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My Other Half - DISCONTINUED (Page 15)

ruhakhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Hi ur ff always has some supernatural stuff bt i really like it u use dem in a very good way

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged

Maan is attracted to geet. so sweet the way he was looking at her.

sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
so maan didn't kill her...intersting!
continue soon!
kirannaryani Senior Member

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Continue sooonnn.
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 August 2010
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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Awe maan decided not to kill geet just by looking at her beautiful self and ooh so maan is sent to kill people with powers hmm and awe maan took her photo which had a picture of meera and her I wonder if maan will return it or keep it anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile
doosheeka Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
nice update................continue soon....................
DrashtiDhamiNo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
tht woz a gr8 update bbz
really enjoyed it
loved how maan is already attracted to geet and that he wont
lay a finger on her in a bad way even though its his job to kill her
cant wait till the next part
cont as soon as you can
will be waiting
p.s. thx for the pm
Sameeha786 Senior Member

Joined: 12 October 2010
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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
My Other Half

Chapter 3

The doorbell rang.

Geet immediately knew who it was at the other side of the door as she walked towards it. She unlocked the door, and then slowly opened it, revealing Sasha.

Sasha looked at Geet up and down. She was wearing a long, brown skirt and a blue t-shirt. Something, no-one would again wear.

Geet stepped aside and let Sasha in without speaking to her. Geet was clearly not in the mood of talking, not when she nearly caught a burglar or whatever he was yesterday at 1:00 in the morning.

Geet: "Follow me" she said and lead Sasha into the dining room right at the back of the house. She gestured at the chair allowing Sasha to sit down. Once she sat down, she sat down beside her.

Sasha: "Are your readings accurate?" she said and looked around herself, trying to hide her disgust. Geet wasn't stupid. She knew what she was thinking.

Geet: "At least I live in a house Sasha. It doesn't matter if it's big or small" she said ignoring her question.

Sasha rolled her eyes.

Sasha: "You didn't answer my question" she said

Geet: "I don't know. Most of the readings I've done have been accurate" she said and shrugged like she couldn't care less.

Sasha abruptly put a hand on her chest and then started to rub it slightly.

Geet: "Everything alright" she said and narrowed her eyes

Sasha: "Can I go to the washroom?" she said

Geet: "Upstairs on the left" she said

Once Sasha had gone, Geet laughed to herself. She wouldn't be surprised if Sasha was pregnant. Sasha was that sort of girl.


Sasha stood in the landing.

She didn't feel sick. She didn't even feel uneasy. She came here for another motive. She wanted to steal Geet's diary. If she had one.

So instead of turning to the left, she turned to the right where Geet's bedroom was. She entered her bedroom and then quickly started to look in her draws, her wardrobe, and the bedside tables but she didn't find anything. So she went up to Geet's bed and then pulled up the mattress.

Her diary.

She picked the diary up and then held it in front of her face in victory. Just as she was about to open the diary which hid her secrets, she heard a voice. She turned around, startled.


It couldn't take that long just to clean herself up in the washroom.

Geet pulled back her chair and stood up. She was starting to get a little bit worried. Maybe she truely wasn't well.

So she walked towards the hallway, and then ran up the stairs. When she reached the landing, she looked at her left side. The washroom door was open. She looked to her right and then saw her bedroom door slightly ajar. She knew she closed it.

So she slowly walked towards her bedroom door and then pushed it open.


Geet: "What are YOU doing here?" she said and then turned her eyes towards her diary. She took a step back, and then widened her eyes.

Geet: "Give me my diary back!" she yelled and reached out her hand to grab it from her. But Sasha hid it behind her back and then dodged her. She ran downstairs and then waved the diary. Geet watched this at the top of the stairs. Anger surged through her. This is why she came to her house. Not for readings, but for her diary.

She ran downstairs for her diary but Sasha opened the door to the exit of the house and then ran outside. Now she was at the end of the pathway, waving the diary at her.

Oh, so this was going to be a chase.

Geet quickly put her sandals on and then ran outside, she started chasing Sasha. Right now, she wished she was a faster runner then her.

As they ran, cars driving by and people who walked by stared at them in horror, but Geet didn't care. She wanted her diary back. Now.

So she continued to run. Sasha suddenly stopped outside a tall building. She looked at Sasha and then put her hands on her knees, panting heavily. Then she looked at the building.

They were outside a building Geet despised. She hated this building. It brang back haunted memories of her father and her.

Sasha: "If you want your diary back" she said and put a hand on her hip. She threw her head back and then gulped for air hungrily.

