have the weekend to give a detailed analysis!!...Dancing...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
will rite abt yesterday's epi too..which i cudn't finally out of dreamland...TongueLOL..Day Dreaming..that kiss despite the blooper was very passionate...BlushingBlushing...arjun so knows everything abt his wife..n he even knows how to keep her mouth shut...BlushingBlushing
@Kuki, Aksh, Jannat, Shibz, Olly, Sanju, Roshni, Chandni, Kavya, Pooja, tehreem, Amna, Arifa, Maria, Nisha, Vaishu, sruju, aanchi, zooni, sweetgirl, Shikha, bollywoodcrazed, Hina n everyone else.....hiiiiiii....Hug
@Tehru...the Mohabbat Lounge banner...I cant see it anymore...Ouch...please do re upload...upload on
@Anchi and Pooja...still waiting for ur guys combined take n to make us ROFL again..TongueEmbarrassedLOL
@Kuki and Aksh..ur guy's combined take was awesome!!!....superloved it...ClapClapClapClap
once again i loved today's epi...these epi's have alot of depth and meaning and it is slowly gettin very intense too...Thumbs Up...we all wanted 2 c the intensity between arjuhi love story n we r seeing it which is so gud...Embarrassed 
The epi starts wid Gauri...DeadDead...bua telling Gauri about arjuhi love is's a slap on her face..Thumbs Up...what she wanted never happened n for her knowing this is salt to her wounds...ClapClapClap...LOLLOLLOLLOL..but bua telling Gauri to help arjuhi is a bad thing...becuase we know that she wud never allow that cuz she still has feelings for arjun..such a shamless woman she is...Thumbs DownAngryDead...but i guess if cv's r planning to remove the mask from her face and reveal a truth about what she did wid Rashi n the MU's she caused between arjuhi which lead them 2 hate each other, then i don't mind seeing this as long as they don't try to seperate arjuhi by creating another no reason MU...Ouch...n i want all of these gauri's plans to fail...Approve
I don't mind seeing a mini seperation track between arjuhi because this way their love for each other will grow much stronger and seeing them dying to see each together wud b so much more intense and it wud add flavour to the track..n then seeing them reflect thru whatever has happened in the past is even bettr because they will know whatever has happened and will have time to think abt it too...n maybe arohi's redemption will b shown..then i wud love 2 c their grand emotional, passionate and intense reunion where arjuhi r going 2 tell each other how much they love each other..n they r sorry because they can't live without each other...they r made for each other...destiny has made them meet..Heart...Day DreamingBlushingEmbarrassed..n i wud love 2 c arjuhi's love so strong n oure that no bad thing can ever seperate them..nothing at all will b able 2 tear them apart...TongueEmbarrassed..or mayb cv's cud them show r problem between the 2 families and how arjuhi overcome this wud b even bettr!!...Thumbs Up...n cv's always showing Kitani Mohabbat Hai between arjuhi..which we r seeing even now...Embarrassed
The radio scene was so gud...both in pain..n arjun's gussa..uff..what can i say abt it...Day Dreaming...but i didn't like it when arohi finally confessed to arjun..."I love you" n arjun thot she was faking it..Disapprove...that hurt arohi alot too n we can see the desperation on her...the desperation n eagerness 2 b wid arjun gain his love n trust...but arjun is stubborn n isn't guna listen or believe arohi just like that...WinkOuch...waiting for the actual i keep is guna b intense..i can feel it...TongueEmbarrassed..plz plz cv's..dis is a humble req...please don't let us down on the reunion...please make it very grand..very passionate..intense, emotional..n most of all..make it unique please...Embarrassed dancing and lauhging because i love it when arohi was hitting dhondu..he so deserved it..ClapClap..after what he has done..he is so selfish..Angry..all hje tnot abt was his happiness n his life..he cudn't think about his best friend who is so much distressed n madly in love with arjun n he can see that mayb arohi wud lose him (god forbid)...n look at arohi..she thot abt her friend n refrained from confessing to arjun in yesterday's epi..Ouch...i still hate dhondu..n yet have respect for him because he indirectly played the cupid for arjuhi..he made them both realise how much they loved each other..n seeing jealous arjun was supercool...Day Dreaming..but i didn't like it when arohi cried on dhondu...why did cv's show that..there was no need..n this dhondu..eveb after seeing her best friend cry didn't tell arohi that she didn't have 2 pretend..go to arjun n tell him u love him..seriously..what type of friends to arohi have?!.. esp her so called 'BEST' friends..D'oh..only shefali is decent n sweet n supportive...Thumbs Up...i really thot arjun wud see this n again misunderstand arohi but it's gud he didn't other seeing this again wud hurt...Ouch
Arohi waiting for arjun so they can dance n for arohi 2 stay closer to arjun...Embarrassed...but arjun cums wid a choreographer...AngryLOL jalao arohi..n arohi saying that i dnt kind..i wnt do not a typical possesive wife..i wnt abuse her..etc...immedietly struck my mind that she wud do something like this only...LOLLOL...n seeing arjun n that choreographer dance n b close just made her even desperate n very hurt...n chose the drinking path instead..n then came her taali act which was great...Kritz was awesome in dis scene..ClapClapClap..she potratyed arohi very well..n the pain she was going thru..n when she cudn't take it...she confessed infront of everyone that she loves arjun..but when she looked around..arjun was gone...Ouch..n then Archi had 2 take her heart went out 2 arohi here...Disapprove
Archi seeing arohi like this realised that marrying someone else n leaving dhondu wud have been her biggest mistake n she didn't want to b in the same state as arohi is rite when dhondu came n asked what she sed Archi sed "I love you" finally dhonds got his archi..DDLJ he can go away from arohi's life....AngryDancingLOL
About yesterday's kiss n confession scene
i superduper loved it...minus the blooper...AngryOuch...dunnoe what the camera wale is up to Evil Smile..but please cut down the bloopers...i wanna see a real kiss..without any bloopers now..during the actual reunion mayb..Day Dreaming...n shibz had also sed she wanted 2 c arjun kissing arohi all over her face...slowly...Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing...hehe..:D..i wud love 2 c that cuz it wud b very passionate...symbolising arjuhi's love...Heart..n loved how arjun confessed first and den shut arohi up wid the kiss...first arohi's eyes showed she was shocked..n den later she closed her eyes indicating that she was njoying the moment n it felt like she was finding peace on her lovers was her true loves first kiss...a moment of a lifetime..Heart
this whole week has been a treat to watch..seeing arjuhi's love come out is just great...waitng for next week...the holi epi's esp..:D
Im dun guys...Hug

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very said for arohi
itna ki apne comments bhi nhi likh paungiCry

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