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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 104)

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Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by -dia-

Beutiful part!!!

loved it ...awesome!!!

Geet-Kriti-Arjun moments were so sweet ...Mother-Daughter duo is just rocking ...acha hua Kriti ne Arjun ko Mammu boadiya ...lekin mujhe ek doubt hai ...Y she didn't call him when Maan was there ... whether U have any intention in creating MUs???

well I'm not commenting on Past I didn't like the starting.

wonderful update!!!
diaaa Hug 
thnx for the comment! well the MU was not intentional she didnt say haan pappa. that's what maan heard. i hope to clear what she actually said in the next update hopefully if not i myself shall tell u what kriti said n why maan heard so that way Wink

waiting for that ...Day Dreaming

kyun past accha isiliye -acha hai ...I liked 3/4th of the partBig smile expect the startingAngry accha nahi laga kyunki maan ko bad man i mean maan LOL (has mat,I'm getting angry)bana diya?? - Exactly can u???CryCrywriting acchi nahi lagi ya the story batao naConfused (how can u thk something like that it ...the story as well as the way the way u r penning it down is wonderful ...more over I'm loving it)

waiting ...

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by -dia-

Hey Madhu ...I'm here with my both the hands raisedLOL
oi my dear omana penkuttiii LOL update in 15 mins Big smile

chakarae ...ummah ...Heart waiting ...