Sasha: "If you want your diary back, your going to have to swim" she said after she got her breath back. She wiped at the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand and then smirked.

Geet: "But... But I can't swim" she squeaked out

Sasha shrugged and then looked at the diary. She was going to open it.

Geet: "No. Okay... I'll swim" she said

Sasha ran inside the building and then handed in money for two. Geet followed her.

Geet: "I don't have a costume" she said as an excuse

Sasha: "Neither do I. Your just going to have to swim in the clothes your wearing just now. Unless your willing to take off your clothes and swim in your bra and panty. I don't mind" she said and walked along the tunnels that led to the huge swimming pool.

Geet: "I think i'll pass for the bra and panty thing" she said

Just as Geet completed her sentence, the swimming pool appeared in her view. She stared at the aqua water bobbing up and down in the pool. She looked at the shallow end, and then at the deep end.

Surely it wouldn't do any harm if she just stepped into the shallow end.

Sasha: "If your thinking you can just doggy paddle in the shallow end, your wrong. Your going up that ladder to the diving board. Your gonna dive, and then swim at the deep end. Once you do that, i'll give you your diary back and we won't mention this again" she said and held the diary firmly in her hands.

Geet reluctantly looked above her. The diving board was so HIGH up.

Her old fear came haunting her as she looked back at the water. She began to feel dizzy now. She'd rather die and go to hell than swim.

Geet: "I - I can't do this. I'm - I'm a - afraid of water" she said and hugged herself. Her hands felt ice cold and clammy against her skin, even though the pool room was warm.

Sasha: "Okay. I'll read your diary then" she said

Geet: "No... Okay, I'll do it" she said and looked at the ladder that lead up to the diving board. Thankfully, there was no-one in the pool room. Just some toddlers and mothers who barely glanced their way.

Geet took her shoes off and gulped. She put her hands on the cold, metal ladder and then put her foot on the first step. She climbed the ladder. When she was halfway up, she looked below her and then immediately looked back up and closed her eyes tight. She felt tears prick her eyes.

Geet: "Look above. Don't look down. Look above. Don't look down" she repeated to herself in her mind and then began climbing the ladder again. As she was climbing, she silently prayed to Baabaji, and other God's she could think of to create some sort of miracle. She didn't want to swim. She couldn't. She can't.

But she reluctantly climbed up and stood on the board. She felt herself bob up and down as she plank carried her weight. She looked below her.

The aqua water. The little waves. The splash. All reminded her of something dreadful that happened to her.

She then looked behind her at Sasha who looked back up at her. She was smirking.

Geet felt anger surge through her again. Why should Sasha control her? I mean it's just a diary. So what if rumours were spread around college? She didn't care.

And that's when she decided she wont do it.

So Geet slowly, and carefully started to reverse herself, but somehow her foot slipped. She didn't now how, but it slipped, and she felt herself fall.

Geet screamed for her life. She looked below her and saw the aqua water come towards her. Wait, it was the other way round. Geet coming towards the aqua water.

She felt the air go through her. She screamed again and saw a slight glimpse of Sasha. Her face had an even bigger smirk on her face. Geet closed her eyes tight and then heard the sound of splash. The aqua water engulfed her body as she fought to get out of the pool. Her feet couldn't even touch the bottom of the pool, and she figured she fell in the deep end.

Geet: "Hel --"

She couldn't complete the sentence. She was drowning.

Geet: "Me"

She said as her head bobbed up above the water. She didn't even have time to get some more oxygen. She felt her lungs bursting. She felt herself go numb. Her hand which was above the water, silently crying for help finally gave in and disappeared beneath the pool. The blue was replaced with darkness. She struggled to keep her eyes open, but the Chlorine was too strong for her to handle.

But then suddenly, she felt strong arms hold her limp body. She felt herself come out of the pool, her whole body felt heavy as she was blinded by light, even though her eyes were closed. She felt the ground beneath her this time, and she felt herself tremble.


Maan silently watched Geet on the diving board. He then looked at some girl who was looking up as well, he saw the smirk on her face.

He gritted his teeth and then clenched his fists. How was he going to help Geet?

He watched her slip and then scream for help. He watched her fall crashing down, and then he heard, and saw, the huge splash.

He saw her crying for help, and he saw her head disappear and her hand appear above the water. And then slowly, her hand disappeared too.

Maan could have left her like this. He had to kill her anyway and he could have just left her like this and told his boss he completed the quest. This could appear as an accident to everyone else and he could have paid the girl who was watching her fall not to mention it to anyone. And he could have kept quiet too.

But he didn't.

