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FF-Aankhon Mein Teri (Part1:Ch.1-15) (Page 36)

kkaavvyyaa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
hey,plz update today,waitng!!!!!!!!!!!

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superb superb superb...... part
luvd d update
thnx 4 d pm
cont soonBig smile
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Laxmi awesome update as always ClapClap
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Aankhon Mein Teri

A Maaneet Fan Fic


Maan swiftly made his way down the hall and the back stairs to the servants' quarters, where he was soon pounding on a door. Nakul woke up with a start, not able to comprehend what was happening in his sleep infested mind. It took a moment before he realized that someone was knocking on his door so hard it was liable to break. Stumbling out of bed, he proceeded almost blindly towards the door, finding it difficult to open his eyes, and bumping into more than one piece of furniture, before he was close enough to answer the pounding. The sight that greeted Nakul was something out of his worst nightmare. Standing there with the angriest face Nakul had ever seen, was Chote Saab. Before Nakul could even utter a syllable, he was rudely being asked why that girl was sleeping in his bed?

Nakul blinked before saying with confusion, "Geet Madam? She's your wife." Nakul's eyes widened to twice their normal size when he was harshly told that Maan hadn't asked who the woman was, he had asked what she was doing in his room.

"Where else would she be at this time of night?"

Maan was too tired to consider what those words meant beyond the fact that his unwanted wife was apparently residing in his room. As he had absolutely no intention of sharing with her, he ordered Nakul to get one of the guest rooms ready for him immediately. Nakul was not happy to be forced to leave his sleep just to satisfy some strange notion of his employer, but he kept his whining low enough that Maan couldn't hear. He knew from much personal experience that it was just better to do whatever Chote Saab wanted. Once the room was ready, Maan gave Nakul some instructions for the morning, before climbing into the bed, hoping that he could get a few hours of rest.

Geet felt the sunlight peeking into her room and slowly stretched her arms after a very good night's sleep. Sitting up she said a quick prayer to Babaji, and then got out of bed. After showering and putting on a beautiful red salwar suit, she noticed that it was more than an hour before she usually got up. This was a result of her early night due to the Mooh Dikhai, and she decided to use the time by helping Nakul prepare breakfast. If she hurried, she might even get to the kitchen before him. For some reason she felt very happy today, and practically skipped down the stairs and the hall towards the kitchen. When she came around the corner, to her surprise Geet saw Nakul running around, grabbing different ingredients and muttering to himself.

"Nakul," said Geet with surprise evident in her voice, "you're up early today."

"Ji, Madam, Chote Saab is wanting breakfast at 8:30 and if it's not ready just at that time, he will be so angry."

"Chote Saab," murmured Geet, not immediately connecting the words with their meaning. As soon as she did, her eyes widened and she exclaimed loudly, "He's here? When did he come? You're making breakfast? I will make it."

Nakul protested heavily, for he knew his Chote Saab. If the food wasn't exactly to his liking, he would refuse to eat and murder the offending server with his horrible temper. But, no matter what reasons Nakul gave, Geet wouldn't give up. Geet was determined to make breakfast, and since she was the bahu of the house, Nakul had to defer to her wishes. She hadn't spent all that time learning to make all those strange dishes, only to waste it now that her husband had finally come home. They were going to have to meet and start communicating sometime, and making a really good handmade breakfast was one way of giving a good impression as a wife. Geet was determined to do whatever was necessary so that they could get over this hurdle of unfamiliarity. After all, it wasn't like they could live their whole lives being strangers, not when they were married.

After breakfast was made, Geet placed everything on a tray and carefully made her way up the stairs and to the room where Maan was staying. Nakul had told her how he had arrived in the very early hours of the morning and had him get one of the guest rooms ready. He neglected to tell the part of the conversation that involved the questioning of why Geet was sleeping where she was. This omission gave Geet the impression that Maan had not wanted to disturb her sleep, thereby causing Geet to think very favorably of him. She thought that his earlier behavior must have been because of some business issues, and nothing to do with her. Now that her husband was home, she was eager to at least start the process of getting to know him, to become more comfortable with the entire situation.

When Geet came to the room she quickly draped her dupatta over her head, having been brought up in a household where women covered their head partially as a sign of respect for their husbands, and to indicate their married status. Quickly checking to be sure that everything was on the tray, she knocked lightly on the door. A few seconds later she heard a masculine, "Hmmmm," which she assumed to be an indication that she could enter. Holding the tray carefully in one hand, she opened the door with the other and went inside. Maan was turned so that his back was almost entirely facing her, but she could see that he was buttoning his shirt. She waited for him to turn around and acknowledge her, but he didn't.

