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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 29)

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Originally posted by beb018

continue soon dear v nycSmile

thanx alotSmile

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Pia looks back and she finds abhay dere. Abhay is standing arms folded against his chests. He was wearing black shirt with black trousers. Pia heart skips a beat when she sees him. Then she pinches herself to confirm that she is not watching dream. For one moment she forgets that she was sad. Abhay starts walking towards pia.

Abhay: so what are you doing here at midnight?

Pia gets nervous then she gathers little courage to speak to him.

Pia: I am counting stars(she speaks this to hide her pain which was visible in her eyes)

Abhay knows that pia is not goin to tell him why she is sad. So he decides to trick her out.

Abhay: by the way your choice is better than me

Pia: how can you say that?

Abhay: this lake is better than waterfall.

Pia gets angry as abhay was ruining her special memories by comparing between the two.

Pia: abhay please don't compare these two. Coz you are comparing my sad moments wid those special and beautiful moments spent with you at waterfall.

Abhay feels extreme happy coz pia considered moments spent with him to be happy.

Abhay: so you come here when you are sad.

Pia feels embarrassed as she was caught red-handed. She starts looking at lake as she was not able to face abhay's question. Abhay knows that she was not goin answer his question so he decides to change the topic and her mood

Abhay: so today why you left the canteen in the college all of sudden and withuot saying anything?

 To abhay's surprise to this question pia gets more sad.

Pia: actually you were busy with your girlfriend. So I thought I should give you people some private time.

Now abhay knows the reason why she was sad and why she was not picking up the phone. Then he starts laughing loudly to pia's surprise. Pia gets furious at him.

Pia: (angrily) why are you laughing? Have I cracked any joke?

Then pia gets up and starts walking and abhay stops laughing and grabs her arms. The sudden touch of abhay's hands on her bare arms makes her to loose her balance and she fells into abhay's arms. Then there is intense eyelock between both of them. Pia in his arms forgets every pain of her life and her anger vanishes like she was never angry with him.

Abhay: looks like now u hav got a habit of falling into my arms.

Pia looks away shyly and then abhay makes her sit with care like she is child who needs proper care.

Abhay: do you really think that shatabdi express was my gf.(pia looks embarrassed and lil angry on dese words). Pia u r crazy she is my sister.

Then pia feels like somebody has freed her from imprisionment. Then mixed feeling of joy and embarrassment passes her. She thinks why she thought of him like this.

Pia: (nervously) abhay I am really sorry I never knew that you and neha are brother and sister

She was so embarrassed that she wanted that earth to open up and she gets into it. abhay knows her embarrassment so he tries to cover up.

Abhay: pia its okay if there was anybody would have thought in that way. Actually she is little pamperedand being single sister of two brothers causes her to throw her tantrums on us.

Pia: no abhay its my mistake. I should have asked you  before jumping to any conclusion.

Abhay: now leave this topic.

Pia: abhay I want to ask you something but I don't know how to ask?

Abhay: pia don't feel shy ask anything

Pia: abhay what is this ring abut actually today somebody followed me when I was walking alone from college( abhay gets furious on listening to this as he was right that she was not safe) and my massi was about to give me same ring but''..

Abhay cuts her

Abhay: (gets tensed) who followed you? Were u wearing dis ring at dat point of tym. Does dat stalker did something to you. Why were you alone

Pia: calm down. It was me who was askin ques not u . remember?

Abhay: it is about your safety. Do you understand that. You are not going alone somewhere from today.  Have I made myself clear?

Pia: you cant put restrictions on me abhay. My dad is enough for that.

Abhay calms down

Abhay: look pia it is about your safety I never meant to put instructions on you

Pia: (angrily) I don't know what is goin around me. massi talks to me rudely. Dad says stay away from massi. People don't tell me anything just give me instructions. It also includes you as I can see that you are also hiding something from me.

Abhay thinks" pia's  massi knows about ring and how does she knows about supernatural stuff and how much she knows about it. if she was about to give same ring to her then I m sure that she is protecting her"


Abhay: you need to follow instructions of me and ur massi. And if you want to go somewhere then u can accompany misha

Misha's house

Nats: misha misha''.. come down '.. I need to talk to right now.

