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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 53)

bAkChOd. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 11:07am | IP Logged
awesome part..........loved it.............and the precape is really good....... thanx for the pm!

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
sanu chota rep haan ab. i cant type ne more.. lemme read and come back..

ok done
wonderful update.. it strts with a lot of cold drama. neha and her spells... err.. sad abhay... not again plz.
i liked the old one.. he was so much fun..
neha taking heldp from sid was so sweet, sid seems to be a good soul.. i mean body hereLOL
nw wht am worried bout is nats.. whom was she talking to? whom she wants to meet??Shocked pia is in danger?
par the person following her was panch na? this is a bit confusiin now...
am loving haseena and neha coz they are making plans to get ap closerWink
coming to my fav topic mish abhiEmbarrassed
mish pia frst.. mish wants vodka while pia ends up ordering freshlimesoda.. lmao.. loved this.. sanu, i so love ur sense of humour..
aahaahahahha!!sana ur totally mad now!!!
holahahallaolo??? lmao.. W*F?  W*F ? W*F??
misha has gone mad and so have uLOL
abhi mixing stuff in her drinks was awesome, and now he has to bear the brunt.... ahah
and then he is like- i knew she is from tribeROFL god!!  i read this whole am part like 4 times till nowLOL
loved abhi carrying her...Embarrassed he does get angry wen other guys look at her.. aww..
and mish.. throwing plates at every1ROFL 
loved this line-- hamesha aisa kyun hota hai, mein iska band bajane jaata hoon, and mera band baj jaata haiROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL 
i knw this was supposed to be a small reply, but i cldnt stop myselfROFL ROFL ROFL 
passionate ap scene.. i likedBig smile
i loved the precap more.. plz cont sooon

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ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 2:19am | IP Logged
when will you update?
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged
heey guys u will get ur update tomight
m writting ff only
thanx alot 4 likin itSmile

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I-love-Roses IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Hey sanjna i read all your parts last night. I cudn't stop b4 finishing all the chappies. You write amazingly. Continue soon

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged



Abhay and pia walk towards the dinig hall and after watching dining hall

Pia: I just hope misha is not involved in this mess

Abhay looks at abhi who was trying to hold misha  who was jumping on tables and shouting.

Abhay: your hope is useless coz where is misha there has to be mess.

Then abhay and pia rushes to misha and den misha falls from one table but abhi holds her.

Abhi: (deep sigh) finally jungle biili is in control

Abhay: how does this happen?

Pia: she has ordered one vodka

Abhay: in one vodka nothing happens (den he glares abhi)

Then abhay takes misha from abhi and starts walking out from restaurant

Pia: (to abhi) thanx a lot

Then she follows abhay

Pia's house

Natty enters pia's house and sees arnab there who was working on his lap-top

Natty: (smilingly) its so bad to see you back

Arnab: same here and may I ask where is pia.

Natty: if you have concentrated on your daughter den your damn business then you must have known this.

Arnab: its none of ur business.

Natty: neem when will you stop punishing pia for sugandhs mistake.

Before arnab can say something they both hear some voices from outside .

Misha: (drunkand state) today I njoyed a lot coz maine jungle kutte pr plates fainki'' vaise jungle kutta itna bhi bura nahi hai.

Pia: shut-up misha you were saying this from whole way.

Then arnab and natty rushes outside. Arnab takes misha from abhay who was not in stat of walking. Abhay and natty are shocked to see each other.they both are looking at each other bt when pia hugs natty den both of dem stops lookin at each other.

Pia: massi when did you turn up?

Natty: just now and hws u and what happened to mithoo

Pia: massi I am fine and nothing happened and you know her' okay massi tonight she will be staying here.

Natty: (looking at abhay) thanx a lot 4 ring and protecting pia whn I ws not here.

Pia: massi do u knw  abhay?

Natty: yes we arevery old family friends'.

Abhay: it ws gud to see you aftr such long tym and pia I need to go. See you later.

Then abhay walks from there.

Natty: pia I need to tell some truths regarding your life.

Pia: massi is something serious

Before natty says anything  she sees arnab coming there

Natty: pia I will talk to u later

Then natty leaves and pia goes to her room

Raichand mansion

Abhay rushes to neha where haseena and neha was sitting together.

Abhay: neha when you will stop hiding truth from me?

Neha: what happened ? what are you talking about

Abhay: I am talking about piya.

Haseena: abhay don't say anything to her coz it was me who told her to hide truthcoz u were not in state to handle all the truth.

Abhay: that's why you both want pi and me to end togethercoz u think otherwise she will be danger to us.

Haseena: no it is coz she will fill your empty world.

Abhay: no mom I don't want her life to be in danger coz of me

Neha: bhai  believe all dis is happening for good and if u leave her than too she is in danger.


Chaand and sid are running and sniffing. They find some foo-prints and some fresh blood there.

Sid: (angrily) this is height now they are crossing there limits. I need your permission right now to'''..

Chaand cuts him down in between

Chaand(in husky voice): ah sid temper doesn't suits you. I will give you permission after you gather powers. And we should prepare abhay and tell him about prophecy. Then we should yhink of other things.

