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okies I replied back to those who commented and to those who still need to un reserve there post plz do it soon cause I have a new OS that I want to post u know who u are!!!!!!!!

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edited on page 3

sorry for the delay, I've been busy

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it's okay pooja I saw ur comment will reply now!!
-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta

Tashuuuu amazing part!!!!

the signs that he brought with him, made me feel so attached to Armaan
all I could think of was the scene in DMG but this was a happy one Embarrassed

lol Ridz's anger is so much LOL anyway the marriage preps wouldn't have been over in 1 week LOL she would have to wait anyway....LOL uff Ridz will never change...she has to over react for everything
Stern Smile

lol Muski ROFLROFL she knew that Armaan would be coming, so it's better she watches TV instead of listening to Ridz ROFL

I enjoyed reading this part Embarrassed

LOL thank u soo much pooja<33 I lam glad u enjoyed it!!

-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Hello Everyone!! I'm back thank you soo much for liking my 2 part OS it means a lot!! Here is a new one for u and I hope u enjoy it!! One more thing if u reserve a spot plz edit it Embarrassed  and to those of u who still need to un reserve ur posts let me know when u do!! again u can picture Kash,Kasu or Kajen whoever u prefer
Happy Reading

A Day in the Life of My Parents.

Hello I'm Riya Mallik and I'm 7 years old nice to meet u all *Waves Hand* now ur all probably wondering what I'm going with a video camera in my hands and talking into it at 6:30 am well u see I have always wondered what it would be like to find out what my parents do behind my back when I'm not around but I also want to make a special video for them cause their anniversary is coming soon so today since it's Saturday and I did all my homework yesterday like a good girl, I decided to entertain myself as well as get my gift ready for them so I'm following my parents around the whole day and video taping it!! I know I'm a genius anyways that's what I'm doing today so let's get started oh and ur coming with me!! but be quiet ssshhh...



6:35am-AR's room'




Okay I'm inside my parents room and they are still sleeping which is good for me cause that way I wont get caught he he he!! I think I'll do a little snooping first before they get up and find me but who first ummm how about mom!! Okay let's see what's in this drawer' gum, money, medicine, magazine, papers, pictures, ooo love letters got to read these :p'. wait got to get this on camera let me just get into focus' there we go okay let's see here:


Dear Basket  (Who's basket??? Ohhh mom he he dad and his silly nicknames!!)


I misss uuu sooo muchhh!!!!!!!!! When are u coming back from ur trip to Paris??????? I'm soo bored, without you everything is black and white!!!! Rahul keeps teasing me and saying that I have become like devdas which is not true :(  and how would he know anyways he and muski aren't married yet!! Anyways I can't wait until u come back I hate waking up in the morning all alone it's not fun :( I miss seeing ur face first thing in the morning, all I see now  is an empty space, who wants to see that when I can see my sexy and gorgeous wifey ;). So how is paris I wish I was with u, we would have had so much fun like a second honeymoon ;) lol'. Anywayz I g2g just got paged from the hospital. Bye Basket ILY<3


Armaan oops sorry Babe :)



Aww mom and dad are sooo cute!!!!!! Oh no!!! They're moving!!! Hide riya!!!!!!


Phewww safe behind the curtain!!! Okay back to recording!!





Oh look mom is getting up!! Aww my beautiful mom!! Oh maybe I should introduce her to u !!meet my mom Riddhima Mallik oops I mean Dr.Riddhima Mallik or as dad calls her Basket but for me she's mommy. She's a Pediatrician in Sanjeenvi Hospital which is run by my grandfather Dr.Shashank Gupta. She has been married to my dad Dr.Armaan Mallik for 8 years now. She has an older sister my Anji massi who is married to my dad's friend Atul aka Champ!! Her best friend is my Muskaan aka Muski massi or soon to be massi since she is engaged to my dad's best friend Rahul or as Muski likes to say Kaankajhoora' he he'.  She loves to read, paint and shop and spend dad's money and she loves to play with me and her pet name is Ridzi!! Okay mom is gone into the bathroom now good, now it's dad's turn he he he I'm soo bad :p!!!!!



