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ammyridz600 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged
edited on first page Smile

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Crazyy_Fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Cute os :))

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Thank U sooo much everyone!! for liking my first OS and for pressing the like button!! it means a lot too me!!! I saw some of u wanted part 2 which I was not planning on but seeing ur comments made me decide to write part 2 so I'm on it and I will post it soon!!

P.S. Can those of u who still have a reserved spot can u plz edit it!! Embarrassed
so I can post part 2 soon!!



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Mona1993 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Tashu it was really well writtenTongueI loved the scene where she fell and he caught herLOLand in the whole proposing scene, in the beginning I thought its Ridz but then I thought its Armaan but it ended up to be Ridz, loved it, do write moreWink

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
edited on page 1

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Thanks again everyone just wanted to thank each of u for liking my OS I'm really touched!! Embarrassed

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Originally posted by lil_mizz_shawty



SO SORRY for the late edit! *Holds ears!*
I read it ages ago but being the lazy person that I am just didn't edit! LOL

Anyways gotta say it is BRILLIANT!!
Loved how they met and Lol Armaan is so Armaan!! Love him!
And wow! Ridzi's gonna propose to him??
Aww instantly reminded of their confession in the last epi! Day Dreaming

Can't wait for the next part!

Marji thank u soo much!! I'm glad that u liked it!! yup armaan is armaan :P yup she does!! did it aww!! thanks!! and it's okay!!

Originally posted by Jen2



OMGGGG Tashuuuu....As before i've said it's simply AWESOME OS!!it's very interesting and fun to should write more :D you're so good at it!! start updating more :P Love to read 'em from you!! and in my imagination ridzi couldn't propose ammy :( loll let me know if you wann know the whole story what i thought about when ridzi goes to propose to ammy :P[will post it here!!] And OMG i just love the title you have given to this OS!! "Proposing-Why does it have to be soo hard??"
and there are so many stuff in this OS which reminds me of something LOLL i think i told you about it!!
Like :
"Oh sorry yes need to focus see what happened went off topic and it's all ur fault!! Back to Mission Propose!!"ROFL

Reminded me of our "CM" :P

another one :
 maybe I was too into that person to even say anything cause they had me glued to them like a magnet and all I did was stare like a fool but can u blame me I mean the person was soo hawtt and gorgeous and had the most amazingly sexy eyes!!

^^ this part reminded me of when i had to give a presentation at work and how i left in the middle of the presentation and i think you know the reason...!!LOLL

anyway over all this is so cuteee<3 i loved it and wann read more from you so start writing the next one :P


P.S. - SO SORRYYYY for editing it too late =/

Jenzie<3 wow what a long comment :P.. Okie first off thank u sooo much!!!!!! thanks for liking the title!! what were u thinking tell me later!! Lol yeah u told me what it reminds u of!!!! ROFL
CM<3 Ha ha ur presentation that was too funny oh i know the reason!!
ROFL I will!! it's okay!! ILY2Mucb<3 and thankz again!!

Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta


Tashuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I am so happy to see u writing an OS now Embarrassed


so so so sorry for not editing and making everyone wait
this was really good...ridz proposing awww and I love how she talked it out with herself...that was.nicely done.
now I am waiting to see Armaans reaction to this!!! you write really well, I'm glad ur writing Embarrassed

Thank u pooja!!!!!! it's okay!! he he I wanted to do something diff with ridzi so I made her talk to her self!! well to see ammy's recation u have to read part 2!!Wink and thankz for the sweet words!!

Originally posted by taniyaarman

Tashu Dear..
I loved the way u put  Riddhima state of mind..Nice
A gal proposing is all together cool feeling...

Nice tashu I am really looking forward for Next OS or FF from you
Keep writing =))

Thank u taniya!! thankz it just happened that way so I went with ridzi's pov!! aww thanks!! I will!!

Originally posted by SoniKudi_KASH

nice OS

Thank u hun!!

Originally posted by ksg_fan20


hey dear,
it is a cute os.i can so imagine ridhima's situtatin lol u know wen i was reading dis part there was a smile on my face.
really eager to know hw will ridz propose armaan.
update soon tashu:)
thanks for d pm:)

Thank u preeti!!!!! aww that's what i wanted to put a smile on ppl's faces!! I know so to find out read part 2!!Wink and ur welcome for the pm!!

