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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 65)

--sanchita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
lovely ud. sorry for late reply. Actually I can read only on sundays. Love the abhi misha part most. official bhootni gadhe. These two are cracking me. Hope cvs gave such gr8 story to misha in the show also. Ur story is full of suspenses and that's why I love it so much.

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanchitaroy

lovely ud. sorry for late reply. Actually I can read only on sundays. Love the abhi misha part most. official bhootni gadhe. These two are cracking me. Hope cvs gave such gr8 story to misha in the show also. Ur story is full of suspenses and that's why I love it so much.

aww dats so swee t comment sanchita .... thanx alot for this lovely comment and i also hope dat CVS give goo track to misha as she deserves it.... and thanx alor for reading and commenting and dont feel sorry as i knw u r busyBig smile
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 April 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged
next update within 1 hourSmile

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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lounge, delhi

pia turns after cutting the phone and as she was thinking about abhay she doesn't see a tall, handsome and green eyed guy coming and eventually both of them bumps up.

pia:oh i am sorry. i didn't see you coming

guy: (smilingly) it was my plaesure to collide with you. by the way very less people are there who cant see handsome hunk like me coming.

Pia feels irritated with these cheesy lines and she feels uncomfortable and she walks out from there. Then she goes and stands near to arnab while all  the tym her eyes fixed on doors for abhay. But den arnab disturbs her.

Arnab: (pointing out a guy to whom pia met 10 minutes before) pia meet him he is arjun mehra  with him m going to enter partnership soon.

Arjun: so your name is pia

Arnab: (starts walking) you guys carry on. I will go and get myself a drink

Arjun:  sure sir (arnab leaves)  you seem to waiting for someone.

Pia: nothing like that

Arjun: oh then you are feeling shy  to talk a handsome person like me

Pia: I don't talk to stranger

Arjun: who said we are strangers, maybe soon we can''''''''''''

Pia: look I know my dad and you are entering into business and m not interested in this rubbish. And to make myself more clear'..

Then arnab comes over there and pia stops herself speaking further.

Arnab: so what is the discussion going on

Arjun: nothing I was inviting her to my guesthouse at dilpathar(a place 30 km away from dehradoon and a place to which panchi was referring)

Arnab: that is awesome idea and pia will definitely come over there.

Abhay  in car

Abhay is driving his car and at very fast speed and while driving he is concentrating to find where is pia. He doen't notices his phone ringing. When he reaches the lounge and sees his phine ringing

Neha: where the hell are you and I need you  immediately over here.

Abhay: neha don't disturb me. I was  busy in doing hallination( vampire ritual)  and after that am not able  see pia.

Neha: bhai this happens with you when a witch bloodline is mear to tamber blood( enemy vampire clan's name) or when you are running out of hallination but you did it today only.

Abhay: I know that why I am worried . bye

Neha: bhai wait I have one bad news. Misha was angry on witch night and you know anger turns witch bloodline  into witch today.  And now she has fainted and there is lots of blood loss' and onemore bad news kabeer knows anout this.  Kabeer and abhi are  on the way to misha's house  and am at home and picking some things for misha and we need pia over here soon. So do something .  I can uphold misha for 8 hrs only wid my magic.

Abhay: what the hell and I always knew it that misha is going to create some problem for herself. And 8 hrs more than sufficient for me.  and am not able to see her being so close to her.

Neha: bhai please onething if tambers are there then just take precaution as misha needs us and please don't  go inside.

Abhay: I guess you are right

Den abhay cuts down the phone and calls pia. Pia was sitting in the corner to ignore arjun and was looking at door and her phone rings uo and when she sees abhay's call her face lightens up.

Pia: abhay where are you.? I am waiting for you.

Abhay: pia I am outside the lounge and neha called me and told that misha has met with an accident and she needs you right now. So come outside and I am waiting 4 u.

Pia: (quickly gets up) oh no this girl is going to kill me. abhay I am coming.

She goes to arnav.

Pia: papa, misha met with an accident and am going to dehradoon right now

Arnab: but how are you going there and I don't want you'..

Pia: (before arnav can speak) don't worry, I will manage myselfand I have habbit of managing myselfnow. And misha is my life so I am not goin to listen anything.

Before arnab can say anything she leaves the place.