Misha: what happened nautanki why are you giving me shock by calling me by my name. hey do u want me to kill by shock?

Nats: this is not tym to crack jokes. I am leaving town 4 something very urgent.

Misha: anything new?

Nays: ya u r goin to live at neem's house when I am out cz he is not goin to leave pia here and promise me you will not leave pia alone for one minute

Misha: okay mata chinteshwari whatever you say'.. and aye pocket money do na iss gareeb ko.

Nats: yesterday only you got  your money(misha mekes face)okay here you go. But mitho don't buy anything that is realted to pranks.

Misha: naut I guess pia is at lake

Nats: I told you not to leave piya alone ( says in worried way). And listen say sorry to her from my side cz today i behaved rudely wid her due to some work pressure and mow dnt ask any questions.


Abhay: when the right tym come and I get full info on it then I promise I will be the frst one to tell you everything.

Pia: I will look forward to it

Then a voice comes "I don't know what has happened to this nautanki. I know she is weird bt today she was best at its weirdness and here u r miss saddy"

Then she looks at abhay

Misha: hey who are you and why are you taking my place. I am the only person who can take sadness from this saddy

Abhay: (smilingly) hi, m abahy. I canot dare to take ur place. By d way lemme guess you ae misha(she nods surprisingly). I have listened about u allot from pia.

Misha: good 4 u not trying to take my place. I like you. (she glares at pia) now I want each detail from you

Abhay: so can I drop you guys at home

Misha: ya offcourse but I want to big buckets of ice-cream

Pia: u have enough stock at your place

Misha: but from today m goin to live at ur place where there is no play station  and now hw m goin to survive without it. today chinteshwari is leaving for out of station. And I hav to live at you place and she was saying sorry for her today's behavior

Pia: why where is massi going?

Misha: I don't know bt I cant believe today she baehaved badly with you, I mean dat kind of behavior is 4 ur daddy dinasour

Pia cuts her down

Pia: when you starts speaking then it is difficult to stop you

Misha: you know nly ice-cream can make me shut

Abhay was getting worried as pia's massi was leaving. Then he decides something  in his mind and speaks up

Abahy: lets go and have ice-cream den I will drop both of you

Pia's house

Misha is busy in finishing up her 2 bucket of ice-cream while abhay stops pia.

Abhay: pia plz promise u will not go somewhere alone and whenever u find something suspicious please call me.

Pia: abhay u and massi are getting worried without no reason. Maybe dat was my misunderstanding

Abhay: ya may be bt may not bebut you please promise me

Pia: okay I promise

Misha finishes her second bucket of ice-cream


Misha: hey I m goin to charge thrd bucket of ice-cream from both of u. if u keep me waiting and standing for u guys.

Pia: I guess now I need to go other wise she will kill me. bt today no one can save me from her question hour.

Abahy: byee pia and plz take care of yourself'. Byee misha and don't kill her bt you nevr-ending questions

Misha: I will try bye

Then misha drags towards home and abhay was watching her to go, and says" I will be back".

At night misha torture herwith her questions and abhay returns to pia's house after keeping his car and changing his clothes. He hides himself in the trees and safeguards her till dey were talking. When misha and pia both are in deep sleep than abhay goes to balcony and watches pia sleeping admiringly.

Mount college

Pia was waiting for abhay impatientlyand she was lookin at her watch 3 times in one minute. Then abhay arrives there. Abhay smiles aftr watching pia waiting for her.

Pia: where were u? today u r late

Abhay: it is 8.45 and our college is at 9(pia looks down out of embarrassment) so how was ur question hour

Pia: full of torturing questions and how was ur las night?

Abhay: (smiles devil  way) one of best  night of my life.

Mount college (corridor)

Misha  was walking in d cooridoor while listening to music on her ipod and murmurs " bhagu kis janam ka badla le rahe ho. I don't know why pia bought me so early to college"

Then she sees abhi talking to someone

Parking area

When abhay and pia were talking to each other. Dey see neha comin from opposite side. She comes there and hugs abhay. Pia looks at both of dem smilingly.

Neha: bbhai where were u last night. I ws looking 4 u..

Pia glares abhay

Abhay: errrrrrrr neha this is pia and pia dis is my sweet lil sister who has got worst mood swings.