Originally posted by ammyridz600

hey tashuuuuuuuuuuuuu congrats on yr first osEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
it was cute os , loved it very much Clap
loved the park scene especiallySmile

do write moreHug

loads of love,

Thank u yuni!! thanks for liking the park scene!! I will!!

Originally posted by blessing-beauty

lovedd the OS babess
Writee next OS sooon
N Waittttt
pm these res walee pplzzz 2 edit their res -____-

Thank u naaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<3 I will and I did pm those ppl!!

Originally posted by priyanka11

soo cute!!

Thankz hun!!

Originally posted by anu_isha

Cute post.role reversal here.a gal proposing to guy.My initial thoughts were like armaan is thinking till the falling part comes.
very cute and nice OS

Thank u hun!! thankz I wanted to do something diff!! I figured alot of ppl would think that it was ammy but it was ridzi!!

Originally posted by Crazyy_Fan

Cute os :))

Thankz u hun!!

Originally posted by Mona1993

Tashu it was really well written TongueI loved the scene where she fell and he caught herLOLand in the whole proposing scene, in the beginning I thought its Ridz but then I thought its Armaan but it ended up to be Ridz, loved it, do write moreWink

Thank u mona!! aww sorry for getting u confused!! I will!!

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged

Hello Everyone!! I'm back thank you soo much for liking the first part means a lot!! Here is part 2!! I was not planning on this but since some of you wanted to know what happened when ridzi when to propose to ammy I was left with no choice but to do as u say LOL  cause I don't want to get into trouble from you Ouch so here you go enjoy and do leave your comments and press the like button if u want to!! Oh one more thing if u reserve a spot plz edit it and also I changed it a bit to Ridzi talking with Muski not to her self and I borrowed some stuff from Dmg!! and again u can picture Kash,Kasu or Kajen who ever u prefer. Okay I'm done now Happy Reading !!

Gurls should never propose or should they???


 OMG!!!!!!! I HATE HIM!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I yelled down the phone to my best friend come sister come advisor Muski!!

Ridzi what happened?? why are u soo upset???

Oh u don't even want to know I am soo stupid thinking I would go and propose to a guy and do something that is totally unlike me and what happens it blows up in my face!!!!!!!!

What??? Okie first off calm down and tell me what happened!!

 Okie calming down!! Breath ridzi breath I said trying to calm myself down before I exploded!!

 Okie here's what happened ur listening rite!!???

 Wait I have a call coming in hold on!! Muski wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Click*

 Uffffffff  this girl she better hurry up!!


10 minz later......

MUSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled into the phone for the 10th time!!!!!! as I had been put on hold for the past 10 minz waiting for Muski to come back so I could vent out everything that had happened!!!!!!!!

Okie sorry sorry I'm back go ahead!!


WHO WERE U TALKING TO FOR THE PAST 10 MINS???!!!!!!!!!!! DO U HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING!!!!!!! I yelled again into my cell phone getting frustrated more then I already was ..!!!!!!

Sorry it was Rahul he wanted to know if our date was still on for tomorrow!!


And that took u 10 mins to talk about!!!!!


No then we started talking about other stuff but forget that and tell me what happened!!


Okie but no interruptions this time promise??


Promise!! now tell me!!


Okie  here's what happened....


Flashback.... Fall Hills Park

 I shut the door of my car as I had reached the park 10 mins earlier then Armaan so that I could check over everything to make sure that it was perfect. As I started to walk towards the soccer field I scanned it with my eyes trying to find the spot where muski had decorated and as I did my mouth started to drop slowly and my eyes started to pop out of their sockets when I saw the sight in front of me and the spot where muski had set up everything.. In the center of the filed was a large white tent with a long white sheet running into the open door from the outside with red rose petals scattered all over it like the red carpet had been brought in especially for this moment and was lying there on the field just for us. As I approached the tent holding up my red dress making sure that I did not trip on it and since I was wearing heels which did not help me in any way as I hate wearing them but that's a different story' anyways as I opened the front part of the tent and looked inside and as if my being shocked once was not enough god decided to shock me again because inside  was another white sheet that was a circle in shape this time which was again covered in rose petals and on top of that was a small table for two with two candles in the middle and a bottle of champagne in an  ice bucket and it was set ready for two people to have a nice romantic dinner and all around the tent candles were lit lighting up the entire tent. Muski u have out done yourself this is perfect!!! ILY!!!!!


