Rang Badalti Odhani


Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

Written Upd 16thmar*Awesum Epi MustWatch! Complete

IFsKhanak IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
LOLOk this was one of the best episodes i've seen in a while..

awesome fun!

Starts with Shan going after Khanak asking what he did wrong..
Khanak in all attitude, shoulders high, going towards the kitchen..

Akshay and sunil watching from first floor. Akki looks amused.
Says: Dad your king and queen have started a war, how are you going to save them.
Sunil: We'll first have to see what has caused it.

Khanak enters the kitchen, shan following her, 
Shan: Khanak forgive me na yar, (he's frustrated alright), even mom dad have forgiven me
(no replies from khanak, she continues with her kitchen work)
she's working with a knife

shan's standing close beside her: dont you want to know what i was writing in the diary
khanak moves and shows him the knife
shan moves back.
shan: okay. i. forgot. you're upset with me
(no response)
shan: ok i'll tell myself.
he leaves the kitchen

khanak watches from behind wondering what he's up to.

Shan in living room, shouts for mom, dad, bro, bhabhi..

madhvi and khushbu enter:
Boo: Whats up with you, why are you shouting
Madhvi: I know, show some M and S?
Shan: M and S?
Madhvi: manners and style?

Akshay-Sunil have also entered
Sunil rolls eyes at that
Akki grins (he looks too happy for a person whos wife just had an abortion :P - sorry sorry no negative comments today)

Shan: anyways, do you know we can make holi colors at home too? with things from home, like onion, haldi, beetroot and other things like that..

Sunils excited: really? how do you know all this

Shan shows off, he starts speaking but khanak interrupts

Khanak: he doesnt know anything, he heard me talking to my friend
i was taking recipe from her and he heard everything

Shan: i was about to tell them that i learnt it from you.

Madhvi: Really? (Sarcastic)

Khanak (very excited): yes mom, we always make color like that in our gaoon, this time i'll make here, it'll be fun right.

(madhvi looks disengaged, but nods anyway)

Boo: khanak there's no need, we buy color every year, we'll buy this year too, it doesnt matter.

Shan: no this is natural color, no artificial stuff

Khanak: and it wont have any bad effects on your face..

shan: skin

khanak: hair

shan: eyes

Boo: OK OK

Sunil to shan: shan u've been running after khanak for a while. JORU KA GULAM (Wife's servant)

Shan (all attitude) : Me? Joru ka Gulam ? (khanak glares at him)
he goes meek : i am joru ka gulam

madhvi-boo give the "typical" look
akshay is grinning ear to ear.. (maybe he feels his brother has also become like him :P)

Khanak: it wont work ada, whatever he does, i wont talk to him

Shan whispers to sunil: dad please do something, i've been saying sorry for so long

Madhvi interrupts: Khanak it was our fault, we pressurized you.

Khanak: no it wasnt, i want to become mom

(akki-boo enjoying the show)

Sunil: khanak, this decision has to be taken by both of you, so dont discuss it here in the living room, go to your bedroom and discuss, go go go 
He pushes shan and khanak out..
Akshay stops him

Akki: dad dad wait. whats the hurry? its been a while since i saw them fight, i miss their love story in the office (what's with akki, seems like he's finished business for this week, seems totally faltu, loving him :D)

Boo turns him to face her: really? If only you'd taken this much interest in your OWN wife. you know wat? ours would have been a love story not a tragedy!

madhvi laughs
boo pulls akshay away with his shirt (now that's a real joru ka gulam :D )

rest of the khandelwals laugh over it.

sunil madhvi leave with that..shanak left alone

khanak tries to leave

shan stops her taking her arm.
Shan: khanak i'm sorry, i'm an idiot i always make mistakes and then say sorry, i swear whenver you're upset with me i dont like it at all, i want to see you happy always.
she breaks free of his hold

khanak: how will we stay happy ? YOu dont understand what brings me happiness. is it so difficult for you to understand me?

shan nods helplessly

Khanak: what!

