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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 59)

--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 00123trisha

gr8 one sana
loved the whol chapter
updt soon

thanx alot trish Big smile
and i will update aftr ur updateWink
love uHug

Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
well well lil sana!!!
finally getting to reply.. am hating my lazy days wer i dnt wish to leave big replies.. so bear with my small ones
well, it was an amazing update.. mish and abhi wer awesome as usual.. moreover i liked abhay and mish more today.. total edward alice material..
do cont soon!!
love u!Embarrassed

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged


Misha's house

Misha is packing a bag with her prank stuff that was given in her prank book. Then she changes herself into very comfortable clothes as she has to run or many things like that. Suddenly she hears natty coming  there and she hides her prank book and stuff. Natty enters the room with a etnic jewellery box in her hand.

Natty: mithoo hws u? (hugs her) I missed you so much? See I have biught something for  you.

Misha parts herself from natty and takes the box from herand opens it. she finds a very old looking yet very classy and elegant ring which was embede with sky blue color stone.

Misha: (in her tantrum way) mom chipakna band karo. And 2 things ' frst m nt mithoo stop calling me like that for godsake now am grown up. Second I am misha khan ahow many times I have to tell you this I don't wear this nautanki stuff like you miss naut

Den misha throws d box and picks up her bag

Natty: (angrily) if you are going somewhere then drop that idea you cant go anywhere and you have to wear that at any cost.

This was the first time natty was angry on misha and was ordering her. Misha felt a rage og anger in her full body. Natty knew that anger was not good for misha today.

Natty: misha I will give you new version of play station just follow this order(misha glares cz no one dares to give her order) sorry request.

Then misha throws her bag in anger at the bed " I don't know where she has donated her mind. She is forgetting mujhe jo karne k liye mana kiya jata hai main vahin karti hun and as far as new version of play station matters only I need is one more bet and I have 2 bakras too". Then she smiles in devil way.

Now she draws her i-phone wrapped in army type coverand dials number of abhi and orders( with lil tom n jerry fight) to rescue her from home.

Guest house, delhi

Pia bits her tongue and her face turns into pink because she ws blushing.

Abhay: (smilingly) so why were you missing me

Pia: (nervously) stop it abhay(she hides her face behind her hair) so why are you here?

Abhay: I told you I have no friend in dekhi so I thought to meet you

Pia: (angrily)so if u had a frnd in delhi den u must hav landed up here

Abhay: pia plz don't get angry I ws jst kidding.

Abahy listens to footsteps  and den he quickly gives a book to pia kept on bed-side table

Abhay(quickly): open this book and start reading. I will be back with in 5 mins.

Pia looks at him surprisingly and he runs to washroom. Arnab enters the room after 1 minute with some dresses in his hands. He keeps those dresses on bed.

Arnab: choose a dress from these dresses and get ready for party we are going right now.

Pia feels so happy that finally her father was caring for  her and he had biught dresses for her and in next moment she thinks that if she goes to party then she would not be able to abhay she gets upset.

Pia: papa its 10 and party at 10 and in dehradoon by dis tym i go to sleep

Arnab was checking his cell-phone raises one eye-brow

Arnab: ya  right that was in dehradoon and its delhi here aprty starts at this tym only. And moreover I cant leave you alobe at this place.

Arnab leaves the room and abahy come s out of washroom and pia looks at him

Abhay: I told you at restaurant yesterday that I am not going to leave ever, it will be always you who will leave  me

Pia: who said am going to leave you. Not in future and not in present. You are also coming to party.

Abhay: but'''..

Pia: (puppy face) please abhay

Abhay: okay mam your slave is at your service but I will join you after 1 hr as tonight I have something special to do

Then abhay starts going but abhay calls him.

Pia: can u help me out with these dresses.

Pia was holding red-color dress, abhay takes that dress and throws it on bed and draws a white color dress

Abhay: in dis dress you will look like princess so this dress ia perfect for my princess(pia blushes and abhay voice gets deepened) and red color dress is for beast just like a girl I know

Then abhay leave from there and pia gets ready. She wears diamond studed small earings and to keep whole affair simple she wears silver colored watch and den she leaves for the party with arnab

Raichand house

Kabeer was waiting for neha outside the mansion to keep him away from vampires. Neha was getting ready upstairs in her rrom. Haseena enters the room.

Haseena: (happily) so you are going out with kabeer.

Neha: you always wanted this na.

Haseena: ya I wanted this only but I know you are doin this for some reason.

Neha: mom stop worrying '.. now  am going'.. bye

Haseena waves her back.

In woods

Abhay was sitting on rock and a glow of light was emulsing fromstones dat were kept there' after some time light goes off from stones. Then he starts running towards his car and he tries to see pia with his powers bt he cant see her.he gets worried because its very rare that his powers don't turn up. And he immediately calls pia.

Abbhay: hello pia are you safe.

