Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Welcome back,'Mohabbatians', to show 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;
However, not to forget few rules.
1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
6. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for KMH forum" 
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.
Before we start with the analysis & discussions, here are few important links to share..

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Lets bring them to the top in IF rankings by joining & getting more ppl to join their fan clubs & writing in their fan clubs twice(max allowed) every day.. links below..

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the top in i-f rankings, have a look at this..Action To Increase Chaska Meter n TRP to previous thread:

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 ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap for arohi's neutral stance!!
she very nearly missed being run over by a hummer Evil Smile

aaj mein tumse sach bulva ke rahunga arohi
aaj mein tumse sach chupana chahti hun arjun

aaj ki raat hai sabse khaas,
kitne dinon se dil tha udaas
ab badlega rishton me bahaav
kadi dhoop me aaj milegi chaanv
waqt nahi aaj koi tarkeeb ki
aayi jab manzil itne kareeb thi
dil se dil ki baatein hogi
pyar bhari saugatein hongi
zidd ho ya ghuroor yeh tera
har nakhra aaj namanzoor hoga tera
padh chuka hun mein tere dil ko
aaj hal kardunga tere har mushkil ko
dikhaye meine kayi ishaare gehri
kehne ki baari hai ab teri
naumeed na kar tu aaj mujhe
kehde, Arjun tujhse hai mohabbat mujhe

aaj ki raat hai sabse khaas
bechain kare dil ko mere piya milan ki aas
jaanti hun mein, ki kya hai dil me mere
samajhti hun mein, khwaish jo hai dil me tere
kehne ki bechaini hai, sunne ki chahat hai
diwangi hai hawaon me, khushiyon ki aaj aahat hai
taras rahe hain hum, jin lafzon ko kehne ki
unpar aaj ka haq nahi
dilon ke beech pyar ke iss bandhan pe
waqt ka hukum ab tak nahi
khabar hai hume mausam ke badlaav ki 
par anjaan banna padega mujhe
ehsaas hai hume ghat te hue faanslo ki
par duriyan badhana padega mujhe 
jin jasbaaton ko meri rooh me basa chuki hun mein
unko dil se hoton tak ka raasta nahi
aaj mere sabr ka imtehaan hai
meri aankhon ka meri baaton se koi vaasta nahi
padh sako toh padh lo tum, 
jo mein na keh saki, voh kehdo tum
yun mere dil ko tatola na karo,
iss baandh ko tutne par majboor na karo

tham gaya tha mein, un do dilon pe nazar thi meri
kya khara utar payenge, kadi kasauti hai meri
milna bichadna sab kismat ka likkha
haathon me inke kuch nahi, bas nazron ka hai dhoka
karle jitne chahe jatan, 
behkar rahenge woh aansun aaj,
aansun nahi, ehsaas hai joh
keh nahi sakte tum woh baatein aaj

I loved Arjun's confidence today. He lived up to my expectations. or rather Kuki's faith.Wink. He came in with a goal - get Arohi to accept the truth that her eyes had been screaming at him for days now!! He knew her nature of being childish and spiteful. He knew she had lied to him about Dhondu because he himself had give her the opening by lying about LKL. Her actions were louder than her words and he will make her say them out loud. 

His open direct confrontation made her uncomfortable because it was challenging her self-restraint. She was no more in denial. She had gotten the message loud and clear.. love had fought to the surface once more! But .. there was a but.. she din't want to accept it! Initially, atleast initially it wasn't because of Dhondu.. then when she thought she couldn't hold it any longer.. she brought up Dhondu as a reason to hide behind.. but Arjun broke that wall as well.. he bluntly said it "kyunki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho"Clap.. 
what was wrong with this guy!!!Shocked.. suddenly he was mirroring her heart.. he was saying everything that was in her heart.. the destiny factor, the memories, and now he finally also explained her stance - "tum hamesha se hi aisi ho na, proud, ziddi, egoistic?", and now she didn't want to continue this convo - she hated his guts and so she started ranting.. LOL
but Arjun put a stop to that as well.. their lips sealing the story that destiny had started.. "I love you Arohi", The emotions that coursed through her veins now.. how could she deny him that feeling in return?Cry But she had to!! Her expressions said it all. 
The pain that shot through her eyes - and Arjun for the first time this evening felt wrong-footed.. He had expected her to rant nonstop or even shout at him, rage at him but what he hadn't expected was for her to restrain herself to this extent? Was this still pride talking? He increased the pressure - "mein laut ke nahi aaonga".. still silence.Shocked. what could she say? he left and she was left with hating herself for hurting him!

I luved the BG score here.. although it was completely sung in male voice.. i think it splits like this:
Arohi:    khayalon me laakhon baatein yun toh keh gaya 
              bola kuch na tere saamne
Arjun:    hue na begaane bhi tum hoke aur ke
              dekho na tum mere hi bane
Both:     afsos hota hai, dil bhi yeh rota hai
              sapne sanjota hai, badla hua soche yeh
Arjun:    hum the mile unse na jaane kyon
              meelon ke hai faansle, tumse na jaane kyon

The last part - Arohi trying to talk to Arjun and Arjun giving her the cold shoulder for her pronounced silence. The breaking of the glass symbolizing the heart break caused by Arohi, she trying to pickup the broken pieces, hurting herself in turn.. Arjun looking beyond his pain once more to care for her bleeding hand.. I wish she hadn't said "Thank You Arjun" for the look he gave her plainly said it - Shockedyou can say thank you for this small gesture of mine, but you cannot reveal the truth that is bursting from your eyes, even after I took such a big initiative.. Ouch"rakkho apna thank you apne paas!!"Angry