Neha watches pia with her wide opened eyes. Her face turns into yellow from pink blushed. She looks at her lke she has seen some one from past. Her face makes her rmbrof someone else. Then abhay shakes neha to bring her to present.

Neha: (with fake smile) hi pia, it was nice to meet you. Bhai I forgot my cellphone at home. So see u guys later.

Abhay watches neha suspiciously. Then abhay and pia listens to loud bang from other side of parking area.

Pia: god plz dis tym no misha and her stupidity (pia is super tensed)

Abhay: don't worry. Lets go and see to it.

Another parking area

Abhi shouting at another guy and grabs his collar, "what have you done dis was my car and I gave you car number"

Guy(nervously):  but u gave me this number only

Den misha comes there while clapping


Abhi: hey dude dis is the number of car and you hav to damage d car so that nobody could not even recognized it"

Guy: don't worry. I will do it

Abhi: now u will know who is abhi, you wild cat. And present score is 2-0 bt through this it will get 2-1

Misha thinking "so mr. moron has got some brains. Don't worry today u r goin to loose ur brain afterthis"

Misha run towards d car and changes number plates

*flashback ends*


Misha: so looser score is 3-0 bt I wonder how do you get such a stupid idea in ur small brain. Next tym borrow some brains and think some better idea.

Abhi: hey mind ur language. I am goin to kill u bitch

Misha: how dare u call me bitch, ypu pig

Then both of run towards each other and grabs each othe collar and starts fighting wid each other. Abhay, pia and kabeer run towards them. Abhay grabs misha and kabeer grabs abhi. But still both of them were bashing each other with unbearable words.

Then a streaking voice come "stop it. I said stop it otherwise m goin to expel you people"


Entry of 2 trustees in colg

Neha tells haseena abt pia's background

Abhi and misha are punished to survive in a room for 3 hrs'.. bt dey hav quality(fighting) tym dere'.

p.s- if u like my work den press like button and if u dont like den feel free to tell me my faults by leaving comments..... and if u like den too leave ur comments. waiting 4 ur response

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Yay, I got the first spot. BOOO YOUUU, Liz. Approve

I gotta read it all over again, now. LOL Awwww, AP were adorable! Embarrassed Neha is his sister. I thought she might be a best friend. :P But a sister - even better. :D Shatabdi Express! ROFLI'm loving Abhay-Neha already! :D

Aww, poor Pia. Getting forced around by everyone and doesn't know what's going on! Atleast she didn't get angry from Abhay .. loved the little meeting-when-Misha-sleeps part. :D

ROFLROFLROFL I laughed so hard when I read the whole nameplate changing thing! And getting punished together... Oooooooh, reminds me of the AY detention track. ;D

And.. ICE CREAMS. Damn you, Sana, YOU MADE ME HUNGRY. Unhappy Pia's background!!!? Is she descended from Maithali !!? I WANNA KNOWWWW. Update SOOOOON. =)

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awie sana!!!!LOL so loved this update...
pia is like she is couting stars!! lao... jhooot bolne bhi nahi aata!!
and awwwwww again.. wht an amazing ap scene..Embarrassed never liked ap so much.. first ashu makes me like ap in her part, and now ur making me love them all the more...
i so want to seee pia's reactions wen she comes to knw tht neha was not his gf, but his sis...
love u sana for this part.. awesome se bhi awesome!!!LOL
thankfully abhay knows tht masi wants to protect pia..
but masi is human kya? sana... bolo naaaaaa...
and to add up to that... am loving abhisha!! they r a total riot together!!
lmao... mishoos prank was awesome.. i choked on my tang wlie i read tth.. cont soon!!!
lve u loads!

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Nice..! Wat is the ring meant for?? And who are Natasha nd Abhay trying to protect Piya from??? Is there a problem between Arnab nd Nats??? God, I'm asking too many questions and am sorry for that but I just can't help it..!! So, plz bear with me... :)

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Originally posted by ..kashUrock..

awesome yaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............sry for late reply!

thanx alot richiBig smile

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Superb Sanju..........Neha is giving me the creeps, Abhay has one more brother......Abhish was hilarious........and u give a quality dose of Abhiya in your updates.......keep up the Good ya

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