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17th March Update

Mages IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
hi guys...since i have not seen any i update for you guys....i hope you like it....
College Examination Classroom-AbhiYa-ShaSha And Gang
The scenes starts with Piya praying to God...and T giving smirks to the gang....and sneek a some chits under Piya's skirt(T has brains...if she used it for her studies rather than wooing every tom dick and harry would be awesomeAngryAngry)....all the students starts to write their exam papers when Shanker was lost in thoughts and Misha wakes him in reality and ask him to start the papers....if he failed her paper he is going to pay for it Misha warns...Shanker just smiles....and Misha ask him to start the paper and turns her face away and Shanker tells to himself that Misha looks cute in anger too(i agree with himEmbarrassed)....and Misha ask him to start the paper..and he starts...he was writing and Misha ask him does he know the answer correctly and Shanker just says yes he knows by gesture.....
On the other hand...Ruhi pushes the paper to Pooja and she did vice-versa....and Ruhi pushes the paper again to Pooja and ask her to write her paper....and Pooja through gesture ask her what to write....then Pooja took out her pokemon pen and was admiring at the pen while Ruhi was loosing her patience...then Pooja ask what to write and Ruhi just ask her to write...and Pooja starts writing.....Miss Pronita came to Ruhi-Pooja....and called out to Pooja who was doing manicure and ask her what she was doing...and wasn't she writing the exam for Ruhi...why is her make up things are out which Pooja replied that Ruhi doesn't know anything so for not wasting anytime she doing facial....and replied that she have already written Ruhi's name and row no...Miss Pronite gave a you guys are impossible look and goes off.....and Ruhi puts her head down with embrassment(it was a very hilarious scenes....i was laughing so much...poor Ruhi plan completely backfire on herLOLLOL)
The Drama And Class Unity For Piya With Abhay Being The Andolan Leader
Miss Pronita was doing her rounds.....when T gives a facial to Miss Pronita to look at Piya's skirt which have the chits.....Miss Pronita took the chits and ask everyone to stop writing their exams papers.....and she questions Piya...what is all the chit doing under her skirt and is she cheating which shocked everyone including Misha..Shanker and Abhay....and Piya defends that she never cheat and T was giving her usual nonsense remarks to Piya which angered Misha and she talks back to T....and Miss Pronita ask her to Shut Up(will any teacher use such words on teacher doesn't use this words...she only ask us to keep quietConfused)and Misha obeys her orders...Miss Pronita tells Piya that she never expected this from her....such a top student why does she need to cheat which Piya with tears tells her that she never cheat and T was giving smirks...Miss Pronita says that whatever now the trustee will take a decision and Piya needs to come with her
Abhay stands up and support for Piya....Abhay ask Miss Pronita to think again since she is their lecturers....and the topper in history subject is Piya.....why does she need to cheat.....and ask her to think twice before coming to a conclusion and Miss Pronita starts to think...and she says she agrees what Abhay says but then she has to do her duties( i wonder why cheating exams a trustee is needed when the teachers-principals needs to make a decisionLOL)...which Abhay says that ok till Piya doesn't prove innocent noone will write any exam papers and he tore his papers(i love showed how much he trust and have faith in his loveEmbarrassed)and Misha stands and took the paper from Shanker and tore her paper so does TrAngad and the whole class except for T and her gang.....Miss Pronita was stunned but then she brought piya to the trustee's office
Piya's Family Trustee-Uncle...Vampire Future Father-In-Law....Vampire Brother-In-Law
Piya was defending herself that she is not cheating....and she have a habit of making notes but never make chits...and Chand as usual gives his smirky comment on which Pravin defend that Piya can never do such offence like cheating and she did hard work to win the scholarship and he has full faith on Piya(yeh huyi na mama wali baatClap)...and he votes for her....which Sid also tells the principal that Piya is a employee in his office...and she is very hard-working and efficient girl and he trust he vote for Piya...Chand ego was hurt and he tells the trustee he wants to go and breathe some fresh air(fresh air is just an excuse...bechara fall flat on his face by his own son,,,vampire ego is hurtLOLLOLLOL)which the case is dismissed....and Miss Pronita is happy so does Piya and she went to thank Sid for helping her
Sid's Flirty Wink To PiyaDay Dreaming-Main To Maar Hi Gayi
Piya thanks Sid for helping her out in the issue which Sid says he knows that Piya can never do such a offence.....and he trust her....and she should get back to her exams....and pass it with flying colours because he wants her to work with the best.....and Piya was touched.....and again Piya thanks Sid which Sid stops her and gives her a small wink...wish her and leaves(uff the wink was so cute...and our vampire was sexy with the smile along with the wink...kaash instead of piya it was panchiEmbarrassedDay Dreaming)......Sid leaves....and Piya tells herself that she was wrong to suspect Sid's intention he have a such a good heart(wait honey...till you know his real colours your opinion woon't be the same at allLOLLOL)....he is just perfect for Panchi(well i agree with you...this sexy vampire hunk is completely perfect for matter what a cassanova or killer he isEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)
Sid-Abhay Meet-Kebab Mein Handsome Transition Into Balle Balle Sexy Grooves