Beautiful episode, heart-wrenching performances from Karan n Kritz!! Star
p.s. i knew when i saw the episode start with Raj n Daddi that its gonna rock!! The sight of them makes the episode so much better Hug
edit: me not saying anything to the CVs or the technical team.. too intoxicated n retoxicated by today's show.. as u can see.. came of a bit dramatic there.. abhi bas detox karna rehgaya hai.. more coffee for me LOL

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Truly the MOST romantic, most powerful, and THE most Amaising episode of BOTH seasons was just Breath taking and Mindblowing to say the least!
THE KISS - EVENT of the century was so unexpected that i think EVERY ONE had a hearattack! .
And they say there's nothing romantic about the atmosphere there...Agar shooting ka enviorenment is not romantic and they can burn the room, i can only imagine how it would be if they were along in that room shooting...
Everythng Arjun said to Arohi was JUST what was expected of him to say! The way he poured his heart out, the way he made her realise her feelings..oh boy! I think i fall in love with him more and more veryday! How intense can this get...
Arohi's realisation, the way she was crying, looking after him was so touching and the Bg i'm definietly WAY over heads over heals for KMH/Arjuhi...

I really don't know what to say to Arohi.. when somebody says, k 'main wapis nahi ayonga'to you run after that person especially when he's your life and long are you going to protect that dumb head...Please for God's sake, that guy doens't care a bit aboutyour life, and you're hurting Arjun and yourself JUST CUZ OF HIM...OH GOD...i'm LIVID right now..can't even explain...but u know wot..i feel her pain too..i can see how difficult it was for her to control her feelings...and i LOVED HER for NOT saying I Love Dhondu..! I loved her for that..if she dint sy i love you Arjun, she dint say anythng else either..

I loved the way Arjun said, stupid ziddi larki..main bhi nahi bolonga...the expressions on both of their faces were just so right! .... God i loved everything about today's episode to bits..i dont know wot to write....
i think i'll just mind is in a flurry right now, and to top it off, when i was watching that scene i got a reply from karan and msg popped up on my phone..LOLz..imagine the extent to my hearattack! and whatever i was feelign i wrote to him..ROFl...
But man these two are the MOST hottest thing on this planet...!

Forgive me if my writeup is all over the place, cuz dats EXACTLY how my thoughts are right now, heart raching at a speed of 1000 horses and thoughts to match!

Karan and Kritika - i stand up and take a bow to you guys again today! Rocked the screen today again, apart from putting it on fire!

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Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta

hello everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yes I am back with another note LOL
okay so all of u guys i am very disappointed Cry none of u sent anything for the 100th epi celebration Angry i only got 1 VM and tehreem got few votes. 

we have decided that we will be extending this to 100th ML celebration. I have lost count once again on how many we've reached, but there is alot more time for all of u. Tomorrow for the 100th epi I will be opening the thread with a little surprise Wink so keep waiting Embarrassed

and i have copy pasted from before, but there are more additions Big smile

alright so as far as the awards goes, here's the list:

So for the celebration we are conducting  an award function and some other things so that you guys can participate and show your love towards ML and KMH ( it doesnt mean other people dont love it i know they can express much better in words )
For award function we have some nominations what you guys have to do is nominate ML members for every category BUT BUT we have some rules defined for it
1) You can nominate the same person for different categories only two times that means a certain person can be nominated for one and then the other thats it not more than that.
2)If you think two members deserve the same award then write both their names both not more than two.
3)These awards are just for fun and celebrations DONOT i say DONOT take them personally and nominate people randomly not by their specific quality or something =)
So the nominations are as follows
1) Best spammer of ML
2) Best writer of ML
3) Best entertainer of ML
4) Ghajini of ML
5) Miss absent of ML
6) Lady gaga of ML
7) Bittoo sharma of ML
8) Raj of ML
9) Don of ML
10) Teacher of ML
11) Arjun of ML
12) Arohi of ML
13) Gauri of ML
14) Most boring person of ML
15) Shyest on ML
16) Dadu of ML
17) DJ of ML
18) Rashi of ML
19) Shefali of ML
20) Rudra of ML
21) Kumud of ML
22) Biggest fan
of ML Tongue
23) miss/mr drama queen of ML
24) Karan of ML
25) Kritika of ML
Now after voting you guys have to pm all the nominations to  -tehreem-  and the subject must be Nominations for ML award function or just Nominations LOL
DEADLINE IS 3 DAYS BEFORE 100TH ML. yes i don't know the date, but we all will let you all know Embarrassed


Do vote guys its a kind request though i can order also but i chose to remain polite LOL

and the next is:

Alrightttt so the next thing we have is VM/Siggie/Avi Contest Thumbs UpThumbs Up *yes i want u to copy that emoticon* so all you creative people, get your minds working and software's rolling because you have to make some amazing VMs/Siggies/Avi!!! Dancing I know everyone is excited about this...because I am excited to watch all of them Approve 
PM me with the subject as "VM/Siggie/Avi Contest" and hmm the deadline is 3 days before the 100th ML Big smile

Maximum siggies/Avi's allowed: 3
Maximum VMs allowed: 2 

soooo content is basically, 100th ML celebration VM/Siggie/Avi PartyDancing


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Arifa come out of dreamland take likhna hai...come on sabko batana hai is episode se tumhe kitni mohabbat hai...Arifa comes out of dream land all smiley and happy...dancing with happiness...kitani mohabbat hai back with a bang bye bye tom and jerry...its party time mohabbatians

Aaahhhhh the episode has left me speechless so shielding myself with beautiful it was....feeling like watever i write wont be able to do justice to it...i wanna write each and every dialogue and expression down thank the cast and crew for the awesome epi without the bloopers and get it done with...but cant resist myself from writing about it so bear with my incoherent thoughts for a while...

