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Mayur~defination of love~New MN os on pg 69 (Page 58)

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Originally posted by palz_ArTi4ever

woww amazing concept...looking forward to the ss...continue soon dearSmile

thnx pallabi di...Tongue

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Note: hello I'm to inform you that I decide to convert  this SS to a FF ...actually I realize it would be bigger then a SS… I convert it to a FF….and I open a new thread….here is the link…….I'll update next part very soon……..




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Update on pg 54.


Loved it

Cont soon

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awesome ya...
u write so well...
i loved all ur OS...
gosh i must say dey all r jst awesome...
i loved dem lodsss...
do write more OS plzzz
love ya...Hug

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hello friends here i'm with a Mayur Os...actually I wrote it many days ago but forgot to post it(my poor memory) here is the OS...i hope u''l like it nd plz forgive me for my u all

Hum toh aise  hain


Hello friends…..I'm Nupur….Nupur Bhushan….and here I'm waiting for my best friend….but as usual he is late….I'm sure he is still sleeping….Kumbkarn ki aulad…..just leave it…something never change….and this is one of them…sometimes I think how can I tolerate him….he is so annoying….but what can I do….after all he is my best friend….dosti kiya toh nibhana toh padhega na…but how can he do this……okay I can understand that he can make his best friend wait but how can he make his girlfriend wait…..bacchu aj toh tu gaya….it has been 45 minutes that I've been waiting for him…but where is he…lets try his phone……


Who invented this cell phone yaar….every morning it disturbs my sleep….and see today it does the same…and I know who is calling me….it's my best friend Nupur……..every morning she has nothing to do except disturbing my sleep…khud toh soti nehi hey mujhe bhi sone nehi deta….do you know what is her favorite dish…my head…she loves to chew my head…lets pick up the phone neither she will eat me in stead of chewing my head…..


Mayank: hello….

Nupur: tu abhi tak nehi utha?

Mayank: sone dena…aur khud bhi so ja..

Nupur: Mayank main raste pe kaise so sakti hoon..

Mayank: raste pe…kyun uncle aunty ne tujhe ghar se nikal diya kya. Mujhe pata tha ekdin aisa hoga kyunki kaun tujhe itni din bardast kar sakta hey…par tu chinta maat kar tu mere ghar a ja.

Nupur: wo toh main ayungi….tera murder jo karni hey..agar 10 minute ke ander tu nehi aya toh main teri ghar ake tera murder kar dungi…..

Mayank: Nupur..koyi apne boyfriend se aise baat karte hey kya? Shame on you…

Nupur: boyfriend ka toh pata nehi par main apni best friend se aise hi baat karti hoon…..tu 10 minute main yaha poch nehi toh ye din ko main teri death day bana dalungi….


Nupur disconnected the phone after giving me the threat….actually she gives me such threat hundred times in a day….without giving me threat her food is not digested….but I think now I have to wake up…it's okay that I can make wait my best friend wait but it's not good to make my girlfriend wait….ya unfortunately Nupur is my girlfriend too….actually no one can tolerate us and we can't tolerate anyone with each other except us….and then we also understand that we love each other….so we decide to be with each other rest of the life as couple…..but there is no couplish  thing in our relation…so lets tell you our love story….


Once upon a time…okay forget it…..when we were in college we both tried to date someone else….oh did I tell you that me and Nupur have been friends since our birth time…..actually when I was two years old she was born and we are friend from then….we are neighbor and our parents are family friends…so what am I telling…. When we were in college we tried to date someone else…I tried to date Natasha and she tried to date some one named….what was his name…ya Raj….those day were so pathetic….first of all we couldn't tolerate each other's partner…she couldn't tolerate Natasha and I couldn't tolerate Raj…..but don't think that we broke up with them because of this reason…we're not so filmy…actually after some days I couldn't tolerate Natasha and she couldn't tolerate Raj…I still remember the conversation between me and Nupur before our break up….




It was 8 p.m.……Mayank was trying to watch a movie but he couldn't concentrate on movie because of Natasha….she was continuously messaging him with some silly jokes and cheesy lines….On the other hand Nupur had the same problem….she was trying to read a novel but Raj called her and started his stupid talk…..finally Nupur gave some excuse and told Raj that she would call him within some minutes…..after disconnect the phone call she came out from her room and went to Mayank's home…She rang the door bell…Mayank's mom opened the door…..


