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-truly magical- maaneet ff THREAD 17 (Page 122)

fairyland_1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Hi Muskaan, I am a silent reader but unable to stop myself
appreciating you.I am a very very big fan of your's,please
keep writing .waiting for your update...........

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Azmii Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
Yaaaay u are updating
Cant Wait to read it

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Muski me waiting very quietly since yesterday night Day Dreaming.

Was planning to go out, now will wait to read ur update......................LOL

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
muskiiii aur kitna time ?Disapprove

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
waiting...........Day Dreaming

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day2008 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:12pm | IP Logged
waiting n waiting..... kab khatam hoga waiting

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

-truly magical-
part 152

He cried as he looked at her petite body bruised every where.. U have a body made of lotus petals I wonder how can it bear all this..he if she heard him..her nude body turned to hug him. Aapke pyar ke aaghosh main mujhe kuch aur meshsoos nahi hota. when I can take ur love, this is nothing her voice faded into the emptiness of the tunnel.

They both remained lost in each others arm. Nothing else mattered at that moment. Lost within their arms where they wanted to die. Only place they ever wanted to live was deep within each others eyes. They wanted to sleep with their hand in theirs. They wanted to wake up and see only each others face every time.

She wanted to cry with his shoulder there for her, he wanted to laugh with her voice speaking. They wanted to be lost within their touch, holding onto it forever. They just wanted be lost within their words to know they will always be together and now they were lost within their anything and more than the world they wanted to be their everything.
Maan held her closer so that they can be lost within their arms again and maybe a feeling that..if he held her closer everything can change back to how it was when he could live within her eyes, sleep with her hand in his, wake up to her face every time, have her shoulder to cry, have her voice to make him laugh with life, forever have her touch be his.

Geet was all his from head to toes. She was lost within his everything he used to have that for her but now she felt she was simply his nothing, so she wanted him to hold her still closer so she can be lost within his arms let time be slow, hold me closer she cried ..cry only her soul could hear one last time and promise never to let go...

Couple of hours had passed.. Geet snapped up from his arms.. holding her head, trying hard to focus. Her head was spinning, the double dose was making it difficult for her to get back her senses.. she took in couple of sharp breath & slowly realized .. she was nude & noticed Maan cuddled up next to her. She held her stomach..& murmured oh no babaji.. main phir se pregnant ho gayen tho..nahi nahi ek baren main koi pregnant ho sakta hain kya!!! yaad nahi pechlen barin kya huwa tha??? yeh careful nahi rah sakten the kya?? warna tho bahut control karten hain.. protection nahi use kar sakten the kya? Right ..he will be carrying protection mid of a kidnap.. Geet u have lost it completely. But she was scared now .. she was scared to go through all this alone all over again, now with mk!! she waked him couple of time on his arms..screaming.. holding on to her vest with one hand to cover her curves..yeh kya kiya..aapne.. he looked at her dazed.. main hosh main nahi thi ..aap tho hosh main the na!! aap aise kaise kar sakten ho? How could u?? she turned her back & quickly slipped in her vest. Maan was totally lost, guilt ate into him further..she waked him again..i hate u!! I hate u.. aap bahut buren ho.. aab kya hoga!!! main usse kaise samjavoongi!! she kept murmuring ek tho mujhe se sambalta nahi do do ...without having a slightest of clue wat those word could mean to Maan who was already in midst of confusion.

He stood up, changed & turned his back to her. He ran his fingers through his head. He couldn't face her any more. How could he.. he knew ..know he thought..but he saw ..Gautam plate..Mk.. oh god! ! GK. is...Geet Kumar......he couldn't even complete the sentence it felt so painful. She was under the effect of drug.. how could I get close to her!! wat have I done? How could he.. he punched the wall couple of times in anger..she tapped his shoulder.. hello.. hum yanha safely chupe huwaien hain aapko aacha nahi lag raha hain?

He looked away.. he felt he had no right on her!!! but she said those words!!! he closed his eyes!!! she was drugged!!!   he couldn't face her!! how could he just get carried away. She wondered wat was wrong with him all of sudden. He was ashamed  he wanted to hide. He had no place on earth to hide his dazzled face ..he felt worthless.. shameful of his act..Geet had told him to stay away from her & mk.. still she came for him.. & he ..just crossed all his limits.. crossed all the levels of sanity..Oh god!!! he had no right on her. He didn't dare to even look at her again. He kept his gaze fixed to his feet.