Arjun ki mohabbat uski baton mein thi toh arohi ki mohabbat uske khamosh ansuon mein thi...kuch bhi kar lena mohabbatiens par yeh mat puchna ki kiski mohabbat zyada thi...kyunki aaj bhale hi dono ka mohabbat jatane ka tareeka ikdum opposite raha ho par aag dono taraf barabar ki lagi thi...pyaar dono taraf se barabar tha...

Episode starts with chota packet bada dhamaka...arrey wah shuru mein hi my two super stars dadi and raj together...dekha that itself was a hint that the epi was goanna be awesome...I love the scenes with arohi-raj/arjun-raj/arjuhi-raj in em...well they make such a perfect family after all...they coldnt have chosen a better kid..sami is too adorable his chemistry with karanika and dialogue delivery is the kid...loved how arohi was nervous and didnt know what to she was selecting dresses and after this much selection she selects that black dress...yes black suits on kritz di, yes she is gorgeous in whatever she wears...but i super hated this was still better when she was standing still but the dress looked horrible to me when she was moving around like she had wrapped a clothe around her us dress ki design aisi thi k when she was walking she looked fat...maybe its just me....but please atleast leads ki styling par toh dhyaan diya karo logo....they are the style icons to so many after all...sab kuch yaad dilana padhta hai in logo ko kabhi kabhiD'oh...

Super cute it was the way arohi said mujhe aisa lag raha hai ke yeh raat mere zindagi ki sabse khubsurat raat hone wali hai...and arjun said the same to jai as well...and i was like arjun arohi aisa bhi kya hone wala hai aaj raat ke this will be so special...Blushing

Karan and shardul were really good in the phone conversation...i really like shardul's actin hes really cute...karans expressions and dialogue delivery was adorable here...loved the way karan was jumping from here to there...shayad special raat ki excitement mein khudko control nahi kar paa raha tha arjunROFLthe dialogues were really well written..."aaj no strategy no rules sirf mein" and the bg was very apt as well...jai beta ab arjun khudka love guru hai and he can handle his bad wifey by himself he doesnt need u're advice...and i adore that...i was like go arjun go...btw karan looked hawwt in black....
**arifa controls her besharmi so that she can get back to writing take**

So arjun enters the room where arohi is standing in one corner lost in thoughts...Okay now arifa is confused...singus ke ghar mein date????Questionkiyunnnnnnnnnnn????????? [kajol ishtyle] i mean it was a dinner date na...i was expecting a cute restaurant, candle light dinner but yeh kya...yeh singhus ke ghar mein bed date Shockedyeh kiska room hai and kaha ka room hai??at first glance i was like yeh dono date ke liye hotel ke restaurant ki jagah direct hotel ke suite mein chale gaye kya ShockedShocked seems more of a part of jai's home than singu mansion...and yeh candles and everything humesha hote hai yaha??Its only when arjun told arohi yeh tumhara hi toh ghar hai that i realised that they are in singu mansion only....

So most of u know my obsession with the superb dialogue to appreciate their work lemme write up a few of the golden dialogues of todays hereStar...

"Meine dad se keh diya hai ke mein aaj ke baad aisa koi kaam nahi karoonga jisse meri jaan ko koi khatra ho...mene dad se keh diya hai ke mujhe marne se dar lagta hai...janti ho mene dad se aisa kyun kaha ke mujhe marne se dar lag raha hai?mein aisa kuch nahi karna chahta jisse mein tumse dur ho jaun...kyunki jo kuch bhi ho jaye mein tumse dur nahi hona chahta"

"Tumhe pata hai arohi par tum chahti ho ke mein kahu...i dont believe it kya tumhe kabhi ehsaas nahi hua ke jab hum ek saath hote hai toh ik alag si feeling hoti hai sparks fly arohi and you know that"

"Jhut tum na toh yaha raj ke liye aur na hi dadi ke liye...infact tum yaha mere liye bhi nahi ho...tum yaha apne liye ho...kyunki tum mujhse dur nahi reh sakti..hum dono alag zaroor hai ik dusre se nafrat karte hai par aisa kuch zaroor hai jo humein ik dusre ki aur kheechta hai **its called love u idiots...when will u realise** tum is ghar se nahi jana chahti kyunki tum mujhse dur nahi ja sakti"

"Hai arohi lekin tum accept nahi karna chahti ho...sach se muh modna chahti ho tum...Kuch kehne ki zarurat nahi hai...mujhe pata hai ke tum dhondu se pyaar nahi karti kyunki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho"

"Sach keh raha hun...aisa sach jise kehne ki zaroorat nahi padti...its destiny"

I loved how arjun shared his feelings and emotions with arohi, i loved how finally he could see past his jealousy and understand the love in her heart...kmh truely is the definition of love...and today it thought us that love is based on understanding and the way arjun understood arohi was beautiful the way he trusted her was splendid...

I loved how he went up to her...told her about destiny and made her look back on the beautiful times...i loved the fact that cv's chose all the moments form jungle track and the kiss in jais party and left all the memories during their nafrat phase...for me this signifies that those days are negligible for arjuhi now and they dont matter...good selection cv's...The expressions in their eyes were was love and nothing else and then chatar patar express starts talking again...