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Chapter 22: Uncertain Future
Maan effortlessly lifted her and ran towards his car while shouting at Vicky to follow him. Vicky blindly ran behind Maan and they rushed to the nearest hospital with the unconscious Geet.
Arjun heard people shouting and running hither thither but couldn't clearly see what was happening. He caught hold of a passerby and asked him what was going on. The man said that a goon attacked somebody and some gentleman had rushed her off to the hospital. Arjun panicked for a second and decided to probe the man further. He asked for the details of the person attacked, what she wore, etc, the man said it was young girl probably in her 20s but couldn't see her face clearly. Arjun was shocked as his fears were confirmed; he cursed himself for letting her go on her own. He dropped all the bags and ran towards the sight of assault to catch a glimpse of the person rushing Geet to the hospital but failed to see any trace of him. He stamped his foot and pushed his hair back in frustration. The only possible way left was to check out the nearest hospital, with that thought he drove to the nearest hospitals around chandni chowk.
Meanwhile Maan managed to reach the hospital but at the loss of lot of blood from Geet. His shirt and hands were soaked in her blood; he tried waking her up, but with no use. Time to time he checked for her heartbeat that was very faint. Tears had clouded his eyes and for the first time he prayed that she be alright. He ran into the hospital with unconscious Geet in his arms, shouting for immediate medical attention. On the other hand Vicky went to park the car.
Nurses rushed to the scene with calling to get a stretcher for Geet. Maan carefully laid Geet on the stretcher while doctors came running to attend the patient. They examined Geet and found a deep gash on her shoulder and looked up at Maan. "Sir, yeh kaise hua?" the doctor nearby asked.
"Voh chandni chowk mein someone stabbed her. I saw it and immediately brought her here," Maan said sounding tensed.
"Oh I see, then this is a police case sir. We have to wait until the police arrive," the doctor said.
"What?" Maan shouted.
"Sir, please don't shout. This is police case, so I cannot proceed until complaint is filed," the doctor shrugged.
Maan held the doctor's collar and shook him violently, "What the hell are you saying doctor, in the next few seconds if she is not treated then you shall be very sorry," he spat furiously.
"But sir," the doctor tried to argue.
"Just do it damn it!" Maan declared jerking his hands away from the collar.
"Sir, rules are rules," the doctor said callously.
"Tum Maan Singh Khurana ko rules ke bare mein lecture dega?" he asked gritting his teeth.
The doctor was taken aback by the name, "Sssir, aap Maan Singh Khurana hai?" he faltered. By the time Vicky had arrived to the scene and overheard the dialogue. He knew messing around with his Veerji's anger was like playing with fire. Before the volcano erupted, he rushed to his brother's side and placed a soothing hand on his Maan's shoulder and looked annoyed at the doctor's refusal.
"Haan doctor, the Maan Singh Khurana. Ab aap please rush the lady for immediate medical attention," he said sternly.
Without another word the doctor and the nurses rushed Geet into the operation theater. Maan ran his hands through his hair unable to fathom the situation. Who would have wanted to harm her, he thought. Vicky saw his brother nervously pacing up and down the hallway and was puzzled with his jittery behavior.
"Veerji, it's alright us ladki ko kuch nahi hogi. Aap inta pareshan mat hoyiyega," Vicky assured.
"Nahi Vicky, I am really scared for Geet," Maan said rubbing his temples.
"Geet?" he asked with bewilderment, "aapko use pata hai?"
"Haan Vicky she works in our office," Maan said.
An employee, Vicky concluded. But he was surprised that Maan Veerji took an employee so seriously. Of course he was concerned with his employee's well-being, but he had never seen his Veerji fret over anyone like this. Maan Singh Khurana faced every problem in his life like a challenge and never broke down, but here he was pacing around anxiously for a employee. His chain of thoughts was broken when the doctor walked out morosely. Maan rushed to his side asking if everything was fine.
"She has had a huge loss of blood as the stab is very deep. Aur hume abhi blood transfusion ke liye tayyar karne padegi," the doctor stated gravely.
"Toh what is the problem please make the necessary arrangements," Maan urged.
"Mr. Khurana the problem is that she is O- and I have contacted the blood banks but they don't have it; that means finding a donor soon is very difficult."
 "I am O- you can certainly take my blood," he said without second thought. Immediately the doctor called the nurse and asked her to do the necessary procedures for blood transfusion.
Arjun again walked out of another hospital dejectedly. This was the third hospital yet he failed to find Geet. His hands shivered at the thought of Geet in danger and he angrily wiped down the tears that effortlessly rolled down. He had let her walk away from him, and now the consequences were taking a toll on his Geet's life. Sitting in the car he lost all hopes and clutched the steering wheel tightly making turning his knuckles white. The receptionist had said there was another hospital nearby, Jain Bird Hospital, and had told him to check there. He sped to his last and final destination praying that Geet be there.
Arjun reached the hospital mentioned by the receptionist and without caring that he parked the car in front of the hospital, he ran inside to the reception desk asking whether any patient named Geet was admitted. The receptionist was checking through the logbook to find the name, Geet. And after what seemed like eternity, she looked up to confirm indeed a patient named Geet was admitted into the operation theater. Confirming the directions to the OT Arjun ran.
 "Geet!" Arjun screamed through the glass window at Geet who was struggling for her life. He cursed himself for letting her go on her own. He promised not to spare those people because of whom Geet fighting for her life. Vicky looked up at the mention of the name, his brother talked about few minutes ago. He went to the gentleman standing by the door and tapped his shoulder to gain his attention.
"Aap Geet ko jaante ho?" Vicky asked.
"Haan, aur aap?" Arjun hesitated.
"Main Vicky, aap befikar rahiye, mere Veerji ne Geet ko yahan layein hai, aur abhi khoon dene keliye gaye hain," he assured with a warm smile. 
Arjun was still unsure about the happenings; he didn't know whether to thank the person for giving his blood or the fact that Geet was still fighting for her life. He smiled weakly at Vicky and tried to look through the window.
"Yeh hai mere Veerji," Vicky said pointing to Maan who came out of the room adjusting his sleeves.
Arjun saw tall, dark-haired man, his shirt covered in blood walk towards him with a tensed face.
"Veerji!" Vicky called causing Maan to look up. "Veerji, he has come for Geet," he said pointing to Arjun.
"Thanks so much for bringing Geet here, it was my mistake I let her out of my sight for a few minutes," Arjun said breaking down.
"Nahi don't be sorry, the incident that happened was totally out of the blue have faith, everything will be alright," Vicky pitched in when Maan failed to speak anything. "Aap dono please sit down," he gestured to the bench nearby. "By the way aap ne aapka naam nahi bataya," he said looking at Arjun.
"Arjun, Arjun Singhania."
Moments passed slowly and they heard no news of Geet. Doctors and nurses rushed in and out of the OT hurriedly. Finally the doctor walked out of the OT, "it's good news, she is out of danger."
Arjun and Maan stood up thanking the heavens and rushed to thank the doctor for his timely help. The doctor told Arjun to thank Maan for donating blood at the crucial moment. Arjun turned towards Maan and hugged him letting out his anguish through his tears. Maan's eyes too were brimmed with tears but he pat Arjun that Geet was a fighter afterall.
The hug was broken with the doctor's words that Geet was still unconscious and would be wake up in a few hours, before that they would shift her the ICU and keep her under observation.
Arjun excused himself to make a phone call to let Geet's parents know her present condition. He was initially hesitant on confronting Anu ma as he had promised to take good care of Geet and here he was calling them about her attack due to his carelessness. Anuradha and Arvind were initially shocked at the news and broke down but Arjun assured them she was alright now. They decided to take the next flight to Delhi and reach there as soon as possible.

