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Hello, Namaste, and Salaam Everyone!Big smile Sorry! I was done with most of the update but finished it finally. *phew*
Interview with book author (RK Publishing House)

Host welcomes all the media people and Akshat Kumar (author) who are in the same room. Reporter asks author if Blood Mystery( second book) is similar to the first one. Author says "any book means any story"Stern Smile and this story is about 3 murder cases which were done differently but as we read on, these cases become more complicated. Author says the books are released in the market and now, everyone can read his book.Another reporter asks if the story is based on real -life or not. Akshant says its actually both.ShockedSuddenly, some guy runs towards Akshat and whispers something in his ears. Akshat is shocked and says this cant happen. Reporters ask what happened. Akshat says three people were murderered just like it was described in the book(Akshat is deadLOL). Everyone watches tv to confirm the news

Simran's body

Salunke,Vivek,Kajal,watchman,and some woman slowly enter some house. They all wear masks ( sorry for once, I thought it was Abhijit instead of salunkeOuchLOL *kaan Pakding*Embarrassed)  As they reach living room, they see a dead body lying on the chair and tied with electric wire. Kajal walks ahead of them but salunke stops and tells her to watch her traces. Salunke walks first instead and Kajal, Vivek follow him. He shows them the wire which had been tied to the girl's legs near feet. He tells them that someone gave this girl a current shock and that's how she might have died. He tells Vivek to turn off the switch and unplug the wire.Vivek finishes up his task and looks for clues nearby the body. Salunke examines the body's face and Kajal says murderer was cruel to kill this girl. She says the girl must have atleast tried to save herself. Salunke agrees and takes out the handkerchief from the dead body's mouth with the help of his equipment and gives it to Kajal. Kajal saves it in her kit , Salunke continues to examine the body while Vivek goes to watchman and the woman to inquire.Vivek asks if this girl's name is Simran and asks how come they didnt know when she died.Woman says she works in Call center during night time and that's why she doesnt know who came in. Vivek moves towards watchman and says he should know this atleast. Watchman says he himself is shocked to know how this happened when he was on duty Meanwhile, Salunke and Kajal untie the wires around the dead body.Vivek asks if he has the list of visitors who came in yesterday. Watchman says besides, electrician, nobody came to this house. Camera focuses on the dead body face ( its totally burnt and is blackDead) Kajal finds few novel papers on the lamp table and shows them to Salunke.He reads the papers and says this describes how to kill a person with electricity and tells her to save the papers as it may be to some use. Kajal agrees and he tells her to give magnifying glass. Watchman says he didnt record electrician arrival and departure timeSleepy because simran already knew him Kajal asks watchman if someone stays with simran. Woman disagrees and says simran never talked about anyone. Salunke tells Vivek that he thinks that girl died due to electric shock but he needs to perform few more tests and confirm. He tells him to send the body to forensic lab. Vivek agrees and Salunke leaves. Vivek phones.

Vidhut's body

Camera shifts to another place where Abhijit and Freddie are standing near the body and we see some woman crying in the background. The body is tied with robes and lying down to his left side. Abhijit is deeply thinking while Freddie is taking pictures. Abhijit checks the body and then robes which is tied to door knob (which is broken) on the other end. Woman is still crying and Abhijit walks towards the door and finds the lady crying continously in another room. He walks upto to her and consoles herEmbarrassed. She tells him that she killed him with her own handsOuch She says she shouldnt have opened the door, otherwise, her husband would have been aliveOuch.He asks how this happened. She says everything happened infront of herShocked. Abhijit says its important for us to know. She says as soon as she opened the door, the robe which had been tied to the knob and the body went straight on shrap knife. Abhijit leaves the door and experiments the same situation. As soon as Abhijit opens the door knob, the rob which was tied to fan ( probably)  and had the body . He tells Freddie that murderer is very smart. He wonders how murderer got time to do this and how he knows every detail in the house. Abhijit finds a chewing gum besides the bed. He takes the gum and shows it to Freddie. He goes to another room where the woman is and asks her if anyone in her house chews gum, upon which she denies. Abhijit wonders if this gum is murderer's.Freddie calls Abhijit who rushes towards room where Freddie and body are. Freddie finds novel papers of Blood mystery and gives it to Abhijit. Abhijit reads the papers which describes how this murder was done. He is shocked and wonders how it can this be. Freddie informs him that he found blood in the wash basin. Abhijit sees the blood on the basin and Freddie asks him whether this blood is the Vindhut's. Abhijit disagrees and says vinduth died infront of his wife and says that this blood must be murderer's and tells Freddie to take blood sample. He tells Freddie to send the body,blood sample, and chewing gum to forensic lab.Freddie nods in agreement

