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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 50)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
hey so happy that u took this in the positive sense.................consider this as ur writings gives inspiration to others................waiting for the update................

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
dont you worry dear. we all are there with you against such issues. waiting for the update. Smile

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
sorry guys the part i am currently writing is getting really long due to a lot of details i have to include Confused thats y its taking a really long time updating... PLEASE PLEASE UNDERSTAND!!

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 April 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
i'm glad  ur updating
just just take as compliment
remember we always with
dear yu have were full support
take ur time

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Chapter 16: Souring New Heights
        Maan packed everything and called Nakul to let him know that he would be leaving tonight and to place the luggage in the car. After Nakul left, Maan walked down to his grandmother's room to bid her goodbye before leaving.
         Daadima was standing near the window and a lone tear in the corner of her eyes. She looked up to the sky and sighs, "Shukr hai babaji ka Maan ne maan liya New York jaane ka. Ab sirf ek kwaish hame baaki hai, phir se unki zindagi mein khushi shamil hone ka. Jis din usne chali jaayi Maan sach mein toot gaya and the only way he can smile again is through Geet. Bas un donon ko milana aur hame pata hai ki vo bhi ho jayenge just they need a push. And for that push ek rasta hai hamare paas but I shall not take that route that soon. First let him visit New York conference aur agar kuch nahi hua I shall do something about it." Just when Daadima wiped her tear, Maan knocked her door. She looked at a morose and sunken figure standing near the doorframe waiting to enter her room.
         "Maan bete aapko knock karne ka kya zaroorat hai, aayiye," she said lovingly looking at her eldest grandson whose life should have been filled with bed of roses yet all he was left with was thorns. Maan slowly walked in and went to hug his favorite Daadima. She returned his hug and gave a small peck on his forehead. "Aapne sab kuch sambhaliya?" she asked.
         "Ji Daadima everything is ready bas abhi nikalna hai," Maan said. "I just came to bid you bye before I left for the airport."
         "Thanks for dropping by beta. Have a very nice trip," she smiled genuinely.
         "Daadima is trip mein kuch bhi nice nahi hai, I am just going because u have asked me to."
         "Hume pata hai Maan but you never know it may be the best trip. Khair chodiye, aap nahi poochenge hume vahaan se kya chahiye," she teased.
         Maan shook his head at Daadima's request. She never let anyone without asking them to get her some antique piece to add to her collection of already increasing set of unwanted items lined in the mansion hailing from all over the world. He chuckled at her sincere request as he knew he could not say no to his beloved grandmother.
         "Ji kahiye Daadima, magara daadima aapko yahaan sab kuch hai phir bhi aapko vahaan se kuch cheez chahiye?" he questioned with his brows knit.
         "Beta hame jo chahiye aapko sirf New York mein hi milegi," she said as her eyes gleamed mischief.
         "Main samjha nahi," he said looking confused.
         "You shall find what I need only in New York it's a surprise package. Ab jaayiye jaldi se tayyar hojayiye, so you don't miss the flight. Varna hamari saari efforts will go down the drain," Daadima said with the last words almost in a whisper.
         Maan simply nodded, as he was too confused what his grandmother was hinting. He knew something was fishy but he let it slip for he thought he was reading too much between the lines.
         Maan left the mansion by late evening in his car so that he wouldn't be late for his check in. He reached the airport right on time for check-in as the traffic in the city was extreme and walked towards international departures check in counter in Indira Gandhi airport. The line for business class in British airlines was fairly short and the airport did not seem too crowded that his arrival would cause too much attention. He quietly checked in his bag ignoring the flirtatious looks of the receptionist at the counter. He passed through security checks and other necessary procedures before boarding the flight and settling in his spacious seat. The captain greeted the passengers while the airhostess was busy instructing people to buckle down before take off. Maan closed his eyes hoping to sleep away through the journey to prevent him from thinking about other memorable journeys that might come to haunt him now.
         To his surprise time did pass away quickly. The flight had landed in London and Maan boarded the next flight again to head to JFK International Airport, New York. The journey seemed quite smooth, as the skies were clear and now the captain announced the arrival of destination in a matter of few minutes and complimented the perfect fall weather outside. Due to heavy air traffic around the airport the flight had to wait before actually landing. Once landed, Maan headed out to immigration counter and having all the necessary documentation done, he headed out towards baggage claim. Since he had checked in only one single bag and had checked-in almost last his bag came out quickly. Rolling the luggage he strode towards the arrival section to find the car that would have been sent for him.
         A fairly old Punjabi man holding a placard with the name Mr. Khurana written neatly on it stood near the glass door. Maan came our of the glass doors and headed towards the person, the man soon realized that Maan was Mr. Khurana and greeted him with a huge grim plastered on his face. He came forward and introduced himself as the driver for Maan and took Maan's luggage before heading towards the parking lot. Maan sat in the sleek black limousine while the driver set the luggage in the car trunk. The drive to the hotel seemed quite long due to heavy traffic. Maan simply watched cars pass by before dozing off due to jet lag.  
