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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 19)

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
wow loved it yaar ..awsome one 

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Thank you all for ur lovely comments! Thats wut makes me write more Wink. And I can see from wut people are telling me to go ahead with the office nok/jhoks. so thats wut it is Tongue office nok/jhoks in my style LOL

@zahra: i am sry that i am keepin u away from the present but soon i shall come back to the present i want to set the foundation of Maaneet first.

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 5:26pm | IP Logged

let see who win

the battle fabulous
update pls cont soonnnnn
thanks pm

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notfadedaway IF-Addictz

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I have some questions;
Is kritika maaneer's daughter?
Why is Maan&Geet acting like they don't know eachother?
I m new to ur FF so sorry! ;/

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshaaa.


I have some questions;
Is kritika maaneer's daughter?
Why is Maan&Geet acting like they don't know eachother?
I m new to ur FF so sorry! ;/
u dont need to be sry Smile
 well for the first question u have to wait for the story to unfold. tellin that wud give away the whole story Confused

second question: well currently the story is in flashback. starting from chapter 5 the story has been progressing in flashback so thats y they dont kno eachother. 

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged

Awesome update

Loved it loadz

Can't wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Chapter 11: What's Cooking?
           Geet walked out of Khurana Constructions saying a weak bye to Pinky and Adhi. On the way out, she called Arjun to pick her up as she was done with the interview. Within few minutes Arjun's car zoomed into Khurana Constructions and Geet hoped into the car. Geet looked a little pale and dejected. Arjun wondered why she looked worried and thought probably they rejected her, but she was one among the best, how could they reject her after selecting her in the previous interview in the college. He looked at Geet who was staring at the passing traffic outside the window. She seemed lost in deep thought, which was not her usual self.
            "Geet, is everything alright?" he asked with concern, "how was the intereview?"
            She was still lost in her thoughts and did not hear Arjun asking about her interview. Finding no reply from Geet, he shook her a little bit to gain her attention. She came back to her senses, "Huh? What did you ask?"
            "I asked if everything was okay. Why do you look dejected?"
            "Woh, actually," she faltered thinking of a best way to explain the predicament she was in. If Arjun knew that she had encountered the same man in the airport, who now had challenged her to work as his secretary cum junior architect, he would be concerned for her. Maan Singh Khurana's motive seemed pretty clear, he wanted set his scores straight with her for behaving rudely with him in his own office and accusing him of following her around. But if she voiced her fear, Arjun would never let her work under him, for what she knew he was very protective of her and would never see her hurt. She remembered the time when she was in second grade; Arjun had punched her teacher for the mere act of scolding her. And if he knew that this man was going to extract revenge from her, god knows what he would do. And that would be the end of her dream to work in Khurana Constructions. No, she would not let him know of Maan's challenge because it would just mean she is too weak to fight him. She was Geetanjali Handa, a girl who never backs out of challenges and was ready to fight Maan Singh Khurana. Too keep Arjun from getting too suspicious she decided to act normal.
            "Woh, haan abhi yaad aaya mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi can we please stop by some restaurant?" she asked putting up the most innocent face.
            "Accha bhook lag rahi hai? Teekhai I shall stop by your favorite Saravana Bhavan. God I still cannot understand how you eat those idli vadas. But pehle yeh batao, how was the interview. Are you in?" he asked.
            "Of course Arjun, Geetanjali Handa jo hoon, of course I am in," she said lifting her collar a little, "Pata hai they have asked me to join tomorrow itself.  So I need to buy some clothes and also inform Pappa and Amma about the new changes. Pappa expected me to come back before I finally join, he shall be disappointed now," she said feeling bad.
            "Oh really? Congratulations!" he said patting her head a little. "Don't worry Arvind uncle se main baat karoongi. Anyway he needs a break from his boring court schedules so he can wind up and come here with Anu mamma for a few weeks to spend time with all of us here."
            "Arre, yeh to main nahi sochi. Good idea!" she said sounding excited.
            They arrived at Saravana Bhavan and Arjun went to get her sambar vada and paper ghee roast while Geet sat in the car. There was long line so the wait was long. Finally Arjun managed to get the food, Geet happily munched down while teasing Arjun to eat some of it. Although he hated the food he was quite hungry too and the constant act of Geet bringing the food to feed him made him want to eat it. Forgetting his resolve to not eat South Indian food he took a few bites as Geet fed him a few pieces. They decided to stop by the mall to pick up a few formal pants and shirts for Geet and then head home. The mall was unusually crowded to suffocation that day but Geet finally managed to pick up a few things for herself and brought a shirt for Arjun as it had been really long since she had brought anything for him.
            They finally arrived home, exhausted by the day's events. It was dinnertime and Gowtam Uncle had sent a message that he would be late due to some meetings and asked them to eat. Geet dropped her bags and papers in the room, refreshed, and headed down to the dinner table while Arjun too went to freshened up. They had a sumptuous dinner; since the weekend was approaching soon, both were discussing about places to visit.