Okay let's see what's in dad's drawer''.. batteries, papers, money, flash drive, medicine ha ha just like mom :p, bottle cap???? why?? Oh well' and ooo what do we have here dad's diary ooo got to read this''.. let's see here ohh let's read this page' focus camera and ready:



Sunday, January 19th, 1995                                                                           Page 90


Dear Diary


I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!! ME ARMAAN MALLIK IS IN LOVE!!!!!!!! Can u believe it!!!! Me who kept looking for Miss.Right!! Me who dated every girl and flirted to his hearts content!!!! But this girl is THE ONE!!!!!!!!! I have never met anyone like her in my life. RIDDHIMA!! Ahhh I love saying her name over and over again it's just so beautiful!!!!! I love spending time with her and I just want to be around her all the time and when I'm not I miss her!! I even gave her a nick name it's "Basket" why cause she beat me at basket ball I know me Mr. Basketball Champ and that to by 2 points but for some reason I didn't mind losing to her it felt rite. She's a doctor like me but she's a pediatrician and I'm a cardiologist but we some how always end up finding the others profession more interesting then our own he he Idk why :p. Anywayz I still remember the first time we met and boy did that not go well :( I still remember it like it was yesterday'..


I was working late at the hospital that day as I had agreed more like was begged by Rahul to take his shift so he could go and see Muski cause she was sick so me being his best friend had no choice but to do it!! I had just finished writing up some of the paper work for a patient and was heading towards the locker room hell tired, when all of a sudden someone bumped into me and before I knew what was happening I was being pulled down with whoever had bumped into me because as the person was falling backwards they grabbed my shirt trying to balance themselves but ended up pulling me with them and  we both ended up falling down together with me on top of the person!!!!! I slowly opened my closed eyes that I had shut in fear as we were falling and found myself staring at a bunch of black stuff at first but then when I looked closer I realized it was hair and that it was covering the persons face which was hidden behind it. I slowly raised my hand and moved away the hair from the person's face and found myself staring at the most angelic face of a woman that I had ever seen. There she was with her eyes shut, nose scrunched up and her expression was clearly displaying that she was in pain!! But what did I do instead of getting up like I was supposed to I kept staring at her and didn't move a muscle!! Idk how long I was staring at her but my trance was broken when she finally spoke and said "GET OFF ME"!!!!!!! hearing that I quickly got up and held out my hand to help her up but she ignored it and got up herself and then just as I was about to open my mouth and ask her if she was okay or not she sounded off at me and all I could do was stand there motionless with my mouth open' "WHO THE HELL DO U THINK U ARE BUMPING INTO ME ,FALLING ON TOP OF ME AND THEN STARING AT ME FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG!!!!!"     


HUH?????? What is she talking about?????


Excuse me lady but I didn't bump into you U bumped into me I said trying to find my voice after being shocked by her anger and accusation.


Excuse me are you saying that I'm lying??!! She answered back.


Yes u are!!


Do you have any idea who I am??? she said giving me a challenging look..




Well let me introduce myself I'm Doctor Riddhima Gupta Daughter of Shashank Gupta head of this hospital!!



NOOO!!!!! She's the Heads Daughter!!! CRAP!!!!!!!!!! Armaan dude u are sooo screweddd do something before she tells on you!!!!!!!


I'm so so sorrryyy!!! I said trying to save my skin before she went off and told Shanky about what had just happened!!!!


What did u say I didn't hear u???


I'm sorry!!


Oh sorry huh okay ur safe this time Mr''.?????


Armaan. I said holding out my hand Dr.Armaan Mallik I said with the best dimpled smile I could pull off!!


Well Dr. Mallik I accept ur apology just make sure it doesn't happen again or else'!! she said shaking my hand back and with an expression that said "One wrong move and your dead!!" and with that she let go of my hand and  walked away from me down the hall.


I know we got off on the wrong foot but I won her over cause no one can resist the charm of THE ARMAAN MALLIK ;)..  rite!! God I can't wait to tell her I love her!!!!!!




Awww dad is sooo adorable!!!!!  Ha ha ha wow mom and dad's first meeting was soo funny!! poor dad got so scared!!




Uh Oh dad's getting up!!!!!!! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phewww!!!!! Safe behind the curtain!!!!!!!





Okay dad is up now and is stretching and yawning really loud !!!!! lol  Introduction time again!!! :P meet my dad Armaan Mallik oops I mean Dr.Armaan Mallik or as mom likes to call him Babe but for me he is dad!!! He's a cardiologist at Sanjeenvi Hospital with mommy and nanu!! He loves to box and bike race and mom is always telling him to stop but he never listens and then one day mom complained to dada and dadi Billy and Ananya Mallik and instead of stopping he agreed to be careful which is better then nothing I guess!!!! He has been married to mom for 8 years!! He is best friends with Rahul Grewal and Atul Joshi who call him Ammy!!! :P   


Oh look mom is coming out of the bathroom!!!!  Awww she looks so pretty in her red sari!!!! LOL dad's just staring like he has seen mom for the first time!!!! oh good there saying something let me just zoom in''. there we go let's listen in'.


