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Maaneet FF: Whispering Knolls NEW LINK on Pg141 (Page 100)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Geet is hurt and Maan has come to save her...
but am not satisfied with this...
so u better post the update soon...

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 5:58am | IP Logged
i thought u r going to update..
but tumne to naya precap de diya...
anyways..lovely precap...
continue soon...

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
lovely teaser
when is the update
waiting dear
thanks 4pm

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seshatree IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
nice pls update soon...

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Chapter 21: Danger Zone

Geet, Arjun, and Kritika finally reached home after dropping off all the kids who had come to Kritika's birthday party.
"So mera baccha, did you enjoy today? I hope you did because I don't want you complaining about not having a fun day before you go to sleep," Arjun teased lifting Kritika in his arms before entering the apartment.
"Well my dear maams (short for maama that means uncle) it all depends on how the day ends. Unless I get my surprise I shall definitely complain," she said, her eyes gleaming.
"Haan, maine laayi tumhari favorite butterscotch cake. Ab khush?" he said tickling her stomach.
"Don't kichu kichu mootify (don't tickle me) me maams," she said giggling loudly.
"Athu ennadi mootify?" Geet asked perplexed at the mix of languages.
"Amma its called Tanglish, which equals Tamil plus English, it's the trend you know, how would you know, tum toh itni old ho gayi ho," Kritika mocked.
"Vaalu! Inga vaadi! (Naughty, come here)" Geet screamed rising her voice in mock anger. She came near Arjun, who was holding Kritika, to slightly twist Kritika's ears, but Arjun swiftly swung Kritika away, so that Geet couldn't reach her.
"Arre, mera baccha ko tang mat karna," Arjun warned, kissing Kritika.
"Haan, haan, ava kooda kootani ya? (Joining with her?)" Geet pouted and looked away.
Arjun and Kritika looked at each other. "Ab kya karen? Mamma naraz ho gayi," Kritika looked worriedly at Arjun for a solution.
"Don't worry darling, our usual method, its fail-safe," he winked. He let Kritika down and stealthily crawled towards Geet, indicating Kritika to follow quietly.
Geet could see both of those from the corner of her eyes, and a small smile crept on her lips, but quickly straightened to keep a serious face. Arjun sneaked from behind and twisted Geet's arms behind and held them tightly in place while Kritika quickly climbed to the couch and placed a series of kisses on Geet, while asking for forgiveness. Geet couldn't stop laughing while struggling to get her hands free.
"Vidu di, pothum pothum un konjals, (Leave me, enough of showing your love)" Geet begged unable to take the incessant kisses.
Kritika giggled at the success of the method, but wanted to irritate Geet more, "Iru ma (wait ma) I am showing so much love you are saying enough of konjals (showing love)?" she asked innocently.
"Haan Ammulu, use mana kyun kar rahi ho, itni pyaar se tujhe puppiyan de rahi hai," Arjun said suppressing his laughter at Geet's plight.
"Arjun, et tu Brute?" Geet groaned struggling to set herself free.
"Kya karoon, I love your daughter more than you," he grinned looking at Kritika.
"Haww, chodo mujhe, abhi isi waqt," Geet ordered.
Fearing her anger, Arjun immediately let her go, while Kritika looked at him puzzled. Arjun ran to face her, and put his hands on his ear begging for forgiveness.
"Mujhe maaf kardo meri ma," he said making a puppy dog face. Geet again turned away.
"Please di chellam (sweetheart)?" he begged again going in front of her.
"Uzhunga sorry kelu (Ask sorry properly)," she scoffed.
"Ammulu chellam, I am sorry da," Arjun said, "I said it correctly right?" he looked eagerly at her.
"Hm," Geet briefly nodded, still maintaining her stiff position. 
"Arre maaf toh kardo, see I asked sorry exactly the way you like," he said.
"Teekhai, chal pozhachu po (I shall leave you)," she said.
"Magar phir bhi mamu loves me more," Kritika pitched in giving a high five to Arjun.
"Oi vaalu (naughty)," Geet said running behind both of them.

