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ksgforever10 Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged

hey my all sweets,

thankyou so much for all your mesmerizing and aplomb comments.He'rs
the next part,hope its interesting enough and yessss I want more comments this time anyways,I loved all your comments thankyou:-

aditi_sweetAR-kashrash.guptaaar123angelic_ridzyxoonimehak_aroraarmaan_bestakshadvidu87ksg_farhangupta.aditi20soniaraheja-RabiaKSGKaJen-disha4lifeHarneetluvesksgksg_ritikamohit_aggarwalswarobi1Diyaniceprincess101ARKJ_4EVERqt4everkrazzy4armaanniki.5shilpI007LOVE_DMGdhruvikaluvsKSGmoonlight2630AMMY12AmonaLOVEDMG-ARanumeha_rajatArmu4evajiyaazhasan2KYPH-AKKaJenYaianSanju, ...they pressed the LIKE button and also to the AWESOMIST people who commented,seriously thankyou guys ALOT...Smile
samica(karan's angel & miss.ksgian)

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ksgforever10 Goldie

Joined: 12 October 2010
Posts: 2298

Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:52pm | IP Logged

..............after a choas of four minutes there was peace,complete peace.I RANVIJAY SINGH had completly and FINALLY given up my life.i was just spending the last few moments of my life joyfully dying on bloodfull ground.then suddenly my whole past flashed in front of my eyes...I had five seconds left to live..but never knew that those five seconds will show my whole past 5 years journey...with my best friends ARMAAN,RIDDHIMA,MUSKAAN,RAHUL and my DEAD LOVE anvesha.

*5 years ago*

2005,january 23rd

2005,january 23rd,9:25pm

I ENTERED THE ROOM WITH my quite heavy luggage.Phewww finally i had reached the place tham millions of students craved for.BUT I DIDN'T!!!as soon as i enterd I saw my two was busy in a po*n magazine and the other was sleeping as if he had worked like hell all day.but when i entered it disturbed his sleep and he woke up.the guy reading the po*n magazine stood up and walked towards me...

"rahul..."he proceeded his hands towards me...

"ranvijay...and who's he"I SMILED and said.

The guy sleeping woke up but was not so active that he could walk towards me and do introductins and all.

"ohhh...he...his name is armaan.."

"nice to meet you guys...which section..."

"3b.."said both...

"same hu?!?!"said I...

"yeahhhh..."armaan sighed.

then suddenly someone knoekced on the door...

"ehh kaare tum logn announcememnt kia tab bi sunia nai dia tha kya...chalo saare 1st year ke baccho ko deen ne auditorium me bulaya hai..."

I only opened the door and was quite confused as i never heard any announcement but then we three went to the auditorium.

I,rahul and armaan went along quite well while going towards the audi.Usually, there were 2 buildings of this university, building A was for boys and building B was for girls to live and all, but the classrooms were common.I saw many pretty girls but was not that much interested.

I was going thr' the whole of the place concentratingly but then something suddenly striked me.RAHUL's shirt on which it was written..."no one dies virgin in this world,life f**ks everyone so let me be your life and f**k you hard"...I was quite annoyed with this T of him and that too when I saw him wearing this T he was flirting with a bitch.

I was all lost in my thoughts when suddenly there was pin-drop silence.A man wearing white spectacles,high waist pant,with polka-dot tie and striped coat with red shirt.He almost looked like a joker to me.He was looking like a beast, and I was horrified when I came to know that this joker only is the deen of the university...

"abbe kya joker hai ye...aisa lagta hai deen nahi kahi ka suar ho..holy shit his clothes man...!!!"

"hmm...yahhh..."armaan rolled his eyes.

"ecactly..."said I.

In all these thirty minutes and twenty three seconds which I spent with these 2 guys I just came to figure out that rahul is a big s**t and flirty whereas armaan was quite mature and funny at the same time, but he was not a s**t for sure.

"goodmorining students, welcome to the university, I hope ki aapka safar accha raha hoga but fortunatelty or unfortunately ab se appka safar aasan nahi rahega.IT WILL BE TOUGH.but the studnets who'll really work hard will surely make to the top 100.and I've heard many students saying that HOW MUCH YOU SCORE IN THE XAMINATIONS DOES NOT DEPENDS ON WHAT CASTE YOU BELONG TO, BUT IT DEPENDS ON WHAT EFFORTS YOU PUT IN, HOW MANY NIGHTS YOU HAVE SLEEPLESS TO ACHIVE YOUR TARGET AND WHAT INTENSITY OF CONCENTRATION YOU HAVE...BUT MNAY STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT SELCTED WERE THINKING THAT THEY HAVE NOT BEEN SELECTED ON THE BASIS OG THEIR QUOTA..BUT NO CHILDRESN THIS IS NOT TRUE..."he barked,the deen.

while I was listening to the joker's speech i saw someone behind the wall saying the same words that the deen was speaking I was like WHAT THE MOTHER f**kING HELL IS THIS...!!!
then I heardthat so called behind-the-wall-starnger saying...


those words completely shocked me...oh mannn did this guy actually rattofy the speech, i was actually getting impressed with him but no..this was all fake, at that point of time I just wanted to get up and get his ass sucked by himself but shit I never had the courage...but waned that TYPE of courage in my life then I could have reached my dreams..uhh..getting off from the topic,forget it!


the deen contined...

"this is not true..only your percantage matters children not you quota..I"

before he could complete I saw him staring beside me,for one secong i was like freakkkk did he hear my abuses but then I saw him staring at armaan-raised-hand.

"sir, I have a question on your explaination..."