Pia's house

Pia was getting ready for collge and misha was sleeping and still blabbering about guitar, her prank on neem by leavingher bad-smelling socks leaving in his wardrobe and her latest prank on tracker by messing her make-up materal and leaving skull in her locker. Pia tries to wake her up bt still she is blabbering about  future planning on her pranks on miss protima'.. then pia brings bucket of water and throws it on misha and misha gets up with jerk.

Misha: what the hell was that?

Pia: may I ask same ques what the hell you did last night?

Misha: don't tell me last night too'.

Pia: yes last night too and you knw what you created a big mess there and abhi controlled you last night.

Misha: dat jungle kutta ? how dared he control me' doen't he know dat no one cant control misha'

Pia: stop it misha. Now we need to go college and massis back last night.

Misha: hey lets go to collge soon otherwise she will torture me wid 3 hrs lecture.

Den there is knock on the door and arnab enters the room.

Arnab: pia get ready we are going delhi right now.

Pia: bt papa I hav my college

Arnab: u alws want to spend tym wid me'..  and I (glares misha) I don't want creep like last night.

Den arnav leaves

Misha: yr subah-subah khaddos ko dekha now m gone' now I will hav all days fill with khadoospan.


Misha enters d college and parks her car. And den she sees princi car and to take revenge of frst day she punctures the car. Then she start walkin in the coridoor and sees  princi's car and to take revenge from him for frst day she puctures the car. Then she start walking in d corridoor and sees her and abhi's poster dat has there last night pictures dat was posted on wall. She tear it off the poster and starts running to find abhi. She finds abhi playing basket ball then she enter basket ball court and kick him right away in his stomach. Then abhi holds her stomach out of pain.

Abhi: ahhhhhh''. Are u mad'..oh no m mad to ask this ques from bhootni..

Misha: shutup you king of stupid clan. What do u think of yourself? I am goin to kill you (by saying this she starts hitting him right away on his chest)

Den abhi grabs her arm

Abhi: can you cut your creep and temme what happened?

Misha: look you don't need to act innocently now act like man and sart fighting with me.

Then she push him up and he falls on the floor and she starts beating him up.

Abhi: stop it Dracula

Den abhay comes dere and holds misha

Misha: leave me today m goin to kill dis monster

Abhay:  cool  down and temme what did he do now?

Then misha still  full of anger takes out poster from her bag and shows to both of them

Abhi: what the f***'. Who did this?

Misha: stop acting you moron you 3rd grade actor' oh sorry 3rd grade is also big grade 4 u'

Abhi: have you sold your brain. Oh sorry dat don't exists'. I was controlling you so how can I take pictures and inspite of dat I don't want to get famous as person who lost his mind to post his poster with bhootni.

Misha: you losser, I m goin to kill you.

Abhay: stop world war 3. It is somebody else who did this. Last night by mistake I was also there. I saw t there and everybody knows how bitch she is

Misha and abhi together: I am going to kill that bitch

Then both of dem look at each other with surprise.

Abhi: hey bhootni I have a plan bt I need u coz u r bhootni

Misha: shutup you brainless monster. I know your plan should be like 3rd grade and I am prank queen

Abhi: okay whatever bt I guess I hav to agree with this that you are prank queen

Misha: finally someone some brains from me. we will implement our plan at night.

Abhi: ya I bought your brains filled with bhoosa

Misha: atleast I hav bhoosa and your brain has insects that's why you are eating my brain

Abhi: okay dats why when I see you my head strts paining cz my insects yell for there life

Misha:ah dats coz your head gets inferiority complex after seeing smart people like me.

Abhi: don't live in your dream-world''.. you are smart for non-existing people.

Misha: okay now after brain you have lost your eyes also, can't you see people around you now.

Abhay who was silently listening to this '. Suddenly comes in between of them.

Abhay:  shutup you both. It seems like that tom and jerry has come out of cartoon network in form of you. Come misha now I know how to cool you. Lets go to cafeteria.

Misha: wowww after pia I got a new bakra who knows me better

Misha throws her bag at him and leaves from there

Abhi: abhi beta kya din aa gaye yeh bhootni toh ab chudail ban gae hai jab marzi aakr maarkr chali jaati hai.

Den abhay buys 2 buckets of ice cream wid 3 burgers.

Abhay: where is pia today? Is she alright?

Misha: okay toh yeh sab maska pia k liye tha bt mogambo khush hua hai

Abhay: toh miss mogambo ab btaane ki kitni  ice ceam logi

Misha: now u r cumin to point bt of no use she is in delhi.

Then abhay atarts walking from there and misha calls him from back bt of no use

Panchi's room

Panchi was sitting on her couch wearing red kurta and blue denims and was looking at photograph " I cant do anything here. I have to take heraway from this place. Where abhay and sid are not around her. Yes I hav to take her to dilpathar( a place 30 km away from dehradoon)  . I know both of them cant go there. I have to take now this step. I know this is last step but I have to take this step."

