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Mayur~defination of love~New MN os on pg 69 (Page 65)

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hello guys I'm back with another Mayur Os. Actually as you all know I went out of town for some days. There I couldn't sleep at night so I used my brain for some useful task and thought about this OS. I hope u'll like it.

P.S. I'll update my ffs tomorrow.
      Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana

There was the music of Sanai in the air. It seemed it was the best music of this world. A girl was getting ready as bride. There was a glow on her face. After all she was going to get married to that man whom she always loved, Mayank, the love of Nupur's life. They had loved each other since they were in college. It was a sweet cute college love story.


Nupur and Mayank met in the college. Mayank was one year senior than Nupur. They met in the fresher's ball. Actually in their college there was a rule that every fresher had to dance with their senior and it was fixed by a lottery. So Mayank was the partner of Nupur. Thus they met and this story had begun. Then it was as same as other love story. They met again and again and one day they realized that they loved each other. Then the confession and the romance begun. The days went on with flying colors. But the destiny had others plan. One day Nupur's father came to Nupur and told her that her marriage had been fixed with his friend's son since the childhood and she had to marry him. Nupur tried to make her father understand that she loved someone else but her father's words were as strong as stone. So there was no other way. If she chose Mayank over her father then she had to leave her father and she couldn't do this. So she met Mayank and told him that they were over. After hearing that Mayank couldn't believe his ears. Nupur told him that she had to marry that chosen guy of her father. She had no other way as she loved her father so much. When Mayank asked her about their love then Nupur couldn't give him any answer. This made Mayank so angry. The day of Nupur's marriage Mayank left the city forever. But somehow the marriage was cancelled. And today after five years they were going to get married with each other. It seemed they were meant to be together and destiny was compelled to make them together.


The priest called Nupur to the Mandap. Nupur went to the mandap and sat beside Mayank. The rituals were begun. Nupur had been waiting for this day since eternity. Today she was the happiest person on the earth and her happiness was glowing on her face. After all the rituals were performed, the priest declared them as husband and wife. They both took elders' bleedings. Then Nupur went with Mayank to his home which became hers. At the night Nupur was waiting for Mayank in their room. The room was decorated so beautifully. Mayank came to the room. Nupur was sitting on the middle of the bed but Mayank didn't come to her. He came and directly went to the washroom for change. Nupur couldn't understand what was happening. She was thinking that may be Mayank was too tired so he went to freshen up. But when after coming from the washroom Mayank was going to sleep on the couch without exchanging any words Nupur couldn't stop herself to ask Mayank that what happened and when she got the answer the world was went away from under her feet. Mayank told her that he married her because his mother insisted him to get married with her but he couldn't accept her as his wife.


Nupur: But Mayank we love each other, don't we?

Mayank: Love? Nupur if you've already forgot then I want to remind you that five years back when I asked you the same question you didn't give me any answer. So it was all clear that there was no love between us.

Nupur: Mayank why are you talking like this?

Mayank: why? It hurts you? I was also hurt Nupur when you chose you father over me. When you denied our love Nupur. It really hurt. Then I had decided that why I cried when you would move on your life easily. So I tried to forget you. But I couldn't. Your memories made my life miserable that I couldn't breathe. Then I started to hate you. Yes Nupur, I hate you.


Nupur couldn't believe her ears. She just wanted to believe that this was all a lie. Her Mayank couldn't hate her.


Nupur: Mayank you're lying, right?

Mayank: why should I? I hate you Nupur and this is the truth. If my mother didn't insist me to get married with you then I never wanted to see your face again in my life either.


After telling that, Mayank just left the room. Nupur became so numb. She couldn't react and suddenly she fell down on the floor. On the other side after leaving the room when Mayank was leaving the house his mother saw him to leave. She could understand that something was wrong in Mayank when he came back but she thought as Mayank loved Nupur then everything would be fine after marriage. But here was going on a different story. Hurriedly she went to Mayank's room and she saw the scene what she expected. She quickly called an ambulance and took Nupur to the hospital. Meanwhile she informed Nupur's father. After reaching the hospital doctor checked up Nupur. Mayank's mother and Nupur's father were waiting outside the ICU. After sometimes doctor came out from ICU.


