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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 46)

--sanchita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Uff that misha abhi part is so hilarious. Good writing. Here abhay teases also. I love this abhay. Love Kabir neha.

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-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
hey sanjna...update sooooon

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PristineSoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
Sana.. muaah for this fantastic update. I loved Mish & Abhi.. AbhIya scenes were awesum. well done.

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SimplyAparajita IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Omg omg omg sanjana....story has been so exciting and thrilling no words... Precap..omg ....panchi...the stalker...what does she want...abhay breaks down... Dark magic........sid being shocked by pia....wassup.... Ab kya hoga.....sid loves panchi...omg.. Pia and abhay they look so cute together..but panchi is harming pia.....abhi misha mud moments were super cool...yar thanks for giving so much abhiya moments...yay..and kabir and neha are together...and next update will be a fun for sure......sana you are a terrific writer....what a plot yar...i am super excited....plish update right now...

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged

Chapter 9

Neha is sitting near window in her dep thoughts, "I know pia is not safe she has crossed 18 now only and wid bhai being not wid her means she is in extreme danger. Now I don't hav courage to tell him that she belongs to maithali family. Now I have to do something. I have to take someone's help. Only sid bhai and kabeer can help me out in any situation. But telling kabeer abt her history and threat she possess is not good option as he can use her in future. Sid bhai, I know he can help and bt what abt his pain, he is also goin to face his past. But he has courage to face his past. But he can do anything for me and abhay. So right option for me right now is sid bhai only"

Then neha gets up and pick the phone from her bed filled with cushion and stuffed toys.  Neha calls sidand tell him eacha and everything and he gets ready to support her.


Pia: oh its u. u scared  me

Panchi: don't get scared so easily. In life you have to face many problems.

Pia gets confused on this statement as ahe was not able to understand dat on which context she is saying so. Then panchi leaves from dere and pia looks her goin. She feels like she has seen her earlier. Then misha comes there and both of dem leaves from dere.

Raichand mansion

Neha enters haseena study room which has collection of many books and dey are kept in wooden racks which has been painted with brown and giving it royal look. Haseena is researching some stones and herbs. Then she looks at neha

Haseena: (smiles) oh thanx neha for coming here. I was abt to call you. Can you help me out with the remedy that give us strength after rituals.

Naha: (nervously) mom I need to talk something important.

Haseena: is there any problem. Don't hesitate in sharing anything.

Neha: mom I broke d magic and now he is again back to that world.

Haseena: neha you should have not done it so early. But now its okay now harm is done and we should now try to fix it up rather to think about past.

Neha: mom right now he is not goin to listen me

Haseena: I know and I will talk to him.

Neha: mom right now both abhay and pia need each other so we need to bring them together.

After that haseena leave the study and neha starts working on the remedy for dem to keep herself away from the stress around her going on.

Abhay's room

Haseena enters the abhay's room, she finds dat the whole room is messed up. The pieces of broken vases was lying dere, mirror was turned into uncountable pieces. Abhay was sitting there with maithali picture in his hand.

Haseena: I know right now  you are feeling very bad and you are goin through many things?

Abhay: (angrily) no mom you don't know anything. If you have known then you people have not erased my memory.

Haseena: am sorry abhay but we were not able to see you in so much pain.

Abhay: mom that pain is part of my life.

Haseena: ( angrily) den what abt us abhay? You know when we people see in so much pain. What do we feel and how much we are in pain to see you in pain. Are we people mad that care for you?

Abhay: but mom………………

Haseena: no abhay not dis tym. Stop hurting yourself and us. Neha and sid loves you a lot and due to ypur pain. I don't want to suffer them.

After that haseena leaves the room. And abhay keeps on thinking about that.

Some old house

Nats: do you know where is she?

Lady: natty you know I am not goin to tell you even if I knw

Nats: listen I knw I promised  her dat I will never turn up and I will never ask about her whereabouts. But this is the question of safety of pi and for that I can do anything.