I looked at my cell and saw that it was 5:15pm which meant that Armaan would be here any minute and as I thought that my heart started to pound in my chest as I realized that I was soon going to be proposing to the love of my life!! and BAM PANICK MODE!!!!!! My hands started to sweat, my heart started to beat faster and I started to hyperventilate!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What if I mess up!! What if he thinks I have gone crazy!! What if he was planning to propose to me and I am doing it first what if he doesn't like the idea!! But most importantly what if he says NO!!!!!!! and before I could continue on with my banter inside my head I suddenly felt two arms circle around my waist and a weight on my shoulder and a voice which whispered in my ear "Hey baby I'm here.." Hearing his voice I froze for a second adsorbing the fact that he was here now and that I was screwed!! There was no turning back now I couldn't turn and run away so taking a deep breath I turned around in his arms so that I was facing him still in his hold and replied "Hey babe I was waiting for u!! saying that I moved forward and gave him a light kiss on the lips and as I was about to break from it he being the more naughty one between the two of us decided that he wasn't done yet so he pulled me even closer and kissed me again with soo much passion that I felt as if I was going to faint!! Finally after a few minutes he broke the kiss winked at me and said "Now that's how u kiss someone" I was so speechless that all I did was blush and looked down thinking oh how does he do this to me every time!! Regaining my composure I looked up and saw him smiling at me dimples and everything and so I asked "Why are u looking at me like that??" "I'm looking at you because I have never seen u look more beautiful then you do rite now blushing and shying away from me even after 5 years saying that he kissed my forehead which only caused me to blush even more!!


"So what did u want to talk about" he said looking into my eyes. Oh god okie the time has come breath ridzi breath u can do this come on!! "Oh yeah umm well let's sit down first" saying that I grabbed his hand and led him to the table where he pulled out the chair for me and helped me sit down and then sat down himself just like a perfect gentleman. Once we were seated he toke my hand in his and looked into my eyes and again asked me "So what did u want to talk to me about baby??" Oh god okie here we go just do it ridzi do it before u back out like a coward!! Taking a deep breath I got up from my chair and went towards him and asked him for his hand. He looked up at me confused as to why I was doing that but I just nodded at him to do as I say. With his hand in mine I bent down on my knee in front of him and began'..


 "Armaan ever since I was a little girl I never thought that I would meet a person who would touch my heart the way you have, you're the most caring, smart, beautiful and funny person I have ever met. You know me better then I know myself. You bring colour to my black and white world, you make each day a new adventure.  You have changed my life in more ways then you know or that I can express to you. I love you from the bottom of my heart and all I know is that without you my life is like a doughnut without the filling plain and tasteless. I want to spend the rest of my life with you so I ask you here and now will you marry me and make me the luckiest person in the world??? Saying that I took out the ring from its box that I had placed beside me on the floor and looked up into his eyes and said one more time "Will you marry me??"


He looked back at me with a confused expression as if I had just explained a really complex math problem to him that was unsolvable. I sat there with the ring in my hand on my knees waiting with baited breath for his answer but he just kept on staring at me. Finally when I could no longer take it I asked him once more "Will you marry me??"and this time taking both my hands he made me stand up in front of him and with my hands still in his he spoke " Baby I am so flattered that you are asking me to marry you but don't you think we should wait a little bit longer??? I mean I don't think we should get married just yet I know we have been together for 5 beautiful years and that we do talk about marriage a lot but I thought that it  would be better to wait I mean don't get me wrong I do want to marry you and I am so lucky to have you in my life and I am soo touched that you did all this for me but I just think that we should wait okay".


Okay what just happened here I asked him to marry me and he is telling me that he wants to WAIT!!!!!!!!! W*H???? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS GUY!!!!!


Armaan what are you saying u want to wait??


Yes baby I want to wait.


How long??


Idk maybe 6 months???


6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! Okay that's it I am going to explode now get ready Armaan to face the wrath of RIDDHIMA!!!!!!!!!!