Dehradoon roads.

Kabeer and abhi are taking misha to her home, kabeer is driving the car and whereas misha is in abhi's lap and at the backseat with the car and he is wipig out the blood with his hankey and now his hankey is full of blood and now he pulls out his shirt and sarts wiping blood.

Abhi: I don't know what you  people are doing but whatever you are doin. Do it soon. Cant you drive fast.

Kabeer: calm down anger is not good near the sick people and we are about to reach.

Then kabeer and abhi reaches at misha's place and abhi takes  misha in his arms and now we was drenched in blood and he was sweating like anything and when they enter the house. They see natty and neha  over there. Bahi gets surprise to see natty over there.

Natty: (worriedely) oh no she has losts lots of blood(looking at abhi) please hurry up keep her in the rom doctors are already there.( abhi follows instructions and keep her on bed)

Neha: (calmly) abhai you have gone through so much tonight and you need proper rest and you need to freshen up  and one request(glares at kabeer) don't come near to misha.

Abhi is not listening to neha and he is still watching misha and who is laying their lifelessly. After  that kabeer  drags abhishek and both of them leaves.

After both of them leaves, matty and neha lights up the candles and they join there hands and starts chanting something and den dey cut there wrist and pour some blood in a bowl.

Natty: we need one more person to give her blood who has blood relation with her as we need blood from 3 witche bloodline out of 2 should be of blood relation.

Neha: I know that's why I have told abhay to bring piya here soon.

Natty: but for that we need to tell pia all the truth and she'..

Neha: don't worry I know how to handle all this.

After 1 hr both of dem gets up and walk into leaving room. Natty brings two cup of coffee.

Natty: take this you will need some energy.

Neha: thanx. Can I ask u one question(natty nods). After how much time you were using your magic.

Natty: after 17 years

Neha: you were so good today you must have not left magic world.

Natty: (in deep thoughts and getting some flashbacks)  neha I never wanted to use this magic bcoz of this magic I lost my love and I never wanted this magic worls for misha also. Now see I have given her my sufferings and pain also. And now I consider myself guilty of her. (wipes out her tears). You know how much we need to sacrifice. If I would have continued with magic then I would have misha also.

Neha: but your magic was not threat to misha coz she is from witch's blood line

Natty: but a witch;s magic is always threat to your closed ones and specially if they are human. And I never wanted misha to turn into witch and I have not so much courage like sugandh.

Neha: I know and now I guess soon pia will know about this I have ssenmy cards. But am still indoubt that she will be a witch or not. Abhay is trying his best that she doesn't turn up into witch.

Natty: I know that's why I was relieved to see him with pia. And I don't want history to repeat as abhay and your family has suffered a lot because of maithali and I am ashamed that I belong to that witch bloodline.

Neha: you need not to because in your veins angel witch blood works not evil witch blood. But now you have to keep misha away from warewolves as they can use her and you need to hide this truth from misha also that she is witch. And don't underestimate kabeer as he needs witch for his community and dats why I ignore his love.

Natty: see here you too have to make some sacrifices that's why I never wanted this for misha

Delhi roads

Pia: (crying) is she alright. I am mad I left her alone. I should have not done this.

Abhay: (wipes her tears with one hand while driving with another hand) pia its not your faoult

Pia: is she alright

Abhi:  she will belaright your massi is with her.

Den pia gain starts crying, abhay  keeps his one hand on pia's waist and pull her towards him and makes her head rest  on his shoulder.

Pia: if I am going to loose her den am not going to forgive myself

Abhay: shhhhhhh'' pia  dont say like this nothing is going to happen'

Pia feels dizzy and suddenly her heads drops on abhay's lap. Abhay stops the car.

Abhay: pia wake pia pia pia (abhay takes a bottle  from backseat of the car and she wakes up) pia are you alright? Have you eat something since morning.

Pia: (holding her head) no I am alright

Abhay: pia I know you. You missed your meals today cz you were missing everybody.

Then abhay goes from thereand buys from food-stuff from road-side food-stalls and returns to car.

Pia:  abhay dis is too much for me and did you have your dinner?

Abhay: talk less and frst of all eat coz u need to give your blood to misha. And why didn't you had your dinner at lounge

Pia: first I was waiying for you and second someone was annoying me(abhay gets tensed and senses scent around pia)

Abhay: who was he?

