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Kool's Commentary : March 16

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Kools reporting from base : Savita refutes Manav in PR

The base for Archana's martyrdom has been laid guys . Damodar met Manav and told him Savita's health was failing miserably . So Manav went to meet his AAI AFTER following Wife's DIKTATS to come straight to police station to HELP yet someone else . His father was insisting he come straight with him as the Mom is REALLY in a bad shape . YET he did NOT phone Archana and tell her he cannot make it ..........He Went to the station . Who shud Manav have given importance ........his mom's health or a third person's problem is a moot question .But point is he REACHED home at 8 in the night and told him MOM he is sorry and he LOVES her .

Many Many r going to HATE Savita for giving him the condition that she later did and say SHE is EVIL and THIS is her asli ROOP but I still want to make an argument for her . A sick and immensely tired Savita who was going to sleep at 8 in the night without eating dinner analyzed Manav very accurately even in that fuddled state . She said

1] You have come here NOT coz u LOVE me like before but DUTIFULLY , only after realising that I am seriously sick now .
2] This has nothing to do with EHSAAS . U see guys Manav had LIED to her that AB MUJHE EHSAAS ho gaya hai .She accurately replied that EHSAAS BIHSAAS Kuch nahi , its DUTY that called u . A little LATE in the day .
3] The bond between u and me is now KHOKLA
4] Blood does become thin as Life takes turns ..this is what life taught me
Upon which Manav said NO . Its NOT true . I DO love u .
Upon which she bluntly asked him ..........Really ? Then will u dump Archana for me ?
Upon which Manav remained silent .
Upon which Savita smiled a little bitterly and said .........SEE ? U cannot . U live with her and give her your love .........she is your responsibility and saathidar for LIFE . Please GO . Don't worry about me .
Then she told Damodar U too go , if u wish .
                                      My comments
I didn't see it as something she REALLY wanted at all . I know full forum will be against me in this ..........Smile But frankly guys ..........I saw that condition more to SILENCE Manav and POINT OUT HIS HYPOCRISY as it had hurt her that he had NOW come only coz her HEALTH had failed , upon Damodar's insistence . She wanted Manav OUT now ..........she has turned away from him after running behind him for so long . This condition wud silence him and send him away and so she gave it . At this stage , all she wants is to be left aLONE . the damage has ALREADY been done ............Manav and Archana have won .THE PACKAGE DEAL message has finally REGISTERED .
So Go to ur Package was her answer . Its OK now .
Somewhere Manav hurt her very badly . He axed the ROOTS of the mother son bond . She was OH SO NOT WRONG in reading his REAL purpose in coming there . A mother's instinct is very sharp . His PATRONIZING LIES hurt her more and she put that condition to silence him in return .
That said .............Manav shud NOT give in to it and now STAY AWAY is my advice .
Where this is heading to is this ..........Archana will hear of this condition and will become a MARTYR again . She will INSIST Manav fulfil her condition .
CVS .........I repeat .Viewers like Me will NOT LIKE Archana if she goes FAALTOO MEIN MAHAAN like she did with the AARTI of SHRAVANI . Neither will this make Manav Mahaan . Coz it will be proved that WHAT SAVITA SAID WAS TRUE AFTER ALL ..............He listened to Archana and went back to MOMMY . He listened to Archana and went to police station without seeing mom first ..........He listened To Archana and went to his mom .
This is INSUFFERABLY PATRONIZING . They first MADE her sick with their silly STRATEGY and now will do something PATRONIZING to become GODS and GODDESSES. This SICKENS us .
The best way to handle this OUTTA CONTROL track is to now make her VIOLENTLY sick and rush her to hospital . Archana need NOT become INSUFFERABLE and UNREALISTIC and Manav shud not be BUTCHERED more at HER EXPENSE . And SAVITA shud NOT be shown as CHILDISHLY CRUEL to glorify Archana .
CVS we r now slowly getting ANGRY with u guys . PAY Attention . Rush herto hospital and let ARMAN move in and let NONE of the 3 have these STUPID melodramatic OPTIONS . Put a LID on ur OPTIONS CVS . Move on to OTHER TRACKS .
Marwadin has tipped Bunface that Satish Varsha r HIDING things from her Dharmu's bigamy etc . Bunface was SHOCKED that so much happened and no one told HER a thing . Bunface , this is speciality of Karanjkar BETIS . They hide police complaints from own FATHER inspite of using HIS house .
The Kudi is deliriously happy that she is prego . So was Archana who held her hand in joy . She was told by a decent looking Inspector to inform him if Batat contacts her . [ That other Inspector looks like a well fed GundaThank god for this other }. Batat is delirious he has ESCAPED and is minting money there . Behen Vaishoo is delirious with JOY that she is punishing Batat fyi for daring to put orange shorts on for ANOTHER woman besides her much so , that in her delirium she has NOT noticed that Batat is only missing WHO is she gonnaa put in jail ? His CLONE ?
Ah ! but it is the month of madness ........MARCH . So lets EXCUSE their DELIRIUM  this once .
Kools signing off , bugged with Savita Track . CIAO .

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bhavni88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
thanks Kools..