Doctor: I told you before that Nupur's couldn't take another attack. By the way what happened? Today was Nupur's weeding, right? And when Nupur last met me she was so happy that she was going to get married with Mayank. Then what happened that Nupur got another attack?

Mayank's mother: I don't know. I just saw Mayank to leave the house and then I went to their room and found Nupur on the floor in fainted condition.

Nupur's father: Mayank left the house? But why? And where is he now?

Mayank's mother: I don't know where Mayank is now. I tried his mobile. But it's unreachable.

Doctor: Listen, this time we can't do anything. After what happened five years back I told you that Nupur couldn't take another attack. If Nupur couldn't get conscious within 24 hours then this time we can't save her. And you both know there is no medicine can cure Nupur except Mayank. She was living for him. It seems she has lost the will to live again. So do anything but bring Mayank to Nupur before 24 hours. May be then Nupur would survive.


After telling that, doctor left the place. Mayank's mother was continuously trying to contact Mayank. But his mobile was still unreachable. So she called the home and told the servant that when Mayank would come back then he told him to come to hospital as soon as possible.


At the morning Mayank reached the house. When he reached the house there was no one in the house. When he asked the servant that where was everyone he answered him that everyone was in hospital and he had to go to hospital as soon as possible. After hearing this news he was running towards the hospital as he thought may be his mother was not okay. But when he reached the hospital he saw that his mother was sitting outside the ICU. He could see Nupur's father beside her. When Mayank's mother saw him she ran towards him.


Mayank's mother: Mayank, where were you?

Mayank: What happened mom?

Mayank's mother: o Nupur...

Mayank: What happened to Nupur?


Meanwhile the doctor came.


Doctor: Mayank?

Mayank: yes.

Doctor: come with me.


Doctor took Mayank to his cabin and told him to sit.


Doctor: Listen Mayank, Nupur is in very critical condition. If she would not get conscious within 12 hours then we can't save her.


Mayank was shocked to hear this. He couldn't understand what happened to Nupur that she was in such condition.


Mayank: But doctor what happened to Nupur?

Doctor: How could I know Mayank that what happened to Nupur? You better to know that.

Mayank: I can't understand what you are talking about doctor.

Doctor: Look Mayank I have been her doctors for five years. Five years back she was brought to me in very critical condition. She was covered with bloods. There was a head injury. We were trying our best to save her. But it seemed she didn't want to survive. At last after so much trying when she got her consciousness back there was only a name on her lips and that was 'Mayank'.


It was Mayank's time to become numb. He didn't know this. As long he knew Nupur was going to get married to someone five years back. But he never tried to know what happened after that. Even when his mother asked him to get married with Nupur he didn't want to know that how could he get married with Nupur as she was got married with someone else? It seemed he had lost his eagerness to know about anything which was related to Nupur. He became so blind in anger.  But Right now he had to know what was happened to Nupur five years back? He went to his mother and asked her. After hearing the whole story he started to hate himself. How could he do this to his Nupur?


Five years back, it was the weeding of Nupur with her father's chosen guy. But it seemed there was no Nupur. It was just her body. Nupur couldn't feel anything around her. She became a statue. When she was taking to the Mandap she slipped from the stairs and fell down. She was injured very badly. She was taken to the hospital and doctors were trying to save her. But it seemed she had already lost her eagerness to live. No treatment effected on her. After lots of trying when she got conscious there was only a name on her lips that 'Mayank'. Doctors could understand that only Mayank could save her. They informed her family to bring Mayank if they wanted her to survive. Then Nupur's father got to know about Mayank. He understood what he was going to do with her daughter. He quickly found out Mayank's whereabouts and went there to bring him back to his daughter's life. But there was no Mayank. He had already left the city and nobody knew where he went. Mayank's mother got to know about Nupur and her condition. All of them tried to find Mayank but it seemed he was just vanished in the air. It seemed there was no way to save Nupur. Then Mayank's mom came to Nupur and told her that Mayank would come back one day. If she wouldn't get up then Mayank would be so sad. So she had to get up for Mayank. After hearing those words from Mayank's mom Nupur opened her eyes.



