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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 111)

avani_9 Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 12:37am | IP Logged
sry m ol frm ma mobi so my mistake double post...

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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hey where are you? Update soon

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pushpi

hey where are you? Update soon
sry i started working from last week so didnt get a chance to finish typing. i am there almost have to wrap up hospital scene n write the starting of maaneet present encounter at conference Wink plzz hang in there. Confused

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Chapter 23: Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal (Newfound Meanings)
Arjun walked into the room silently, his eyes red and swollen from continuous crying. He saw Geet, her face pale and drained, while her body lay limp on the hospital bed. The girl who couldn't sit in one place for few seconds, the lively and bubbly Geet was now stuck on the hospital bed, unconscious and motionless. Seeing her condition, his tears again flowed freely. He walked towards the bed and took her hands assuring she was there before him. Her hands felt cold and hard. He clasped both his hands and tried rubbing her hand to get rid of the coldness. He let his tears fall freely on her hands, brought her hands near his face, and leaned his forehead on her hands. He felt her fingers move a little with his touch and looked at her. Although she was still unconscious she seemed to feel his touch. He heard the door creak open and he saw Maan walk in, quietly closing the door behind him. He walked slowly towards the bed while constantly looking at Geet. Arjun wondered if Geet knew the person who saved her and before he could ask, he saw her stir a little.
Geet's eyes fluttered open slightly. She squinted her eyes, trying to adjust to the dim light of the room. She first saw Maan enter the room somberly and then she felt someone holding her hands tightly. She shifted her gaze to find Arjun staring back lovingly at her, his eyes filled with tears. She tried to remember what happened and how she ended up in the strange room filled with monitors and machines. The last thing she remembered seeing Maan in the bazaar and him screaming her name when she felt a sharp pain on her shoulder. After that, the incidents seemed hazy and she racked her brain trying to recollect them.
"Geet," Maan and Arjun said at the same time. They looked at each other surprised and smiled weakly. They turned to face Geet again, "How are you feeling?" they said together. Geet chuckled at their timing. She tried to get up but a sharp pain in her shoulder prevented her from doing so.
Maan saw her squirming to get up so he rushed front, "Geet, could you please stay on the bed," he said panicking about Geet's present condition.
"Uff ho M—" she paused. If Arjun and Maan were cordial under the same roof without biting each other's heads off, they wouldn't know each other, she thought. And if she called him by his name, definitely she would be the witness of World War III. She wanted to get the things straight before they got to know each other on rough grounds. And the first step was to keep them away from each other.
Seeing her thoughtful Arjun wondered what was going through her mind. "Geet, dard ho raha hai kya?" he asked with concern.
"Hm?" she said breaking away from her flow of thoughts. "Nahi, I mean haan," she said clutching his hands tightly. "Doctor ko bulao please," she said. Without another word Arjun rushed to get the doctor. Geet hoped he would take time to find the doctor and took this opportunity to talk to Maan.
"Maan, aap yahaan kya kar rahe ho?" she asked curiously looking at his blood stained shirt.
"Voh, I came to help someone," he lied, not wanting to reveal the real motive behind his presence.
"Oh I see, but how did you know I would be here?" she pestered further. 
"I saw the doctors take you in while I was exiting out."
"By the way, why is your shirt stained with blood?"
Maan was starting to get annoyed with her continuous questioning. "Muruga!" he said imitating Geet. "Why have you have created a question bank instead of a human being?" he said feigning frustration.
