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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 38)

_SnowFlake_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
awsome updtClapsana
maithli witch & pia will get some powersShocked........panchi was nice
yay neha is such a sweetheart & haseena happy for pia-abhayDancingthat's like a gud mom
updt soon

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MyArchangel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
That was an adorable update darling..loved it.

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Sanuuu, I have read this update, like, 5 times now. :D && I have already told you on YM how much I loved it. Embarrassed

Let me start from the beginning..Neha wants to seperate AbhiYa because Pia's descended from Maithali, and Maithali was a witch!? Nicey! :D I loved Haseena here.. And I loved the way you portrayed the AP connection, like, Neha can't break it even if she wants to. You're making me LIKE AP in your FF, which does not happen much too often. :P

Haha, aww, that happened to us in school, today. LOL ''You're staying behind for 5 minutes in break .. '' ''But..'' ''10 minutes!'' ''We didn't say anything!'' ''15 minutes.'' We ended up losing half of our lunchtime. LOL Dude, I love AbhIsha. :D But tumne unhein itni jaldi detention se nikalwa diya... hawww. Shocked But, don't worry, the fall made up for it. =D

Aw, Pia has a stalker, right??.... Kabir? Ouch Nonetheless, I found them adorable, again.. And, Sid-Panchi. Big smile Love you for this! Big smile

Precap, lol, even Sid's shocked. Well, phew, that means that he isn't the stalker. Now I'm more than sure it's Kabir. =D And why does Neha make Abhay leave Pia!? Didn't Haseena ask her not to do any magic 'coz she doesn't wanna see Abhay alone?

Continue sooooooooon. And thanks for the PM. Hug

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mansim Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
once again nice updateClap
good to see that abhi helped mishaLOL
as usual abhay and piya were goodEmbarrassed
ohh so there is some stalkerShocked
i think piya may have some qualities of a witch if she is maithili's decendentConfused
what abhay is leaving piya and that too so soonShocked
thanks for the pmSmile
update soonWink

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
loved it dear
awesome ff
plz add me to ur pm list

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 October 2010
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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:16pm | IP Logged

Chapter 8

Sorry guys for short update in previous update actually I ws busy wid pkyek world cup.

Detention room

Misha and abhi are outside detention room and dey strt moving in opposite  side den abhi sees panchi cumin. He starts running towards  misha and grabs her fom arm and takes her to near the tree. Misha shocked by this, instantly kick his stomach.

Misha: how u dared to touch me, I hav black belt in judo-karaate.

Abhi: (holding his stomach) shut up you fool. Look dat hitler is cumin. And I m nt interested in junk

Misha: (clenching her jaws) if she has not been here, I must hav turned u into junk'

Abhi: (keeping his hand on misha face so that she cannot speak) shhhhhhhhhh

For the frst tym they were so close to each other. Den  abhi sees  panchi approaching very near to them he takes misha to behind the bush bt the area behind d bush was so deep dat dey both fall into it. both gets drenched with mud. And start laughing at each other aftr looking at each other.

Then both of them stands  up but due to muddy and slippery abhi looses his balance and falls down.

Misha: (while laughing) wow muscleman can't handle his weight. Now give me tour hand.

Abhi takes her hand but he forces her towards him and misha also falls into mud.

Misha: have you lost ur nuts. Oh I am so sorry dat doesn't exists( aftr that she starts throeing mud and in return he also throws.

Sid office parking ares

Abhay and sid are walking at human pace

Sid: (sensing) I can sense someone is bleeding

Abhay: ya pia got injury in her leg and I knw u will not be able o control yourself so you go in ypur car to college.

Sid: I think dat will be the best

Mount college

Abhay and pia arrives there. Sid is already there and he is weating black shirt, bkack denims with red tie. He is talking to college girl and flaunting his smile in flirting way.

Abhay stops his car near to sid's car. Pis steps out of the car and abhay rushes to help her outdue to her leg injury. He holds her through waist.

Pia: (nervously lookin at other students) no I am fine I can walk

Abhay: pia if u will walk may be u strt bleeding again and ur wound is new. So lemme help u out

Then pia looks at students staring at dem and abhay removes his hands from her waist and holds her hand to give her support. Abhay and pia reaches to sid and sid gets shocked to see pia.

Sid: maithali???? Hws it possible???

Abahy: (smilingly) bhai now don't tell me that she resembles to one of your gf.(Sid handles his emotions aftr seeing abhay smile and holding pia's hand.) bhai dis is pia and pia dis is my big bhai who is vit flirty bt very kind at heart.

