Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

w/u 18th march Queen Gopi turns victorious

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Firstly before i start to write  let me have some fun
jake cake  rashi ka buri kismat what comes around goes around

Part one
gopi the beauty queen

Hetal, Nani n kokila are sitting in the lounge  all stand up, (rashi ki jalan)LOL  Nani says  Gopi vahu come to me, Gopi nods n goes to her, koli  Gopi looks beautiful n when aham sees her he will not take his eyes off her, kokila proud, Nani looks at gopis nails Vah beautiful, kokila says to Gopi vahu  come here,  Gopi goes to kokila  she also looks at her happy  n then looks at her nails she also looks at rashi n can see the jalan Dead in rashis face, Rashi looks at her own nails which are bad, Rashi in self thought everyone likes her nails n my nails are broken due to the hard work n no one cares.  Kokila  looks at rashi, i think kokila says to gopi they are beautiful. Rashi is peeved, Hetal nani n gopi are all smiling.
At Cm  kinjal is taking dhawal to taskAngry, kinjal n urmila got what they deserveLOL i felt bad for dhawal, is your brain right, without asking my family they wanted to give me something, can i ask you why you stoped them.  poor dhawal  says after marriage i took everything as shugun n blessed it, but this way i cannot take it n i told you i will work hard n everything you want i will give to you, urmilla angry watching,  but i need time, kinjal saying waiting for you i dont know how many hot days will pass n one day i will curse uff uff n die, Dhawal says kinjal ji dont say that urmilla shocked at what dhawal has said, i dont know how long it will take but i will give you everything best n best, kinjal says from now on if my family want to give me something you will not interfere do you understand n walks off urmilla looks at dhawal also angry walks off, dhawal n jeetubahi left looking at each other.
Back at MM Rashi says i have done all the work, kokila says the way i have told you to make guchiah go n make it, then she turns to hetal, mota bhabi remember the last time our sofa got bad because of holi, hetal looks at kokila n says yes but dont worry i have told gopi to cover the sofa with sheets.  Gopi walks in with the sheets Hetal  says wonderful Gopi dikra you have found all the old sheets, rashi giving gopi evil eye, we shall cover sofas tonight so they dont get dirty n this is yours, rashi n kinjals first holi people will come. Gopi smiling Rashi is stilling looking at Gopis nails n comparing, kokila observes her, kokila says what r you looking at rashi? Rashi replies nothing kaki ji, kokila says go n make the guchiah we should finish this in a couple of hours, Rashi nods. Nani says to Gopi sit n tell me about the holi  kartha or she will tell them.  Rashi angry n says this gawar gopi ki kundli astrology  has changed all of a sudden she takes my appointment at the palour n  then she sits n tells stories n this joshi is waiting for aham to come so that he can compliment how his gopi is, my money (Dead my appointmentBig smile  n infront of ahamji she will be beauty queen, i will see how she does it

Precap same as last night Rashi puts nail polish in the atta

Part two

Rashi in the kitchen  cooking filling for guchiah, that gopi gawar i will sort her out, let me see what she is doing, Nani is telling a story , hetal, kokila n gopi  r listening  all are happy n smiling, then nani looks at gopi n asks her the meaning of it all, kokila worried n looks at gopi who says a verse from the pray in which she impresses everyone, the horror comes rashi says how much mava shall i put in, kokila says i made you write it out  one kilo of flour 1/2 kilo of mava gopi smiles at rashi, anyway moti bhabi has order the mava n put it in fridget so use all the mava go quickly. Afterwards you n Gopi go shopping  to get grocerys from the bazaar. Kokila looks at Gopi who is smiling, nani says today she wants to make sure that aham gets a shock looking at gopi so make sure nothing happens to her, gopi smiling n blushing kokila observes.  Rashi says ji nani ji i will keep an eye on  gopi, giving an evil look to to gopi she turns round  n self talk, yeh i will look after her, then she says after the match nani must have intentions fo giving chest to gopi, rashi upset. 
Gopi goes into  the ktichen to bring a tray, Rashi is panicking that she has not kneeded the dough, Gopis goes over to her  n says let the mava cook a bit longer n add ghee n sugar, Rashi says did i ask you dont try n be too clever. from early morning i have been working  i am dying doing all this work n you maharani from my appointment you come glamourised.  You know how hard i saved that money n got appointment, n instead of helping me you are telling me, Gopis say i did not  do it on purpose rashi says yes yes ok i dont have time for your nonsense i have a lot to do,Gopi says i will help you rashi in self thought she is in my plan. Rashis says no if kaki sees you kneeding the flour  she will get upset with me i dont need any more trouble in my life.  Gopi says why are you worried i am just kneeding the flour its only a 15 minute job Rashis ok you do it n i will go into the washroom once you have finished leave i dont what kaki to see you n plse take care, Gopi says dont worry i am just kneeding the flour i dont think maji will get angry at that afterall you are making the guchiah  Rashi leaves  in to the lounge  hetal nani n kokila r still sitting, kokila asks rashi  have you made the guchia rashi says no i am going to washroom, kokila says ok once you have made it i would like to taste it bring to my bedroom moti bhabhi n ma are going to making the list there. Rashi happy.
Gopi in kitchen kneeding the flour n then does something on the stove n looks at her nails smiling she leaves.Rashi out ot the washroom sees nani opening chest n looks she sees something bright, Rashi says it must be a big diamond or something, Rashi goes into the kitchen n adds nail vanish into the atta now lets see how kaki takes off gopis nail vanish

Rashi gives guchiah to kokila n kokila says  the guchiah is red, rashis this is paint from nail vanish, rashi says gopi look you nail paint has come on the guchiah, kokila looking at rashi then turns round to look at Gopis nails.