Geet, seeing Maan mimic her constant Muruga call, looked away pouting her lips. Maan chuckled at her childishness. When she fell in his arms, wounded badly, he was gravely afraid that something terrible would happen to her. He had prayed for the first time in his life. He was never used to asking anything from anyone; he had grown up to fend for himself but for the first time he had genuinely asked something, Geet's life. Seeing her alive and back to her own childish and innocent self was something more than he had asked for and he was definitely grateful for that. He had deeply regretted the day when he had meaninglessly shouted at her for a mere laser pen and he vowed to set things right with his apology. Unfortunately she had taken too much into her heart right from the day he had insulted her in the airport preventing her from accepting his apology. He never meant to walk out in the airport not did he mean to hurt her feelings with the coffee incident but the way things took place was not pleasant. He knew she was extremely intelligent, talented, and nave. Unlike the other girls who didn't leave a chance to flirt with him, she was very professional and decent. He definitely liked working with her, but his ego and anger prevented him from behaving rationally. Since the time he walked out of her house seeing her tear stained face, he had mentally cursed himself for letting his anger loose. And then when he saw her in the bazaar he once again wanted to try his luck convincing her to come back, but to his horror she was injured right in front of him. His heart lurched in his throat seeing her in that plight and he rushed to her. But when she asked what he was doing here, he didn't want to tell the events that he helped her, as he didn't want her admiration for the work he did. What he did was out of genuine intentions and for the sake of humanity but he didn't want appreciation for it therefore he had conveniently lied. He looked at her, admiring her childish behavior and smiled.
"Geet, I was just kidding."
"Ukkum, poi sollathel (As if, don't lie)"
"I'm sorry, come again?" he said confused at her sudden change of language.
"Geet, could you please blabbing in your own language," he said regaining his original arrogant self.
"Dekha, again you are showing me your attitude," she said.
Maan realized his posture and relaxed a bit. "Nahi Geet, I am s—" Just then the doctor entered followed by Arjun explaining Geet still complained of pain.
"Hello Geet," he smiled and asked the men to leave the room so that the doctor could check on her. The doctor started checking on her pulse and checked the wound and stitches.
"Aap bohut lucky ho Geet," she said checking the Intravenous tube.
"I'm sorry, main samjhi nahi," Geet asked puzzled.
"The Maan Singh Khurana, himself fought to admit you and gave you his blood in order to save you."
"What?" Geet asked surprised.
"Haan, you were unconscious when he brought you to the hospital. He was quite anxious. And then when the doctors had refused to treat you because it's a police case, he fought to get you admitted."
Geet couldn't believe her ears. Maan was the one who saved her but he had lied that he was in the hospital for a different reason. He did seem quite disturbed when she first saw him enter and relaxed a little bit seeing her talk back at him. She was definitely surprised by his unusual behavior but never really thought into in. But looking at his bloodstained shirt and his hazy appearance she became skeptical. She wondered why he would lie to her. In the midst of pondering about his lies, she began to think about his help. The Maan, who had refused to say sorry on the first day of their meeting, now came forward to the extent of fighting for her. Although she couldn't fathom the bottom of it, his selfless act did etch a place in her heart. Today she saw a new Maan that she had failed to discover in the past few days. Although her mind reasoned his acts as a part of his scheme to get her back, her heart refused to comply with it. In the back of her mind still a doubt lurked but she quickly brushed it off and now began to think about the task at hand, trying to prevent the upcoming world war III.
Seeing the doctor leave, both Maan and Arjun were anxious to find from her if Geet was alright. Confirming her well being they wanted to see Geet again.
"By the way aap ne bataya nahi ki aap Geet ko kaise jaante hai," Arjun asked seeing Maan fret over Geet like he did.
They entered the room to see Geet curiously eyeing them. "Voh I am her b—"
"Arjun!" she interrupted. "Arjun main tumse akele main baat karni chaahti hoon," she said eyeing Maan to leave them for few minutes. Maan left without a word, leaving Arjun and Geet alone.
"Kya hua Ammulu?" he said sitting beside her.
"Voh, promise me first you will not come to unnecessary conclusions before I tell you everything."
"Baat kya hai, pehle voh toh batao," he said eyeing her curiously.
"Athu vanthu (The matter is)," she hesitated. "That man who helped me is Maan Singh Khurana, MD of Khurana Constructions," she paused looking at Arjun's reaction. He seemed quite calm, contrary to his hot-blooded reaction. "Arjun?" she called knotting her eyebrows.
"Yes, I am listening," he said coolly.