Ridzi-Babe stop staring!!!


Armaan-Huh oh sorry Basket it's not my fault u look so amazingly hawwttt!!!!!


Ridzi-Oh thank u.. but can u plz go take a shower now!!!!




Ridzi-What do u mean no!!???


Armaan-No not until u give me my good morning kiss!!!!


Ridzi- Ur good morning kiss???


Armaan-Yes my good morning kiss that I get every morning!!!!


Ridzi- Armaan no Riya might come in!!


Armaan- No she won't she's asleep plzzz!!!!!!!!


Ridzi-Oh fine but no being naughty promise!!

Armaan-I promise!!








Ooopppsss!!!!!!! I think they heard me!!!!!


Ridzi-Come out now!!!!!


He he he Hi mom Hi dad!!


Ridzi-What are u doing here and why were u hiding behind the curtain?? and why aren't u in bed?? And why do u have a video camera???


Ummm well I was hiding behind the curtain so u won't see me!! I'm in your room because I wanted to video tape u guys to see what u do behind my back but I also wanted to make a special video for you guys for your anniversary which is why I'm not in bed and that's why I have a video camera!! There I said it!!


Armaan- Riya come here!!


Yes dad' I know I'm in trouble rite??


Armaan- No your not in trouble actually it was a very sweet thing that you tired to do for us and we understand that you wanted it to be a surprise but next time ask us first okay.


Okay dad I will and I'm sorry'.


Ridzi- It's okay princess now go take a bath while I get ur breakfast ready okay!!


Okay mommy I love u!!

Ridzi- I love you to princess!!

Armaan- Hey what about me??


I love u to dad or should I say BABE!!  Ha ha ha ha''' bye!!!!!!!!! *runs away*


Armaan- What did she just call me???


Ridzi- She called u Babe'..  ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!


Armaan- What are u laughing at Basket???


Ridzi- Nothing!!


Armaan- Ur so going to pay now!!


Ridzi-No Armaan stop no let me go!!!!!!!


Armaan- No I didn't hold u to let go ;)


Outside the door 10 minz later'''





MOM!!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

WHAT ARE YOU DOING??????????!!!!!!!!!

I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Armaan- Were planning your birthday!!!! Go next door to Anji massi's!!!!!!


Ridzi- Armaan stop we can do this later!! let me go feed her!!


Armaan- Nooo I want to do this now!!!!!! Plzzz!!!!!!!


Ridzi-No!! now let go of me or else!!!!


Armaan- Or else what huh what are u going to do????!!


Ridzi- Give me ur ear!!


Armaan-  Wow basket I didn't know u were so naughty!!


Ridzi- Shut up and give me ur ear!!


Armaan- Okay okay'.




Armaan- U wouldn't!!!!!!!


Ridzi- I will!!!!!!


Armaan- Fine u win this time Basket but u wait till tonight I am so not letting u sleep!!!!!


Ridzi- We. will. see!!!


Armaan- Yes. we. will!!


Ridzi- Riya mommy's coming go set the table!!!!!


Okay!!!! I'm waiting!!!!!!


Well I better go set the table!!!! I had so much fun with u guys today!! and boy was it fun snooping on mom and dad!! to bad I didn't get to follow them all day but oh well maybe I'll follow Muski massi and Rahul uncle tomorrow when they come over he he but shhh it's a secret don't tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!! *Waves Hand*


P.S. Sorry for any errors :)




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If u want a PM from me then plz press the like button of this post and add me to ur buddy list!!!

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Tashuuu LOL

see i am editing on the same day itself ShockedLOL

okay amazinggg part! i love Riya Embarrassed

She was so adorable!! snooping around and hiding behind the curtain

pleaseee tell me it's not what i am thinking it to be ROFLROFL

Alright well this was an amazing part!!! I wish there was more
like Riya actually not getting caught...I would have loved to read it
but hayyeee Riya would want to be loose her memory if she saw more of AR and their naughtinessROFL

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Great OS Tashu. Sorry I Cant Like Your Post.

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