Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

18thCB~MahaEpisode~Update in two posts~Complete:)

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RaDev in their Room talking to themselves
Radh says I wont go to Mathura, it wrong that i am attracted to that guy, i wont go...
Dev Says I dont have to fear, i'll colour her and play Holi,....but what if she doesnt come.....
 (At the ghat) Mathura
Dev taking care of the arrangements at the ghat.....Rohan comes there praises Dev for the arrangements, Dev asks him if u had taken care then BB would have very happy, Dev asks Rohan to come with me and take core of things, then Virat comes, says why Rohan has to see? He tells Rohan that he has to keep the servant at their place.....Rohan and Dev share a look, Viraat tells he has arranged a party seperately and Rohan has to come, He aslo tells Dev to come to take care of guests.....he leaves.  Rohan asks Dev if he felt bad what Viraat has said....Dev gives a smile and they go...
Radh House:
Shanthi and chanda are leaving to temple, Radh also comes out side, while some children stop her to tell the story of Holi, Radh walks with the kids to the holi place while narrating the story of Baktha Prahalada.....In the end she says So the Morals is, If u have faith in God, Always Good wins over Evil.  A woman praises Radh( shanthi gives a look) and we'll miss u when u get married....Radh smiles....
(At the ghat) Mathura:
Pandit calls for the puja: Virat steps forward, he lits the Holi fire.....Everybody folds their hands...Maheswari wishes that her wishes should be fillfulled, she should get the CB who listerns to her......Dadaji wishes that RPhiti does go into wrong hands.....Dev wishes for his Family and Dadaji's health.
Radh folds hands in front of the holi fire to give her the oppurtunity to do the puja as it is meant for Suhaagan.
Shanthi burns her hand and is unable to hold the Puja plate, A woman says let ur daughter help with the puja....Chanda says Radh is there na and gives the plate to Radh, Radh takes the plate, smiling thanks the Holifire for the oppurtunity.......
All the women stand circling Holifire, They start the ritual, Radh is very happy. a woman asks everybody to close their eyes and think of their husband, Radh closes her eyes and sees the pic of Dev (at the ghat, RaDev first meeting)....she opens her eyes, he says plz dont make me do wrong Kahna, plz dont test me like this.......
Virat's wife(lol forgot her name) does the puja and take sblessings from him, Virat says u take care of urself i'll be right back. he signals Rohan to come along, Padma asks Dev where did they go?
A performance is shown: Sonu sood and some lady performing to " pakhidiyan yeh gulab...."
another performance: "Dil walon ke dil ka karaar lootne"
Rohan and Virat enjoying....
Sonu Sood and Dev have conversation, SSsenses that Dev's is love and advices him to tell her.......Dev thanks him that he has come and they wish each other Holi.
In the Morning:
Radh puts holi on Kahna, Radh talking to Kahna, From today i'll do right, i'll not think about the guy and not go to Mathura by any means....
Chanda comes outside all ready, just then Chenu throws the colour all over her, she gets irritated, just then Shanthi sitting on top of the roof throws all the basket of colour on Chenu, they all start laughing.....Mansaram, comes outside saying they have to get ready to Mathura....Radhika gives him bundle of cloths tied that they have to take to Mathura.....He asks her to get ready, but she insists saying she's not well......Shanthi taunts why to pleade her when she wants to say.......They all leave to Mathura.
At the ghat Dev is searching for Radh. Maheswar comes with Dadaji...... everybody hails "Rajpurohitainji".....She greets everybody and puts the tilak of colour on dadaji's forehead...
Here in Mathura, two ladies come and tell Radh that Babaji has given her name in the event at Mathura and she has to participate, not giving any chance to Radh to speak and they leave.....Radh asks Kahna why he is making her face circumstances when he knows why she cant go to Mathura!!!....
Dev at the ghat( thinking of Radh): how much will i have to wait, but till u come i wont play holi.
Some comedy performances: GD and his humour GangLOL :
At Mathura( shop where Mansaram selling the cloths):
Shanthi asks Chanda to get change for Rs100......she takes the money and goes to nearby shop and asks the shop keeper to give the change, the man asks her wait and is counting the money.....Chanda seeing this asks him he had sold a good deal in morning....the man says yes, points his hand towards Rohan saying that Man has bought many things, he's a Purohit......Chanda looks at him and starts thinking...if i set this guy my life will be set..LOL
At the ghat:
Dev is still waiting, Rohan comes and asks if he's still standing there? He asks him to tell the real reason.....Dev says nothing....Rohan says ok ok, so u'r waiting for that girl" face of ur sculpture"...........ok dont tell me,......i'll somehow get to know and leaves.......
Dev smiles thinking "yes i am in love, but how will i tell to anyone that whom i love ?" and starts dreaming.....
He's Carving the face of the sculpture......suddenly it turns into Radh......
They perform to "Jiya Jagee soye naina.............."
and also to "Sachi Sachi yeh nazarein ek darpan......."
 Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Dev comes out of his dreams........smiles, thinking of her......Radh is shown behind him........She looks at him and walks from there so he doesnt see her.....Dev turns back to see, but she's already gone.......
The update continues..............
 friends from here Misti will continue.........plz read the next post.Big smile
Plz dont forget to click the Like button.Big smile