Mayank's mom: kya huya beta?

Nupur: aunty Mayank kaha hey?

Mayank's Mom: apne kamre main……


Nupur went to Mayank's  room….Mayank was answering Natasha's Sms…


Nupur: it's enough yaar….aur nehi hota mujhse..

Mayank: mujhse bhi aur nehi hota……yaar maine puri zindegi main itni SMS nehi kiya jitna pishle ek mahine main kiya…..

Nupur: Sms….phone pe baat kar karke meri kan dhuk rahi hey…

Mayank: aur tujhe pata hey aur ek baar mujhe shopping pe jana padhe na uske sath ya toh main khud khushi kar lunga ya toh uski murder kar dunga…

Nupur: shopping…mujhe aur ek baar wo red ya pink dress mili na toh main uska gala ghot dungi…

Mayank: yaar ye hum dono ki bas ki baat nehi hey…hum dono ek dusre ke sath hi thik hey….aur tera wo Raj uska toh shakal bhi thik nehi hey….

Nupur: tera Natasha bhi koyi hoor pari nehi hey…

Mayank: assa chod na hum dono unn dono ke liye kyun ladh rahe hey….lets break up with them.

Nupur: good idea….par Mayank tune kabhi socha hey ki hum ek dusre ke siwa kisiko bardast kyun nehi kar sakte.aur hum ek dusreko kisi aur ke sath bhi bardast nehi kar sakte…dekh Raj ya Natasha dono bure nehi hey….dono normal hey…dil ke bhi asse hey…aur unn dono ko hum dono ki friendship se bhi problem nehi hey…upar se hum dono ko unn dono se problem hey…

Mayank: ha baat toh tune sahi kahi…..par maine aisa kabhi nehi socha….dekh hum dono paida hote hi ek sath hey……hum dono ki life main ek dusre ke siwa koyi aur nehi hey….ek dusre ko itne assi tara se jante hey…..shayed humhe ek dusre ki adat ho gayi hey….

Nupur: par Mayank hum chahe ya na chahe kabhi na kabhi humari life main ek dusre ke siwa kisiko toh ana padhega na…..

Mayank: ha….wo toh hey….

Nupur: par hum bardast kaise karenge?

Mayank: pata nehi…..par right now mujhe Natasha se chutkara chahiye…

Natasha: aur mujhe Raj se..

Mayank: okay done..toh kal hum sabse pehle uthke apne apne break up karenge……….


Next day they both broke up with their respective partner. After that their life became normal again. They were happy again with each other. But still they didn't understand that they already crossed the line of friendship. As they both were enough dumb to understand the meaning of their relationship God made a plan for them….Nupur's parents decided to send her abroad for higher study as it was Nupur's childhood dream…. But Nupur couldn't be happy when she should be happy……after all it was her dream to go to abroad…and along with that she couldn't understand why she couldn't be happy….so as usual she went to Mayank for an answer….on the other hand Mayank was damn angry to know that Nupur was going to leave him.. How could she leave him..


Nupur: Mayank….

Mayank: tu kyun ayi hey yaha? Tu jana apna abroad…

Nupur: tu gussa hey?

Mayank: main kyun gussa hungi…aj tera sapna pura hone ja rahi hey…main toh khush hoon….kya huya agar tu mjhe chodke ja rahi hey…

Nupur: par main khush nehi hoon….

Mayank: kyun? Tujhe kya huya? Tera toh sapna pura ho rahi hey….

Nupur: wohi toh….mujhe khush hona chahiye aur main dukhi hoon…

Mayank: toh maat jana….

Nupur: par mera sapna….uska kya?

Mayank: tera sapna toh yaha bhi sach ho sakti hey…ab yaha bhi toh bahut sare institute hey jo assi education provide karte hey….

Nupur: par mujhe toh abroad jana hey….

Mayank: toh ja na…mera sar kyun kha rahi hey….tujhe jaha jana hey ja….

Nupur: Mayank tu gussa kyun ho rahi hey….hum humesha sath toh nehi reh sakte na..humhe kabhi na kabhi alag toh hona hi hoga….

Mayank: kyun hum kyun humesha sath nehi reh sakte….