Pulling my hands out of his I took my finger and pointed it to his chest and stared poking him as I unleashed my wrath "W*H DID YOU JUST SAY!!!!!!!! YOU WANT TO WAIT!!!! I DID ALL THIS FOR YOU THINKING THAT YOU WANTED THE SAME!! I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE IN MY LIFE!! I WASTED SOO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY PLANNING THIS WHOLE THING OUT!! I GOT MUSKI TO DECORATE THIS PARK FOR US!! I SPENT GOD KNOWS HOW MANY HOURS TRYING TO FIND THE RITE DRESS TO WEAR WITH THE RITE HIGH HEEL SHOES WHICH BTW ARE KILLING MY FEET RITE NOW!! I SPENT HOURS COMING UP WITH WHAT TO SAY TO YOU WHEN I PROPOSED TO YOU!! I SPENT HOURS AND MONEY TRYING TO FIND THE PERFECT RING FOR YOU!! AND WHEN I FINALLY GATHER THE GUTS TO FACE YOU AND PROPOSE, YOU TELL ME THAT YOU WANT TO WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I had been saying all this he started walking backwards but I was no less and started to walk with him as he moved back. He knew at that moment that he had just screwed up badly and that there was no way that I was going to forgive him for what he had just done!! Once I had finished my rant he looked at me scared,  he had tried to interrupt me at times but I never gave him the chance to talk.


 Finally after a few minutes had passed I looked at him again after I knew that I was done and said "So what do u have to say for ur self??" Hearing that he looked at me and realized that I was ready to hear an answer from him, he looked me in the eye again with a confused yet trying to make everything better expression and said "I'm sorry??"




I'm sorry!!???


OMG!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I AM SO OUT OF HERE GOOD BYE!!!!!!! Saying that I stomped my foot on his and walked out the tent and back to my car!!



I walked as fast as my high heels could go cursing him under my breath as I walked for what he had just done to me!! Finally reaching my red BMW I got in it started the car and drove back to my apartment...


Flashback ends....

So what do u think Muski can u believe him??

*No Response*




*Sill No Response*




Oh sorry Ridzi I was watching tv!!!!


U WERE WHAT!!!!!!!!??????????


Nothing I heard ur story I swear and I am feeling the same way very angry at Armaan!! I can't believe him!! He is very bad!!


I know dude I can't believe him I am so not forgiving him for this!!


I agree ridzi don't let him off the hook!!


Oh I won't muski u can count on that!!




Um Muski I g2g someone's at the door I'll call u back!!


Okie Ridzi Bye!!


Bye Muski!!


Hanging up on my cell I went to open the door still in my red dress as I hadn't changed yet since I had called Muski the second I got home. Reaching the door I opened it and my mouth again fell wide open seeing what was in front of me there in a black tux was my stupid idiot moron duffer boyfriend holding up sign boards in his hands looking me in the eyes with a hopeful expression and before I could sound off on him again he spoke "Baby before u say anything I want you to just read these sign boards first and then you can say what ever you want and I will listen I swear!!" Hearing him say that I thought about it for a few seconds and seeing no harm in it I nodded for him to continue. Then one by one he held up each sign board so I could read.


He held up the first one which said...


I'M SORRY!! :(


Seeing that I started to feel a little bad but I was still upset at him!!


He held up the second one once I had nodded at him to continue and it read....




That was true he did act like an idiot and ruined my hard work!!

He then held up a third board which when I read it made me feel soo bad that I just wanted to stop him and give him a big hug...



 I almost had tears in my eyes after reading that it made me realize that maybe I had overreacted a bit and should have at least heard him out instead of walking away in anger. Thinking that he was done I was about to move forward to stop him and give him a hug when he held up a last board stopping me in my tracks...




With that he held out his hand with the ring that I had given him and when I looked up at him he just nodded at me to go ahead. Taking his cue I took the ring from his hand stepped back and bent down again on one knee and simply said "Will you marry me???"


With slight tears brimming his and my eyes he looked down at me and said what I wanted to hear....




And that was all it took for me to slip the ring on his finger and hug him as tight as I could and finally allowed the tears that I had been trying to hide since I had gotten home to flow.


Breaking out of the hug he wiped my tears with his thumbs and leaned forward to kiss my forehead and then instead of backing away he joined his forehead with mine and said "I never knew girls could propose better then guys they should do it more often!!" and without saying anything further or allowing me to answer even though I had one he took my lips into a sweet yet passionate kiss....




Thankz for reading :)

P.S- Sorry for any errors!!!




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