And now comes the bumper offer...the heart of the epi...the mohabbat of todays kitani mohabbat hai...presenting to all mohabbatiens...on the first date of arjun and arohi their first ever kiss and finally all their sweet memories get sealed in their hearts forever with this kiss...

I wont say anything to praise it cause for me it was too pure,romantic and beutiful for words...i loved how arjun said tumhe chup karane ka ik hi tareeka hai and then kissed her...and then he looked her
in the eye for the first time said i love u...and for that moment arohi in her happiness forgot kabootar number 2 and stammered i love....and then that idiot came back to her and she refrained from completing her sentence...kritz di was amazing here...

So here ends arjun ki tareef and begins arohi ka vadh due to arifa ka anger...okay arohi tum katar mein ho..lemme take kabootar no. 2 ki class first...besharm kabootar epi mein nahi hoke bhi romance ke beech mein haddi ban gaya iska toh kuch karna hi padega...

Ok this should keep him outta our way for a while...

Now coming back to miss arohi ulluwalia...this girl irritated the hell outta me till i saw the last part...i was so damn angry with her...i was goanna kill her quite virtually if even i had heard d of dhonds after that i love ..i was like this
bas jannat ki hummer nikalne ki der gud call arohi that u dint say it...But what was with this girl...she was acting like such a was damn frustrating to watch...humesha arjun hi kyun shuruwat kare??and when arjun was leaving i got so angry at her for hurting him and not stopping him...this was what i was planning to do to her What can u do with this girl??iske dost kitne bhi bade namune kyun na ho ranging from gauri to dhondu she can do anything for em...but then again i saw the tears in her eyes..and then she broke down saying"i love u arjun...itna pyaar jitna mene kiseese nahi kiya...bas 6 din ruk jao arjun..sirf 6 din"n i felt bad for her...arjun started giving her the cold sholder and i was like go arjun go i wanted him to be strong and give her the silent treatment form so long was fed up of the tom and jerry story had to move on...still i was too angry on her for hurting him...when she hurt her hand for the first time i was like u deserve it...i thought arjun would go running to her...but then again he showed his calm and composed don side...he did first aid for her...then she purposely hurt her hand for the second tym and i was lyk awwwwwww......i loved that scene even more than the kiss was adorable to the power infinity.....bestest scene ever.....arohi was scared i m goanna hurt her really bad so she did it herselfROFL....good job girl it worked she pacified me and i m loving her again....super amazing epi...and by the end of it i m back from kill arohi  TO LOVING AROHI  MODE...gosh how can u hate this dumb stupid silly girl...i hate her because i love her....super awesome epi fullon filled with emotions finally...the spoken dialogues were amazing the unspoken ones were even better...cause when love is so strong it isnt dependant on words...their eyes,their body language their actions expressed it all...and the last part was just tooooooo amazing...loved it to the core...without any words both could sense each others pain....and we could sense their love...aisehi episodes ko dekhk toh hum puchte reh jate hai k hayeeeeee "kitani mohabbat hai"...

And ya tu jane na was perfect for the situation today...milke bhi hum na mile tum se najane kyun...milo ke hai fasle tumse najane kyun...goshhhhhh m super loving this ong...its back in the list of my top seems even more magical since picturised on arjuhi...

Now this epi should have been 100th epi...its splendid but better late than never...super duper aur usse bhi upar like...Some places it could have been better...but for the awesome script,execution and acting aaj cv's ko 7 khoon maaf ...This is for the cv's, kmh team and everyone responsible for the awesome epi of today 17th march will surely be remembered as one of the best epis of kmh...

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ok this was not as bad as i expected it to be !Tongue i was planning to skip the date but no i love Dhondu stuff here so epic win Thumbs Up

aaj mein apni dimaag ki nahi dil ki sununga .. both are so happy Smile

arjun says no to jays advice!Thumbs Up

arohis outfit kind not so good Confused

proud, egoistic, ziddi,  stupid Arohi ...LOL

mein bhi ziddi hun tumhe hi bolna padega LOLLOLLOL

but ye kya arjun is not so ziddi LOL LOL he confessed Embarrassed

arohi all blank confuse or whatever LOL
mein ghar ja rahi hun
ye tumhara ghar hi hai
LOLEmbarrassed and more bak bak

kissEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed heavenly
kaise btayein BG was perfect

and the arjuhi romance dose ... i dont think my words can express them Embarrassed

the last part was the best of best ... naraz arjun ignores arohi perfect .. but i felt bad for arohi ...Cry

epi was great
perfect 5 Star Star Star Star Star

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kya kahoon abhi thak aaj ke episode ka nasha nahin uthara.