Amreet's body

Camera shifts to highway. Sachin is examining the car and few people are surrounded in the same place.Daya asks witnesses if they can share something about this accident. One of them says he saw everything. He says the guy who was in the car was seeking for help. Daya asks if the car stopped. Another witness says the guy tried to stop the car but failed. He says as soon as the guy applied brake, the car exploded. Daya goes towards the car where Sachin is. Sachin shows the novel papers to Daya which he found in the car. Papers are half burnt but one can read. He reads "Blood Mystery" on the paper and gives it back to Sachin and tells him to take them. Sachin agrees and Daya tells everything that witnesses told. Daya checks the brakes to see if they had been damaged. Sachin enters from another end of the car ( driver's seat) and finds that wire had been tied with the brake. He shows this to Daya. Daya agrees and says the brakes might have been repaired nearby because nobody can drive safely without proper brakes. Sachin receives a call and moves away from there. Daya finds a piece of Service center paper on the car front glass towards extreme right. Sachin informs Daya that he received a call from RTO who gave him information of the car owner. Car owner is none other than Amrikh who lives in Bandra complex. Daya shows him the service center paper and tells him that the car was registered yesterday and they can find more information from this center.


Akshant and two other men are sitting in the bureau with the pictures of the three dead bodies . ACP tells them that three people were killed and says all these three are somehow related to Akshat.ACP asks him why did this happen. Akshat says he's in shock. He says he doesnt understand how all this happened. Simran was a cousin sister who died due to electric shock. He says he used to love her alot Abhijit moves towards another guy and asks whether Vinduht was the owner of some book store. The guy agrees and says the guy who died in the car blast was Akshat's CA, Amrit. ACP asks then what could be the reason behind this murders.This guy says he doesnt know. Abhijit says they cant runaway like this and says atleast Akshat should know about this because all the murders were done exactly like it was described in his book and says we found the novel papers near the dead body and leaves the papers on the table. Three men ( Akshant and others) grab those papers and are shocked to see them.Another guy with Akshat says how come this happen because the book is going to be released this evening. Freddie enters the bureau with novel and manuscript. Abhijit takes the novel and tells him to check the page 67 where it describes about the girl's murder. Abhijit compares both ( book and manuscript) and informs ACP that both versions are different and the girl was killed exactly like it was described in the novel ( book) rather than manuscript. ACP understands that publishing house did something fishy and that means murderer is one of them.