CVS we r now slowly getting ANGRY with u guys . PAY Attention . Rush herto hospital and let ARMAN move in and let NONE of the 3 have these STUPID melodramatic OPTIONS . Put a LID on ur OPTIONS CVS . Move on to OTHER TRACKS

totally agree....move on cvs...stop bashing savita and manavs characters..Angry

Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
To make Archu look like glorified Sati Savitri Mother Teresa CVs have stoop down into butchering Savita and ULM both characters..
Kools  Good post..ClapI wrote same abt a week ago on another topic abt Savita and Archu...Archu's baggage which has brought on everything what we are watching today..Glad you pointed out the baggage created by Archu's family..K clan...Not Archu's fault though most of the time.. Savita personally never disapproved of Archu initially...It is what happened after or within first 15 days of marriage and onwards has made Savita dislike abt Archu as she comes from K family...K family has brought nothing but trouble and insults to ULM and D family...No one should deny that..
Today I am extremely disappointed and sad that this ULM-Savita track is being dragged on further and making Savita look worst in each episode...God knows What CVs have in mind in settiling this mother-son issue..
Being a mother and MIL I can see, relate and understand what Savita is going thru and her pain...At the same time I would totally remove myself from the equasion so my son and DIL can be happy...No ego wars or power struggles from MOI..I would not want to be the reason to come between them whether I am right or wrong..Let them realize it when they become parents...I would do my duty as mother in the most diplomatic way...
I am sad and very much disappointed..Cry  No matter what I would never ask or expect my son to leave his wife..
Mother is mother and no one can take her place at the same time WIFI is no competition for mother..She has diff place in son's heart and one should demand that place either not even mother..My personal feelings..
The whole Savita-ArMan issue my feelings..
Savita did not start problems..Archu's family (Manju) started it and now ULM's decision to teach Savita a lesson as put the final dagger in the coffin-Savita's heart...She has totally lost it now... I could understand why she was saying what she did to ULM..She was hurting within and So was ULM...CryCry 
I am so disappointed where this Mother-son track is going..Making Savita look even worst in ArMan supporter's eyes...Showing her heartless by having her demanding ULM to prove his love for mother by leaving his wife-love of his life Archu...So not right..
Butcher all characters to make leads look great..In this process they have butchered even lead ULM's character too..Sigh

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Butcher all characters to make leads look great..In this process they have butchered even lead ULM's character too..Sigh

Correction Varsha . They have butchered all only to make ONE LEAD great ..........ARCHANA . And thats why i say .........RENAME this BULL SHOW as PAVITRA  ARCHANA .

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Butcher all characters to make leads look great..In this process they have butchered even lead ULM's character too..Sigh

Correction Varsha . They have butchered all only to make ONE LEAD great ..........ARCHANA . And thats why i say .........RENAME this BULL SHOW as PAVITRA  ARCHANA .
Right on sistah...That is what I meant..Actually I feel sorry for Savita and ULM both...They should now really make their relationship strong outside of Archu's involvement...Than I will feel CVs did right by them...
Pavitra Archana was not so Pavitra when she was doing MFs with ULM while she was engaged to TDH and he was engaged to shrav...
Hypocracy to the max..
Few have brought up good points abt Why Ks or JPBP Sulo has not come to check on Savita knowing the fact she is illl...Savita went to see her...There are social protocols one must follow with their Samdhis to remain in society..Not sure where Sulo's sanskars went with this? Should she not advicing her daughter and SIL that deal with your Ds issue right now and forget abt getting involved in Vaishu or Madhuri's problems?

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

feeling sad after the show ..Don't even feel like commenting ...

Husband called ...Curfew in Bahrain ....but hopefully things will be in control now ...

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Tiyali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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CuteCherry Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
KOOL i totally agree with uThumbs Up this is the limit now. i have come to a conclusion that manav is brainless for sure.Dead what savita told him was the BITTER TRUTH and he knows it too. i am not at all mad at savita for telling manav to choose between her and archana cuz i think now savita is getting used to living alone so she just wants to live with it. she just said it so she can just tell manav to just leave. and she herself knows it very well that manav is going to choose archana ANYDAY over her and for the matter of fact have already CHOSEN archana over her.
but two things that annoyed me the most in today's episode was first  manav's reaction when his baba told him that his mom is sick and all, manav was like "oh ok..umm ill come there at night" like W*H????Angry ur mom is FREAKING sick, any son would rush right away but what did he do, he told his dad ill come at night and for what cuz he had to meet up with archu in the jail??? Wackohe should have just called her and just told her he has an emergency but NO he had to go to the jail..wahhh wahhh what a GOOD SON! Thumbs Down

second reason is again his FREAKING STUPID REACTION when he came back home, i thought after that small talk with his mom maybe he came to his sense but noSillyhe came in and  told archu that his mom doesn't love him anymore...lyk seriously after listening to ur mom talking and being sad, he came to a BRILLIANT conclusion saying his mom doesn't love him anymore????Wacko doesn't he have brains, UR mom is FREAKIN sick and depressed can't he see that from his own eyes??? even his dad told him but nope now he feels she doesn't love him...ughhhhh i feel like giving him a BIG TIGHT SLAP so he comes to his real sense.Dead

plzzzz CV's put some brain into manav's head and show him and archana go to D's house and say that it's their house too so he doesn't need a permission to love or take care of his own mother and live in that house as a family. only then his character might rise. showing archana mahaan and butchering savita for her is not going to work. we have already seen her mahanta now we want some reality in it.

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