Shan: i mean no, i'm such an idiot, that i dont understand a simple girl like you, i wish you'd understand me and i'd understand you. because its important that we understand eachother's Point of View. because i'm sure we're both right on our parts. Khanak i wish you'd become shantanu for a day and understand how difficult all this is for me..my music.. my career

khanak: ok fine.  i think this is the only way we'll understand eachother, you become me and i become you.

shan: i think its a very good idea. Try becoming shantanu khandelwal for a day, you'll see how difficult it is to think about a baby from here.

khanak: and you will see why i want to become mommy 
Shan: and u will realise why i run away from my responsibilities
Khanak: and u will see why i become angry again n again

Shan: fine, i accept it, i have no problems. for a day, i'm khanak, and i'm ready to become mom 

Khanak comes from behind him , runs a finger over his cheek (flirtingly) , says really!

shan: dont forget, you're shantanu i'm khanak
khanak: thats the reason (she tries putting her arms around his neck, stops) yes i'm shantanu khandelwal and i dont want a child, starts laughing , i cant do this shantanu

shan: please khanak, for a day, you're my husband and i'm your wife

(these 2 are the craziest people i've seen)

khanak nods n leaves..

shan: where are you going, you were going to make food

khanak (pulling his cheeks): Shantanu khandelwal doesnt make food, his wife does, and thats you

shan: no khanak no!
(she leaves)

sunil enters
Sunil to shan: you've taken up a wrong deal, all the best Khanak beta

he leaves

shan left alone wondering how to make food ..

Scene change..

Duck at some restaurant

he's upset talking to God

Rahul got 2 girls , himself none
asking god to send atleast 1 girl..

a girl enters..
its rinny..
he says you're the same girl who got me beaten that day right..
he says he's going to take revenge now that she's alone today

rinny says she's never alone, she shouts that this guy is teasing her.
lots of men come n beat him up

Scene change

Shan trying to work with vegetables
"Why did harilal have to take an off today, idiot"

Khanak comes, holds him the way shan holds her often (from the waist): you're looking sek-sy today..

shan: today? i'm sexy since i was  born, maybe you've realised today

Khanak: have you forgotten your khanak! what are you saying, khanak doesnt like all this

shan: really?
(holds her shan style)
shan: are you staying that whenever i hug you, u dont like it?
khanak blushes, moves back
khanak: like it but not all the time, sometimes i just want you to hold my hand and talk to me, not romantic talk, just talk
Shan: really? i didnt know that at all
Khanak: now you're khanak na, you'll know everything

she pulls him close and kisses on the cheek

moves back blushing

shan: what was that? i dont do it like this. whatever i do i do with style

khanak: maybe you're right, but right now you're worried, about the child and work, so you wont kiss in such a condition right
shan: you're right.

khanak: so now what should i do shantanu
shan: how would i know? you're shantanu you shud know
khanak: but i dont know

shan: even i dont know what to do with these vegetables, but i'll figure out, u also go figure out, 

to himself:i've to make food.. what should i make yar

Scene change

Khanak catches shan wasting time..
"what are you doing here, go pay bills"

shan: thats wat i was doing, the Credit card isnt working

Khanak: why

Shan: i think i forgot to pay bills last month

Khanak: leave it, i'll do it, because i'm shantanu khandelwal today

Shan: what will you do

Khanak: what shantanu does in such situations, will speak to dad about it

Shan: but what about THIS bill

khanak: i'll pay it, i have this much money

Shan: you're acting smart since you became shantanu

khanak: you're forgetting that i'm paying this bill as khanak

Scene change..

Duck telling some men that he's going to tease that girl sitting

(Rinny is sitting with Rahul, but rahul has his back at duck so he doesnt know its him)

He's telling the guys that if someone comes and hits him when he's teasing her, they should come n help him

Duck says : you think you would get me beaten twice and enjoy a meal with your boyfriend here, now you watch.

Rahul gets up in attitude to fight (not knowing its duck)

both of them face eachother and say "TUM" 

the guys duck fixed to help him come over

duck stops them saying i will beat him up myself

Rahul whispers : Whats up with you

Duck: what are you doing with this gundi (female goon)

rahul: no she's a good girl

duck: ever since college, you've always taken the girl i wanted

they fight

duck warns him that when she breaks his heart, he shouldnt come to duck..
he says bye n leaves

rinny to rahul: What type of friends do you have
rahul: he's a nice guy, dont beat him up..

Scene change:

Dinner table , Sunil madhvi sitting

Sunil: bahu bahu (calling his daughter in law) bring food we're hungry

akki enters too he's on the fone.

sunil again shouts Bahu bahu. (he means shan)

madhvi: why are u bothering him, he's doing so much for khanak

khanak enters

sunil to khanak: come shan come, your wife must be coming with food, but before she comes, i want to tell you that your girlfriend from london called

khanak: WHAT!!!!!!!!!

sunil, madhvi and akshay laugh

(these people are adorable, i'm so in love with the whole family, not just shanak! cutie pies)

Madhvi: he's kidding , you know your dad's sense of humor

Khanak gives a stern look, sits down

sunil again shouts: bahu
khanak giggles

shan enters with food (looks hot in the apron)

he's made vegetable pulao and bringle something

madhvi is impressed
he's made roti for akshay
(the shape looks weird, and they're very hard i think)

akshay: i'm impressed dude
Madhvi: how did you learn all this

Shan: internet recipes. he's showing off :D

khanak gets up to help him serve

sunil: why did you get up, shantanu will do it today.