Forensic Lab

Three dead bodies are laid side-by-side. Salunke is examing something in the microscope. Tarika takes a sample of saliva from the chewing gum wraper and later, he is in matching reports and talks towards the bodies and stops at one of them. Dr. Tarika is performing some tests in the test tube. She asks Salunke how one can write about murders and murders are occuring just like its been described in the book. Salunke says even author should also think why and what he is writing in his book. Tarika agrees and he tells her that the blood sample found in Vinduht's house is different. Abhijit enters the lab along with Kajal and Vivek and asks whats different. Salunke shows Abhijit two pictures of blood cells ( one normal and the other one abnormal). He asks Abhijit to tell the difference. Abhijit says cell colors are different in both pictures. Salunke asks why its different. Abhijit tells him to explain himself. Salunke says the abornmal is example of Thalassemia. Abhijit understands and says this kind of disease has low amount of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood and this patient must change this blood every 6 months. Salunke and Tarika are suprised to hear this from him. Salunke asks Abhijit why he doesnt join forensic along with him. Abhijit says each one is should be at their own place. Both share a laugh. Vivek tells Salunke that he sees few red colored cells and few white-red colored cells. Salunke tells Vivek that this means that the patient changed his blood very soon.Tarika informs Abhijit that the chewing gum wrapper belongs to murderer. Kajal asks how did they know about this. Dr. Tarika says the DNA of blood sample and Saliva's DNA found in chewing gum wrapper matches. Abhijit says now we have to find that man who eats chewing gum and has thalassemia disease.

Zeda Car Service

Mechanic is angry with someone on phone. He tells them to send the money first and then he willl send the car. Sachin and Freddie enter and mechanic assuming that there are customers tells them to first pay the bill and then he will complete the work. Sachin tells him that he wont complain about this. Mechanic agrees and asks where the car is. Sachin points towards his car which is outside the shop. Mechanic asks what he must he do. Sachin says he should plant a bomb inside. Mechanic gets angry and asks if they have any other work to do. Sachin sarcastically nods in denial Mechanic tells them to leave otherwise he will call the police. Freddie says he doesnt have to and shows his batch. Mechanic is shocked to see CID and takes officers aside and tells them that they dont do these kind of work and CID must have got wrong information. Freddie says we found a burnt car and this car was caught because it was blasted by someone. Sachin says someone planted bomb near the car brake. He later shows the shop's logo and asks if this sticker is there. Mechanic agrees ; Freddie says the owner of the car was Amreet and asks if he recollects anything. Mechanic ponders over this thoughts and finally agrees that Amreet came to his garage yesterday to repair. Sachin asks who repaired the car. Mechanic points out to another mechanic, mihir who usually repairs amreet's car. Mihir says he didnt plant any bomb in Amreet's car. Freddie asks when they blamed him for planting the bomb. He says he just wants to know where the car was standing when mihir was standing. Mihir directs them to nearby place where car is parked. Sachin and Freddie check the place carefully and Freddie finds another set of bomb difusser in the garbage. He takes a look at it and chuckles. He shows mihir the bomb and says this is not used to repair car. Mihir slowly tries to escape but Sachin  manhandles him. Mihir confesses that someone called him and told to plant the bomb in Amreet's car as it will arrive anytime soon. Sachin asks him if he can recognize the guy's face upon which, mihir disagreesSleepy Sachin and Freddie drag Mihir to bureau.