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Thank you so much for stepping in Niha ...


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Radhika goes with her friends and tell them that her parents are somewhere around and she will go and meet them and see whether they are ok or want anything. She asks them to tell guruji. Then she turns around and prays to Kanha that she does not want to come infront of Dev and pleads with Kanha to help her.


Then comes Chenu master in red  and his eyes fall on Dev and it lights up (Chenu go for it) and looks at Dev and says………where are you going my child? I have taken sanyas long time back …in fact at the age of 12 (looks like the creatives are obsessed with the number 12) and Mathura's swami Chinmayye is his gurubhaye…..Dev looks at him and is not that impressed………….and  Chenu continues that he has got the divine sight and with that he can clearly see Dev is worried (yes Chenu he is after your behena)……..Dev replies that he is worried but Chenu  cannot help him. Chenu says why not ……he has got the cure for all problems (Dev follow him, he is your would be sadubabu)………and Chenu says give me one hundred rupees and all your problems will be solved….just put your money in the basket and then close your eyes…Dev smiles, puts his money and then pats Chenu and says that by the way he also must be having some problems that he is doing all this and tells him that the guru is well known to him and walks off…….Chenu turns to walk off and Radhika runs and catches him and says…..what are you doing in these strange clothes? How did you get this money? You have again fleeced someone………give me the money and I will return the money. Chenu points out Dev and Radhika gets scared and runs dragging Chenu away saying that she will give the money to babuji.


In the market place Radhika and Chenu meet the parents and the father is happy saying that he knew that she will come to help him but Radhika looks down and says that Guruji  wanted  her to present a song so that's why she is here…….The mother says see that's why she is here…..for her gurukul and not for you. The father pats her aawy and says that he has to look for Chanda and the others also leave so Radhika has to look after the stall……….As soon as all leave Dev lands there and Radhika again hides …he senses her presence and the mother arrives at the shop and starts muttering. Devs goes away and the mother finds Radhika hiding behind a chunri that is hanging. Radhika again alone in the stall and then a person comes to buy a chunri and the father reaches there and tells her to go.


Manav and Archana arrives and they are welcomed by Rohan who thanks them for coming. Manav says that they had to come since he invited them. Archana asks about the girlfriend called Radha and Rohan is surprised. Archana then goes on to tell the story that Kanha had asked Yashoda maiya that why is Radha fair and kanha not and Yashoda told him that white colour can be coloured in anyway and that is why Radha is fair….. Rohan smiles and tells them this deserves a dance because he wants to see how Manav put his colours of love on Archana…..and then they dance


Dance performance by Archana and Manav


Here Dev is searching for Radhika and someone comes and tells him that badimalkin is looking for him. Dev goes there and badimalkin is telling Viraath to meet everyone nicely and to keep his temper under control. Viraath goes off and she then tells Dev that he has to be Rohans chowkidar because a girl and her family will be coming to meet Rohan and Dev has to see to that Rohan meets this girl. Dev is left in quandary that whether he should look for Rohan or Radhika (Dev remember your aim is Radhika……..not Rohan… don't waste your time on Rohan go for Radhika).