aaj tho umeed se zyada mila whole episode arjuhi ka aur ko nahin disturb karne ke liye aur phone bhi nahin ring hua is se zyada kya maang sakte hum.kya kamaal ka perfomance diya karan & kritika ne aaj tho hum sab ke hosh uda diya .
khair aaj ke episode ka asli star tho arjun he usne tho aaj show chura liya sab kuch bol diya aur kiss vi kar di arohi ko  aur hume shock kar diya.lekin arohi kuch na boli.lekin  us ke aankhon ne sab kuch bol diya kitna dard dikta tha. lekin i love bol ke ruk gi sirf arjun ka naam lena baki tha.khair kam se kam dhondhu ka naam tho nahin liya.thank god for that.
aaj dona ka pyaar bhi  aur dard bhi saaf dikta tha lekin mujh se arjun ka dard bardaash nahin hota bechaare ko kabhi tho pyaar ke badle pyaar milna chaiye aaj tho usne apne dil ki baat bola ab arohi ke bari he kyon ke arjun ne tho bol diya ke me wapas nahin aounga (guys first time trying hind so forgive any mistakes). 
kam se kam arohi ko arjun se kuch waqt maang na chaiye tha 6 din ka sach bolne ke liye tho arjun dukhi tho na hota dil mein umeed jagti aur arohi ko bhi dard nahin hoti.
lekin aaj koi gila nahin aaj tho 10/10 karan & kritz ke liye aur cv,s ke liye everyone rocked and arjuhi ruled the whole episode.
ek request cv,s ke liye ab kuch karo ke arohi divorce papers withdraw kar le tho jab woh i love you arjun bole tho divorce ka problem na ho jaye pls is divorce ko raaste se hata dho.agar aisa kar do aap tho hum 6 din ke liye hum sabar kar sakte hai arohi ka i love you arjun sune ke liye pls itni si baat maan lo humari.
finally i appreciate channi_star and anjali to like my post but i would be gratefull if you read my post and like because if you are returning the favour then thanks but i only click  like to the posts i like after reading them so i want to say that your posts make me like them so pls you and anyone else click like if you like what i have written no returning favours cos i am not doing favours for anyone . you guys write so well and come up with great poetry which i wish my mind works like that but i am not as creative as you but hope i will learn reading from you lot.
thankyou. i hope i have not hurt anyones feelings pls forgive if i have cos i dont intend to hurt anyone.  

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Alright guys!! Kuki finally has revived herself a little bit to atleast write the take!! Sper super super loved the episode!! My favourite episode till date!! ClapClap Awesome.. awesome super awesome.. I don't have words to describe all the emotions showed during this episode!! It truly left me speechless.. Kudos to story & dialogue writers, CV's, more importantly Karan & Kritika for bringing life to their characters to the extreme with today's episode.. & to all of the KMH 2 team!! ClapClapClap

I'm more happy today for the fact that Arjun totally lived upto my expectations & faith that I had in him!! He did everything today that I predicted he would after yest's episode!! too good.. Love CV's for that & arjun for taking his 1st & the final initiative for his true LOVE!! Arohi also lived upto my expectations today.. I totally expected her not to reveal her love to Arjun but at the same time knew she wouldn't be able to break arjun by saying she loves dhondu!! well done girl.. she took a mid way for now.. happy that atleast she was sane enough not to close all the doors for her love to return back to her!! But still for me.. Arjun today took the cake right out of Arohi's mouth!! He shone like the brightest star in the sky which is recognizable with least difficult between sky full of million stars!! aww... I'm in love with this character!! Day Dreaming

I'm not gonna go into Raj-dadi scene today!! they were super cute as always.. gonna go right into arjuhi land!!

Aww... Arjun & Arohi both getting ready for the most important moment of their life.. which is gonna decide their fate of being together forever!! Loved Arohi's thoughts "tension to hogi na aaj ki raat meri life ki sabse important raat hai"Clap what was to be noted here is that at this point she doesn't remember dhondu at all.. she was all ready to speak her heart out which is why she felt it is most important moment of her life!! She was excited but nervous bcoz she didn't know what she was gonna do or say to Arjun!! Coming to Arjun.. he was really really excited bcoz he knew it as well that this is most important moment of his life which is gonna decide arjuhi's destiny & future!! What was more important to me was that Arjun today has complete confidence in his love.. he was very excited for his coming date with his wifey but was not at all nervous as oppose to arohi who was nervous bcoz Arjun today knew that he was not gonna step back & keep mum but is gonna do everything in his power to prove & reveal his love to Arohi.. also, he was equally confident that arohi loves him as well!! Loved his convo with Jay!! Clap "aaj koi plan nahin. koi strategy nahin, sirf mein.. aaj mein koi rules follow nahin karne wala, infact mein khud apne rules todne wala hoon.. aaj mein apne dimag ki nahin dil ki sununga"!! Arjun.. muaahh!! Hug love u for this!! Loved his determination & his undeniable faith that he has in his love & more importantly, in Arohi's love for him that he has been feeling & experiencing for the past few days by her gestures of saving him, caring for him & supporting him!! Clap

OK!! ready to drool.. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming *kuki gives herself a pat on head to bring her out of arjuhi land*.. ok ok!! coming back to the date scene!! Now I had decided not to go into technicalities & other imp stuff for todays epi.. but still can't resist & comment on Kritika's dress today!! Hell man.. super hated it.. may be it's just me but I didn't like the dress at all.. I loved black dresses a lotttttt!! but this particular styled dress looked tacky on kritzz.. she looked fat & really chubby!! hated it.. Stylists.. plsss take a little bit of effort in recognizing what suits Kritika!! I agree she looks good in everything but today just didn't click me at all!! but chodo.. anything maaf for today!! but next time.. don't compel me to..Evil Smile!!

