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ff: love can change ur world(chapter- 14) (Page 17)

..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
nice track please write nxt update soon

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MyArchangel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Awesum sanjna..loved it..spcly misha and her mom was 2 hillarious..awwww Abhay again saved pia gr8..waiting 4 d nxt update..

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
as expected mish madam in the princi's office, uff uff, this girlLOL
and to add up to tht, she has the himmat to fight with the princi??LOL
aww, pia right into abahys arm, and mr. rudeness ki dukaan, bck on his duty.. kyun bechaari ko chedta rehta hai?
lmao- she tells pia to chill and calls her mom part2LOL and reminds her tht it is no kargil warLOL
awwie, my sonu is here.. natasha, lol, as young as her name isLOL
love the bonding between pia naut and mishEmbarrassed
love sonu.. she calls arnab karrela?ROFL
and btw wht prophecy r chaandeena talking about?Confused
precap is amazing, continue soonTongue

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kaushiki9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanjna4

Originally posted by kaushiki9

ClapClapClap loved it...
thanxxxxxx 4 update
update it soon dear........ Big smile

thanx alot kaushaki
nd ya 4 sure i will ypdate soon
nd dis is 4 uHug

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mansim Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
very nice updateClap
misha is just wowLOL
it was good  that the princi did not meet misha's mom LOL otherwise  it would be princi's last day in  college LOL
good there is some prophecyShocked waiting to hear itWink
thanks for the pmWink
please update soonSmile
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged

Chapter 4

Pia was feeling so happy in her mind cz today she saw her mother who was wishing her on 18 bday and who was calling her. Den abhay  tries to wake up pia and tries to read her emotions. Abhay is shocked to see dark magic shield around pia which can be clearly seen in dis moonlight with his vampire eyes. Aftr dat without wasting any time further he tries to wakes up pia. Den pia feels like somebody is calling her back from the grounds of death.

Abhay; come back pia, dnt listen to anybody' plz come back' dnt go dere' plz come back' I will not happen this to you. (he is scared of loosing pia)

Aftr dat abhay slaps hard to pia to bring her back from fake dream world. And with a jerk pia comes out of it to find dat she is in d arms of abhay dat too in midnight and she is drenched with lots of sweats, her heartbeat is irregular'. And aftr watching abhay's worried face she misses a breathe of her

Abhay; pia come out of ur dreams. Wake up. Plz

Pia looks her a round and where is she. She is confused. Then abhay is relieved to see her back and den he helps her and makes her sit on rock and after 2 mins silence

Pia: why did u wake me up? It ws my mom who ws calling me. Who was wishing me on my bday

Abhay: (tries to calm her by patting on her back) pia go and grab some senses. I know u r still in shock. U were walking in sleep and u were about to jump d cliff

Den pia looks at d cliff and gets scared, and immediately abhay calms her down by sayin "dnt worry u r safe now and m with u so nothing is goin to happen"

Pia- bt I nvr walks in sleep. This is frst tym. (and dhe feels embarrassed and  guilty)

Abhay is feeling each and evry emotion of pia. And he knows what she needs now.

Abhay- everything  happens  for the frst tym. And may be u r stressed out.

Den to find out who did dis magic on pia. Abhay tries to use his power. He holds pia's hand and goes into her mind. He sees loneliness and stress cz his father has not called her on her bday. Pia is still shaking cz she has not recovered herself from shock. Bt abhay's hand on her hand is givin her feeling f secutity and helping her out to come out of sock. In  pia's mind abhay is not able to bear so much stress and loneliness. He cant see pia in so much pain. So without finding out who did dis magic on her he leaves her mind.

Abhay; hw are you feeling now? Do u need anything? U wait I will bring some water for you. (he says this soothingly)

Abhay gets up to bring water for piya. Bt piya out of fear of leaving abhay grabs his arm. D sudden touch from piya sends light bolts to abhay's body.

Pia; don't leave me. U just stay here and I will be fine (she says dis wid her uneven breath)

Den abhay sits down with her and starts patting her back to calm down her.

Abhay: are u k now?

Pia: much better.  Bt u dnt leave me here alone. What were u doing here at midnight?

Abhay; k m nt leaving u alone. (He doesn't wanted to tell lie to her) I hav habit to roam in jungle at night.  And today u left college so early.