Pia: sorry abhay I cant hear you( as lounge was on underground floor so dere ws network problem)

Abhay: (worriedly) pia whats goin on? And don't go near to any stranger

Pia: bahy wait for 2 mins, I am going putside as I am anot able to listen you(den pia goes outside) yes abhay now say

Abhay: pia  are you safe and don't talk to any stranger

Pia: abhay stop worrying about me and when are you turning up

Abhay: and please don't get angry at anyone and don't go near to person who is angry on someone.

Pia: abhay you are getting over-worried for me. I am usually calm and you know that. I don't know from where this anger thing is coming up.

Abhay: pia plz do as I say and I am coming very soon.

Den dey cut there phone, pia turns around while saying" he is sweet gadha , I cant handle so much caring person around me" when she ws talking to herself she collides with a boy'..

Misha house

Misha was playing game den she listens some voices coming from window'' she sees someone throwing pebbles "acha bachu misha se panga ab maze kar"'. Den she picks  up  pot(gamla :P) and strt throwing.

Abhi: abbey bhootni pagal ho gae hai kya? Arey main bhi kya puch raha hu''. Iska answer to mujhe pta hai

Misha:  stupidity ki dukaan koi kisi k ghar pathar marta hai kya

Abhi: arey tumne hi toh kaha tha kisi ko pta nahin chalna chahiye'''. Pta nahin bhootni ab mujhse kya kya krvayegi

Misha: shutup king of dumbo(den she brings her bag and throws it on him)

Abhi: (catches bag) ouch kya hai is bag mein''..o hello kahin mere saath bhaagne ka plan toh nahin hai

iMisha brings a jug of water from her rrom and throws water on him

Abhi: what the hell

Misha: so mr. sleeping disaster ki agar neend khul gae ho toh apne dream land se exist lo yahan pr mujhe help karo aur murga bano so dat I cn use u as ladder

Abhi: pta nahin mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai iske saath plan bnake maine koi galti ki hai

Misha: shutup you idiot king and don't moveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'''.ahhhhhhhhhhh

Misha looses her balance and falls down on abhi who was in murga state.

Abhi: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'''' OMG kitna khati ho, mumma meri back. Bhagwaan maine aise kya paap kiye hai jo mujhe yahaan phasa diya hai.

Misha: stop acting like girls. And khane se mujhe yaad aaya am hungry.

Abhi: shutup yahaan meri back toot gae and tumhe khaane ki padi hai.

Den misha sees ice-cream stall at the roadside corner, she run towards it.

Abhi: oh hello yeh bag kaun uthayega

Misha: offcourse bag uthaane ka kaam gadhe karte hai. Now follow me my official gadhe.

Abhi picks up bag with one hand and  his other hand on his back as it ws still paining. Then misha goes and have 2 buckets of ice-cream and her official gadha pays the bill. Then they go to t house.

Abhi: gate pr toh gate-keeper hai. Now how we will go inside

Misha: kabhi koi ladki nahi patayi kya. (den she points out at walls)offcouse through walls

Abhi: tumhein pyaar ka experience hai kya(den misha punches him on his stomach) ahhhh no I ws jst saying u talk like experienced one.

Misha: hey looser I hav not donated my brains like u so dis pyaar thingy is not meant 4 me.

Den misha climbe up the wall like a pro where as abhi takes sometime.

Abhi: tum pichle janam mein chor thi kya.

Misha: haan thi and maine tumhaara mind chori kiya tha

Den dey go towards T's room and the they enter her room and misha drags few items from her bag and changes herself into bhootni costume.

Abhi: (in slow voice ) as expected from you now you are my official bhootni.

Misha: and you are my official gadhe. Now stop this crap listen. This is red color you have to put this in the shower by opening shower lid and this is permanent blue color put this in her face wash and creams which will convert her from fake queen to alien and to add more to this this is strong purple hair color put this into shampoo.  And now I will mahe her life hell by showing her my bhootni version.

Then both of them listens to t and her bombo frnds voices

T: I know T is superb. Finally that bitchknows her place and in front of t she stands no where and dat abhi how he dared to dump me. now both of them will know that I am queen of the college and no one can beat me.

Misha: (angrily) I am going to kill her.

Then suddenly  high wind starts blowing and lights turn on and off

Abhi: wow bhootni wonderful effects, now go and do your job and I will do my job.

Then misha scares her like hell and she burns her all fashion magazines and takes her few pictures of her when she was scared to put on twitter. When t and her bimbotic gang was running then she puts itching powder on her clothes. Then she takes her mobile and start sending random messages. Then abhi comes there.

Abhi: hey am done wid my job and you

Misha: wait a sec am also done

Then abhi receives a text message  as follows

If you want to have hot date with me then meet me''' your bimbotic queen''. Tanushree kabadan(garbage picker)

Abhi: so  you are sending these messages.

Misha: yup I have sent this meassage to all chaukidaar, sabjiwala and all 3rd grade people. So how can I leave you from this category

Abhi grins

Dehradoon roads

Kabeer was driving the car and neha was taking deep breathes to control her anger.