ACP,Abhijit, Kajal show blood report of thalasemia patient in various hospital and ask if the report is one of their patients. Abhijit,ACP,and Kajal individually dont find any result but when they are finally reach one hospital, receptionist calls the patient's Doctor Lalit and inform them about CID. ACP asks her why she called the doctor when they just wanted to know about this. She says its true that report matches with their patient but since, CID is inquiring, she wanted the doctor to know about it so that he can give more details.Meanwhile, receptionist shows the lists of patients names who have thalasemia disease. Abhijit and ACP find Komal's name in the list who happens to be Akshat's employee's wife ( Rohit's wife). Doctor arrives and asks CID what they want to know about the report. Abhijit asks whether Komal is Rohit's wife. Doctor agrees and CID want to confirm this with Komal.
Komal is being interrogated in the bureau. She says she doesnt know how her blood was found in Vindhut's house. CID doesnt believe her.She says she didnt visit Vindhut's house.Abhijit asks her whether she came to Akshant's party on that day and for sometime, she went missing but later joined the party.She says she received a call from unknown who informed her about her friend's accident which was infact a fake news.ACP says they will soon confirm this but he wants to show something to her. He goes to his table and lifts chewing gum wrapper in the air and tells her that they found this in Vindhut's house along with her saliva. Komal is shocked and defends herself saying that since one week, she stopped eating chewing gum because her doctor told her to. She says she is doing root canal treatment. Sachin enters ACP's office and informs ACP and Abhijit that he found the phone number on mechanic phone list. ACP asks who it is. Sachin asks its Jagan who is a college student.Abhijit asks where he is right now. Sachin says he found out from Jagan's house that he is at college. ACP tells him to go to the college while him and Abhijit will once again pay a visit to the hospital.
Jagan's college
Principal is taking Sachin and Freddie to Jagan, On their way, Principal says he cant believe that Jagan is spoiled now and shows them where Jagan is sitting with his friend in cafeteria. Jagan is facing his back to officers and principal. Freddie asks him if he's Jagan. Jagan turns back and agrees.Sachin repeats jagan's number and asks if its his. Jagan once again agrees. Sachin asks if he knows Mihir and Amrit. Jagan who is holding papers in his hand, drops them in shock and sachin asks what happened to him. Principal says Mr. Amreet is Jagan's dad. Freddie asks if he called mihir to plant bomb in his dad's car. Jagan denies to know anything about this. Sachin asks about the garage mechanic and asks if he remembers anything now. Jagan tries to run away but Freddie stops him. and says his dad is nomore as the car was blasted. Jagan says its okay if his father diesShocked because his dad never encouraged me and always kept his mom away from him. Sachin asks why his dad like this. Jagan says he was his dad's step-son and he never wanted jagan to do what he liked. He says he was interested in writing but his dad denied it. He says someone gave him manuscript and told him to submit it in college and he will pass. Principal says he refused to take it  as it was someone's work and even had a talk with his dad. Sachin asks if the manuscript is still with them. Principal tells his peon to bring the blue file. Peon goes to bring it. Freddie asks jagan if he called mihir so that he can kill his dad. Jagan says he doesnt know anything but the guy who gave manuscript told him to call. Meanwhile, the blue file is ready and on principal's hands. Principal gives this to Sachin who reads it and says its Akshat's work and who gave him this manuscript. Freddie asks Jagan to tell his name, Jagan says he didnt see his face who came in night and gave him manuscript and told him to submit the script so that everyone will like it. Freddie asks if he can tell more about the physical appearance of the guy. Jagan says he didnt see his face but he smelled flowers scent in his clothes. Principal says he refused to take it because he already knew that it was someone's work.
Doctor says he cant believe that someone stole Komal's blood. ACP says he whether he believes or not, but the truth is someone stole komal's blood from here. Doctor says he will be in fix if its confirmed that the blood was indeed stolen because him and his team changed the blood. ACP tells him to bring his team here.Doctor says one nurse resigned the job. Abhijit asks if he asked the reason behind her resiging. Receptionist who is quietly listening tells ACP that before nurse resigned, the day before doctor complained about her because she returned the patient's test tube along with some blood. ACP points his index finger towards doctor and says that blood must definetly be komal's. Doctor apologizes for everything that happened. ACP asks receptionist to tell the name of the nurse/patient. Receptionist says that day many people came to hospital but she will check her records once again. She finally finds the result and shows it to ACP and Abhijit. Abhijit says the name is very unfamiliar but the phone number sounds familiar. ACP tells him to find out whose phone it is. Abhijit takes his phone and dials the number and finds out.