Geet woke up and tried to stretch herself but found it hard to do so. She saw Kritika tightly holding on to her and slept peacefully with a cute smile on her face. The weekend, she had enjoyed to the fullest with Kritika and Arjun. Forgetting all her sorrow she let herself be carried away by the joys of happiness. It was good to have Arjun back after his long business trip for he always made her smile even during her darkest phases of life. She sighed deeply before undoing Kritika's grip on her neck and slowly crept out of bed, as she had to get ready for office.
It was Monday morning, and the streets of New York were buzzing with activity. She gathered her tresses in a bun before heading to the bathroom for a shower. Reality came crashing to her when she gathered her bag. This Friday was the conference and still she had not found a good reason to back out of it. Today she had to somehow manage to cook up a reason to not attend it, she thought woefully. The offer to see him was too tempting but thinking about the consequences scared her, thus separation was indeed called for.
Soon Kritika and Geet left to their respective places. She knocked on Arjun's door, that was adjacent to her apartment to let him know his breakfast and lunch was ready on the table.
Geet reached her office deep in thought but the work in the office diverted her attention. By lunchtime, JP came to check on the latest developments and was happy to see the latest project completed well on target. He was full praise of Geet for her hard work on the project designs. Geet just smiled at his compliments for really these praises' real owner was someone else. He had taught her how to create unique designs under bare minimum circumstances. She had of course topped her architecture course at college but he was the one who put her book knowledge to practical use. He had guided her, supported her throughout her struggling days in Khurana Construction. Her nervous breakdowns before presentations, while preparing designs had given way to her frustration and poor quality of her work yet Maan had patiently walked with her guiding her every step.
JP casually reminded her about the upcoming conference and added that her presence was absolutely necessary for the company. Geet tried protesting and finding an excuse to not attend the conference but each excuse was brushed away by JP and at each mention of Maan's name her resolve to not attend became weaker. And at one point her thoughts on Maan was overwhelming that she didn't realize she consented to accompany JP. Her boss' joy knew no bounds, he jumped in joy as though a child had got his favorite candy and ran out of the room before
Geet changed her decision. Geet soon realized her folly and hit her forehead cursing the name that created magic on her. She had just consented to go and if she again came up with an excuse she would look too silly and unprofessional. She decided the best way was to attend the conference and silently slip out complaining of headache before she got a chance to meet Maan. It would make JD happy that she attended the conference and she would be relieved from meeting Maan.
Geet sat on the dinner table fiddling her food on the plate while Arjun and Kritika were happily chatting away. Arjun noticed Geet lost in thoughts and nudged her, but found no response.
"Ammulu, you okay there?" he asked waving his hands in front of her.
"Huh? Haan I am fine," she faked a smile.
"That is a clear I am not fine reply. So please grace me with the problem."
It was hard to fool Arjun, for he knew too much about Geet. So she tell him the ongoing events and that she had to attend the annual conference. Arjun stiffened at the mention of the conference. He couldn't let her walk into her own grave.
"Geet you are in no way going to that conference," he stated sternly.
"Arjun, please don't overreact. I cannot refuse my boss," she frowned.
Arjun and Geet went on back and forth arguing about attending the conference. Arjun was determined not to let her go and hurt herself in that man's presence. But Geet assured she would safely walk out without Maan's knowledge. The back-and-forth confrontation turned into a serious argument. In the midst of Arjun and Geet talk, Kritika silently walked off knowing it would take hours before her Maams and mom end the talks. Arjun started reminding her that he cannot trust Maan around her. Geet had heard enough of anti-Maan talks and was fed up of arguing with Arjun about whose mistake it was.
"Oh stop it Arjun. I have heard enough of talks against Maan. I am not going to take one more word against him. You and I very well know what happened, it was I who fell in love with him. What was his mistake in it if I failed?" she spat in anger. "Stop blaming him. Agar tumne ek aur baar Maan ke khilaaf kaha toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga, do you understand?"
"But," Arjun protested.
"Enough! I am going to that conference and I know how to take care of myself. Main koi choti bacchi nahi hoon," she said with annoyance.
Arjun was taken aback by her sudden outburst. He didn't want Geet to get hurt when she faced Maan. Old unhealed memories would re-emerge with his presence and he didn't want that to happen. "Of course Geet you are no child. And you can absolutely take care of yourself," his voice reflecting deep ache. He walked away silently.
"Friends? My foot!"
"Once offer gone, it's gone forever!"