Sid: (tries to I gnore pia) so lets goin I think we need to go detetion room

Detention room

Sid opens up d lock and abhay and pia follows him

Sid: so to whom I need to free I think these walls.

Pia: oh god whn will misha improve??

Abhay: never. I told u pia dat she can handle any situation now see

Den panchi comes dere from back

Panchi: where d hell both of dem are?

Sid: (flirtingly) ah love its good to see u aftr 22 hrs, 56 mins 29 secs

Panch: stop it mr. casonova. I am asking you something

Sid: I am also saying u dat I love u frm 3 yrs, 2 months, 22 days, 8 hrs,9 mins,8 sec

Panchi: wid whom permission dey left this room

Sid: so what are you doing my love and how abt canle night dinner

Panchi: I will see both of dem and specially you mr. casonova later.

Sid: ah!!! Finally u will see me

Then panchi  stomps off the floor and walks away from dere. She glares abhay and pia.

Sid: so there was no need of me here. I tell u dese kiddos are enough daring to piss off panchi by running away from punishment. Okay now I need to go as I hav date wid my gf 22

Abhay: (teasingly) ya I knw how imp they are to u and oanchi is least imp to u.

Sid leaves from dere. Abhay and pia are still standing dere.

Abhay: ah I guess we are nt goin to complete there punishment here

Pia: ya lets go.

Abhay: are u alright

Pia: (imeediately so dat he doesn't carry her) no no I am fine. I am perfect.

Abhay(teasingly) I guess I need to carry you (pia glares) okay sorry now come lets go.

Both of dem are walking in corridoor and dey sees kabeer cumin frm other side

Kabeer: hey pia have u seen abhi dey are not in detention room.

Before pia can ans his ques abhay speaks out

Abhay(angrily) ya he and misha broke d detention room.

Kabeer: are u pia?

Before abhay could answer anything they see abhi and misha cuming frm other side who were looking like beggars right now. Every student is looking and laughing at both of them. Then misha shows dem her elbow if she will kill them

Pia: ( walks towards her and starts cleaning her with hankey) misha how does this happen?

Misha: this jungle kutta has done this.

Abhay laughs at this as if she has cracked some joke and kabeer clenches his fist after watching abhay laughing

Abhi: shutup u jungle billi

Now bahy and kabeer are expert in grabbing them. So kabeer and abhay grabs dem before they can put there legs and hands into use against each other.

Then they leave from there. Abhay leaves pi and misha to dere car and promises pia to call her in d evening.

Raichand mansion

Abhay rushes to neha's room where she ws shuffling her cardson d couch and she ws thinking mode. She did not noticed abhay coming in her room. Abhay shakes her to bring her to present.

Neha: ya bhai when did you come here.

Abhay: what happened why are u so lost and why did u left d college in d morning?

Neha: today my cards were calling me and u kne hw psycho I am when dese cards call me

Abhay: okay. Neha ermmm I need ur help. Someone is doing dark magic on pia. And it is very deep dark magic dats why I am not able to sense it.

Neha: I knw bhai dat why today my cards were calling me'

Abhay cuts her: what do you knw tell me everything, I can do anything to keep her safe

Neha: bhai are you sure? Coz dis is goin to lead you in very pain. And u hav to face many past memories dat ws once erased by me. cz pia present has something related to your past

Abhay: what r u saying can you say it clearly am not anle to understand but I can go to any extent  to keep her safe.

Neha: this means that this is the right tym I need to break y magic.

After neha doe the rituals to break her magic and she breaks the magic. Abhay starts remembering his pas lyf now he remembers each and everything. Abhay suddenly starts feeling suffocation coz of so pain by remembering his past..

Abhay: (angrily wid pain) how can you dis to me. this was related to me. I deserves dat pain why u and bhai kept me in dark. I am responsible 4 everything. I need to get  each and very pain in my life.

Abhay breaks down on the floor. Neha is not able to see him in pain den she remembers haseena words dat pia will be his support system.

Neha: plz don't break yourself' right now pia needs you..

Abhay: I cant support her, now I can see where we are going . she is normal human she has very right to enjoy her life. I cant take her life. And moreover she will remind me of maithali.

Neha: don't u trust pia.

Abhay: pia is most innocent person on earth. I can read her mind bt I cant do this to her. I can push her into dark.

After dat neha leaves the room coz she can't see him like this. And she wants to kill herself coz she has gifted him dark and lonely life.

Dehradoon prk

Neha is sitting on park bench like a lifeless body. Kabeer was jogging there then  he sees neha dere and walks to wards her.

