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My Other Half - DISCONTINUED (Page 22)

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
My Other Half

Hiya! Before you read this update click on the link below to see the trailer of this FF. It's actually a trailer by a book called Angel by L.A Weatherly and that FF and this one is pretty much similar.

Click Here to Watch the Trailer

Instead of Alex and Willow, imagine Geet and Maan LOL

Anyway, this Chapter is dedicated to Holyangel who was really angry at me for only doing one update in the week. I'm usually the one who does an update nearly everyday but I have to do an essay and a history project for school. So I'm working on that.

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber. Let's get on with this update:

Chapter 5

Geet was driving for what seemed like years when Maan finally asked her to stop the car. Geet continued driving.

Maan: "I wanna take over now. You've been driving for ages" he said

Geet: "I've only been driving for half an hour and you wanna take over already. Let me drive" she said

Maan: "I don't care. Stop the car" he said

Geet: "I'm not going to stop the car, and anyway I'm the one who hotwired it" she retorted back

As Geet was driving the car, she heard a click. She turned around, only to find Maan pointing a gun to her head.

Geet hit the brakes.

She looked at Maan and then moved her eyes upwards on the gun which was pointed on her forehead.

Geet felt a tear trickle down her cheek.


Maan seeing that tear trickle down her cheek, immediately put the gun back in his pocket. He looked at the hand he held the gun with and then back at a frightened Geet. He saw her get out of the car and heard her slam the door of the car as hard as she could.

He hadn't meant to do that.

He and his temper.

Maan felt anger surge through him once again at his foolishness. Just because she was being a bit stubborn, he pointed a gun to her face?

He made a mental note to control his hot temper.

Maan got out of the car and saw her looking at windmills far off in the distance. She had her arms crossed across her chest and she was silently sobbing to herself.

Before Maan could apologize, he heard her say something.

Geet: "I'm not sure if I want to be with you anymore" he heard her say.

Maan: "Look Geet --"

Geet: "You look like a murderer to me"

Maan felt like he had been smacked across the face. Except it was invisible. He felt that burn on his cheeks.

That stung.

Maan: "I'm not a murderer. I kill people who are dangerous to the world" he said in a flat tone

Geet: "I never knew I was dangerous" she said, stretching the I.

Maan: "Your not. I'm hot - tempered and I didn't mean to --"

Geet: "Whatever. You can get lost now. I'm going home" she said and turned her direction

Maan felt anger run through his veins again.

Maan: "You know what, fine. Go back home. Walk till your feet bleed. I don't care. If you go back home your gonna die. And if that's what you wanna do, die. Then that's fine by me. I'm just trying to protect you. I'm trying to save you. And this is what I get. Accusations!!" he yelled

He heard his voice echo around himself.

Maan: "If you wanna die, then go die somewhere else. I don't wanna be held responsible for your death" he said through gritted teeth and then turned his direction. He made his way to the Lamborghini and entered the car. He started the engine, but just before he could drive away, he heard the door open.

Geet sat down in the car and then shut the door. She turned her face with her attention fully outside the window.

Maan smirked in victory and then started to drive.

He took the exit to the services and parked the car. He threw the bag full of clothes and essentials at Geet's face.

Maan: "Get dressed. Hurry up, I don't have all day" he scoffed and looked ahead with a straight face

He felt Geet's glare at him, but then he heard the door click open and shut.


Geet clutched the bag to her chest as she made her way towards the restroom. She felt people stare at her. She didn't need a mirror to tell how messy her hair looked.

She entered the restroom and then looked at herself in the mirror. Geet groaned and then looked in the bag to see what Maan had bought her.

He bought her a sexy red bra, with matching underwear. Some pads and tampons, and her clothes. She also found some deodrant and perfume, and then at the bottom of the bag, she found a bottle of shampoo.

Geet breathed a sigh of relief as she took out the shampoo. She felt all dizzy and her head was hurting. A hair wash would surely give her some relief.

She threw her hair forward into the sink and turned the hot water tap on. She wet her hair, and then lathered. The women in the restroom entering looked at her in horror as she shampooed and rinsed. Geet ignored them.

She then put her head under the hand dryer and took out a brush which was also in the bag. She started brushing her hair and untangled all the knots in her hair.

She then made her way into the disabled toilets and stripped out of all her clothes. She put the red bra and underwear on, and then on top, wore the long, brown sequined skirt. On top of that, she wore a matching brown top so it looked like she was wearing a dress. She sprayed some perfume and she looked at herself in the mirror.

Overall, she didn't look bad. She looked alright actually. Like an average girl. She didn't look pretty, but she didn't look bad either.

As she got out of the restroom, she saw a poster. It was a picture of...

Of her.

Under her picture, it said:

"If found, please call and you may receive a reward"

Her eyes widened.

She looked around herself and saw everyone staring at her.

And then she broke into a sprint.


Maan: "What is taking her so damn long?" he said to himself and looked at his watch every 2 seconds.

Maan sighed again and then looked out the window. He saw a figure running towards the car. He narrowed his eyes and tried to figure out who it was, but then he saw Geet. With a swarm of crowd running behind her.