Lady: go away natty. I cant help you I m bound with my promise.

Raichand mansion

Outside abhay room

Haseena: neha I have done my job and now its ypur turn. Do something so that abhay can go close to that girl

Neha: yes mom

After that neha enters the room wid glass in he hand.

Neha:bhai today you hav gone through so much drink this. Its going to help you.

Abhay: neha I am fine I don't need anything. You just leave me alone

Neha: ya bhai m jst leaving as I need to go and protect piya as now u r not dere for her.

Abhay: neha I am not blind. I know what are you upto and this is just impossible I am vampire and she is just normal human

Neha (thinks no bhai she is not normal human and I wish I could tell you this. Bt I cant tell you this now.)  bhai yes you are blind. Cant you see emotional connection between you and her.

Abhay glares her and starts cleaning up his room. Neha keeps the glass on table

Neha: okay bhia I got it but cant you protect her as friend only

Abhay: neha now am nt going to talk to u on dis topic.

After neha leaves the room

Haseena: you did your job very well

Neha: but mom he didn't…….

Haseena: neha believe me I know him he is definitely goin to think abt it.

Restaurant: pia and misha is sitting on table and ordering

Misha: hey I need vodka nd pia what abt u?

Pia" for me fresh lime and mish plz today control yourself and when you were high on drinks you were dancing whole night.

Misha: hey miss record keeper not gain and I ws just dancing

Pia: ya you were dancing and others were yelling for there life cz u were throwing empty bottles on dere heads

Then abhi enters restaurant with his frnds  and sees misha sitting there and thinks so now jungle billi bow I will have some fun tym.

Waiter is about to give drinks to misha and pa. pia intentionally makes the waiter fall so that drinks can fall on pia.

Misha: what the hell man? Cant u see

Pia: its okay misha, I will go to washroom

Waiter: m so sorry mam I will bring another one for you.

Then pia gets up from there and walk towards washroom. And in some corner of restaurant panchi orders someone " here you take the money and now u need to lock that girl in the washroom".

Then panchi sees sid entering d restaurant and approaching her.

Sid: so love finally you are here for candle night dinner. I knw nobody can't be spared from charm os sid.

Panchi: shutup and don't give yourself so much impotance.

Sid: that's what I love about you and your lil anger on ur nose.

Sid takes panchi to a reserved table and orders something for her and while he orders wine 4 himself. While panchi is searching for chance to go to washroom and sid eyes are searching for pia.

Abhi mixes something in misha's  and give it to waiter ti give it to her. Mish drinks it and feels like everything around her is moving.

Abhi: so fun starts now.

Misha gets up from her table and starts dancing and throwing things. She stands on others table and starts throwing foo on them. They try to bring her down of the table but she kicks them out while dancing.

Abhi: in dis state also she is disaster.

Then misha stats blaberring whatever comes to her mind and after each and every line she says holllaloalaolaoalao

Abhi: I knew it dat she is frm some tribe.

Den misha goes near a gang of boya who were drinking, den misha takes drink from dem and starts dancing and boys starts misbehaving with her. Den abhi clenches his fests and get up from his table and run off near to misha.

Abhi: misha come down

Misha(in drinking and funny tone) here my bhowwwwwwwww bhowww bhowwwwwwwwwwwwwww comes hey lts do jhingalalal. Hollluluuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Den abhi grabs her  and lifts her up and takes away her from that gang of boys…. While passing misha takes plates from near tables and starts throwing everywhere.

Abhi: miane socha tha iske baad yeh jungle billi koi tamasha karke entertain karegi and isne toh jungle bhootni ka roop le liya and ab meri bhi band bja rahi hai… hamesha mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai main iski band bjaane jata hun aur yeh meri hi band bja deti hai.

