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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 23)

mangona Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
plz send me pm of it wen u update it

--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by piya_111

wow!!!!!!!!! simply superb yaar Clap i wanna give u a big Hug for not showing abhay rude...he's such a sweetheart...i love him & now you too as you have shown chand,haseena also nice Smile and yaar how can u write the dialogues of misha so perfectly?its like anisha(perfect blend of anvesha from remix and misha from pkyek) but please yaar it wud be perfect if d guy wud be named yuvi,bt abhi is also a nice name as my best friend is also abhishek and he's also the same LOL anyhow,this is just superb but i m wondering who did black magic on piya?and u know i think i know who the kunwars are Wink but waiting eagerly for your pretty please update it asap Smile 
p.s. -> I read the 3rd & 4th episode together that is why giving their comments also together

hey thanx alot 4 likin itHug
here chaand and haseena cares 4 abhay and his feelings
ya misha is wild cat 
bt here abhi will hav drastic change aftr few days dat u will get to know in next update
dat black magic part will be unfolded in bits
ya i guess by now everybody hav guessed who are dese kunwars bt i want to show dere family history nw

ya i will try to update soon
and really ur comments matters to me alot
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 00123trisha

awwwsome update
sorry the like butten is not workingConfused
abhay-pia part was aborable
mish-abhi omg omgLOL
cont soon

hey trish u liked it 
dats what i need
thanx alot 4 likin it
i jst hope i do justice to dese charactersBig smile
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mangona

plz send me pm of it wen u update it
ya sure i will send pm
usha786 Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:22am | IP Logged
very nice keep it up.

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:25pm | IP Logged

Chapter 5

Raichand mansion

Haseena ia walking in d lawn impatiently at human pace. Den a girl enters and hugs her

Haseena: thankgod u r here

Neha: ya I missed u mom. This trip was very important to collect stones for bhai,otherwise I haven't left you. And last night u called me u looked worried?

Hassena: I missed u too, and why are you asking me dat why m worried as if I don't know u must hav read my mind through ur cards last night only

Neha: mom I cant hide anything from u. bt nw u dnt worry dat is just prophecy and I know at last everything will be fine. Now u dnt worry I m here and I will handle all this.

Haseena: I know u will handle all this that's why I hav called you.

Aftr sayin this they again hug each other

Neha: k mom I need to start my work now only m already late' I need to join collegeto day itself and now leave ur all worries with me

Haseena: u do whatever u want bt plz don't hurt abhay's feelings.

Neha: mom I love him too. I will do dat only which is best 4 him

After sayin this  she leaves 4 d college. Afte she leaves haseena to herself "I know u love him bt still I have to keep check on you because in dese 150 yrs I hav nevr seen abhay so happy and I want him to hav all d happiness.


College parking area

Misha clothes are stinking due to food on it. so she  calls piya.

Piya: ya mish m cumin to class

Misha: hey miss geek why do u alws think of class only. Now listen m goin to home back coz aftr dat canteen scene m smelling like sweeper. And I will send driver for you.

Piya: k mish see you later.

Den dey disconnect d phone den misha sees abhi's car dere in parking area. Den her evil mind starts working. Den she takes out some color spray from her bag and ruins his car and writes, "I am gay"''.. and den she puts some grly colors like pink and purple on it and den she murmurs "now u will get to know who is misha khanna' hope u hav fun mr. jungli"

Then she leaves d college. And after 2 mins a black color bmw enters in d college with very high speed and a girl with her shades on of pearl white complexion steps out from the car. She is wearing purple  color mini skirt wid  baby pink color halter neck top and hot pink colored bag'.. and she is playin wid bubble gum  wid her tongue.


Pia: here u go wid ur money.. and it was nice meeting u kabeer(smile)

Kabir: (displaying his dimples) same here sweetheart

On listening ti the word sweetheart abhay breaks d glass dere and den piya notice dat he is standing dere and den givin kabeer any attention towards kabeer she ran towards abhay. Den kabeer walk towards abhay. And den both kabeer and abhay look at each other wid so much hate filled eyes

Kabeer:  so we are goin to have some walking garbage in d college dis year

Abhay: (smiles) oh no! m goin to face some sniffing dogs'

Pia was lookin at both of dem wid her wide eyes. Den kabeer was about to grab abhay's collar den he notices piya watching dem wid curiosity.  And kabeer throws a chair near to him and walks away from there.

College corridor

Girl is walking and  kabeer is also walkin dere and muttering something to himself

Neha: hey fakeera, whats up wid u?? u havn't even noticed me today

Kabeer:  hey ditchy dnt mess wid me today, I hav seen dat garbage already and hav spoiled my whole day

Neha: hey mind ur language. Otherwise I can burn u here

Den kabeer starts flirting wid her

Kabeer: m alws ready to be burned by u. and u knw my offer is still open'.

Neha:  u knw my answer. And now stop keep bugging me about ur stupid and useless offer.

Den neha walks away from dere.


Pia: hello abhay where r u since d morning? I was lukin 4 u''..

Abhay mood gets a u-turn whn he listens dat pia was lookin 4 him

Abhay: I was in my class. So what were u doin dere?

Pia: nothing I told u abt mish ? hw short tempered she is' today she ruined whole canteen.  So I ws payin damage

Abhay: (chuckles and lookin around)ya I can see that)

Pia: can I ask you one personal question?

Abhay: anything..(calmly cz he knew what ws cumin)

Pia: whats wrong between u and kabeer

Abhay: some family differences. Bt u plz stay away from kabeer

Before pia could speak anything neha enters in d canteen.. and out of excitement she hugs abhay

Neha: I missed you so much. I love you. And aftr keeping my bags at home I came over here just to meet you and surprise youhows d surprise

Neha said all this in one breath. Pia was watching neha with little tears in her eyes. She was feeling like killing neha at right that moment. She controlled herself. Abhay was so excited to meet neha aftr so many days. She was his soul sister and best buddy.

