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3 IDIOTZ-Kora Daaman, Kora Kamra, Kora hi Rehgaya! (Page 7)

--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kuls11

Originally posted by --Nargis--

Originally posted by kuls11

Originally posted by --Nargis--

Har Ek Paaon Mujhe Raundete Huye Guzre
Na Jaane Kaun Si Manzil Ka Rasta Hoon Main'

Manzilain Sab Ka Muqadar Hon Yeh Zaroori To Nahin
Kho Bhi Jaatay Hain Nayi Raahon Par Chalnay Walay'!!!

Maan to geet......

Tum koi rasta nahi kisi .......unjaane safar ka........
manzil to tumhari hamesha se tai thi.......
baat bas itni hai ..tumhe khud iss raste ke manzil ka ahsaas nahi............

From Geet....

yun panapta rehta hai dard seenay main
ashq main dhal jata hai kam nahi hota

saza milti rehti hai ehad-e-wafa ki
jism bhar jata hai war kam nahi hota

qadam ba qadam kaantay chubtay rahay hijr main
in khatin raston se andhera kam nahi hota

hosh raha kahan apne wajood ka baqi
jhinjhor kar dekh liya hisar-e-dard kam nahe hota

ashq saha nahee jata apne hi maqtool ka
hath dua main hotay yeh zabt nahi hota

Kisne kaha zindagi main gum nahi hote'''.

            yeh sirf pholo ka ashiyan kaaton ka nahi'''

Kisne kaha kuch pane kee khwaishe nahi hoti'''

            Per shayad har ek khwaish poori nahi hoti'''

Kisne kaha kuch kho dene ka gum nahi hota''

             Per kisske jaane se jindgi nahi rukti

Kisne kaha zindagi main har  rooz ek jung nahi hoti''''

             usse haar jaane se zindagi zindagi nahi hoti

Kisne kaha har saans lena vala zinda hota hai'''.

              Kabhi kabhi lashon ki akhiri mayat nahi hoti

Wah meri raani...on a roll again today!!  Love it!!

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Silentsoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Nargis--

Kullu....i edited the title again............better?

"Kora Daaman, Kora Kamra, Kora hi Rehgaya!"

loved it.......perfect....yeh best hai................mere saath ka asarLOL
--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

@Momwa- go momwa....wohooooooooooooooooo i know.......i loved how u described this HUGE difference between maan and dev....Maan thinks long term.....and Dev thinks shorterm......
@Kllu- fine....dusht happy?? lolz

Thankoos Jee!!
Big smile
meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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hai , everybody
                        hope i  am not intruding  zabardasti in three idiots island .if so .plz tell  me i wont feel bad .just wanted to share my thoughts .  i  am not good in expressing my thoughts in words as you all but i do enjoy  try to put my emotions,insecurities  in my post . could not watch the episode but gone through the wriiten update .after reading the precap, first thing flashed in my mind the dialogue geet said to maan during  sangeet 'ki pehle mere man mein mamta jaagi hai phir pyar ke  ehsas ne dastak di hai "   tommorrow ouburst is nothing but  related to motherhood . It is natural for her to feel like this .She is witnessing everybody effort to deal with her .she may think her loss ,her pain cannot  understand by others.for a split second geet thought everybody wants to evade child memory from her including maan . it may take time for geet to understand the situation of maan  but it should not be late . Rishtey bahut kacche  dhage ki tarah hote hai ,unhe humein bahut pyar se strong banane padhe hai agar ek gaanth (knot) bhi aa gaye use saalon lag jate hai kholne ke liye .     aur hum jyada use uljahaye rakhenge to rishto ko tootne mein jyada der nahi lagti . maan situation is vulnerable nahi woh apna pain ugal  sakta nahi nigal sakta hai . we woman easily tides the crisis even our miscarriage,any other ailments .so, now the time has come up geet shld understand the situation  accordingly  and deal with it . would like to hear from you all.  

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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@Momwa- it was soooo good i took it to the den lolzzzz and said how beautifully u wrote it.
lovetheserial IF-Dazzler

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Honey in the Dew,  Nags, 



Maan only said,"store room main rakh do" which means store it for a better future.. when we will bring it back here.. the walls remained intact ...

Geet would be mad at him for that much time, but she would know eventually he did it for her own good! as  long as he is with her, she knows kuch galat nahi ho sakta.. aur fir, apno pe gussa nahi kia toh aur kispe kia.. and madam needs to get this out of her system.. let her do it, in every way she can... dont worry Handa Lass... maan tere saath hai ! aur woh yeh sab teri bhalayi ke liye kar raha hai..




When we lose someone,  the dragon of fear in us raises its head - these are our inherent fears caused by the circumstances - fears of day stalkers (memories created by objects linked to loss), night sweats (caused by dreams of that which we lost), fear of failing, fear of starting something new andnot finishing, fear of the unknown, fears that send shivers up the spine...  there is also the fear of facing changes that the new life will bring after the loss.  We may not be happy with the way we are living, but at least the familiarity of old things will give us time to reconcile to the loss.  And remember its just been two days.  But without talking her through that pain and loss, she may find it hard to come out.  So the change in familiar surroundings is a must. 