His silence was irking her now. "Arjun!" she screamed, "that fellow, my jellyfish fellow, my boss, Maan!" she said stressing each word hoping that would ring a bell.
"Geet, I can hear you, chillane ki koi zaroorat nahi," he said blocking his ears.
"Dei, loose avanthanda enna azhavecchan (Hey crack head he only made me cry) you are suppose to be killing him right now and—," she said frustrated.
Arjun laughed loudly at her childish anger. He smoothed her hair and tucked them neatly behind her eats and helped her sit up comfortably. "Ammulu," he said cupping her face, "I did find out from the front desk but just wanted it out of his mouth." Hearing this, Geet's mouth widened. "I do understand that he has troubled you a lot, but if not for him, I wouldn't have seen you alive now," he said becoming teary. "Seeing his anxiousness and his selflessness to help you shows he wouldn't have meant anything seriously.
"Arjun," she whispered realizing the depth of his pain and hugged him to assure him she was absolutely fine.
"Che naan edutha efforts ellam thanni la karenju poche (Ugh, all the efforts that I took has gone down the drain)," she joked changing the topic.  
"What efforts?"
"Vahi, I am suppose to be preventing you from biting his head off by telling he is a vallavaru (great man), nallavaru (good man), etc.," she said dramatically.
"Pagli!" Arjun said shaking his head. "He seemed he wanted to talk something with you. I shall call him. Anyway I have go pick up your medicines to you. Teekhai?"
Geet nodded her head in approval. Arjun left asking Maan to go see her while he left to pick up the medicines. Both Maan and Geet were lost for words and an awkward silence prevailed. Feeling the need to break the ice, Maan decided to speak up and clear the air of misunderstandings.
"Geet, pehle I really am sorry. I didn't mean anything I said in anger. On the other day I was mad that someone was purposefully making a scene in the airport. And then during the interview time I wanted to quench my ego by making you work double. The coffee incident made me think you put too much sugar just to irk me. And finally during the presentation I didn't realize you were nervous. Each time my anger clouded my judgment causing me to act like a jerk. Even after this apology if you feel I deserve revenge. I am more than welcome to comply with it. You are free to treat me the way you want to," he said solemnly.
Geet was overtaken by his honest confession. She never thought he would step down this much just for her acceptance of his apology. She was touched by his words and definitely decided to give him a chance to revive his mistake. She cleared her throat and looked at him not revealing her emotions.
Maan, seeing her calmly listening to him, was confused of her reaction. "Friends?" he asked extending his hands with hesitation.
Geet was surprised by his offer but wanted to play hard to get. "Friends? My foot!" she said feigning anger.
Maan noticed her counterfeit anger and was happy she conceded and accepted his apology. But he wanted to play along with her, "Once offer gone, it's gone forever!"
"Toh jaane deejiyena," she smirked.
"Aise kaise jaane doon?" he asked surprised.
"Toh phir kya karenge aap?" she asked innocently.
"I shall hold on to it till my last breath," he said candidly.
"Maan!" she said, her tone reaching the high notes.
"Stop being so dramatic," she complained.
"Who me? Look who is talking," he teased.
Geet crossed her arms in anger that was harsh on her stitches, causing her to wince in pain. Maan rushed to her side alarmed as she cringed, "Geet! Are you okay? Doctor ko bulaun? Is it hurting too much? Do you feel the blood oozing out, tum thehro I shall call the doctor," he said everything in one go.
"Maan," she said calmly. He looked at worriedly at her. "Main bilkul teekh hoon. I moved my hands too fast. It's alright Maan," she assured.  
"Nahi main abhi bulata hoon. For my satisfaction," he said and rushed to get the doctor again.
Geet shook her head and smiled at his concern for her. Few days ago, she had hated the sight of this man. His arrogance, his behavior, his guts had irked her to no end, but here he was caring for her, running around the hospital for her, and asking for repeated apology. She wondered at the new turn of events and the new meanings it portrayed. She smiled satisfied at the turn of events and was grateful to her Muruga for enriching her life with people who cared for her.  
Arjun walked towards the balcony while Geet stood rooted to the spot regretting her words. She didn't mean to burst forth at him but in the spur of the moment she blurted out unwanted words. And now there was no taking back; she had hurt Arjun deeply. She knew he always wanted her happiness that's the reason he had silently supported her decision to part away from Maan. And he has stood by her side and always lent his shoulder to cry and extended his hands to support. He had always put her happiness in front of his, no matter what. And what had she given him in return? Nothing but pain. Realizing her folly, she decided to set things right and went out to the balcony to find him leaning on the railings.