Geet quickly pulled out the back bag & switched on her phone, she made a call the ayur.
Geet - Maan Singh Khurana is safe, we need back up ASAP
Maan couldn't related to her words.. she spoke as if she was on a mission.
Ayur - where r u?
Geet pulled out a map & gave the altitude & latitude
ayur - khan is already there trying to locate u for last 30mins
Geet - there is a 20ft pit...remember that tunnel construction !!
ayur - oh ok
Geet - hurry up!!
ayur -  max 15 mins

She pulled out a first aid kit. She tried to plaster her wound. Maan reluctantly, still fixing his gaze to the ground offered to help her. His touch had that effect to heal her. She just melted instantly into his arms, as he carefully put the bandage.
Maan - aab bhi dar ho raha hain?
She shook her head, slowly hugging him. He didn't dare to hug her back & pulled out not wanting to hurt her, invariably hurting her. She could read his reluctance course she could... she could read in inside out!!! she didn't say anything.. she was so used to his cold shoulder now.. but she was still in the trans of their moment of togetherness still feeling his care that healed her unseen wounds. How much she wanted to be just there for ever & ever.

They could hear the moments around the pit. He immediately tried to move the bush.. she held him back covering his mouth.. shoo.. it could be them.. they heard then saw a bullet fire through the bush..she immediately held him down & fired back ba***** she screamed. Maan was dump stuck yet again with her moves, words.. every thing about her.. then she heard few more firing in & around the pit..she smirked....that's my boy!!! she said.. khan ..dropped the rope down & Maan rushed to fight him.
Khan - Oh god!! he screamed..
just missing the full roundhouse punch that just missed his nose..
Geet - he is fine patted maans back
khan - u ok GK??
Maan looked at her in shock!! GK !!!.he nearly jumped out of his skin!!! he looked at her in awe.. just for few mins..felt he was seeing some one he was not aware of!!! strong determinant, tough, rough, crude, abrasive!!!
he was amused, then a feel of pride took over, then the fear wat she would have had to face..his heart pounded his chest. Then the thought flashed she saved him the other day!!!  so he was not wrong in thinking it was her!! he shot her..dam!! he actually shot her, he looked at his hand & then her right shoulder painfully, thats why she had that injury all the while in her right shoulder, thats why Mk was alone that night!!!

khan - how many down?
Geet with a nasty smile - 9
that rag doll is ur signature style!! 
she smirked
Maan looked at Geet & then khan!! then back at Geet. He couldn't relate to this side of hers..wat has all this made her, she looked more like a renegade fighting the destiny!!!
He finally cleared his throat looking at her bandage that was oozing out blood, now dripping around the white material of the bandage.
Maan - she needs immediate medical attention
khan - u don't know gk then !! she can go on with this for next 48 hrs!!! & drop ten more into a rag doll with her bare hands..
geets hand fell on khan's shoulder like a warning! He remembered the slam she gave him the other day for talking about Maan. He held back his words.
They made up the rope one after the other, Geet was way to comfortable & brisk climbing up!!! he could appreciate it..since he knows wat it means to climb like that!!!that too with the her kind of injury & double dose of drug!!

the moment they reach the surface, cops cocoon Maan & safely took him to a flag car. Maan didn't budge from  the place. He came back to her, still not daring to meet her eyes!!
Maan - u should rush to the hospital
Geet - I can't leave I am in-charge here
his looked at her once with a pleading eyes & then looked down again.
Geet gave a concealed blank look - I am fine...double dose of drug!!!! more of a pain killer she laughed loud. Putting on her glasses.
Maan - I am not leaving until u go the hospital
she rolled her is not safe for u she said it firmly
I really don't care any more!!!
when did u ever care
it was more of a taunt..he knew that.
He crossed his arms over his chest & turned his back to her determinant not to move.

Ayur called khan
ayur - why Maan Singh Khurana still there???
khan closed the phone & whisper to Geet
Geet snatched the phone & yelled - ask him!!
Maan saw her ..looked around & one shot with his sharp edge of the palm on her neck at common carotid artery to make her unconscious.. she looked at him in fury..he whispered sorry..& held her in his arms as she fell weightlessly like a petal.. khan looked at her in shock, Maan - I told u she needs medical attention.
They immediately rushed her to the hospital.

mk still angry with daddy!!!

-PREV  PART 151  NEXT  PART 153-
VM CREDIT TO bheegiyaadain
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting.

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maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Muskan sweetheart not fair almost waited a whole day refreshing yr page and all we get is 1 updateClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

plzzzzzz do us d honors n update 1 more
i mean wht a shock Maan got
he found out geet is GKLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
ur updates r like seven wonders for us
yet again feel like giving u Standing Ovation

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