Pia: ya vo massi came to pick me from my college for my bday

On bday she gets tensed and rmbrs dat till now arnab has not called her. Abhay see d sudden change in face expression and he knows d reason about it and he decides to cheer her up.

Abhay: so today u hav bday

Pia: no it was

Abhay: madam we still hav 15 mins to go and how abt celebrating these 15 mins wid me

Pia blushes and gives a nod in positive

Abhay: okay den lets go

Pia: where? (it was so strange for pia she meets a stranger who saves her life twice and without thinking anything she agrees to go out with him.)

Abhay senses dis and say "I guess u can trust me as I have saved ur life 2 times".

Pia looks at d ground and stands up to go wid abhay helps her to stand. Den abhay and pia walks her walks for 5 mins in jungle and in between dat abhay keeps askin her about her likings and disliking. Pia feels good coz it was for frst tym dat someone was asking about her liking and taking care her for life. For the frst tym she felt like she has some meaning her life.

Aftr 5 mins walking abhay speaks up" so this is my fav place, I jst hopes u like it". (he says dis pointing out at a waterfall)

Pia sees that place with surprise. As it was most beautiful place she has ever seen. A chilled breeze was blewing leaving anice floral scent all around. It was like some place dat a girl sees in her dream.

While pia was looking at the place, abhay was lookin at her and to him she seemed like angel who has jst landed to earth for him. And pia's eyes were filled with joy.

Abhay: do u like this place?

Pia: (in very joyous mood) are you crazy I like it, I jst love dis place. I am leaving in dehradoon since I was born bt I hav nvr seen dis place. This is so cool and calm. This is the best bday gift of my life dat I hav evr seen in my life.

Abhay softly chuckles and both of them sit dere.

Abhay: I guess if ur family finds out dat u r missing den dey will get worried 4 u.

Pia; oh no if misha finds out dat m not dere den she will ask uncountable ques ? (Piya gets worried)

Abhay: don't worry I will drop you at your place, my car is just there.

Abhay drops pia at her place. When pia gets out of car den abhay calls her,"pia I want u to hav dis" (he takes out a ring from his pocket) "wear dis it will help u in keeping stress away"

Pia: dats so sweet of u abhay bt really I don't need this

Abhay:  plz keep this with you and it is jst a gift from side on ur bday and I don't hav anything else to give u"

Pia feels good dat some1 is caring 4 her so much. Pia takes d ring hesitantly which seems to be quiet antique and is of metallic color and has blue colored stone embeded in it. the ring was very pretty. She immediately wears it. and fits to her perfectly as if ring was made 4 piya only.

Pia: thanx a lot abhay dis is very nice ring and thanx 4 saving my life and thanx 4 showing me that place and thanx 4 making my bday most rememberable one(she blurts all this in excitement)

Abhay: calm down.  how many times u will say thanx to me?  and I guess now u shud leave

Pia: ya I also thinks so''. Bye see you tmrw in d college

Abhay: byeee (wid lil pain in his tone)

Den pia reaches to d gate while looking at him continuously. Then she runs to abhay and hug him. Then both of them feels dat dey hav got something. Pia feels complete. While abhay feels dat his heart again has started beating again. Then shyly pia parts herself from abhay and without saying anything she runs to misha's house wid lil pain in her eyes coz she was parting herself from him.

Den while returning to raichand mansion abhay was thinking about pia only. Den suddenly he stops d carand says to himself" how can u think about her like this she is still a innocent human" and den he drives fastly to his house".

Raichand mansion

Chaand and hssena were waiting for abhay. Den abhay enters.

Haseena: where were you.(then she smells) I can smell a girl's perfume

Abhay: actually a girl was in prolem so I helped her out. K goodnite mom. See you in d morning

Abhay leaves d hall and goes towards d room. Haseena goes towards chaand

Haseena: I hav nvr seen abhay so happy

Chaand: I knw haseena, it is jst d starting towards prophecy

Haseena: I want abhay to be happy and for that I can pay any cost

Chaand: hasseena you r getting emotional. I guess we shud call neha now.

Haseena: ya we shud call her. Now she can do something as this prophecy was done by her only

Mout college(next day)

Misha: hey miss dreamy m feeling hungry?