         They arrived at the Singhania mansion a little later than usual. Gowtam uncle was already home and was catching up on latest happenings in the news when Geet and Arjun walked in. He greeted them with a warm smile and asked them to join for dinner as quickly as possible as he was famished since evening. Geet and Arjun agreed to change and freshen up quickly and headed to their respective rooms. Since uncle seemed to be engrossed in the news he had failed to notice the awkward blazer Geet was wearing and thus saved her from making him worry with the day's events.
         Geet walked into her room and slumped on the bed tired from all the happenings. She slowly removed the blazer while deeply thinking about Maan's rude behavior. It was one thing to make work like a mere servant and ask her to make coffee for Maan but on top of that he had insulted her on her first day of work. She threw the blazer in anger as it flew across the room and got caught in the edge of the bed frame. She was frustrated that she let him boss her around the whole day without her raising a finger against his unruly behavior. Uff! Did she give him way too much leniency and let him do whatever he wanted? She debated within herself whether she had suppressed her anger too much while she let his behavior run amuck. Hot tears rolled down as she stifled a sob that escaped her mouth. He had stepped over his limit in the name of revenge and she promised herself this would be the last time before she let him rule over her. She wiped her tears and headed towards the bathroom to wash away the tears and the shame she had endured during the day.
         Geet wore a simple light green salwar kameez and came down to the dining table. Arjun and Gowtam uncle were already seated and were waiting for her arrival. She quickly grabbed her seat while Arjun served her. The dinner was pretty quiet except for occasional conversation between Geet and Gowtam uncle as he asked her about the first day of work. Geet gave a fake smile while assuring him it was great indeed and she was eagerly waiting to get back to work the next day. Arjun questioned her intention with his eyes while Geet gestured him to keep quiet not wanting uncle to worry about her. After dinner Geet excused herself to her room as she was really tired and wanted to sleep. Arjun instantly agreed and told her to take rest. She hit the bed in order to erase the unpleasant incidents and luckily she fell asleep quickly due to exhaustion.
         The morning bloomed promising a new start yet the sky was filled with dark clouds looming a dull start of the morning.
Arjun dutifully came to wake his ladli Geet. She awoke with a big yawn and rubbing her sleepy eyes. She walked towards the bathroom to get ready for her work else Mr. Jellyfish would gracefully show his wrath. She came back from her shower when the blazer she had thrown caught her attention. The events came reeling back to her and she remembered she had to return it to Maan. Although she had cursed her heart out last night for his rude behavior, she realized that he was nice enough to give his coat saving her from ignominy. Wait did she just call him nice? She shook her head hoping to shake off the adjectives he was associating Maan Singh Khurana with! Ha! That would be that last thing he was, her brain reasoned, yet in the corner of her mind she was grateful he did what he did. She tried to pick up the blazer that was stuck on the edge of the bed frame near the wall. The blazer refused to budge; she tried yanking again but the blazer stayed put. Geet was surprised and went near the bed frame to take a closer look. The blazer seemed to be glued to the bed frame but she still did not realize why. She once again yanked the blazer, this time with all her strength. The blazer seemed to give away, and at the end it looked as if she was successful as she had the blazer in her hand. She smiled at her victory but soon realized she had it in her hand and yet there was something still stuck in the frame. She quizzically looked at her hand and then looked back at the bed frame as though she was seeing double things. She straightens the piece of cloth in her hand and to her dismay she found only the sleeve in her hand. The timing was just perfect. Her professional relationship with Maan was never to cordial terms and this rip had soured to new heights.                
a quick note the chapter title is meant to be SOURING not soaring its not a spelling mistake there is a very particular reason its sour rather than soar Big smile
alright people sorry for the delay. i had intended to write to include some more details in fact i did write it but the chapter was getting way too long and boring so i deleted that stuff. i shall include it in the next update that may come in a few hours (if i see a lot of comments LOL) again please do comment coz it has taken me a lot of time to come out of my sulking to write again n if i dont see people responding i might go back to sulking mode ConfusedOuch

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do continue soon

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tanya_vi Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Fab update Madhu!!!!BTW how dare you delete what you wrote???
Madam,there are people over here eagerly waiting to read each and every word of yours....just kidding the way you carry the story forwardSmile
madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Originally posted by tanya_vi

Fab update Madhu!!!!BTW how dare you delete what you wrote???
Madam,there are people over here eagerly waiting to read each and every word of yours....just kidding the way you carry the story forwardSmile
thnx sooooo much Smile 
sry (holding my ears) Confused it was getting more than 5 pages on word Shocked coz i had include every single expression of geet n maan so that shall be cont soon Big smile

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