"sir actually what you said was right but one frined of mines who had got 86.9% never got selected because the minimum pecentage you needed to get an addmission here was 91.7%, he also belonged to a quota family..."

"is anything wrong in that??he never got addmission because he never had the appropriate percantage..."

"that is toh right sir but aniketh my classmate got 73.7% and still he got selected in this university...why sir???"he said it straight forward, aniketh who was in the crowd became the spotlight and he had boiled in anger...

"and also sir, aniketh is wealthy and not hard-working,as i've never seen him awake in night or even in the morning to STUDY"

WOW man...this guy actually had the courage to really pin-point the case, and also the example that he gave was actual not fake, i never knew who aniketh was but came to know when people start staring at one tall,black guy.But at that time the thing that I was enjoying the mist was the deen's expression, he was speechless,confused,angry,shocked,it was like some girl had dumped him...!!!well,i'm sure no girl will dump him cauze he won't be having one,bloddy totta(parrot)rattofy kahi ka...dumass,rascal,bludy absterd!

all the people knew it was right and they literally wanted to clap for armaan but were scared of the deen,but then surprisingly one girl started clapping from the middle of the crowd,I was like this girl is now f**ked badly...!!!

"nice one mister...."she said,and to the extent I noticed she was actually admiring armaan,she was wearing a long skirt with a strapless top,her hairs opened,her deep,dark ocean-like and yah quite heavenly eyes said it all,I mean actually it felt as if she and armaan pehle se hi....!!!alas,the way armaan was looking at her,they were passing some uhhh not actually"some"but yahhh PRICELESS SMILE's to each other,that was mesmerizing.

coming back to the totta,he was as usually quite embarassed and could not answer armaan's so called challenging-question.

"uhh dismiss everyone.."said he.OMG holy cow he was so embarassed as if he was marrying another girl in front of his wife.

"but sir what about my question???"armaan interupted as the totta stopped, listening to that embarassing question again.

"uhh I'll get back to you on this!!!"he tried casually to ignore it but hoLy cow...HE COULDN'T!!!!HA....!!!!!!!!!DUMB!!!!!

all the crowd paticipated in laughing,giggling, gossiping on whaty just happened,and yahh armaan's this HARKAT actually made the first day of my university memborable.

"wohooooo someome's got DUM(courage) hu"rahul hooted.

"OH REALLY???"armaan winked,hmm so armaan's having a naughty side of him as well.I see.

"no,seriously armaan that was a MOO-tod jawab"I smiled and patted his back.

"oh c'mon RJ,stop patting me like my mom now!!!"said he.

"uhh...excuse me...1st of all I'm not your mother and 2ndly whats RJ????"said I.

"hmm,i guess(he thought for a while)that's your name you jerk"he said with his cool-dude actions.mannn now armaan's being real BAD-BOY.

then suddenly rahul's cell rang with the song..

"birthday SEX,birthday SEX"he picked it up and just said yes.

"ohhh god raooooool(he stretched the word)what's your life consisting of only...(he paused)"said armaan.

"what???"said me n rahul with eyebrows up.

"SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX"he mimbled and broke down in the river nile of laughter,and so do I.

"f**k off"said he coming near armaan's face.

"ohhh realy,maybe someone else always f**ks a new girl every night"he said with the -OH-YEAH-I-ANSWERED-YOUR-f**kING-QUIESTION-MAN...!!!

he was embarrased and yes TO BE MENTIONED- red with embarassment,so much as if just he was caught with a packet of condoms in front of him mom.

"really....???"I was shocked."so fast"i said again.

"ohh yess,now gotta go,anisha called up,really late with your FU..uhhh forget it vya guys...will come in the mroning"

"but the gate gets closed at 11"said I.

"but it opens at 7"he winked

"bbye f**ker"said armaan and I just waved my hand.

I was confused with his answer and armaan noticed that.

"ohh gawd RJ..(sigh)THAT takes whole night,he can enter the university in the morning only"...I was shocked but never reacted that way.

Actually i had now came up with the whole structure of language,the main point..F-words are like NECESARRY.


The quota of any hard working student DOES matters..IN can we forget those most hardworking students who deserved to entre their dream but couldn't because of their religion/quota or because of other NON-DESERVING students who had enough wealth to increase those unnoticable marks on their sheets.let's face it,many doctors who have entered in their dreams have entered so that he/she can face up and say I'M A DOCTOR,but what when it comes to save a life,will he/she be able to do that????????this question is still and maybe WILL ALWAYS stay unanswerable!!!!


hope it was not pakau,really expecting more comments this time,and my main aim is to spread messages about wrong practices and all,my main aim is just not only to entertain you but give you a SWEET MESSAGE along with FUL,LOVE & FRIENDHSIP...!!!

Hope you guys liked it,please then do comment and press the LIKE button!Smile


samica(karan's angel & miss.ksgian)

NOTICE-the future story will be different from 3 idiots,don't think it the other wat around!


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-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
First To Comment :)

OMG.. Great Update Miss KSG'ian
Wohooo I Love Armaan.. 
The Way He Askd Da Ques..
LOL Ranvijay.. 
Thiss FF Is Opposite.. 
Isnt Armaan Supposed To B Da Flirty..
Here Its Raoooolll Who's Flirty..
I Liked Da Moral..
Update Soon..

Once A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jeni'ian.. Always A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jen'ian <3

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Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
nice, cant wait riddima and rest of gang entery! 
and your moral is true yar! 

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unknown. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged

luved ur update
cont soon

harneet <3

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AR-kash Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
loved the update

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Rapunzzel Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
loved the update
continue soon

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-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
very nice part
liked it
gr8  update
continue soon

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