Kajal and ACP are searching for something in the computer. ACP is standing beside her and she is seen working on it. Abhijit who is still on phone tells the other caller to confirm before the caller gives any information. He later thanks the caller and hangs up. He informs ACP that the phone number is simran's. We see Vivek walking towards him ( hayee! kitna minuto baad aaya heyEmbarrassedLOL) ACP is shocked and says this means that Simran took komal's blood but simran died due to electric shock. Kajal says maybe the murderer took his helper's help and later, killed the helper too ( hope, I'm making sense hereConfused). ACP says maybe. Sachin and Freddie enter the bureau with blue file. Sachin informs ACP that they found manuscript in Jagan's college which Jagan himself submitted it for competition. ACP wonders who could have given this script. Freddie says they dont know about this but the murderer had flower scent and the chewing gum found in Vindhut's house also had flower scent ( shows flashback).  Sachin shows the blue file and says this manuscript has few corrections and underlines on the text. Abhijit this kind of correction is done only by the editor. ACP agrees. Vivek says the Jayanth is the editor of the publishing house. ACP tells them to catch Jayant soon.
Jayant's office
Daya says it seems like Jayant didnt come to office today. Peon/employee says he tried to call Jayant but his phone is busy. Sachin says everyone is saying the same thing and turns on the light. He says jayant didnt even go to his house, if he isnt in the office, then where did he go? Daya finds few white papers lying on the table. Freddie says maybe he is hiding somewhere. Daya says he has to come out someday. He and other officers get ready to hunt for clues with their gloves on. They find books, files and read them. Daya asks peon about cupboard's keyes. Peon says and gives duplicates keyes. Daya says its okay and takes them and opens it.  He reads a file and understands everything. Sachin asks what happened. Daya says Jayant wrote a letter to Rohit saying to cancel Akshat's warrant for next book.  Sachin says this means that Jayant wanted to remove Akshat. Freddie the chewing gum wrapper and shows it to Daya. Daya smells it and says this has flowers scent and looks similar to the one found in Vindut's house. Sachin understands that Jayant killed those three people. Daya says the guy who involved with Jagan was Jayant only. He receives a call and is shocked to know about something.
Sachin and Freddie enter the bureau with file in Sachin's hand. Sachin informs ACP and Abhijit  that they couldnt trace Jayant but he ran off somewhere as he is nowhere to be seen in home or office.Freddie says jayant has been missing since last night. ACP says they were trying to find him out but he flew away. Abhijit chuckles and asks Sachin if they found anything in the office. Sachin agrees and shows the letter which they found and talks about cancelling the contract. ACP says this is why Akshat was kidnapped and sent the DVD to us.Vivek calls ACP. Abhijit.him,Sachin,and Freddie stand around Vivek and Kajal ( who kept the Viveo ready). DVD begins to play and Akshat says he doesnt know where he is but they kidnapped him and asked him to write his murder story and says he doesnt want to die because his afraid to be killed. He says in frustration how one can write their own murder story? Abhijit and ACP exchange their looks. Akshat keeps repeating his words " mein marna nahi chata" Freddie says by now, Jayant must have killed him. ACP says how can that be and says CID will save him. He tells Abhijit to find out whether Akshat's laptop has Wi-fi connection or not. If there is Wi-fi connection, then they can easily find out where he is with the help of satellite. Abhijit and Vivek nod in agreement. ACP says one more thing and says Jayant was present in the party when these three people were killed. Abhijit asks if this means that Jayant took someone's help to finish his work. ACP agrees and says they have to find out what actually happened on that party from Komal, Akshat's wife, and Rohit.
Akshat Party (*flashback*)
Komal is talking in the background. She says as soon as she arrived, everyone were seeing her because she was late. She tried to find her husband but he wasnt there. But she found Akshat and meet him and congrajulated him. Akshat says he is happy to see her. Meanwhile, Keerti (Akshat's wife) arrives and tells him to let her have some food and give a piece of cake ( cake looks yummyLOL)  Komal refuses to take it because she has toothache. Keerti at first forces her to have it but Komal refuses once again. Keerti agrees and tells her that its her wish. Jayant who is hell drunk forces komal to have a soft drink. Now, Akshat and Rohit to forces her Sleepy Somehow, Jayawant makes komal to drink but komal gets angry and begins to cough. Akshat gives her tissue and later, she throws the tissue on the floor after using it ( Wah, kitne badi ladki aur aachi dress painkay aaye hain magar itna bhi tameez nahi hainAngry)  Keerthi takes Komal to the washroom.Abhijit tells her stop her story because they finally came to know who took the tissue and left it in Vindhut's house. Keerthi asks who that person is. Abhijit says they will soon come to know in a short time. He receives a call from Daya who told him about wi-fi connection which was found in Varli.