here is the next update... hope u like it... i am sorry i have been unable to individually reply back to all those lovely people who took their time to hit the like button n comment luv ya all Heart have been a busy lately so couldnt find the time to thank everyone individually. hope u guys understand that i read every single comment n thats what keeps me writing so please dont stop doing so Ouchquestions comments or concerns please feel free to ask away Smile n oh ya its a good that priya (thnx darling Hug) brought this issue up AB+ is indeed a universal recipient but there are cases during blood transfusions that only AB+ is needed for the patient. since i didnt expand on she specifically needed AB+ n left it as a loophole i have changed the blood group to O- just to clear off confusions for current n future readers Wink 

dont forget to hit the LIKE button Wink 

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aww ...awesome Madhu Star(not U,I meant updateLOL)

The whole hospital scenes were wonderful ...Maan's restlessness & his fear of losing her ...though he is not able to voice out and understand his state of feelings(no probs,for he ll state it laterWink) ...have narrated beautifully ...Perfect!

Vicky much knows about his Veerji very well ...kya in Future updates can we get more of Vicky playing cupids to bring them close???

Btw ab Vicky kaha hai????

Arjun tho Maan ko hug kiya ...well what ll be his reaction when he comes to know that he is Geet's Mr.Jellyfish???

Finally she decided to attend the Conference ...wish they come face-to-face ...pls don't disappoint me ...atleast let Maan see her.

I liked Geet's outburst ...she is 100XXX times correct ...Y Arjun needs to always blame himAngry ...glad that she made her point cleared about Maan.

But what U mean by this line ..." it was I who fell in love with him. What was his mistake in it if I failed " ... U r confusing meConfused ...coz in an earlier update u stated who much they love each-other, but this line sab ulta hogaya ...aur mujhe confuse bhi kardiya.

I think in next update we can get Maan-Kirti encounter ...right ...can ?I hope the precap is meant for them???

wonderful update!!!

loved it ...superb!!!

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wow awsome one yaar...loved it so nmuch 

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nazsij Senior Member

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ek mere employee keliye ithna care?usi time se maan geet se attracted tha kya?i loved it...ufff finally she is going to meet him...i can't was awesome...poor arjun...

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edited my post ...look upBig smile

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nice update. sooo geet is going to meet maan.

precap is seems interesting. pls update soon and thanks for pm. still catching up so can't comment longLOL

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