Neha: breathe in breathe out

Kabeer: bella was looking out

Neha: (getting jealous) shutup fakeera''. you are saying this 10 time and now u say one time more I will kill you. And how dare you show me "eclipse". You know I don't like others portraying fake supernatural  stuff. And  bella was not looking hot rather  she was looking like some tom-boy character

Kabeer: I like tom-boy character

Neha: then go with her. Breathe in . breathe out

Kabeer: I wish I could'. You don't like action movies and I don't like romantic ones. So what I would have shown you ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Neha: no neha not today, you will convert him into rat on any other day. Breathe in. breathe out.

Kabeer: by d way you are right movie was  not good

Neha: finally

Kabeer: ya who can choose garbage over hot stuff

Neha: (angrily)  once more you  say garbage I will turn you into garbage.

Then there is sudden noise from bonette of the car and it opens with the blasts and smoke starts coming out of car.

Kabeer: what the hell. Don't tell me today is witch night?

Neha: yes it is that's why I was controlling my anger but fakeera will always remain fakeera. And you are warewolf from 100 years how can you forget this and you are behaving like abhi who is new born and still not aware of all facts.

Kabeer: why are you dragging abhi here'..okay cool down now I guess we need to walk.

Neha: walk ki need tumhe  hogi mujhe nahi cz I am witch

Den kabeer looks upset

Neha: okay I give you 2 option. Frst you will take me on your back and second you will go alone.

Then kabeer takes neha on her back.

Other side of dehradoon roads

Abhi and misha was running and laughing

Abhi: I never knew it will be so much fun to be with you

Misha: and you were also good to add that light effect to my bhootni prank.

Abhi: see my jungle billi now prank is over so stop kidding.

Misha: for the frst tym am not kidding.

Then abhi sees blood coming out of misha' nose and isha starts falling and abhi holds her. Now misha was fainted

Abhi: misha now please stop playing. I am really getting scared.

Then abhi slaps her bt she does not responds.

Abhi: misha wake up. Misha '.help!! help!!! Help!!!no I would not let happen anything to my billi.

Then kabeer and neha comes there running.

Abhi: bhai  help me out' bhai plz plz

Kabeer: abhi we are here calm dowm

Abhi: one moment earlier she was talking to me and other moment blood starts coming out of her nose and she fainted. Do something

Neha quickly bents down as misha was laying in abhi's lap and she checks the nose and then nerves. Then she looks at kabeer in horror then at abhi.

Neha: was she angry 20 to 25 minutes earlier.

Abhi: ya she was angry at T. (angrily) if its all due to her then am going to kill that bitch.

Neha: kabeer tell him to  contrl his anger. As angry people around her is not safe for her and we are left with one hour and we need to take her to her place as quickly as possible.

Abhi: she needs to go hospital not her place.

Abhi looks at kabeer and neha with surprise cz he is confused what is goin on around him. Kabeer is happy. And neha is worried for misha


Neha calls abhay to tell about misha

Natty and neha convo----many secrets revealed

Abbhay and pia goes to dehradoon together

Abhi climbs the wall to meet misha

p.s.- plz press like button so that i know that you people are likin my work

guys on public demand i hav introduces actors on frst page plz do check and leave ur comments to temme if u want any change

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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hei sanjana,
now a days being busy in conducting games u take time to update it seems..wat is this yaar?u left with too many mysteries..but it was interesting to piya in trouble really?now with ur precap i doubt that natty sensed some danger around misha n gave the ring to protect her..but misha is too stubborn so she didnt take it..will mish be alright?she should be abhay will bring piya with her..will arnab know abt that?if he knows he wont allow her to go to dehradun na?continue soon..eagerly waiting for all mysteries to unfold n how natty knows supernatural stuffs?

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sumana-13 IF-Rockerz

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good job Sanjna Hug  Hug

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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ohk.. finally.. ive been waiting for this update since yest.. chalo finally mila!! and mila bhi toh kya mila!!
awesome update.. so lemme strt!!
it so had to strt with mish and her pranks!!
abhay and pias scene was soooo adorable.. am so loving this.. abhay goes like- i told u tht i will never leave u.. itll be u who is going to leave me :P
and then she calls him for the party.. am waiting for the party..
neha and kabeer seem to be extra cute.. i just hope kabeer meets to her expectations.. id love to read a cute kabeer neha scene
back to my fav couple.. mish abhi.. aww... these two deserve all mu love and liking for them.. they r beyond amazing.. so thankful to u for giving me them..  :D
lol.. mish and her pranks.. and the best was abhi helping her in them!! adorable.. and yeah.. poor poor t :P
back to fakeera and neha...Embarrassed god!! such amazing couples in ur ff.. i so cannot get my eyes off it.. i keep reading them till i get my next update.. and u miss.. miss.. snails ki maharaani.. u r so freaking slowAngry itne sloww updates.. the next one will be soon.. promise meEmbarrassed
and mish is a witch now!!! baddduuuuuuuuuuuuu waali jhappi!! love u for this!!!Hug

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bAkChOd.xD IF-Stunnerz

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nice one................
update soon.................
thanks for the pm!!

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kaushiki9 IF-Rockerz

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awesomeeee yaar
bt ye ABha k gusse ka Misha se kya connection?

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