Alright!! now.. enters our HERO quietly where his love is waiting impatiently.. lost in thoughts & nervous abut the coming moments.. while he enters all determined & ready for his love declaration.. & without gavaing any moment goes straight into his confession!! ClapClap & then there is no looking back untill he finishes it & make arohi confess too!! Clap too good dude!! Love this attitude.. Loved how he was still in his character.. true DON who never gives a chance to his enemy to escape his clutches.. gets straight what he wants without much drama!! here.. it was arohi, to whom today he never gave a chance to escape the boundaries of his love & compelled her to confess to atleast herself of her love with his charming & inescapable loving attitude!! Clap

"maine dad se keh diya hai ki aaj ke baad mein aisa koi kaam nahin karunga jisse meri jaan ko khatra ho.. mujhe marne se darr lagta hai.. kyunki mein aisa kuch nahin karna chahta jisse mein tumse durr ho jao.. kyunki jo kuch bhi ho jaye mein tum se durr nahin ho na chahta"
loved how he made sure to assure arohi 1st & foremost that his line of work from now on would not come between them.. indirectly, telling her that she is more important to him than his work or even his dad for whom he has done all the wrong things in life!! awesome arjun!! 1st step - successful bcoz Arohi's expression said.. she was so glad abut this & the happiness on her face confirmed that she got the point.. that she's most important to him in his life!! Clap

Till now, it was Arohi who was taking the initiative in showing her feelings but this time it was Arjun.. till now she wanted Arjun to confess his true feelings & did everything to make him reveal them.. so, there he was!! & now that he said it that she was the most important possession in his life.. he wanted a confirmation from her too!! today he was not gonna let her go away with her innocent, bubbly & chirpy way! he wanted to hear her thoughts on what he just said.. although he exactly knew what was going on in her mind!!