Kabeer: hey ditchy wassup? What happened today you are not doing rituals 4 garbage.

Neha: stop it kabeer today m nt in mood to fight wid u.

She stands up and starts walking.  kabeer  catches her ny her arm and makes her sit and den neha break down and starts crying.

Kabeer: now u r giving me creeps what happened.

Kabeer hugs neha and neha obs at kabeer's chests

Kabeer: hey stop you are damaging your image dat too in front of me.

Den neha tells him while crying and wiping her tears wid kabeer's hankey.

Kabeer: neha you are one of the strongest witch. You have done nothing wrong. Right now he needs some time to overcome this shock. That's it.

Neha: u knw kabeer sometimes you are so sweet and  caring

Kabeer(smiles and wipes her tears wid his hands) I know and sometimes u behave opposite to your character.

Pia house

Pia is waitingfor abhay's call in her room and misha is playing wid her playstation which she bought from bet money(bet was on who can break princi's office window). Pia has tried abhay's number for 15 times.

Misha after completing her game: hey saddy lets go and hav party. And I m too hungry.

Pia: mish u jst had pizza

Misha: miss record-keeper dat was one hour ago

Pia knows dere is no fun in arguing wid misha so she gets up wid heavy heart and gets ready.

Dehradoon restaurant and bar

Misha drives very fast on d way. Bt pia ws lost in abhay's thoughts. Bt she notices dat someone is following them. When they reaches there she nitice dat car is nowhere. Pia starts walking towards restaurant while misha is parking the car. Pia hears someone footsteps and finds panchi there.


Pia is locked up in wasroom and abhay comes and rescues her

Panchi is not able to do anything to pia coz of abhay and sid around her and pia.

Misha is high on drinks and abhi controls her

If u guys like my writing den plz hit the like button below
guys m answering to ur prev queries right now

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:21pm | IP Logged

lmao.. frst part mein hi sixer.. misha kicked him...LOL

Misha: how u dared to touch me, I hav black belt in judo-karaate.

Abhi: (holding his stomach) shut up you fool. Look dat hitler is cumin. And I m nt interested in junkROFLROFLROFLROFL

and i loved the whole idea of them getting wet in the puddleEmbarrassed
tht was ultra adorable.. so love u for this part sana.. and then mish going like... have u lost ur minds.. oh u dnt have anyROFLROFLROFL

sid is ultra smart.. am liking him.. and wht bout mtz now.. metz ko bhi laana tha is saare chakkar meinLOL pia resembles ets, but hw come abhay ko nahi maaloom?

and sid panchi r hilarious.. ROFLROFLROFL sid can ACTUALLY HANDLE HER VERY WELL..

abhay here seems to be in his best of mood..
abhay and kabeer so hate each other..
plz cont soon

Edited by elizaa - 01 April 2011 at 7:35pm

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:21pm | IP Logged


Sanu, i guess i already told you how much i looooooved this part. Big smile haha, misha-abhi. ROFL gosh, she kicks him, and he's like.. ''i am not interested in any junk!'' ..and she's like..''i will turn you into junk.'' ROFL the highlight of the part was abhi taking her hand and pulling her down in the mud. LOL i mean, nobody can do that to misha and get away with it. LOL

i like abhay and sid here. :D lol, i'm sorta confused. how come abhay doesn't know that pia resembles maithali? or is the story a tad bit different here?..and abhay never knew who maithali is? in that case, pia's his first love? Embarrassed

sid-panchi. <3 i am so missing them onscreen these days, i loved the way he was flirting with her and trying to handle her..but you know what made me love them even more? panchi not giving any bhao to sid. ROFL

haha, jungli kutta, jungli billi. LOL abhay and kabir DO hate each other, i am so looking forward to their track. continue SOOON. wait, you're continuing in 30 minutes, right? well, i gotta go. i'll comment later. adios. =)

*edited* .. again.

i love neha and abhay, i honestly do. they're awesome. okay, so now i get it.. neha had erased maithali's memory from abhay. had something happened ? had maithali died because of abhay? gosh, neha, continue soon. 

kabir and neha are so cute. i'm so glad kabir has a shade of positivity in him, that is..he's grey, but not completely evil. i love the way he comforted neha, the whole hanky thing reminded me of arsh. Embarrassed 

haha, misha driving fast, and ooooh, the stalker is revealed. panchi. :O :O .. haha, no point in acting dumb, i knew it was coming courtesy ym. LOL precappp. <33 abhisha. <33 update soooooooon. :D

Edited by _Akanksha_ - 02 April 2011 at 8:09am

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