Mayank's Mother: Till then Nupur was only living  for this believe that one day you will come back and you both will be together again. Every day she called me to know that if there was any news of yours. I still remembered that day when I told her that you were coming back she was so happy that she couldn't find any words.

Nupur's father: till that day it seemed my daughter was back. It was my mistake. I forced her to get married with my chosen guy. She tried to tell me about you but I didn't give any attention to her words. She was suffering for my mistake. I'm sorry. If I listened to her that day may be my daughter wouldn't be in this condition today.

Mayank's mother: Mayank, you're the only medicine which can save Nupur. I don't know what happened between you last night but I know that girl loves you like anything. Save her Mayank.


Mayank was hearing these. Every word was echoing in his ears. He stood up and started to walk towards the ICU where his Nupur was waiting for him. He entered into the ICU and saw his Nupur was lying on the bed lifeless. There were so many wires attaching to her. He went near her and sat beside her. He held her hand but he couldn't able to talk. He was only crying. Seconds was passing away like this. Then minutes and then hours. He was sitting in same position.


Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana
Angana Phool Khilenge

Barsega Saawan, Barsega Saawan Jhoom Jhoomke
Do Dil Aise Milenge
Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana,
Angana Phool Khilenge
Naina Tere Kajraare Hai, Naino Pe Hum Dil Haare Hai
Anjaane Hi Tere Naino Ne Waade Kiye Kayi Saare Hai
Saanson Ki Lay Madham Chalein, Tose Gaye

Barasega Saawan Jhoom Jhoomke, Do Dil Aise Milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum Ho Saajana,
Angana Phool Khilenge

Chanda Ko Taaku Raaton Mein, Hai Zindagi Tere Haanthon Mein

Palkon Pe Jhilmil Taarein Hain, Aana Bhari Barsaaton Mein

Sapnon Ka Jahaan, Hoga Kela Kela

Barasega Saawan Jhoom Jhoomke,
 Do Dil Aise Milenge

Angana Phool Khilenge


After so many hours passed away when everyone was going to loose their hopes Nupur opened her eyes. And why didn't she open her eyes when her life was back to her. Her Mayank was finally come back to her. Her year's waiting was over. Now they were together. So she had to open her eyes. The two lovers who were separated many years back finally were together.  



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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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it was so beautiful ridi
simply fabulous dear
veryy emotional and touchy
chokhe pani chole ashche..
khub e bhalo likhecho
ei meye r o likho r rosh keu likhte bolo..
or ekta ff ekhono pending ache..

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neha333 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
omggg ridi
congrats for new os
your start is faboulous and superb story
poor nupur i hope she gets well soon
continue soon...

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Posted: 09 December 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
awesome OS as usual...
uff!!! i told u na j tomar ek ekta OS ek ekta awesome ff hotey pare...
its sooo Beautiful...
i loved it lodsss...
very emotional n touchy...
u know i was listening dis song as i was pretty upset dat day n Sony  max a "Jab we Met" was showing n i was waiting for dis song n i watched it..
n after dat wen i came online at ni8 i got ur pm...
n i was smiling...
bt den it was sooo emotional OS...
i loved it lodsss...
everything was too perfect...
aro onek valo valo OS likho ok!!!
coz ur all OS r awesome...
n han ff gulo plzzz early update korba spcly LOVE!!!???!!!
u know its my fav ff of urs...
loved it lodsss...
love ya SIS...Hug

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 December 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
hay ridi ..
it was such an awesum one
the emotions her love, there sepration...everything was beautifull...lovely...
achi baaat hai tu raato ko yeahi kiya ker yaar pls...

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Originally posted by nehaluvmayur

omggg ridi
congrats for new os
your start is faboulous and superb story
poor nupur i hope she gets well soon
continue soon...

it's already finished.
Maahzabeen IF-Rockerz

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oh that was such a touchy OS ridi..nupur survived an attack on the name of mayank...lovely one ridi...
i was scared at first that may be nupur willl die but thanks to you that you saved nupur and dint make it a sad...
thanks for the pm...

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beautiful story. I love it

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