"I don't believe it.. kya tumhe kabhi ehsas nahin hota ki jab hum ek saath hote hai to ek alag si feeling hoti hai.. sparks fly Arohi!! & u know that!!" he knows abut her feelings but wants to hear it from her.. so, he brings out his Ace card now.. knowing Arohi won't be able to deny the truth behind his question!! "Hum itne dino se saath hai, ladte hai jhagadte hai, nafrat karte hai, lekin phir bhi tum yehin ho gayi nahin.. Clap aur na hi maine tumhe jaane ke liye kaha!! to phir tum yahan kyon ho jabki maine kabke divorce papers sign kar diye.. tum jab chahe ja sakti ho.. THEN WHY R U HERE??" awesome move Arjun!! he knew she would not have an answer to this question.. the only answer would be that she loves him & don't wanna leave him & go!! Arohi was nervous by his Q as arjun predicted & she stammered.. trying to lie to him.. by her dumb arguments yet innocent tactics.. of being there for Raj, dadi etc.. but her nervousness & stammering gave it up all to Arjun!! & there came his quick yet solid reply!! "JHOOTH!! na tum yahan dadi ke liye ho aur na Raj ke liye.. infact tum yahan mere liye bhi nahin ho" ouch!! that clicked her.. but Arjun was not gonna give up.. he held her tight letting her know that this time, I'm not gonna let u go off so easily using ur innocent argument.. "tum yahan apne liye ho.. tum mujhse durr nahin reh sakti.. hum dono alag zarur hai.. ek doosre se nafrat karte hai lekin aisa kuch zarur hai jo humein ek doosre ke taraf khichta hai.. tum iss ghar se durr nahin ja sakti kyunki TUM MUJHSE DURR NAHIN JA SAKTI" ClapClap arohi still trying to deny.. moves her gaze away from his eyes bcoz she very well knew she can't lie looking into his eyes.. still into a denial that she doesn't feeling anything like that!! but Arjun all determined here to prove she feels every bit of his presence.. when he's around her & even when he's not around her.. comes very close to her to prove his point!! Embarrassed Loved the BG score here.. the determined Arjun score.. which plays every time he's all set to achieve his goal!! Clap alright.. back to the scene.. arohi unable to take his closeness & in fear of losing herself to him.. moves away & denies strongly.. I DON'T LIKE U.. (arohi.. jhooth bole kauwa kaate Evil Smile.. aur aaj to arjun ne khud bhi black oehen rakha hai Wink) making arjun ask another imp Q.. "agar hamare beech aisa kuch nahin hai aur tum mujhe like nahin karti to tumne mujhe yahan kyon bulaya hai" Arohi.. kab tab bachogi arjun ke saawalon se.. u should know it by now that he's not letting it go.. baatein karne ke liye!! hay rabba!! kya karon mein iss ladki ka D'ohthik hai.. sada arjun bhi kum nahin.. asks her to shoot her talks!! LOL Arohi to gayi.. jhooth bhi kitana bole aur kitne bahane banaye.. bas she had all the bahanas over so.. she had to say.. hamare beech kuch nahin ho sakta!! ouch!! that did pinch arjun a little bit & could be seen in his eyes but he quickly revived himself back to his determine avatar & went. "hai arohi lekin tum accept nahin karna chahti" arohi trying to escape his talks.. brings in dhondu.. but she didn't know that Arjun has already seen the love in her eyes during the past few days making him leave behind all the jealousy, insecurity, hurt, pain that the very mention of dhondu used to creep inside him!! he has come a long way from all those insecure feelings due to her effort that saved his life & the support that she has been trying to give him for the past few days!! which made him reveal what he thinks abut dhondu "main janta hoon ki tum dhondu se pyaar nahin karti!! KYUNKI TUM MUJHSE PYAAR KARTI HO PartyDancing, aisa sach jise kehne ke zarurat nahin padti.. IT'S DESTINY" ClapClapClap Loved loved super loved the mention of most important cupid in their love story which is DESTINY!! loved him trying to explain what part destiny has played for them.. I was amazed that he understood it himself firstly!! but now that he confessed he did.. I'm relieved bcoz he sure understands what happened to Rashi was destined to happen to bring them together.. everything from kidnapping, sarhali track, arohi-chiku wedding, Rashi MC & voila!! their wedding!! Clap Love his calm & subtle personality.. he's a man of few words & he sure knows arohi well.. stubborn that she is.. he knew arohi won't understand this untill she herself feels it.. lives & thinks abut all those moments & so, instead of telling her everything makes her think abut them!! "hamare saath jo kuch bhi hua hai arohi, woh sirf humein milane ke liye hua hai.. agar meri baat ka vishwaas nahin hota to khud soch ke dekho" Loved the flashbacks.. loved how CV's only made to show her.. the memories in which she was attracted to arjun.. where they both were truly living their love & most importantly, the masquerade party destiny talk!! Clap Arohi's expressions at the end of the FB's said it to arjun that ..she has understood what I wanted to say but she being the stubborn, proud & egoistic one won't accept it & say it!! but he was not gonna give up.. he said everything that he could to prove his love to her today & now it surely was arohi's turn to reveal her feelings & give him a confirmation & now, he wants her to say she loves him first!! aww.. my sweetu!! Embarrassed loved arohi's expressions here.. she was so lovingly looking at a person.. who she never expected to be so outright abut his feelings & stubborn too!! alright.. so ma'm ke bahana's continue but so does arjun's patao arohi tactics!!LOL aaj to arjun sixer pe sixer mar raha tha!! "Yeh tumhara ghar hi hai" awww... one more approval!! telling arohi she is at her husband's place & now I have accepted this whole heartedly ki tum poori zindagi mera jeena haram karne wali ho LOL & that this is ur true house & true place (mere piya ka, piya ka ghar) ROFL Arohi.. spell bound by her shant & always nervous patidev's badla badla avatar..who now is behaving total love guru & wants to hear I love u from her making her shy!! Shocked at her patidev's lovey dovey tactics & at a loss of words comes up with her tried & tested formula.. blabbering randomly!! "mein yahan apni lives discuss karne aayi thi, yeh attraction & love ki theories sunne nahin" LOL aare bewakuf!! to aab tak kya kar rahe the tum dono.. kya padosi ki lifes discuss kar rahe the!!  *kuki bangs her head to the wall* iss ladki ka kuch nahin ho sakta!! & her blabbering continues.. LOL loved how arjun's stern stare at her random talks silenced her!! LOL good going arjun.. tum bhi apni wifey ko control karna sikh rahe ho!! bechara unable to listen to her cute chapad chapad anymore & the determination with which he was following his heart today.. decided.. Yay!! only one way to silence his rajdhani express!! LOL KISS HER!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Ok.. loved this scene.. for me it was pure love & not a mere attraction of the moment.. the feeling of completely losing into each other.. he wasn't impulsive at all.. loved how he slowly & gently held her face & then, without giving her a chance to complain (not that she would haveWink) brought her into an eternal moment!! Loved Arohi's gesture there.. at first she was a bit taken aback bcoz she had least expected such bold steps from arjun.. but then very slowly closed her eyes.. so as to signify that now she has completely given herself & her love to arjun & it's him & only him that rules her heart.. their lips sealing & approving the story that destiny had written for them!! Lovely lovely moment!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
EmbarrassedKudos to the CV's again for a perfect BG score!! ClapClapClap 'Tu jaane na' was awesome!! Super loved Arjun's undefinable love that surfaced with the kiss.. his loving stare at arohi perced right into her heart.. & for the very first time looking straight into her eyes said what they both wanted to hear for the longest time.. "I LOVE YOU, Arohi" HugPartyDancingHeart!!  he knew she wanted to hear this.. so, without being much stubborn said what has been in his heart from the very first time he met her!! Clap His emotions now completely taking over arohi & his love that was now running all through her veins, in every drop of her blood.. unable to deny her feelings anymore which was very evident from her expressions!! almost blurted out that she loves arjun but then.. all of a sudden got reminded of dhondu's request!! Confused She was torn between her love & her friendship now.. had to choose one!! this was the moment she feared the most & now that it is there.. she didn't know how to react & what to say to the man whom she loves beyond words!! who was staring in anticipation and expectation that she would return the same love that he just expressed!! The pain that shot through her eyes; the echoing broken words & the several unsuccessful attempts of her love confession.. that she so wanted to say but couldn't.. said it all!! This might have been one the most fearful moment of her life.. where she was gonna break that one man's heart.. who means the whole world to her now!! Her pain was so evident in her eyes.. & unable to take it she gets up from her place & for the very first time this evening.. arjun felt wronged & questioned his own thoughts abut her feelings for her!! He expected her to reciprocate  her love for him with the same honesty & intensity that he did.. & now her silence had started to kill him from inside!! He still knew she loves him.. what he didn't know is the reason which is making her restrain her feeling to this extreme extent!! he still didn't give up & thinking her restrain might be a mere ego.. wanted to give her one last chance!! thinking that the fear of losing him forever might make her confess.. said the most fearful thing to her.. "aab mein palat kar yahan se chala jaunga, agar tumhe mujhse kuch kehna hai to abhi kehna.. MEIN LAUTKAR WAPIS NAHIN AAUNGA" Cry every step he took backwards.. the pain, the hurt, the disappointment in his eyes increased.. reaching the door looked back one last time.. but arohi's silence killed him & looking at her not making even an effort to stop him now.. completely disappointed him & left her there alone!! Cry Arohi on the other hand wanted to express her love but also didn't want his friend to lose his love.. torn between the two.. unable to choose one over the other restrained herself & collected all the pain she was going through in her heart.. but the pain was so unbearable for her that it poured right out of her eyes as tears!! Every step that arjun took away from her.. she could feel her life & love flowing out of her hand just like sand.. the more u try to hold sand in your fists, the more it flows out of ur hand!! she was experiencing the same right now. She knew she was gonna loose him with his every step back.. finally, with arjun leaving the room she was left there alone hating her for hurting him extremely!! She loves him immensely but couldn't tell him at this moment.. she knew he's extremely heart broken & she was the reason behind it!! Loved her confession to herself "I LOVE U Arjun, tumse zyada maine kabhi kisise pyaar nahin kiya bas 6 din ruk jao Arjun" ClapClap brilliantly acted sequence by both Karan & Kritika!! way to go guys!! truly this was one of the best performances by both of u!! ClapClapClap