Geet ran to her bedroom and once again crashed on it but this time she had no tears to shed. She badly wanted to accept Maan's apology but her ego stopped her from doing so. She knew in the corner of her mind that he genuinely meant his sorry but she was afraid she might get hurt again. She was apprehensive of his fickle mind and decided to give herself some time before doing anything. She wanted to vent her dilemma like always through music. She hit the music player on high volume and let the music soothe her nerves.
Arjun came home to find loud music from upstairs and he knew something was wrong because Geet listened to loud music only to forget her problem. He walked towards her room and found her sitting upright on the bed with her eyes closed. Leaning on the bed frame she sat still hugging her knees. Her tear stained face looked puffed up from all the crying. He went and sat beside her.
Geet felt the bed sink in and opened her eyes to see Arjun sitting near her. All her efforts to keep herself from crying again gave away once she saw him. She bawled loudly and slumped on his shoulders wetting his shirt in the process. He embraced her tightly and let her vent her sorrow. She clung to him while he slowly rubbed her back.
"Kya hua Ammulu?" he asked once her sobs calmed down a bit.
She sniffed and tried to answer but again she started crying closing her eyes tightly.
"Shh, ro mat, kaho na kya hua? Tumhare Arjun se chupa rahe ho?" he said trying to alleviate her grief.
"Voh, mujhe naukri nahi karni," she said finally regaining her posture.
"Toh mat karo," he said wiping her tears.
"I shall not work under that Mr. Jellyfish Khurana," she said contorting her face.
"Maine kaha tum karo," he said smiling at her childish annoyance.
"Tum meri mazak uda rahe ho?" she pouted.
"You think I have so much guts to make fun of you," he smirked.
"Poda (Go!)," she said crossing her arms and looking away.
"Arre, idhar dekho toh sahi," he said turning her to face him. "Accha yeh batao ki hua kya?" he asked with concern.
"Yeh poocho, that jellyfish ne kya nahi kiya," she said angrily. "Loosu (mad) fellow, antha paavi pathi pesarathe abacharam, nekku vara kovathukku avana appadiye (talking about that sinful man is itself sinful, I feel like strangling him)," she ranted on about Maan. Arjun patiently listened to her for he knew once she started cursing somebody she wouldn't stop until she runs out of words. Finally finding no more adjectives to describe Maan, she let out a deep breath.
"Ho gaya?" Arjun teased. "Chal teekhai, on a serious note, tell me what really happened, because I know something has deeply hurt you, else you wouldn't be listening to loud music," he said knowing her too well.
Geet knew it would be difficult to keep Arjun in the dark for too long for her would come to know sooner or later through someone. And before that she decided to fully explain what happened in the past few days. She told him about the condition Maan had put forth to work with him and how he was the one whom she had met at the airport. Then explained the coffee disaster along with the blazer misconception. Arjun became angrier at each incident Geet explained. He thought Maan Singh Khurana was a man of principles and here he heard how he had ill-treated his Ammulu. He wondered how he could stoop so low and treat her like that. He abruptly got up in the midst of her explaining.
Geet saw him clench his fists tightly; she had always feared his outburst and that was the main reason she refrained from telling anything about Maan. She certainly felt better after telling everything to Arjun but she didn't want him to turn violent. Arjun angrily strode outside the room to give Maan Singh Khurana a piece of his mind when Geet stopped him.
"Arjun please, ruko, I knew you'll be upset. That is why I didn't tell you," she said apprehensively.
"Ammulu, tumhe pata hai, I have never tolerated or will never tolerate any kind of mistreatment towards you. This is absolutely ridiculous! He cannot treat you like that, samjhi tum?" Arjun said his eyes red with anger.
"Arjun please, I do know you can never tolerate it. But mere khatir, please don't take any hasty decisions. He did come and apologize," she said hoping Arjun would calm down.
"Oh please, do not support him. His apology doesn't wipe away all those hurting words. He has to pay for this."
"I understand Arjun, magar I don't want you to go confront him with your blood boiling. It'll lead to more violence. Please?" she asked looking hopeful.
"Ammulu, main sirf isiliye nahi jaa raha hoon kyunki I don't want to go against your wishes, else he would have seen the end of daylights today," he said gnashing his teeth.
"Accha Mr. Superman," she joked.
"Mere mazak mat udao, he would have really had to pay for treating you like that," Arjun threatened.
 "Mujhe pata hai, khair use chod. I am really bored. Chalo let's go shopping," she said trying to change the subject.
"Shopping? Ugh! Why not something else?" Arjun whined.
"Oi hello, I am really depressed, so we get to do what I want, do you understand that Mr. Arjun Singhania?" she warned.