College classroom

Neha was chanting some mantra in her mind to cancel today's class coz she hates history class. But suddenly kabeer shakes her up and breaks her concentration.

Kabeer: hey wassup

Neha:  fakeera I am goin to kill you'. U knew dat I m doin magic

Kabeer: ditchy I know you are doin this to cancel clas and we class is cancelled den to whom m goin to make my bakra my ditchy witchy

Neha: shutup idioticity ki dukaan. I don't want to attend this class at any cost so let me do this magic.

Kabeer: okay but on one condition

Neha: shoot

Kabeer: you will go out with me for movie

Neha: ah you are good at cracking jokes

Kabeer: okay movie with me is better than dis borin history lecture

Neha: I can do anything to escape dis class but no action movie otherwise u will see me into action after dat movie.

Guest house, delhi

Pia was trying to sleep from last one hour but she was not able to sleepdue to some bad dreams which were normal thing for her and nowadays she was dreaming about abbhay. She gets up from her bed and goes to balcony and looks at the moon. "why is thia happening to me. I always wanted papa to give me some time. I know here he is busy in business bt still he thought of me and I should be happy bt m not happy.  I feel like something is missing from me" a tear drops out from pia's face and den she feels a cold touch on her chheks and she sees abhay wiping her tears

Pia: I guess again I am dreaming and I need proper sleep now

Abhay: (teasingly) so you were dreaming about me.

Pia: abhay is that you but howcome  you are here an how do you get to know the adree and how did you climbed 2 floors and what are you doing here and if that sees you de n he will kill both of us

Then abhay  touches abay'd cheek lovingly to cal, her down

Abhay:  so you are givin competition to  shatabdi(neha)(pia looks down) do you want me leave

Pia: no I mean yesif papa sees you here.

Abhay: don't worry I will be out brfore he catches me and misha gave me your address as I was coming to delhi  for some business deal on behalf of bhai.

Den pua hugs abhay and now she knows that what was she missing  and why were her eyes getting teary. Den abhay takes her near to bed.

Abhay: now I guess you need to sleep.

Pia: but abhay how will you go now

Abhay: don't worry I hav arrangements 4 dat

Den pia goes to bed while looking at abhay.. and abhay pulls out blanket on her and switches off the light'.then is starts moving iut from there but pia grabs his hand

Pia: abhay don't leave me now stay here for few minutes as from whole day I was feeling alome without misha and y'..

Pia cuts her tongue and abhay sits down at her bed

Abhay: without misha and who?

Pia: (embarrassed) without misha and massi

Abhay: den I guess I need to leava as you need to see misha and ur massi

Pia: (angrily) okay I was missing you also

After saying dis she bits her tongue


natty dnt let misha leave house bt abhi rescues her and make t's life hell

Piia meets a new guy

Kabeer and neha  have a cute fight at movie hall

p.s-  if u like my work den press like button and leave ur worthy commentsSmile

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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okay, so i'm finallyy editing it, yeah? and.. like i promised, i'll leave a biggg update. (:

abhay and pia cracked me up in the beginning, lmao. pia just looked at the mess and she's like, ''oh, gosh, i hope misha's not involved.'' LOL and abhay's like, ''there has to be mess where misha is.'' ROFL i found abhay really cute here. ;p the whole 'handling misha' thing reminded me of when he saved her from danish.

natty and arnab were..well, mysterious. what did sugandh do? she's got something to do with pia's voices in her head, right? has she got anything to do with the prophecy? blah.. i hate you, always leaving cliffhangers for me. :p and arnab hates misha and natty for some reason, hun? well's kinda intriguing how EVERYONE is related to the prophecy.

now i'm dead sure pia has something to do with the prophecy..the way abhay recognized natty and said that her life's in danger. i like neha n haseena here..trying to convince abhay that everything will be alright. (:

oho, chand n sid find the werewolves' footprints? does kabir have a pack or is he the only one? he reminds me of mason here, and abhi reminds me of tyler. LOL

ROFL misha and her pranks! lmao, ''how dare he control me?'' ..last night khud hi bol rahi thi he isn't that bad. ;p hahahaha, gosh, abhisha. ROFL i LOVE t for doing this, seriously! bhootni. stupid clan. ''act like a man and start fighting!'' ROFL she reminded me of muskaan here, seriously. haha, aw, 'im going to kill that bitch'' *look at each other with surprise* and their whole conversation about brains and bhoosa and insects, sanu .. are they inspired by rahul-muskaan by any chance? ROFL abhay, haha, tom and jerry! this reminds me of this one quote, 'tom and jerry might fight all the time but they can't live without one another'. 

abhay was maskaa lagaoing misha to find out where pia is. LOL awww. i loved kabir-neha. movie ya magic. LOL AP were cute! aww, he was like, ''should i leave? you need misha and maasi.'' ''no i was missing you too!'' LOL precap sounds interesting..esp after what you told me! misha. ROFL new guy .. hmm, nicey! (; continue sooonnn. 

Edited by _Akanksha_ - 10 April 2011 at 6:57am

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Coeur2PsychoFMS IF-Stunnerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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