Now Maan is not wrong.  I would do the same thing.  Get familiar surroundings changed.  And perhaps quickly take her out of that familiarity by giving her other things to do.  Yet the greatest comfort she could get is hug, hug, hug, love love love from Maan.  He needs to give that in large doses.Wink


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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovetheserial

Sisters of the Idiot Club
(A love-lorn heart's plea for the season of love yesterday, brought the L-Raaz to paint the color of love today:  A saying - "I had not loved enough, for I had been busy, busy, busy, preparing for life, while life floated by me quite and swift"..).
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Its the process of ones life that's the key to our life, not where we finally rest at the end of the day.  Success lies in the personal transformations and inner shifts that take place as necessary consequences of advancing to our goals.  Hard as we find to digest Dev,  the greatest lesson this man gave, by a fortune of Gods grace was to remind Maan that Geet needs to feel her pain and loss completely and in its time,  before she can succeed to walk out of it.
Each passing moment is a terrible burden for Geet and Taqdeer does not seem to favor the circumstances.  Fate is cruel but also the most compassionate to those that chose to live and die by it.  Maan is success personified and thriving in the world of today.   But helplessness in and around him have bound him to go for an all-win situation - how?  by completely wiping out all the remnants of the baby's existence.  But the greatest challenge that neither of them heard in their hearts was "if you only try to win, you won't be successful at all".  To win, one needs to lose.  To win through grief and sorrow, one has to face the pain of loss.   
Touch is the first physical experience as we come out of the womb of security and comfort into the arms of the mother with the sense of touch guiding us.  We describe our mood swings as feelings that when something strikes a deep, sentimental chord in us we say we are "touched".  When we feel alienated and broken, we refer to this drift as "losing touch with reality".  So Maan and Geet need to hug and hug and hug, and touch, and touch and touch each other, not just to experience pleasure but to survive the moments in each day.
Dadima is slowly retracing to allow Maan and Geet to experience and help one another.  The sweetest plan Daadi could hatch was to send Geet to be with her love.  An experience of being with one another and sharing the loss through a deep sense of physical closeness.  Feeling the closeness of love is like a massage that mesmerizes our body, or a sip of champagne that delights the mind to indulge in the little joys of being together.
Dadimas often calling to dine together is not just about food, knives and forks, but a chance to create conversation , to set a mood and an aura that lingers long after what was served and who said what was forgotten.  Its the being with others, and allowing these light moments together to nourish our souls, to bring the sacred into the ordinary. 
Wisdom is hardened through ages, but life a hard taskmaster sometimes make us neglect wisdom.
Annie and Arjun are begining to understand their heart's language.  O what a laugh to have Arjun tear Nityas hands off him and Annie to bust the dream of Bhai for a warm cup of coffee !!  Annie is still Khandan material !!
Cheers. always...very Beautifully said. 

"A Thousand Words Can't Bring You Back,
I Know Because I Tried
And Neither Can a Million Tears
I Know Because I Cried."
~Author Unknown

This is a beautiful representation of acceptance of any death, especially that of a child.   Geet is still trying to bring the baby back by keeping the baby things close by, but she has not come to the realization that the memories are within...forever engraved in her heart.  

Maan on the other hand is more mature in this aspect, aided my the fact that he has to contend with a possibility of more loss....loosing his GEET.....inevitably his life.   This fear has progressed his acceptance....though he too is still grieving....for he cried even today just at the thought of packing the baby's thins away.

I agree with you...there needs to be more physical intimacy between Maan and Geet....for this intimacy and proximity will act as the balm for their wounded souls... it will help then heal in way that neither has known before.

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-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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hey ...

So, you mind is set on Dev and whats on his mind huh.. well, i love the way they are churning out his character.. its hard to say whats on his mind, since on the face of it, he looks like an angel, but one cant rule out the possibility that devil could be lurking around the corner ..!
the character establishment was fine and clear.. while dev like always is a man driven by impulse, maan a man of actions knows of the immediate results as well as the outcome in the long run...
dev at the moment might wish well, but what he might do in future is something that one cant tell, atleast not now.. and i think i like that uncertainity about him.. i hope the creatives take it to the end..
if he is seen either repenting too much or turning totally negative it would become predictable..
thus comes back by theory of how no person is good or bad in total, but its the situation that forces one to do what he/she does...
right now Geet yelled at Maan and walked away since she thought he didnt understand where she was coming from, if dev comforts her and says a few good words, and she feels happier for now, it wouldnt mean she is favoring dev over maan, it just mean she likes listening to what soothes her mind at that moment, on the other hand, just cos she yelled at maan, it doesnt in anyway mean she loves him any less after this, cos of this, and that he becomes anyless important..
but its this very situation that would have an effect and an impact on the minds of both the men...
if geet reacts postively to dev it may give rise to a new hope inside him, though not immediately but eventually ..
at the same time, Maan who might see this may get hurt by the fact that she doesnt understand where he is coming from and she finds the words of a sinner and a wrong doer more comforting..
that scene yesterday between dev and dadi was naturally done, since any man that makes a mistake and is true at heart would repent in a similar fashion ..
interesting relationship dynamics Al..
we have some wonderful days ahead of us to look forward to !!

Originally posted by lovetheserial

LOLHello Honey in the Dew,
Did you read my last liner in yesterday's thread ??? The last post ???  Guess too busy.  Wanted some balance on Dev, in your perspective ....  When u find time, read that, and speak outSleepy  LOL  Your wish has been answered, may I ask ??? Even if its glimpses ????

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