Panchi: I need to go to washroom

Sid: darling u need not to do any make –up for me

Panchi: shut-up casonova

Sid: (thinking abt piya) okay love evn I need to make imp call to someone


Abhay is rumming while thinking…. Den thinking abt piya he stops" no I cant go near pia. Bt she is in danger. Bt m biggest danger for her. Bt I can control her. No I cant go near to neha said I can protect her.a nd what if I loose her. No I will never let it happen. I have to save her at any cost."  The thought of loosing pia makes him restless and he strts running,


Pia is crying for help but no one is listening to her then she crashes down on the floor bt suddenly d voice of someone footsteps are there.  She hides herself behind door.

Den someone opens d door and pia grabs a ros nearby and grabs some courage and den she is abt to hit den she sees abhay dere and drops d rod.

Abhay sfter watching pia in fearful  and teary state hugs her passionately like he will never let go off.  He don't want to separate her from dis passionate hug. Like d place which ws blank after maithali is filled up now. And he is complete now. His heart is dead bt still it is beating. Pia is crying out of fear and relief dat abhay is here… her cry is mixed wid two emotions happiness coz of abhay and  fear cz someone is stalking her.

Abhay: pia shhhhh calm down (still crying) pia dnt worry I will never let you happen anything .

Pia: (sobbing)plz abhay dnt leave me

Abahy: calm down and when you will know whole truth then you are going to leave me.

Pia: that day is never goin to come. I can bet on it.




Arnab takes pia to delhi

Abhay follows pia

Panchi makes evil plan

Abhi and misha join there hands for prank

p.s- guys if u like it den press like button and plz do comment. As ur comments only give me encouragement to write and feel free to criticize me. waiting 4 ur replies.

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged


yayay, i got the first spot. :D

a super awesome part once again. you make me love neha more & more with every update, as keep unlayering her different layers, she loves abhay, she's possessive for abhay, she doesn't wanna hurt abhay. we get to see something new about her in every update.. as in, she doesn't want to let kabir hurt abhay. Embarrassed i still can't believe that my kabiru is grey! but i love grey characters. Big smile haseena and neha were nicey!, i like haseena here.. infact, i like her in the show, too. she cares for abhay and she can't see him broken..also, she knows abhay too well and she knows that he'll indeed think about whatever she's saying to him. :-)

misha throwing empty bottles. ROFL the above part was so dark and this just cracked me up. ROFL i can so imagine drunk misha on a table throwing food and tables on everyone. and abhi.. gosh, he's awesome or what!? his remarks on her 'performance' .. ''i always knew she's from a tribe.'' ROFLROFL hahaha, hoalalalla, reminds me of the jhingalala ad. LOL awie, abhi lifts her and takes her away from the boys' table.. ''main iski band bajaane jaata hoon toh vo mera band kyon baja deti hai.'' ROFL seriously! LOL drinks dene ka idea bhi tera hi tha..if you can't handle her 'table-dancing' on other guys' tables. LOL

sid and panchi are cute..woah, panchi's, like, REALLY angry here! it's not even cute. :P i mean, yeah, i wanted a indifferent panchi ..but this just went like..WOAH. O.O LOL sid's a cutie-pie! update sooooooon !! abhi-misha joining hands for pranks..gosh, sanu, you gimme a update like that and then leave me hanging off a cliff. Cry

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Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Wow Gr8 Part.. Amazing :*.. Haseena n Neha want 2 C Abhay-Piya together.. Dat's Nice. Loved Mish-Abhi part it was rocking.. ;) Mish throwing things on others n d whole dancing thing was Gr8.. Mish turning Jungli Bhootni from Jungli Billi.. Poor Abhi.. ;) Sid-Panchi part was Nice.. Just confused wit Panchi d Stalker thing.. Means Why.. How..?? & again wit Nats n dat lady part.. Many Qs..
Abhay is piya's saviour.. He always is.. Loved Abhiya part n then Hug.. Ohh how lovely. Y is Arnab taking Piya 2 Delhi..?? n Mish-Abhi joining hands for Prank.. Dat's Gr8.. Eagerly waiting for d next part.. Carry on..lolz.

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Awsome update like always.

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