            Geet finished her dinner and headed to her room to call her parents and inform them of the new change in schedule. She knew her dad would be disappointed but she had no other go but to convince him. Her mom picked up the phone and was elated to know that Geet got the job. She told that she always knew her little angel would definitely fulfill her dreams. Once the initial greetings were done, she finally broke the news about having to join the company from tomorrow itself so she would not be returning soon but promised once she was settled in the job she would definitely come there for a few days. Her mom was a little disappointed, she could understand Geet's predicament and wished her all the very best. Next her dad spoke; Geet had dreaded this moment. Once she told him that she won't be coming soon, he seemed very dejected. When Arjun dropped by her room, she was crying on the phone with her dad. He quickly took the phone from her and talked to Arvind Uncle and suggested him to come while consoling Geet to compose herself. It took a while to convince both father daughter and finally Arvind Uncle decided to come in a week's time. Arjun ended the call with a promise to call everyday and looked at Geet who was still silently sobbing. He hugged and while soothing her to calm herself. He told her that if she broke down then who would console her dad. Soothing words and a lot of cajoling took Geet to finally calm down. She sniffed, wipe down her tears, and gave a weak smile to Arjun. To make her laugh he instantly offered to wipe tears and nose if it would make her feel better. Since childhood she would always run to Arjun and cry if she was stuck in any problem and end up wiping her tears and her watery nose due to crying and run away. Arjun would run around to punish her for her act but never would never really punish her because she was his kiddo, he would do anything to make her happy. That did the trick; Geet smiled at his offer and willingly wiped herself before smiling and running away. He was glad she finally smiled and told her to sleep as it was already late and promised to wake her up tomorrow for her office. She thanked Arjun for all his help and wondered what she would do without him. She bid Arjun goodnight and retired to bed forgetting all her pains.
            By morning the mist in the air and the dewdrops on the leaves gave and expression as though they were laughing at the first rays of sunlight. Arjun found Geet sleeping with a smile on her face. She looked calm and serene and the morning rays of sunlight were brightening her already beautiful features. Wishing that she always smiled like that, he went to wake her up so that she would be on time to office. She woke up after quite a number of pleadings and warnings and went to the bathroom to get ready for her first day.
            Geet finished her morning rituals and whipped up a professional look finishing it with a small bindi and a streak of vibhuti (sacred ash) on her face. She greeted Gowtam Uncle who reading the newspaper and nudged a quick good morning to Arjun who was sitting beside his dad. Gowtam Uncle asked about the interview and congratulated her as he had heard from Arjun about her job confirmation. He wished her luck and headed to the office. Arjun and Geet finished their breakfast in silence and Arjun went to bring his car so that he could drop Geet off in her office.
            Geet arrived right and time, bid bye to Arjun and ran into the office fearing her new boss, Maan Singh Khurana. She was greeted by Pinky with her signature banana chips. Geet greeted her back and went inside to find Adhi waiting for her. He showed Geet her new cabin that was situated adjacent to Maan's because she was his secretary cum junior architect. The cabin was accessorized with minimum furniture of an office svivel chair, a table with desktop and printer and a small side table at the end of the room. Geet like the fact that it was simple but it was too colorless for her taste. She would find a way to make it seem more colorful more with life, but right now she settled herself in her seat and made herself comfortable. She heard Adhi tell her that Maan was already in the office and that he was in a meeting with the clients. Adhi wished her luck and told her to feel free to ask if she needed anything. Geet thanked him and assured that if she needed anything she would certainly ask him. After that Adhi left Geet on her own and got back to his work.
            Geet was busy setting up her table when the phone rang. She jerked at the sudden noise and picked up to find Sasha on the other side. Sasha asked her to meet her in two minutes as she had a new project coming up. Geet answered in the affirmative and hung up to go see Sasha.
            Geet saw a woman in her late twenties, grim face and dull features sitting in her desk and seriously looking at the file. Geet knocked before entering and went and stood near the desk and Sasha looked at her. Although she didn't seemed too pleased with Geet's presence she didn't seem too unfriendly. She asked Geet to take a seat to discuss about the upcoming project for Mr. Yash Kapoor. Geet carefully listened to what Sasha had to say and noted down the necessary details for the project. She was asked to make a small presentation with some basic designs and other details for the project. Geet exited the cabin once she was done discussing with Sasha.
            It was not a bad day after all, she thought. She was given her first project and by her Muruga's grace there was no trouble brewing. She came back to her cabin and saw that Maan had returned from his meeting and was immersed in his work. She quietly sat down in her chair avoiding gaining his attention. She didn't know Maan had already seen her walk past his cabin and walk into her cabin.