Ahh Radhika is sitting and singing  Piya toh se naina lage re………and she dreams the kid Radhika is running around and playing with kid Dev……..After the song finishes she is roaming around trying to escape from Dev but lands up next to Dev. This time back to back....Radhika sees him first and runs away but Dev turns just in time to see her…….Radhika runs and her chunri gets caught…she thinks that it is Dev and sees that it has got caught in a railing and reaches out to remove it when Dev comes and holds her hand……..they have an eyelock (theme song in the background) and they both look at each other…Radhika apprehensive and Dev pleased as a punch.


Maheshwaris husband says that now they will all see different types of holi and dillwallo ki hole is with flowers and Mona and Anukalp come and dance……


Dance performance by Mona and Anukalp


That dance finishes and everyone claps their hands and Mohini asks Viraath that when will they dance. Virath replies a bit later and tells her to have patience because she is the future RPtian. Mohini replies that she has been listening this from ages but when will the day arrive and Virrath replies….it will be soon (in your dreams?).The Maheshwaris husband says next is with water


Performance by Manna and Geet


After performance Padma and comes to meet Maheshwari and Maheshwari  asks where Rohan and Padma replies that Dev is looking for him.


Maheshwaris husband says that the next holi will be with gulal and performance by  Abha and Karan……

Then comes lattmar holi and its Mahi and Jay dancing


After the dance finishes, Padma and Maheshwari go to meet the prospective bride who is sitting wearing western clothes and she tells them that she has just finished her graduation and wants to go for higher studies to Australia….Maheshwari tells them to enjoy the festivities and tells the pandit to come outside and tells him off for bringing this girl who she is sure does not have the culture that they need (psst Maheshwari atleast she won't throw you from the top of the stair)…. Padma says that maybe the type of girl that they are looking for won't suit Rohan who might be looking for someone like him and Maheshwari replies that he needs a simple and cultured girl for Rohan and the camera zooms on Radhika (grrrrrrrrrr) who is telling Kanha off because she closes her eys and she sees Dev……she always feels Devs presence …wherever she turns there is Dev and that if Kanha cannot decrease her problems then he should not increase them.


The Mahant is talking with Maheshwari saying that there is one more thing that they have to do, they have to take the pavitra fire of holi to the kitchens of math and ashram, they have collected the embers from the holika fire and kept it in a pot and its in the temple. Mahshwari has to touch that pot and then the ritual will start. There are loads of people waiting outside the temple to take some of the ember with them.


 Radhikas family is walking and the father asks Chanda where is Radhika…and Chanda grumbles that am I her guard for life… I have to keep an eye in her everywhere….….Mansaram looks at his wife and says look what your daughter in saying.


In the temple Radhika is carrying on her conversation with Kanha that does he not have any solution for her problem……when she  sees the fire of the pavitra agni close to a rope, so she rushes to remove the pot. One guy comes running that what have you done you are weavers daughter (he was the guy who bought the red chunri) and you touched the pot and now you have to be punished. The entire purohit family lands there and Virath asks are you a weavers daughter and before Radhika can say anything the other man starts barking. Mansaram shouts not to punish her because although she has grown up as his daughter she is a brahmini and that is why he sent her to the gurukul. Maheshwari is quietly observing all this…….she looks at Rdahika and smirks and stops Virath from punishing Radhika and says that she is free to go . Punishing Radhika will be paap for her and Mansaram thanks Maheshsawri who again smirks.


Radhikas mother is now grumbling that Radhika should have been punished, then all this worshipping will go from her head. Mansaram shouts and Shanti says that yes her head is empty and if she is bad then they should leave her and she walks away........Chenu is shaking his head….Mansaram goes to search for her.


Dev brings back Rohan tells him that now he will get scolded and Rohan grumbles that Dev has wasted his date. They meet the family and Mahswari says that it ok that you were not there. Someone brings bhang around……Rohan drinks and then Mohini and Viraath also drink. Mohini then becomes excited and starts seducing Virath in the mandir and Virath also leaves his anger behind and starts his love talk…..oh another song  


Performance by Chanda


Radhika is standing and Maheshwari is behind her observing and smirking…..Padma come and Maheshwari tells her tha she has found the Choti Bahu (Yikes!!! Where are you Chandaneeya, please come to the rescue).

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Thanks a lot for the update!!!

Dear ladies! Thanks! Thanks to both of you!! Great job!!!

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thanx for the update :))
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thks a lot for the of cment after epi

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thanks alot.............

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