Thinking that perhaps he had forgotten the time he asked for breakfast to be brought, she called out, "Suniye," to get his attention.

When Maan heard a soft musical voice calling out using a word he had never heard directed to him before. Stopping midway in buttoning his last button, he paused for a seconded, not sure if his ears were deceiving him or not. When he heard the word again, spoken a little more hesitantly, he knew that what he heard was real. He spun around, and before his eyes he saw a young girl, dressed in red, wearing all the traditional symbols of a punjabi bride, holding a try of food. When she saw him looking at her, she smiled slightly and started to speak.

"I've brought your breakfast. It's just the kinds of food that you like to eat. There's mushroom and cheese omelette, garlic toast, apple slices and freshly squeezed orange juice. If you want anything else, just let me know and I'll get it for you."

Geet was waiting for Maan to say something, but he spoke no words. She glanced up to his face and was startled to see a very stern expression. That was so unexpected for Geet that she just stared, right into her husbands eyes. As the stare continued she could she his eyes turning harder and the muscles in his face flexing as if he was clenching his jaw tightly. When he put his hands on his hips and started moving slowly toward her, his eyes almost like flints, Geet finally got the hint. She turned quickly and placed the tray on the table beside the bed, before hurrying out of the room.

Once out side she couldn't help talking to herself. "Why was he so upset? Did I do something wrong? Did he not like the food? All he had to do was tell me, and I would get something else. I know I brought the food on time, so that can't be it. Maybe he's tired. He came very late. I wonder why he came at that time. It would have made more sense to come in the morning, after sleeping. Strange man."

Geet went down and began helping Nakul get the breakfast ready for the rest of them. They made parathas, lassi, and cut fresh mangoes, papayas and made pineapple chutney for Sonali, as that was a favorite of hers. They placed everything on the table and Geet began serving Sonali, who was already seated. Geet wanted to wait for Savitri to come before she started eating, but Sonali said she was on a phone call and wanted them to begin without her. Geet hoped that nothing was serious, but Sonali was quick to assure Geet that she was sure nothing was wrong.

Soon a smiling Savitri came up to the table and announced that Maan had come back specifically so the marriage could be registered. The phone call she had been on was with Aditya Gosh, Maan's CFO of Khurana Constructions, and close friend. He had made all the necessary arrangements and gotten together all the documents they would need. All that was required was for them to present themselves with Maan that morning at the Tehsildar's office. Geet and Sonali were very happy, Geet finally understanding what had brought Maan home, though she still wondered why he came at such a strange time. Somewhere she felt that there was something that they didn't know, or some mystery about the whole thing.

After breakfast Maan was waiting for them near the front entrance, impatiently it seemed to Geet. When the three ladies came ready to leave, Savitri stopped Maan from rushing out the door, saying that before they left, he and Geet must perform their first puja together as husband and wife. Seeing the expression in Maan's eyes, Geet was convinced that he was impatient, and didn't want any delay, only doing the puja with her because of Savitri's insistence. As they held the puja thali, Geet glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't figure him out, try as she might. She didn't believe that he came because he was longing to start their married life, his behavior towards her made her pretty sure of that. Yet, she couldn't understand what his motive was, and determined to continue her observations in an effort to understand the reasons for his behavior.

After the puja, they left, getting into the car and making their way to the Tehsildar's office. Savitri had all the documents they needed, and everything was filled out except the signatures. Once those were completed, and the Tehsildar was satisfied about the particulars, Maan and Geet's marriage was officially recognized by the state of Punjab, and therefore, India. After the registration Savitri wanted to vist the Gurudwara Sahib. Geet was shocked that Maan didn't join them, instead being driven off in the car by Mohan. Savitri explained that Maan was not very interested in religion, and that he would send the car back for them. Though he was not in front of her face at the moment, Geet filed away that piece of information about her husband, to be examined later.

Once they arrived back home, Savitri called for Nakul, wanting to know where Maan was, even as Geet said she would see about arranging for their lunch. Geet was just about to head to the kitchen when she saw Nakul approaching. She could tell from the look on his face that something wasn't right. She wondered if perhaps Maan had yelled at him, since that was something he had seemed pretty scared of that morning. Sonali also seemed to notice the look on Nakul's face, pointing it out to Savitri.