"Ji begam sahiba," he said bowing.
"Haan, antha bayam irukkatum (You better be scared. note this is not a literal translation)" she said haughtily.
Geet wanted to go shopping in Chandni Chowk as she wanted to purchase some Patiala suites and bangles. Arjun tried to get some sense into her to prevent her from going to Chandni Chowk, an area known for frequent notorious attacks. But it was near to impossible changing Geet's decision once she made up her mind. He took a promise that she would always stay with him during the entire trip before reluctantly driving to Chandni Chowk.
They parked the car near Gurudvara Sisganj and started shopping in Chawri bazaar. Geet was very excited looking at so many varieties of dresses that she had very hard time choosing. She ended up buying every other dress she saw and Arjun simply stood to pay after her purchase in each stall. He was also carrying her bags and was walking behind her cursing her for making him work like a servant for her.
On the other end of the bazaar, two brothers were walking down to the handbag shop. One was grumbling for choosing such a place to shop for his brother's girlfriend while the other simply decided to ignore the other.
"Vicky, tumhe aur koi jagah nahi mila kya to shop for your new girlfriend?" Maan asked with irritation.
"Veerji, main kya karoon, she wanted me to buy one of those mirror work purses that can be only found in Chandni Chowk," Vicky said rolling his eyes at his brother's whining.
"Agar aisi girlfriend, who makes you run places to get her things, then why even bother to get one?" he asked clucking his tongue.
Vicky knew it was no use trying to explain to a man who refused to even spell the word love. He carried on searching for the purse, his girlfriend had mentioned to get. He was scanning the nearby stall when his eyes fell on the perfect purse. He stood to buy from the crowded shop while Maan stood in the corner avoiding the crowd as much as possible.
Geet was tired and wanted to grab something to eat. They went to 'Gianiji ka Falooda' that sold her favorite falooda. The shop was over crowded with people ordering, waiting, and eating faloodas. Arjun ordered two faloodas for them and waited for the man to prepare. Geet looked around when her eyes fell on the nearby bangle stall. She badly needed to buy a few glass bangles. But since they had ordered they had to wait. She saw it would take longer as a lot of people were waiting for their faloodas and decided to check it out by herself so that once the faloodas were ready Arjun could grab them. She voiced her thought but Arjun denied outright.
"Nahi Geet, you are not going there alone," he said with finality.
"But Arjun its right over there. I promise to return safely," she said her head bent low and her eyes looking up to him.
"Ms Geetanjali Handa, that puppy dog face of yours is not going to change my decision," he grunted.
"Peesh, I shapat, I shall come back safe," she said slightly pinching her throat.
Arjun sighed for he knew there was no use arguing with this girl. He reluctantly agreed to her but warned her to return as early as possible, else he would come hunting for her. Geet was elated, her eyes twinkling with joy, she thanked Arjun and gave him a quick peck on his cheeks for being the best friend in the world. He couldn't help smiling, "Pagli, please stay, samjhi tum?" she nodded her head and skipped happily towards the bangle stall.
Geet walked towards the bangle shop, humming her favorite song, 'Katril Varum Geetame' and her hands were swinging back and forth reflecting her happy mood. Maan saw a Geet walking down the aisle, swinging her shopping bag happily. Suddenly behind her someone approached her holding a big sharp knife. Before he could react the person quickly slashed the knife on her shoulder and ran away. Geet felt a sharp jab on her shoulder and vision blurred before darkness surrounded her.
"Geet!" Maan screamed seeing her fall and ran towards her.
Maan ran to her and lunged forward to catch her before she fell on the ground, unconscious. Blood gushed from her shoulder from the wound inflicted few minutes ago.    
"Geet!" Arjun screamed through the glass window at Geet who was struggling for her life. He cursed himself for letting her go on her own. He promised not to spare those people because of whom Geet fighting for her life.

here is the next update. hopefully u guys like it. questions, comments, or concerns please let me know...Smile hit the like button if u like Wink

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
wow i loved it yaar..awsome !!do update soon ..

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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged

Kritika kissing mommy scene was so sweet Tongue
Vicky took Maan to Chandni Chowk to buy purse for his GF LOL
Poor Maan LOL
Well the incident that happened with Geet's scary Ouch
Hope she's tended in time .

Loved the update & thanks for pm ...Glitter Heart Red

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged

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