Abhay: calm down shatabdi express. I also missed you so much and It was one of biggest surprise

Neha: u know I love to give surprises

Abhay: ya  know and I love you

After listening dese word from abhay, pia completely breaks down and ran away from there

Abhay: pia wait where are you going?

Neha: who is she?

In her excitement she did not notice pia dere

Abhay: nothing I guess I need to go

Neha: this is not done bhai I m here aftr so many days and you want to go. I want u to play guitar for me as it has been one month I have not listened to my fav tune

Abhay was in no mood to handle mood swings of neha as they are the most dangerous thing on the earth according to him.

Kunwar house

Raj singh kunwar: (angrily) no abhi you bught that car 1 week earlier and now u want new car

Abhi: but dad somebody spoiled my car.

r.s- shut up your crap. Look at ur big bro, he is handling family business and college at the same time and u r busy in spending money.

Kabeer: dad its okay. He is child only. Abhi here you go. Go and get yourself a new car.

Abhi: thanx bro u r savior

Then abhi leaves murmuring to himself " I know who did this and I swear I m not goin to leave that bitch"

R.S.- kabeer u r spoiling him. He should know his responsibility and family history and you are keeping him away from truth. How long you can hide secrets

Kabeer- dad I knw m nt doin right thing. Bt I don't want to suffer him that pain so early. I want him to enjoy his life and my life also that I missed.

R.S.- I hope you know what are you doing?

Kabeer- ya dad I know. Okay dad tell me is something big goin to happen wid dat garbage clan cz I saw dat witchy in d college all of sudden. She was about to come after 15 days.

R.S.- I dint know about that bt u keep eye on her. She is important for us.

Kabeer- right dad

Dehradoon roads

Pia is walking alone om the roads while thinking og abhay whole way. When she was busy wid her thoughts wid abhay she feels like someone is following her, then she looks back and there was no one.  Then she starts walking quickly and listens the rustlingof leaves due to domebody's foot steps. Out of fear she starts running and den she reaches the misha house.

Misha house

Nats sees pia coming and she notices dat she is in bad state due to running

Nats: what happened princess? Why are you so scared  and why are you running

Pia; ma'.maass'''massii'.. someone is dere(says wid her up-down breath due to running)

Den nats looks at the road

Nats: pia come wid me in my study room(pia follows her) give me your hand(nats sees the ring in pia's hands and gets shocked) who gave dis to u?

Pia(nervously) my frnd gave dis to me

Nats: its good I was about to give you such type of ring to u. and somebody has given a better ring to you. Rather I should have given ring to u tomorrow only. And dis is due to dis ring only someone is stalking u bt not harming you. I know u hav many questions but this is not right tym to ans all questions. And I wouls like to meet friend of yours who gave dis ring to you.

Pia: bt massi what is happening around me

Nats: I told u dis is not right time

This was the first time her massi speaks so ru dely to her. Then pia leaves d study. Suddenly her phone rings and its abhay who is calling her. She was pissed off so she doesn't picks up the phone. Her phone keeps on ringing. Aftr some time whn she calms down, then she looks at phone and it is arnab's call. Suddenly dere is lil smile on her face.

Pia: hello papa. Hws u?

Arnab: (angrily) I am calling you from last 5 mins . where are you?

Pia: am at misha's house.

Arnab: how many tomes I hav to tell you that you should not visit them so often.

Then pia looses her temper and cuts down the phone and turns it off. After thinking for 2 mins. She run towards the lake

Kunwar house

Abhi in his room calls a friend "dude I need ur help to show someone what is d rslt of messing up wid abhi"

In jungle

Abhay to himself "why is she not picking up the phone? Why she ran away from the college? Why am feeling so sad? Is she okay?" aftr last question in his mind abhay gets restless and he starts running towards that direction to which his dead heart is pointing out.


Pia was crying and feeling lonely. It was one of the worst day of her. Her massi spoke rudely wid her. Somebody is stalking her.arnab called up to say stay away from mish. And most importantly she was feeling bad for abhay

Den she listens someone's footsteps

Pia- mish why cant u leave me alone whn I m sad

A manly voice" so whn u r sad you come here. By d way nice place to share your sadness"



Abhay and pia hav some nice moments at lake

Abhi plays pranks wid misha which backfires to him

Neha is shocked to see pia at college 

p.s- if u like my work den press like button and if u dont like den feel free to tell me my faults by leaving comments..... and if u like den too leave ur comments. waiting 4 ur response

guys i know today dere was lil of misha bt it ws necessary 4 storyline, i promise in next update u will get misha and her fun

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by usha786

very nice keep it up.

thanx alot 4 likin itSmile
RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
hei sanjana,
couldn't leave comments earlier..really it was a wonderful update..oh god..misha did that sort of writing in abhi's car..waiting for his from abhay saying kabeer as dog i feel that he is a wererwolf..n without much hesitation abhay said pia to keep distance with kabeer in a genuine manner..really i love this abhay a pia jealous of neha..but abhay didnt run after her immediately even though he wished to..however he catched up with her at the right timeSmile..loved do v get more abhiya moments in the next update?Embarrassed
Embarrassed..hei pia's maasi is does she knows stuff abt supernaturals?..seeing the ring she said it will protect her..but y did she behave rudely..she knows pia always feel lonely na?she should have said that calmly..won't pia listen to that..continue soon..

Edited by RB81 - 25 March 2011 at 2:00am

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