ACP,Abhijit, Vivek, and Kajal are standing in a open area ( I thinkConfused). ACP asks Kajal if its the same place which should the signal. Kajal agrees and directs them one direction and says she was unable to trace Akshat here. ACP tells Abhijit that he found any boxes in the video like that of godownsConfused Kajal says there are many closed factories here. ACP tells his team to move along. Everyone hunt for the godown and finally find the one where Akshat is kidnapped when someone cries for help. Vivek calls ACP and informs him that he heard the bullet sound in godown no.17. ACP tells him to remain quiet until all officers reach there and then can attack at once if there are too many kidnappers. Finally., CID team finds Akshat tied to robes and lying to his right side on the floor. Akshat says they fired a bullet on his left shoulder. ACP tells him to relax since they are here. He tells Vivek to call the ambulance. Suddenly., someone opens the door and every officer is alert with their guns but they dont find anyone; ACP asks who that person is. Akshat says he doesnt know and is unconscious. Abhijit says the kidnapper ran away. ACP gives an evil chuckle and says he was suppose to run awayConfused
Akshat in hospital
All media are standing outside the room are taking pictures. Akshat opens his eyes slowly and finds Vivek, Abhijit, Kajal and ACP surrounding his bed. Vivek and Doctor help him sit on his bed. Akshat thanks CID team for saving his life. ACP tells him to thank God because of Him, the bullet just went pass through his shoulder. Akshat finds media outside his room and is shocked to them. He asks ACP why police is here. Abhijit says they came to know who fired a bullet on him. Akshat tells Abhijit to find out from the man himself who tried to kill him. Abhijit asks whether Jayant fired a bullet. Akshat agrees; ACP repeats Abhijit's words and once again Akshat agrees. ACP asks him if he is sure about this. Akshat says no and says he is only blaming Jayant because CID is blaming him. ACP asks what he will do if CID blames Komal, his wife, and Rohit. Akshant is confused. Abhijit smiles and says jayant is not as intelligent as he thinks he is. He says JAkshat can fool anyone like his cousin but not CIDEvil Smile ACP's flashback where he realizes that Akshat has planned his own kidnapping and shot himself. Akshat says he will be use bathroom nowLOL Abhijit stops him and asks him why he did all this. Akshat says he doesnt know anything. ACP says until now only one bullet was fired but now, all the bullet will be inside his body. Akshat breaks down and confesses that he killed simran,vindhut,and Amreet to take revenge from Jayant because he was soon to be thrown out from the press and komal was helping them as well. He says these people wanted to ruin his career. ACP asks why he killed Simran when she knew the truth about his cancelling his contract. Akshat says she was a fool because she agreed to help him out  when he offered a good deal of money. Abhijit asks where Jayant is. Akshat says he kidnapped him in his farm house in Panwail. He says he decided to kill Jayant as soon as his work is done. ACP says but his plan was failed because of one silly mistake and that's a tissue which lead him behind bars. He says Akshat learned alot of fame by killing three people but not for his work. ACP says his phaansi dialogue. Akshat yells in frustration.
New Case
ACP receives a call from Pune Special unit where the caller says they invented a new way to detect bombs in the public places. But when they tried it on other places, they found too many bombs underground. He asks ACP and his team for help. ACP says he will be coming soon. On a public place, a woman carrying two heavy bags is seen crossing the road and few men are watching her.
                              ****THE END****

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Thanks Priya. Good update. I missed this episode Clap

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thanks for the update priya
didnt watch the whole episode due to cricket match

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Thanx 4 the update  Big smile ....had missed the start

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Nice update Priiya!!!

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thnx a lot for the WU

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Great update, Priya. Wonderfully written! Clap

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thanx 4 update
nicely written
great to see u back

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