Maan widened his eyes and immediately started the car, joining the two wires together again. Geet got into the car and Maan immediately changed the gears and broke into a race.

He quickly exited the services and took the motorway.

Maan: "What was all --"

Geet: "They've got posters. Of me. Everywhere!!" she said and breathed in hungrily for some more oxygen.

Maan parked the car at the side and then took off his hoodie. He handed it over to Geet.

Maan: "Wear this and keep your hood up" he said and reached for his leather jacket and put that on.

Geet looked at the hoodie and gingerly took it, as if it was treasure. He saw her feel it for a moment, and then he looked at her put it on. She put the hood up and put her hands in her pockets.

The hoodie was way to big for her, but she looked cute all the same.


It smelt of him.

The hoodie.

It smelt of him.

Every part of the hoodie smelt of him.

His fragrance was so comforting.

And soon she found herself drifting off to a dreamless sleep


She woke up to the sound of rumblings and grumblings.

She turned and saw Maan trying to start up the Lamborghini. It turned out it stopped working.

Geet: "What's wrong?" she said and yawned

Maan: "The car has stopped working. Can you go and check?" he asked

Geet got out of the car and pulled the hood of the engine up. She stepped back and coughed and coughed. There was black smoke coming from the engine.

The car was so hot, it nearly burnt her hand.

She immediately slammed the hood of the car back down again and sat back inside the car.

Geet: "We need to ditch this car. There's no way I can fix it" she said and coughed some more

Maan and Geet got out of the car and began to walk. They were basically stranded on an empty highway.

They walked in silence.

Maan: "Are you still mad at me?" she heard him ask

Geet: "No. I just miss my family that's all. They were all I had" she said and sniffed

Maan said nothing but continued walking. A car passed by and Maan held out his arm to stop the car. The car stopped.

Geet made sure her hood was pulled up. When it was, she bent her head and looked down.

Maan: "Is there a Motel around here?" he asked

Person: "Yes. It's about one mile away from here" he said

The guy suspiciously looked at Geet. Geet didn't say anything.

Maan: "Thanks" he said in a flat voice which meant he wanted to end the conversation now. The car drove away and Geet and Maan continued to walk.


Geet: "There was a burglar two days ago at my house" she said suddenly, out of the blue

Maan jumped. But thankfully, Geet didn't notice.

Maan: "Really? I wonder who it might be" he said as casually as he could

Geet: "Yeah me too. His perfume was like yours though" she said just as casually

Maan: "Well... He might have the same perfume as me. I don't know" he said and shrugged

After that, there was an awkward silence. Maan broke the silence by announcing that the Motel was here.

They entered the Motel and spoke with a guy at the reception.

Maan: "Can we get two seperate rooms please?"

The guy looked through a room chart and then shook his head.

Guy: "Sorry. Only one room available" he said in an American accent and then looked at both of them for their decision.

Geet and Maan looked at each other

Guy: "The room as two beds though" he said and smiled.

Maan started to imagine sinful thoughts in his head at the thought of sharing a room with Geet. But he quickly pushed those sinful thoughts away.


The thought of sharing a room with Maan made her feel slightly intimidated, but she felt slightly excited as well.

Geet shrugged casually and looked at Maan as if it was him to decide.

Maan: "Is there another Motel around here?"

Guy: "There's another Motel about 8 miles away from here. I don't think you would want to go that far" he said and silently agreed with himself

Maan agreed and then looked at Geet. Geet and Maan both shrugged. Geet had nothing to say or do but shrug. This was awkward.

Geet cleared her throat.

Geet: "It's fine. We'll just take that one room. Thanks" she said

Maan shrugged again and pulled out a thick wallet from his pocket. His wallet was full of money and the guy eyed the wallet with twinkling eyes. Geet looked at his wallet, baffled. Where did he get all this money from?

Maan payed the money and then led Geet into the room. Geet and Maan entered the room and looked around themselves. There were two beds which were seperated by a bedside table in the middle. On the bedside table, was a lamp and a telephone.

Geet: "Let's see how this night turns out to be" she thought to herself and then turned to look at Maan.

Precap: "Give me my photo frame!" said Geet
"Come and get it yourself!" he said and ran around the room

As Geet was trying to grab the photoframe from Maan, she felt
herself trip. She grabbed Maan for help, and she fell on the bed.
Bringing Maan along too.

Oh my god, I gave you the longest precap I have ever gave in my FFs today! I hope that precap made up for all the updates I didn't do.
That precap was more like a Promo. Haha x

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awesome update sameeha........................
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Awesome update.....
The promo is cute
Cont soon Xx...
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awesome part
con't soon
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awesome udpate Sameeha
loved it...poor geet wonder who want to kill her
plz udpate soon
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All this is just for the update
Now the precap is a whole another level ;-)
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nice update
continue soon
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THNXXXX ... Embarrassed .. for the update.. well u can make 2- 3 update a week if not regularly... Wink

awesum update as usual..waiting for precape... looks like its going to b lovy dovy moments between thm... Day Dreaming
keep updating... Big smile

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