Pia: abhi toh tum ghar pr 2 burger or coke lekr aa rahi hoon

Misha:hey record maintainer, I don't maintain any records. I am hungry

Pia: okay you go to canteen, am comin after 5 mins as I hav to go to library

Misha: k padhakoo

Misha goes to canteen and at the counter she orders 2 burgers, 1 sandwitch and 1 coke. She was carrying  all this stuff and her food tray was filled with excessive food stuff and den suddenly she collides wid a boy

Misha: cant you see? U dumbo, see what you hav done shit now what I do my all clothes are filled wid food stuff(she says all this looking at herself)

Den she sees d face of a person to whom she has collided, ita none other than abhi

Abhi and misha together- you!!!!!!!!!!

Misha- mow m goin to leave you

Abhi- shut up you idiot and foolish girl

Misha-you shut up crazy dog

After dat both of them starts throwing food stuff dat was available in d canteen each other. Sometimes there target on each other hits and sometimes it misses. Whole canteen is shattered by both of them.

Mount college ccorridoor

A boy enters in the college by wearing a sky blue colored blue t and dark blue jeans. He reoves his shades and den he is playing with basket ball while walking in corridor. Every girl looks at him and every girl is gaga on this hot chunk. He is kabeet singh kunvar.


In the canteen misha and abhi are still fighting and throwing all d stuff on each other like wild animals. Den kabeer and piya enters d canteen and piya grabs misha to stop her and kabeer on the other hand grabs abhi

Kabeer: stop this nuisance and contrl yourself

Pia: misha calm down yourself

Misha: no pia am not goin to leave dis moron, I will show him that I m misha khanna

Abhi: bhai leave me today m nt goin to leave dis drumhead

Canteen owner: what u people hav done this now who will pay

Misha: this idiot is goin to pay cz he started

Abhi: no she will pay she started

Miha: no you

Abhi : no you' its k I believe in charity I will pay

Misha: bt I don't take charity so I will not pay

Den with force they loosens themselves by kabir and pia and again starts throwing things. Den kabeer and pia agn try to capture them and they succeed in it. canteen owner doesn't dare to demand again. And then with lots of angry looks misha and abhi goes in different  directions

Den kabeer and pia both together to canteen: kitna damage hua bhaiya?

To which both of them laughs together

Pia: I guess we shud nt start fight over dis we will pay half half

Kabeer: (laughs) ya right. By d way he was my small brother and I m kabeer. Hi

Pia- (smiles) hi. She was my cousin and I am pia

Abhay sees pia talking to kabeer whn he enters in d canteen. He feels like someone has stabbed something very hard in his heart


Pia sees abhay with neha and gets jealous and kunvar family revealed.

p.s- if u like my work den press like button and if u dont like den feel free to tell me my faults by leaving comments..... and if u like den too leave ur comments. waiting 4 ur response

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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hei sanjana,
superb update..u let abhay know tat it was pia's b'day n they celebrated it even if its for 15 min..loved it..Hugfor that..n waterfall in mid of the forest..super cooooooool.......
pia's hug to abhay..lovely very lovely...HugHugHugfor that..nice gesture..
n abhay's gift to pia the ring..lovely..will it protect her the dark magic she is bound to?

misha is eating too much..lolz...where does all those she eats go?
can v call
abhi-misha as abhisha instead of abhay-misha's child tat v came across in member vs member game?LOL
really both r getting on each other's nerves whenever they meet..just its their 2nd meeting..they spoiled all the food items in the canteen..irresponsible kids..busy with their fighting..

finally abhay is jealous seeing pia with kabeer n pia is jealous seeing abhay with neha..

ok will they confess their feelings for each other anytime soon?if not a love story immediately between them i wish they dont have any misunderstandings just by hiding their feelings for each other..continue soon..

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Wowow, double dhamaaka. You and Trish update together. Shocked Not that I mind. Big smile 

I liked the AP part. They are really adorable here. Embarrassed Aw, a waterfall. I can so imagine AP at a waterfall, thanks to the jungle scenes in PKYEK. LOL And a ring, nice. Some secret, haan. Embarrassed

ROFLROFL Misha and Abhi reminded me of DMG old gang days when they used to throw stuff at each other in the canteen. I don't know what I should've thought, but, yeah, DMG was all I could think of. :P Yay, Kabir. Dancing I love this FF mooore now. :D Don't make him -ive, though. Unhappy

Neha ..Nice, looking forward. Continue SOOOOOOON. Big smile

Edited by _Akanksha_ - 22 March 2011 at 11:40am

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