He unbuttoned his shirt, and then abandoned it on the ground. He dived in, and then held the feather like body of Geet in his strong arms. This was the first time he had touched her, and he made sure to relish the moment.

He lifted her up, and then put her on the ground, and then came out of the pool.


Geet's eyes opened slightly. The lights blinded her for a second, but she regained her vision. She looked around herself and found her lying on the ground. She immediately stood up and then looked at the back of some guy. Immediately, she could tell he was fit. He saw his muscles move as he dried himself with a towel. Once he finished, he threw the towel behind him. Geet caught it and stared at the towel. Then she looked back at the guy who rolled his shirt up into a little ball, he didn't put it on. She couldn't see his face, but she could tell he was hot.

She wiped her face with the towel he gave her, but the smell of the towel caught her attention. It smelt just like that perfume which she smelt right after the burglar (or whatever he was) ran off.

When she looked back at the guy, he was heading towards the exit.

Geet: "Wait!" she said and clutched the towel to her. She started running off towards where the guy went. He headed off towards the men changing rooms but Geet didn't care. Right now, what mattered was the guy who saved her. He seemed familar. He smelt familiar.

The guy ignored Geet but she followed him. He went inside the shower room with his clothes still on, so Geet didn't care. She kept on following him.

She found him standing underneath the shower with his back towards her.

Geet: "Excuse me" she said

The guy turned around and then looked at her.

Geet stepped backwards. He was just, breathtakingly, hot. She continued to step backwards as she took in his six pack, his tanned and toned chest. His broad shoulders. His wet hair. His very light stubble. His everything. He was just too perfect.

The towel which she clutched, fell to the ground.

Thank God he had his jeans on.

Geet's back hit the button that turned the shower on. The cold water hit Geet, and that returned her in her trance. She found it very intimitading, standing in a shower room with a guy she didn't even know.

But he saved her.

The cold water slowly changed to warm. Her hair came in front of her face, hiding the view of the super insanely hot man in front of him. She used her hands and pulled her hair back and then continued to look at him. The guy continued to look at her, his eyes piercing into her soul.

She was lost for words.


He continued to stare at the beautiful woman in front of him. He couldn't take his eyes off her curves, her chest, her lips, her face, her hair, her everything.

He suddenly turned around and faced the wall. He turned off he shower and then went to his locker. He took out another towel and dried himself.

Geet was now standing beside him at a distance. She continued to look at him, up and down, down and up. Both were silent. The only sound was the drips that were coming from her wet hair, hitting the ground.

Maan: "Dry yourself" he said and threw the towel at Geet. Geet caught it, but didn't dry herself. She continued to stare at him.

Maan found it slightly annoying now. He knew he was hot and all girls loved his looks, but she was staring at him too much now.

Maan grabbed the towel again from her and then started to dry her himself. He grabbed her wrists and then ran the towel up and down her arms in a rough way. He grabbed her other wrist and then did the same. He grabbed her by the shoulders and then turned her around and then began drying her hair gently. He so badly wanted to run his fingers through her hair. But he didn't.

He ran his fingers through the sides of her neck and then clutched her hair. He bought it to her left side and began drying her neck.

He felt her shiver.

He then turned her around again. Her eyes looked down shyly, but they fluttered back up. His eyes held hers.

Maan never realized how close their bodies were. He felt her body touching him. He clenched his jaw, and then took a step back. He put the towel back in his bag and then slammed the locker door shut.

And left.


Geet let him dry her.

He was like a magnet, and she was like a machine. She followed whatever he said, and however he turned her. She could feel his chest against her back as he ran his towel on her hair. She came here to ask him if it was him in her house yesterday. But it turned out to be something else she wasn't totally expecting. She didn't speak at all, because she was lost for words. She wanted the guy to touch her, to feel her, to kiss her.

His touch still lingered on her skin.

She felt a sudden pang of disappointment when he turned and left. She didn't want him to leave her. She wanted to get to know him more.

But he left.

She went back into the shower room and then bent down to grab the slightly wet towel which she abandoned on the ground. She picked it up, and sniffed it.

It smelt of him.

She clutched the towel to herself and then exited the changing rooms. She ran towards the exit of the building, and as soon as she stepped outside, the wind seeped through her bones. She looked left, and then right, and then her eye finally caught him.

He went inside a a silver Porsche Carrera and drove away.

Precap: Some guys try to kidnap Geet

I think this is the lengthiest update I have done in my whole entire life! I have had a few people asking me to show Maan's beautiful Porsche Carrera here is the link:

Click Here

Okay, I'm gonna rest now. My fingers are numb from typing so much.

Sameeha x

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