Maan pretended to look into the file while he actually observed what she was upto. He smirked at the fact that she quietly sat down in her chair without any fuss and had avoided looking at him. He wanted to irk her a little therefore, as soon as Geet settled herself, he called her.
"Geet, come to my office," he ordered.
"Abhi sir?" she asked innocently.
"Nahi, kal," he chided.
"Teekhai sir," she said not catching the sarcasm in his tone.
She was going to keep the phone when she heard him bark at her, "Geet, when I say come to my office that means right now!" and the line went dead.
Geet peeped through the blinds to see if he was looking at her before she cursed, "Paavi (bad fellow), when I asked if he wanted me now he could say that politely right, but no, he has to bark. Muruga what have you gotten me into!" She quickly dashed to his cabin to find him immersed again in one of his files. She knocked the door and entered. He never looked up so she cleared her throat to make her presence known to him.
"Geet, get me a cup of coffee," he said without looking at her.
"Kya?" she asked loudly.
"I said get me a cup a coffee," he said slowly but firmly.
"Main tumhari cook hoon kya?" she asked forgetting he was her boss.
"Geet," he fumed, "main tumhari boss hoon, call me Maan sir, samjhi? Aur haan you are my secretary, so you are supposed to make me coffee. Ab jaldi se jao and get me a cup of coffee"
Geet realized her folly and apologized for her reply but still was dazed that he had asked her, Geetanjali Handa, to make coffee. Did he even any idea that he was making her make coffee when she did even have the need to boil hot water back home. She was fuming inside, not entirely for the fact that Maan had asked her to make coffee but also that she had no clue how to make one! Maan noticed that she stood unmoving and looked up with his eyes questioning her motive. She gave him a nervous smile and slowly turned around hoping that she could find Pinky to help her make coffee. She walked out in search of Pinky, unfortunately Pinky had stepped out and was not scheduled to return anytime soon, Adhi was busy, and everyone else seemed occupied. Luck was playing a cruel game on her. She cursed her bad luck, now she had no option but to ask Maan himself on how to make coffee. She slowly walked into him cabin hoping he wouldn't fire her over such a small issue as coffee. Seeing her come in, Maan extended his hand as if expecting his coffee cup. When he received no cup he looked up at her to find her nervously making hand patterns.
"Geet, where is my coffee?" he asked sounding clearly annoyed.
"Sir, woh, I mean,"
"Can you please cut the nonsense and get to the point"
"Sir, coffee kaise banate hain?" she blurted and looked at him.
"What? Don't you even know how to make coffee?" he asked quite surprised.
"Actually sir, woh kya hai na, I am the only child in my house, aur mere ghar main to mujhe," she started when she was rudely cut by Maan.
"I do not want to hear your chatter, I'll just tell you how to," he sighed afraid that she would begin her nonstop chatter.
Geet was happy that he wasn't mad her and in fact was willing to help her. She gave him a wide smile and looked at him eagerly to give her instructions.
"Pehle, heat the milk up for about 1 minute in the microwave."
"Sir, athan theriyume (I know that)" she said forgetting Maan couldn't understand her. Looking at his puzzled reaction she hit her head, "I mean I know that sir."
"Teekhai, phir take a small teaspoon and measure a spoon of the coffee powder"
"Oh I know that sir"
"Toh phir do you what to do next"
"Ah! Only after that I don't know what to do," she said looking at him innocently.
"Next add the powder to the milk"
"Sir, I know that sir"
"Do you know what to do next?"
"After that only I don't know sir."
Maan was losing his patience by her insistence that she knew what to do when told yet when asked what she would do next she had no clue. He was right she was strangely insane. "Next, take a big spoon of salt and add it to the milk, and come and pour it on me!"
"Sir? Kyun sir, aap gusse main ho?" clearly not understanding the situation.
"What else do you expect? I am trying to help you here by taking you through step-by-step and each time you say you know that but when asked what to do next you have no clue. Do I look like a fool to you?" he shouted. "Now shut up and listen to the whole thing. If I here you speak one word, mujhse bura koi nahi hoga samjhi tum?" Maan again explained the whole thing and she listened with her mouth shut. She went to the kitchen and prepared as per his instructions. He had insisted only one spoon of sugar. She carefully took one spoon of sugar that was mounted like a huge mountain, and mixed it and took it to him.
She handed him the coffee and turned around to leave when she heard him spit the whole mouthful he drank.
"Geet! What is this?" he roared
"Sir, coffee."
"I asked you to make coffee not sweet. How much sugar did you add?"
"Like you said one spoon."
"Accha? One spoon?" he asked his eyes red with anger. "Can you do anything properly? You can't even make a cup of coffee how the hell will you function properly as a junior architect? You are unable to follow simple set of instructions and here you want to work as a junior architect. I was right; you have proved that you are fit for nothing except talking."
Geet's eyes were brimming with tears, threatening to drop any time soon. He had called her useless and fit for nothing. How did making coffee have anything to do with being a junior architect? He had no right to judge her designing skills when he himself was a selfish, arrogant, obnoxious, man with absolutely no sympathy for others. She abruptly turned to leave when something tugged her from leaving.

here is the next chapter. please ignore any grammatical errors as i didnt hv time to check it. 
i see that that half the people i am sending PMs to dont even bother to click the like button. Cry guys ur comments n likes only make me write if u guys give up on me then i hv no option but to not write. please do comment (i do welcome criticism) or at least hit the like button.

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Lovely updateClap

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