"Arjun," she said bleakly but got no response from him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and called out again. He walked away from her without replying. "Mujhe maaf kardo I didn't—"
"Don't be sorry," he said plainly, "there is nothing you have to be sorry for. In fact, I am the one who needs to be sorry for jutting in your decisions."
Geet's head shot up at his dispassionate tone and his declaration. She ran to face him, her eyes bedewed with tears. Arjun instantly turned away from facing her. "Arjun, I know I have hurt you deeply, but please aise bade bade shabd istemaal mat karna," she said, her voice cracking.
Arjun turned hearing her sob silently. He pulled her into a tight embrace and at that instant Geet sobbed loudly, wetting his shirt. He patted her head shushing her to calm down. Finally, sobs died down and she looked up to find Arjun's eyes were red from crying. He saw her looking at him and hurriedly wiped down the tears. That was the reason he faced away from her, she thought. She cursed herself to have made him cry. She caught his hands from wiping his tears and she wiped down them down, mouthing a sorry.
Arjun weakly smiled through his tears and shook his head at her gesture. He knew she couldn't take his tears so he had stood facing away from her. But when her voice cracked, he couldn't take it anymore and rushed to her side. He had promised himself to take care of her and he knew that she didn't mean those words she uttered few minutes ago. But for a second, his emotions overtook him, making him walk away from her. He knew her love for Maan made her talk such words. He knew the depth of her love towards him. If not for that love, she wouldn't have opted to stay away from him and sacrificing her love for him. He had seen her suffer since the day of their marriage but she refused to stay away from Maan. And finally when she knew she was pregnant with Kritika, she decided the best option for Maan and her was to separate before he knew anything about it. In her words, love for a person meant seeing that person happy over anything else. Geet always saw Maan's happiness above her own causing her to make the most difficult decision in her life; living away from the people she loved most. Although she never complained, her voice had lost the charm, her eyes lost the luster, she had become quieter, contrary to her usual nature; overall, she was not his old Ammulu. He had always prayed for her old self to be back, he hoped time would heal her wound but nothing seemed to change her prospective. She stood rigid by her decision to stay isolated and live a lonely life, with her Kritika.
The week passed by quickly, giving way to the conference Geet had feared most. The day when she had to be careful not to expose herself in front of him, else it would be very difficult to stay away from him. She had tamed her heart all these years to stay away from him, but one look at him could turn the tables around completely.
Geet had asked Arjun to pick up Kritika from the school and keep her at his apartment for she would be late. He assured that if she needed then to call him immediately. She let him know she would take care of herself and not let her emotions run haywire. But she didn't know tonight would be something new, something different, something that she had always wished for would come to her. She would be swirled in the eddy of emotions forcing her to reconsider her decisions.

Geet was about to about to leave the dance floor when she felt a strong jerk, making her fall on a strong, broad, and chiseled chest.
"Kyun Ms Handa dar gayi?" Maan teased, his cool breath fanning her ears and his baritone voice sending chills down her spine. She winced at his contact but didn't want to fight the urge to go away from his embrace. She turned to face his handsome face, yet his sunken dark eyes said a different story. She let her hands run freely on his stubble and traced her fingers on his jawline.

the next part coming soon as in by tonite (EST) Wink... until then comment this away n hit the LIKE button

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Woah baby another update on the way?!
YAY Happy Friday to us all
Thanks for the PM and the update babe. Can't wait to read more tonight.

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awesome update...waiting for them to meet

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wow beautiful n emotional update.

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awesome one !!

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