Nupur: Mayank aise bacche jaise baat maat kar…humhe dukh hoga par humhe alag bhi hona hoga

Mayank: par Nupur…

Nupur: Mayank humhe try karna hoga…..hum dost hey aur humesha rahenge par humhe ek dusre ke siwa bhi rehna sikhna hoga…

Mayank: thik hey….tu ja…

Nupur: tu gussa toh hey na mujh par…

Mayank:nehi..aur ha tu aise shakal leke maat ja nehi toh uha ke log dar jayenge…

Nupur: Mayank…tu shudrega kab?

Mayank: jis din tu shudar jayegi uski ek din baad…

Nupur: phir toh na mumkin hey…

Mayank: wo toh hey….


Then Nupur went to London for her higher study. One month passed away….In one month Nupur and Mayank led a miserable life…they missed each other like hell….finally they both understand that it was impossible to live without each other….everything in their life was moving around with each other….they didn't know how to live without each other….and finally they understood it was not just friendship….it was more that that…..Now Nupur regretted why did she come to abroad….one day suddenly her door bell rang….she opened it and then she was shocked…..Mayank was standing before her…she couldn't understand that was she dreaming…..but then Mayank said….


Mayank:main tere bagair nehi reh sakta….isiliye main yaha chala aya..ab jab tak tu yaha rahegi main bhi tere sath rahunga.

Nupur: really?

Mayank: ha…..

Nupur: great..


Then they hugged each other…..they hugged thousand times in their life but this hug was different….this hug contained how much they missed each other….how much they loved each other…yes they both could understand that they loved each other from that day when they started their friendship….


Flashback End


So here is our story to become girlfriend boyfriend from best friend….but still we're best friends….that's why Nupur still give me threat and I still pull her leg…but seems today she really kills me coz I'm 2 hours late…actually there is some problem of having girlfriend who is your best friend….if I have a girl friend who is not my best friend I can  make her forgiving me by giving some gifts or flowers….but here if I try to give her any gifts or flowers, her anger increase…so there is no other way but praying that she will forgive me….


Finally he comes after two long hours….today I kill him….look how shameless he is…he is smiling

Mayank: hi….

Nupur: Mayank tujhe sharam nehi ate?

Mayank: main kyun sharmayu…main ladhki hoon kya?

Nupur: tu do ghante late hey…

Mayank: toh isme aise chillane wali baat kya hey…insan late ho sakte hey…

Nupur: tu insan hey?

Mayank: ha hoon…..kyun tujhe koyi shak hey?

Nupur: nehi.mujhe toh puri yakeen hey ki tu insaan nehi hey….

Mayank: Nupur koyi apne would be husband ka aise insult nehi karte…

Nupur: would be! main toh apna husband ka bhi aise insult kar sakti hoon…kyunki wo tu hoga na…

Mayank: ha.itna baadkismat toh main hi ho sakta hoon…assa bol itna subah subah bulaya kyun?

Nupur: humhe shopping jana hey

Mayank: Nupur tu thik toh hey na?

Nupur: ha ha pata hey meri muh se shopping jane ki baat karna shobha nehi deta par hum kuch kar nehi sakte…engagement ki shopping bhi toh karni hey na…..pehle socha mom hi kar lenge..phir socha agar mom ne shopping ki toh aise kapre layenge jo main pehen nehi payungi…toh isse behter ki main hi kar loon…

Mayank: tujhe shopping jani hey toh ja….mujhe kyun bulaya?

Nupur: engagement meri akeli ki hey? Aur sirf main kyun bhuktu tujhe bhi mere sath har wo kast uthana hoga jo main uthaungi….samja….

Mayank: ha samja…kis kambaqt ne mujhe kaha tha tujhse shadi karne ko?

Nupur: tune..aise ghatiya idea tere dimag se hi ate hey…

Mayank: toh tujhe shadi nehi karni kya?

Nupur: mujhe shadi se koyi problem nehi hey par ye rituals se hey….main kehta hoon abhi bhi waqt hey court main chalte hey aur shadi kar lete .ye sab humgame ki jarurat nehi hey….

Mayank: ghar wale mar dalenge hume…..

Nupur: wohi toh problem hey…chal shopping kar lete hey…


They're going for shopping…..actually they both hate shopping….but they also know if they allow their family to do shopping for them then they will not able to attend their own marriage in an appropriate dress….so they come for shopping…they go to a bridal shop to buy a lehenga for Nupur…Shopkeeper is showing them so many lehenga but they don't like a single one…


Mayank: Nupur aise toh koyi bhi lehenga tujhe pasand nehi ayegi…..