Abhay was coming out from the jungle(i think he went for animal hunting to quench his thirst for bloodSmile)....Sid stops his car and he ask Abhay is he blocking his part which Abhay says yes....then Sid says sarcastically that its great that he is in the right place....between him and Piya as "Kebab Mein Handsome"(this man really gave a new meaning to KMHClapStar....he was too cute while saying Kebab Mein HandsomeROFL....seriously i fall of my chair thank god my mother caught hold of my laptopLOLLOLLOLLOLsid was too much hilarious in this scenesLOL).....Abhay got angry but he control himself and tells him that he is warning him once again stay away from Piya....which Sid says that he thought Abhay would have thank him for not expelling his girlfriend from the college but he is doing the opposite....and being a elder brother is such a thankless job(by the way are not a good elder brother at allAngry)...and he tells Sid that he can do anything for her...infact he can do anything to save Maithilli too and that day he did tried to save her from the fire but he was too late....but now he is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW(great after film title...our charmer have start to sing a song....guys this song title is from bluffmaster which was sung by abhishek bachchanLOLLOLLOL)....and he is not going anywhere at all...and Abhay ask him to stay away from Piya again and she is not Maithilli...and Abhay says that he knows why he is doing all this...just to take revenge on him...and Sid says Bingo...and he praises his brother that after all centuries...he has been matured....and he tells Abhay that Piya is a sort of toy for him...whose key he will turn and Abhay will dance...and Sid dances "Oh Balle Balle...Oh Balle Balle....Oh Balle Balle...Oh Balle"(oh god guys seriously i was drinking a juice and i spit out completely laughing yaar.....a scenes must watch....abhay expression...uff my bro has gone mad....LOLLOLLOLLOLROFL)and he tells Abhay that he loves this game alot....he tells Abhay that why he loves this game because he cannot tell the truth to Piya...if she knows the truth about him then he will kill Piya..and tells his brother that its his game and his rules( going to loose the game because you don't know the strength of loveWink)...and he leaves in the car with some sexy grooves with his own music....Abhay was lost in thoughts
Siddharth-Abhayendra-Maithilli Ends In Pillar Of Fire(Must Watch)
Sid was driving howling his own music....suddenly he becomes emotional and calls out the name Maithilli...Maithilli(guys though sid's love for maithilli is one-sided and selfish but then i can't deny that he really loved herCryCry) went into the FB where Maithilli was shouting for help and Abhayendra's name....and Siddharth came there and jump into the fire(wow sid was looking so cute in his ancient outfit with a scarfEmbarrassed) Abhayendra was helpless and shouting "Bhai Bhai".....and Siddharth shouts "Maithilli"..."Maithilli" and he tripped and falled and all the pillars falls on him...he still shouted "Maithilli"....and Abhayendra shouted "Bhai Bhai"...Siddharth last words was Maithilli and he dies.....Abhayendra sees his bhai dies infront of his eyes....(in this whole sympathy wents out for Abhayendra..he really loved...respect...and adored his selfish bhai who wanted to snatch away his loveCryCry....Abhayendra loose both his love and brother infront of his eyesCryCry....and could feel the pain now how difficult for him to call his Bhai...SiddharthCryCry....Abhay suffered alot because of maithilli...siddharth...piya....he needs happinessCryCryCry).....
Sid's Past Turns Into Present
Sid came to reality and was telling himself that the fire have killed all 3 of them...he never wanted that to happen....he revealed that his plan was to have Maithilli to himself(who will make this looser to understand that you can't compel or force a women to love youAngryAngrybecause of your selfish one-sided love you have backstabbed your own loving brother....DeadDeadDead)but then fate plays a cruel joke and he couldn't save Maithilli...he was too late...he tells sorry to Maithilli that he have lost her....and now that he is in town he is going to revenge the Raichands(sweetheart even you are a Raichand nowLOL).....
SidYa Meet-A Women To Bite
Piya was walking down the lane in dark....and was remembering all that happened in the examination classroom and wonder who could be having enimity with her when Sid stops his car and wanted to give a life but then Piya says that hostel is just opposite and she can manage herself...then Sid ask her if she had her dinner and Piya says no but she will take it in the hostel...then Sid ask if the hostel food is nice which Piya says that its fine....then Sid invites her for dinner which Piya refused but then Sid tells that whenever he takes dinner he needs a company especially ladies speciality...thats why everyone gives him the image of cassanova(honey the name cassanova was given to you by your ladylove panchiLOLLOL...she knows your full reputation inside..out if you behave normal modeLOLWink)....he always needs a women to bite(well he indirectly told his nature...poor piya doesn't understand at allWink)and if she doesn't go with her than he needs to pick some random girl(chalo he is already hinting that he needs more blood in his systemLOLLOL).....and Piya says it might be a tradgedy and Sid laughs off....then Sid says he will bring her to a fast food restaurant and Piya agrees and sit in his car...Sid gives a smirk
PreCap: Chand-Abhay were sitting together and Chand was discussing about vampires history...i guess the whole convo was abt the ring and Chand gives the responsiblity to Abhay to protect it so that Siddharth can never steal it....
it was a good episode..Sid-Metz-Abhayendra FB....Sid's "kebab mein handsome and "Balle Balle"....Abhay's trust on Piya is the real highlight of the show...its 8.5/10 episode....2.5 cut because no AbhiYa scenes...or else it would be 10/10

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-Rumi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged

Very very well written update.Clap

Thanks a lot.Smile

sanober. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 12:29am | IP Logged
beuatiful update thank you so much ;-)
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
ur ratings are perfect
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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Very nice update Mages
Jyo. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
a beautiful update.. Clap thanks a lot.. was waiting for it.. Smile
AnamikaSJain IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 1:31am | IP Logged
LOved Chand and is because of these actors this Serial is bearable...
worship_dmg Newbie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 2:00am | IP Logged
awesome update Sweetheart I totally loved it first the episode was damn good and then your update was like dark chacolate on top of the chocolate cake  in short it was juzz chocolicious and my heart is now full of contentment my lost love for the serial has been revived thanks Sweetheart juzz luv yaSmileBig smile

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