"Nakul, Maan kahan hain?" (Nakul, where is Maan?)

"Madam, Chote Saab chala gaye." (Madam, Chote Saab left.)

"Left, left for where? He didn't say anything about leaving. What about the Pag Phere? Now that he was back we were going to arrange that with Geet's family."

"I don't know about any of that, Madam. I just know that Chote Saab left a letter with me for Geet Madam. Gee Madam, your letter." Nakul handed Geet a folded piece of paper, which Geet looked at in utter disbelief.

Laxmi's Lafz:

Living in America, I'm not familiar with India's legal system like someone from India would be. Keeping that in mind, if I have assumed something incorrectly, I hope you will forgive me. Also, I ended up researching more details than I actually put into the update, but I thought you'd like to see them anyway.

Since Maan's home is in Kharar, which is in Punjab, that is the state whose rules they would have to follow for registration of marriage.

Here is the website that I consulted about registering in Punjab. I also originally looked up what to do in Chandigarh, but then realized that Kharar was probably big enough to have it's own Tehsildar, so that's why I went looking for information about Punjabi marriage registration.

Mostly for my own information, I also found the form that couples need to fill out. This would be the form that Adi would have taken care of for Maan.

The Gurudwara that Dadima wanted to visit is here.

Someone asked me, not sure who and I think it was in a pm which I can't check, where Kharar and Rewari were. Take a look.

Originally posted by aditiwalia56

Iu know when i read its first prologue in NCKUA that was quite differnt.

Yup it was different.

Some of the things that I originally said about the story:

The first story plot came about, some time June-ish, from me asking myself "What if Maan and Geet were.....?" You'll have to wait till the story starts to find out the rest of the question.

These two new stories, while still having many of the basic plot elements from the original, will be more of my own ideas (I hope). They will also be less linear, with frequent flash backs and/or skipping around in time. The first story will mostly be set in Mumbai and the second story will be in Chicago.

The rest of this question has to do with Maan and Geet's jobs, which will be different in this story, but I don't want to give away what their jobs are. However, in the beginning of the story Dev and Geet are together, and Maan and Geet do not like each other, but are forced by circumstances to work together. Geet is a very independent woman, due mostly to the circumstances of her life, and it will be interesting to see how she slowly begins to rely on Maan.

But then, when I gave the teaser in Tum Kaun Ho I said:

Now, just to let previous readers know, I have changed some settings and some of the story's premise, from what I originally explained, but the basic plot should remain the same.

So, what is different about Aankhon Mein Teri now, than what I originally planned?

Obviously, it's not taking place in Mumbai. When I said Geet was with Dev, I literally meant they were together, but now it was only superficial with the engagement. Geet did not really consider herself to be with Dev. Here, Maan and Geet don't know each other, instead of not liking each other, and they weren't forced to work together, they were forced to get married. The Geet being independent thing actually happened in Tum Kaun Ho, so I decided not to go that route here, although that doesn't mean that Geet won't become independent as the story progresses.

You may be wondering, why these changes? Well it all has to do with that question I first asked myself last June,"What if Maan and Geet were.....?" When I originally thought of the basic story premise, it was before some things happened in the Geet Forum that caused a big ruckus for a long time. Eventually I decided that it was better to get rid of those elements that were related to the ruckus causing stuff, even though I had thought of the story before any of that happened. The result is that I decided to redo the starting point of the story, but keep a lot of the elements that I had intended to write, incorporating them in a different way.

If you think I'm being too vague, I'm sorry. But I don't want any of that ruckus stuff to start up because of any post I make, so I'm not going to be any more specific.

Edited by laxmi2010 - 17 April 2011 at 1:02am

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Dhara_s IF-Dazzler

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Maan is just so weird.....anyways..I am sure you ll make him normal in a very beautiful way....Star
And updates on consecutive days are amazing treats...even without PMsLOL

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nice update i am waiting for kab maan loves geet very much.
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Maan is real wierdo
He didnt sleep wit his wife
Than wen she bought him breakfast he didnt had that but was showing her anger
Well i missed Maan's pov on breakfastWink
Bechara Nakul kya kya jhelna pada raha hai use
Lets c wat Maan wrote for Geet

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i wonder y is maan like this........angry young man.......ouffff........amazing part.....i loved it ........continue soon......

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