Nupur: kya karu yaar…sare lehenga ya toh red nehi toh pink nehi toh aise color ki hey ki main nehi pehen sakti..

Mayank: Nupur agar hum tere pasand ki lehenga le na toh log samjenge ki wo kisiki engagement main nehi kisiki maiyat main aye hey…tu abtak black ki siwa koyi aur color ke kapre pehne hey…tere wardrobe ki 70% kapre black hey, 20% white aur baki 10% aise color ki hey jo koyi shadi main nehi pehente….

Nupur: par Mayank main ye red aur pink toh nehi pehen sakti na…

Mayank:ha wo toh hey…usme tu bahut ajib lagegi….aur main apna engagement kharap nehi karna chahti…assa bhaisab apke pass koyi white ya blue color ki lehenga hey….

Shopkeeper: ek minute…..


Then shopkeeper bring a lehenga which was white with white embroidery on it….it is what they want…they  buy this and then they go to a sherwani store and buy a simple white sherwani for Mayank….after their shopping they go for lunch….


Nupur: by god mujhe itna bhukh lagi hey..

Mayank: mujhe bhi.upar se maine breakfast bhi nehi kiya tere liye…

Nupur: tujhe maine kaha tha itna late so ne ko…

Mayank: nehi.par agar tu thora late soti toh kya bigar jata…

Nupur: kuch nehi bigar ta bacchu…..par agar tu thora aur late ati toh tera shakal bigar jata..

Mayank: Nupur tu mujhe aise dhamki maat de..after all main teri husband banne wala hoon…thora toh respect kar.

Nupur: na mumkin hey….main kisiko bhi respect kar sakti hoon par tujhe nehi…kitni ajib lagegi agar main tujhe respect karna shuru karungi..

Mayank: phir bhi humari future ke bare main soch..humare bacche kya sochenge…..unke maa unke bapp ko din main hazar bar dhamki deti hey…..aur kabhi kabhi pit ti bhi hey….kya asar hoga unn par…

Nupur: zindegi main pehli baar tune sense wali baat ki….rukh main try karti hoon…Mayank suno…kya tum mere liye ek burger le sakte ho….


After that Mayank and Nupur both make some strange face…it seems someone make them eating the most bitter medicine in this world….


Mayank: chiii……tere muh se 'tum' gali jaisi lagte hey….aur wo bhi itne sweet se…yukkk

Nupur: ha ye toh tune thik kahi…..aisa lagta hey ki main koyi alien language keh rahi hoon…..

Mayank: hum jaise hey thik hey…..hum apne bacche ko samja denge…

Nupur: ye assa idea hey….wow Mayank tu aj itna assa idea de rahi hey….kiske brain churake laya hey?

Mayank: very funny Nupur….main agar itna hi annoying hoon toh mujhse shadi kyun kar rahi hey?

Nupur: kyunki mere pass dusra koyi option nehi hey na..agar main tujhse shadi nehi karungi toh tu sare zindegi kumara reh jayega….aur main tera best friend hoke aise hone nehi de sakti..

Mayank: tu sudhregi kab?

Nupur: tune hi toh kaha..jis din tu sudhar jayega uske ek din pehle…

Mayank: phir toh namumkin hey…..

Nupur: wo toh hey..


These are Mayank and Nupur……the most unique and 'anokha' jodi of this world……they love each other but in their own style….in their language we can say…..THODA HATKE HEY PAR BAHUT PYARI HEY BY GOD……….



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Crysryyy cant press d like tab as maine aj bht bar tumhare ff ke like tab press kiye hain...Cry

plzzz update ur LOVE???!!! ff plzzz...

awesome OS...
uff hw u manage to write ur every OS so perfectly han...
i really loved it...
u know after reading ur every OS i jst feel like kash ye OS na ho kar FF hota...
coz every OS has d capacity to become one of d best FF...
u know i really wish ye bhi ek ff hota...
u know m feeling like blackmailing u for write another part of dis OS...Evil SmileEvil Smile

bt i guess i will try a sweet attempt...Wink
CrySmileplzzz plzzz write another part plz plzzzCrySmile
loved it lodsss...
love ya...Hug

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 7:16am | IP Logged good yaarSmile

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