Khanak: i'm helping him as shan only, he also helps me with my work

both grin at eachother , both blushing

sunil: wow what love

madhvi: yes learn from them

shan: yes learn!

sunil to madhvi: u learn to make food

(aww scene, awesome family, *diesssssssssssssssss* veenz style)

Akshay: thank god khushbu slept early, or i'd have had to listen to another lecture on this also

Shan isnt listening i think he's only staring at khanak oh so lovingly

sunil: shan khanak i'm proud of u, because there arent many couples in the world who try to understand eachother, if everyone does it only 1 day, the divorce ratio would decrease so much in the world because as much as love is important in a relationship, understanding is too and i was saying that..

akshay: dad control..you start whenever you get a chance..
sunil: i only get it sometimes..
akshay: yes but right now its time to eat..

sunil akki talking

shan busy looking at khanak, khanak at him both oh so lovingly

*dies dies dies*

he goes towards him...

akshay to sunil: y dont u write a book, your interest in  philosophy is overflowing, at chess, now about love and divorce..

sunil thinks its a good idea

shan goes to khanak, behind her, very close

khanak is worried why he's coming so close with everyone around

shan whispers: thank you

ok mistake..


Scene change:

Shan enters the bedroom, sees clothes lying around everywhere..

he grins naughty thinks : looks like 've won a lottery today shan!

(he's probably thinking khanak's giving him a sexy treat tonight lol)

he sees khanak wearing her blue nightsuit

shan: oh u'r , this, i thought, you...

khanak: i know, but when your clothes lie around like this, i dont think THAT

she sits on the sofa (shan style, playing with fone, shan style 

khanak: and without your saying, i clean the whole room

shan: oo, my clothes never lie around like this

khanak: the whole cupboard is on the bed usually

shan: woman! you must be joking! that never happens

khanak: it happens. anyway, you're khanak so clean the room
shan: fine i'll do it

he obviously doesnt know how to fold clothes

khanak melts, thinks "poor guy doesnt know how to keep clohtes, i should help, decides against it the next moment, thinking if she helps he'll never realise his responsibilities "

shan: i'm tired of you, all your clothes are spread like this all the time, you act like kids (he's talking khanak style) BURTHAL

khanak: me burthal
shan: this is the same lecture that you give me everyday

khanak is embarrassed: not everyday, sometimes

shan: i hear it 2-3 times everyday, today u'r shan now u listen

khaank gets angry starts playing with the fone again

shan thinks to himself: angry uh, now listen , you think u dont make mistakes just because i dont dont speak about ur mistakes, the game has just started miss burthal, wait and watch..

he grins

episode ends


khanak talking to rahul (Shan style) on the fone.." how are you yar"

rahul: i'm fine but what's with you

khanak: i wanted to ask what happened about my music launch..

rahul: why are u asking that, where's shan

khanak: i'm shan, i mean for today i'm shan

rahul mega confused

sorry i missed the last part..
confusion confusion

loved the episode to the core :D

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
teeechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love u n i wanna gush a t this epi wid u

 pls spare time fr us all...... v miss u

awesome epi ill comment once yr done wid it

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

LOL for ur comment abt AkkiLOL

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-Veena- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IFsKhanak

Akki grins (he looks too happy for a person whos wife just had an abortion :P - sorry sorry no negative comments today)
Teechhh and her comments!!!
Loving the update!!!

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-Deepali- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Thanks teach for awesome update with your lovely comments on shanak and akkiLOL
todays episode were excilient and one of the best episode of  golden rboClapThumbs Up
shanak /yashran act very well with all k-family
Thanks cvs for give us a brilient episode ClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar
pl give us more and more excilient episode ..hats of you

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IFsKhanak IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
ok updated. sorry for the delay

my stupid principal didnt let me watch earlier so i had to watch on YT

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-Veena- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
mahaaaaa diessssssss wala epi!!
Can't wait to watch...
Thanks teechhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!Hug what a dhaasu epi you got to update!
Dearest Shaan(folding towel)..
While you are at it.. can you straighten up the bed too..
OCD ridden
May and Veena!

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SPN_JD_Addicted IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Thanks Teech.Awesome update

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