Shall finish part 3 later as duty calls  my  kids

Part 3

rashi brings the guchiah to kokilas bedroom n sees kokila n hetal discussing, Rashi goes over to her n says i have made this guchiah can you taste it hetal looks proud, kokila says yes, just as she is about to taste it gopi says maji shall we go to the bazaar, kokila say one minute let me taste the guchiah then you n rashi go to the bazaar, gopi says ji.  kokila goes n tastes the guchiah n looks at it  rashi is smirking.  kokila says rashi whats this guchiah gulabi red, rashi says i dont know she is faking it, i dont understand how the colour went in there, kokila says i did not say anything about the gulabi  rang so how did it get in there, gopi n hetal  r looking kokila says telll me one thing did you make the guchiah or not, rashi says i have done everything but the flour gopi  kneeded it, kokila looks at gopi who is in shock rashi says i told her not to but she wanted to help me so i said yes ok. kokila says well at least you told the truth,  rashi looks at the guchiah n says kaki this is the paint from the nail vanish n looks at Gopi, Gopi you have destroyed all my hard work , Gopi looks shocked, look the flour your nail vanish is in it, now what shall i do, Gopi speaks uprashi ben my nail vanish is still the same look it does even have a scratch, Rashi says you be quiet, what do you know about nail vanish, kokila in thinking mode, rashi says leave it, rashis says to kokila kakaji i will get guchiah from the market,   kokila says no you will make it again rashi looks at Gopi  n says but kaki ji its gopis mistake, kokila says if the mistake is gopis then mota bhabis will deal with it  gopi vahu is mota bhabi responsibility you are mine, dont worry you make the guchiah again n this time i will be in the kitchen with you so that no one with  nail vanish will come by you LOL do you understand rashi nodds.  Go n get changed n go to the bazaar with gopi rashi leaves, kokila turns to hetal n says i have left my diary in the hall way i will get it gopi looks upset kokila looks at her, Gopi says i dont know how it happen but look at this my nail vanish is still the same hetal says leave it, dont worry about it, just go to the bazaar with rashi, n when you come back we will help rashi make guchiah with them. Hetal knows her dil rashi is lying. 
Rashi coming down the stairs n say what ever kalakari i did didnt work failed, i havent spoke to mummy ji let me call her she is looking around to see if anyone is there, she calls urmilla who answers the phone, hello urmilla says, rashi says mummy, urmilla you, she says why have you given your phone to that kargri do you know how upset i was  not able to speak to you n thought i will meet you at the palour n you sent that Gopi gawar n then ididnt know how you were or no phone, n then that duffer dhawal refused the ac that laksmi no i mean ac refused it,  n he said what ever he does it will be by his own work, urmilla about to say something n rashi says i am quietly talking to you  listen to me, gopi n i are going to the market urmila say alright tell me quickly  since that gopi has won the match she has become queen victoria urmilla mouth wide open  n you know everyone has got together n made me her nanny babysitter i think urmilla near to tears, i this is getting me annoyed as gopi went to the palour instead of me  n got glamourised n now she has impressed everyone n you mummy they are all hoping that when her husband comes home n sees her n he will become a laddoo to her, but i dont  want that to happen,  if it happens everything will be ruined, urmilla says stop is that what you are complianing about leave it to me you come to the rajpal naga bazaar   i will tell the naughty children to put colour on her from head to bottom  she will be covered, rashi laughing no will suspect as it is holi, kokila walking past n says rashi her mouth wide open, Kokila goes to her rashi who were you speaking to, she say kaki it was wrong number, kokila takes the phone off her, Kokila calls gopi vahu   come quickly n go to the bazaar. 

 Nani says to Gopi go n take tea for your husband n impress him  nani turns to kokila n say now watch koli watch your aham once he sees his gopi he will go gooogoo eyed, Aham is undoing his shirt in the room n turns  gopi walks in nervous n looks at him they both look gorjus 

Fantastic episode rashi gets caught again.

Also as for precap it seems that urmila n rashi plan failed the reason being my prediction is that when rashi put her handbag down next the phone she accidently put the answering machine on n recorded her n urmillas conversation either everyone hears  it  or just kokila n goes to the bazaar n instead of gopi getting color on her it will be rashi n urmilla

God bless everyone for the weekend i hope you enjoyed

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Suk your smiley's are my favorite on the forum. Their just ace. Thanks for the update.

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Thank you Suk,good for a change that Gopi winsSmile against maharani Rashi

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that was niceSmile

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thanks a lot.........

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sometimes your post are very funny. thanks for updates

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Thanks for the update.

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