Pia: (eating food and casually) I don't know. But now due to that stupid I have to go dilpathar(abhay gets tensedon listening to this place

Abhay: you cant go dere cz den I have to follow u den cz both of you sisters  are accident- prone and I m tired of my job.

pia starts throwing chips on him.

Pia: den who says to save us. I don't want to talk to you.

Abhay: thankgod now I can drive car with peace

Den both of them reaches dehradoon and neha takes blood from pia on the name that misha needs some blood and she immediately completes the procedure of misha's turning into witch

While abhay and pia are waiting for dem  and natty comes out of room

Pia: massi is she alright and can I meet her now.

Natty: pia don't worry that jerk is okay now and you to need to go and sleep and today neha and you will sleep in same room.

Misha's room

Misha is coming into senses. She listens to some voices from window. She gets up and walk towards window while muttering "mujhe hua kya hai why my head is paining and main yahaan kaise aayi lagta hai main bhi naut ki tarah pagal ho gae hun" then she looks outside window

Misha: (shocked) abhi you

Abhi: yes bhootni gimme your hand

Misha: no promise me that you will me new play station

Abhi: sach mein pagal ho abhi theek bhi nahi hui or shuru ho gae''.ahhhhhhhhhh(abhi looses his balance bt misha catches his habd and helps him in coming up)

Misha: I told you that you needs more practice don't worry aaj se main tumhaari guru and ab dakshina mein play sation

Abhi: I have ice-cream right now and play station phir kabhi(abhi gives her ice-cream from his bag pack)

Misha: wowwwwwww'. I was feeling like eating ice-cream

Abhi- kab nahi karta is petu ka mann

Misha- (glares at him) bol lo pia k saath ek aur recorder aa gya list mein and abbhay is best, he never says anything'. And by d way mere ghar mein doors hai.

Abhi- ya I know u duffer but mu bro's gf told me to stay away from you, cz she thought u fell down becoz of me

Misha-(angrily) who is she to decide' by d way its good kum se kum tumse peecha toh chootta.

Abhi: (comes close to misha) so do you want to stay away from me my bhootni

Misha: shutup you moron, idiot, looser, gadhe, and how can I forgot u r fattuchand who comes through window

Abhi: (pins her against wall) whatever answer my question first

Misha punches him hard right away in his stomach


No precap' hint camping to dilpathar is on the cards

p.s---> hit the like button if u likeSmile and i hav revealed many secrets so ques are bt obvious so leave all question in comment

FF-luv cn change ur world

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prsh, i had to write this all over again, thanks to that stupid bee. ._.

i'm in love with arjun mehra. green-eyes. and he's evil. and he's called arjun. triple bonanza. you know i love evil, right? prsh, well, and he's self-obsessed. oh, god, inspired by damon much? with the green eyes n ol. (;

abhay and neha's conversation was nice. so, erm, tamber is like bolshvas? evil bloodline? aw, i love pia's reaction when she came to know that mish has met with an accident.

i love abhi, he's just SOO awwlicious. i loved the way he was like, ''can't you drive fast kabir!?'' jab se tumne kaha KW is abhi, tab se i'm loving him more & more. :P Natty lost everything 'coz of her magic? you're gonna tell us more, right? :D i loved the whole part where natty said that abhay will keep pia safe & she doesn't want the raichands suffering anymore. and misha needs to stay away from the wolfies now 'coz they want a witch for their community? mwhahaha. 

pia and abhay were CUTE. especially when she threw her chips at him & he is like, ''damn, you two sisters are SO accident prone.'' LOL so he arranges for a trip off to dilpather so that he can control EVERYONE? oh, well, neha has got kabir & misha doesn't need protecting, being a witch n all. she's got abhi, anyway. (;

speakin of abhi n mish.. god, are they adorableicious or what!? haha, she asks him for a play station and he gives her an ice cream. awww, and then he pins her and she punches him. LOL so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

can't wait for these 15 days to go past. camping trip. (:

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Cool Misha Punched Abhi. hehe good one.

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ohhhhh... punching.....thts gr8....
Sweet update dear...

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nice and interesting update. so are panchi and arjun also vampires from other clan

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