The best part about the drift was the BG score!! I super super loved it!! I have no words to say.. how much I loved it!! Each and every word was apt & perfectly suited the emotions and arjuhi's reactions!! CV's again deserve huge huge huge round of applause for bringing in this song during this seq!! ClapClap

Loved the continuity of the emotions here in the nxt scene unlike most of the previous times.. Thank god!! DancingMy favourite.. most fav part of the whole episode!! super super super loved it..
Arjun again lived up to my faith & expectations here!! he wasn't mean.. didn't give her frustrated looks, neither did he showed signs of anger to her.. instead gave her attempts of talking to him & explaining him anything for her prolonged silence a cold shoulder!! ClapClap totally loved it & completely wanted him to do that!! Also loved Arohi here for making all the attempts to make a conversation with arjun & probably ask him to give him few days to express her true feelings!! She knew he was very heart broken & wanted to strike a convo to know what was exactly going on in his heart & mind right now.. but he was as cold as ice towards her.. which was hurting her!! His silence was hurting her more than his usual strong hateful words!!
The breaking of glass symbolized the heart break that arohi caused to arjun & arohi's trying to pick up the broken pieces of glass & hurting herself to me.. symbolized the coming track where she would try everything & every way she could to mend the broken pieces of his heart together which were broken by arohi herself just like the glass here!! Arjun once again looked beyond his heart break & cared more abut his love's bleeding hand!! symbolizing whatever the circumstances be in future.. whatever stage their relationship may be at.. he would always be there for her, forgetting his own pain & pacifying, decreasing arohi's pain & wounds.. caring least abut himself!! Embarrassed Arjun's pain inflicted eyes & complete silence.. his care, concern, focus, dedication towards arohi while nursing her bleeding finger was so expressive but impactful on arohi that it brought out respect & faith in her on arjun.. that had been lacking in their relationship!! ClapClap Arjun's stare to Arohi after her Thank you was amazing!! It said everything he wanted to say.. he wanted to tell her that she can say Thank you but can not reveal the true feelings and the truth abut their relationship which is so evident in her eyes.. the love which was flowing out of her eyes as tears!! She wanted to stop him badly which made her hurt herself intentionally this time.. Arjun this time knew it was intentional but still nursed her again.. symbolizing again that arohi would go to any extent to bring her love back to her & arjun even if he would know that arohi would hurt him intentionally.. would be there standing by her side.. may be giving her a cold shoulder but still would not let her go through the pain alone!!

Super super loved the devdas mantra BG score in the last part!! this tune in itself says so much!! it is like.. climax in itself!! the tune is so dramatic that it is pouring out the turmoil that arjuhi's hearts r experiencing at the moment!! also, the BG is meant to say.. "this was the last hammer on their relationship.. meaning CLIMAX" says that their hearts r bleeding at the moment & nothing can pacify the toofan that they r experiencing within themselves!!
I don't think any other BG would have worked here!! even "tere ishq mein" according to me wouldn't have worked bcoz it's very romantic!! I agree that arohi was totally in love right now.. but tere ishq mein wouldn't show their heart conditions which is completely in love but in sooooooooo much pain because they can't express their love & r heart broken!! Similarly, any of the KMH songs wouldn't have worked here either.. we wanted something really dramatic.. & this mantra BG totally did it for me!! I don't know yet as to what others thought abut this BG.. haven't read any of the takes yet but to me.. this BG was very aptly used by Cv's!! & I super duper loved it!! Clap

phew.. that was a one super long take!! didn't realize that I wrote so much.. but I felt each and every second of this episode was worth noting down!! The dialogues today were awesome.. ClapClap to dialogue writer again & also the BG scores throughout the epi!! The dialogues spoken was amazing but the unspoken ones were even better.. bcoz pure & strong love doesn't need words to express itself!! like today.. it was all evident by their eyes, expressions, body language expressed it all for them!! specially, the last part of the epi, where their pain was amazingly well expressed through their eyes!! fantastic.. absolutely mind blowing!! ClapClap

I'm in all praise for today's episode.. so, didn't bother abut all the technical faults I noticed!! I'm just gonna let it go for today!! but just wanna say something which might compel all of u to throws jootas, chappals, rotten tomatoes at me!! *kuki scared! but gather courage to say it*.. guys!! this episode truly was amazing in terms of their reunion & love story.. but to me it was more of "super silence before the approaching storm" khete hai na "aane wale bhayankar toofan se pehle ka sannata"!! To all the ppl who wants to see their reunion & love at this moment.. u guys might wanna get urself stocked with tons of tissue boxes!! Cry To me today.. CV's have udaofy us really really high in the sky.. we r all happy sky diving at higher altitudes but fasten ur belts & get ready for the CV's to patkofy us to the ground at the highest speed possible that to without parachutes!! *ouch!! kuki herself scared of CV's hiding underneath the table.. holding onto AkshOuch" but I'm all ready for it.. coming epis r gonna bring a huge storm into arjuhi's life!! just hope that with time their love would be able to survive every blow that is inflicted upon them & they would stand by each other in worst of circumstances!! Smile

sorry guys!! kuch zyada hi lamba ho gaya!! plsss  bear with me for today.. Smile

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